Friday, September 14, 2007

Mars in Cancer

Home is shelter from the world; the hearth that warms you, the roof that keeps out the rain, the table where you eat, the bed on which you sleep. But home is also the springboard for life's adventures and the safety net that gives you the courage to go into the world. At home you are most fully yourself, accepted for the least you are, yet reminded of the most you hope to be.
John Wheatman

As you know I am not a predictive astrologer. This is how I use foresight. The Mars retrograde in Cancer is an unusual occurrence which I'm already preparing for intending to use as an opportunity for emotional growth, securing my home base, and coming to an understanding of the Pluto through Sagittarius transit in personal terms.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, describes instinctive response to external stimuli, the beginning of emotions, the absorption of experience, comfort, protection, and what one considers home. The feminine principle, the mother in the psyche. It is receptive and fluid, cool and dark, and nourishes a desire to merge. Mars is separation, identity, selfness, firmness, fierceness, thrust, aggression, and male potency. It is hot and bright. It's the part of a person that defies protection and ventures out for experience in the world regardless of the dangers. When these two entities are entwined, heated sensations, quick reactions, quarrels with intimates, and a volatile feeling nature in general often manifest. Sometimes there are overreactions as the propensity toward intimacy battles with the calling to get away and establish individual demarcations. Internal wars result. Blurting out hurtful words, unexpected crying, and conflicts arising from the unconscious can occur. Mars also arouses great motivation to find comfort and security and the means to get it, as well as emotional strength and courage. All of these are possibilities when Mars transits Cancer and Gemini for seven months. Family dilemmas are sure to be in the forefront for many people, along with the urge to create a safe refuge. The house in the chart will define what this safety means to each one.

After emergence from the womb humans build shelter to re-create this protective environment safe from harm, intimate within. Mars can be the supreme builder or he can be the troublemaker, when the desire for intimacy takes on aggressive characteristics. I lived in an apartment once that was small, cozy, secure, and protected until a neighbor moved in with his Mars in Cancer. I had been accustomed to long quiet nights to myself, nourishment for facing each day ahead. Well it turns out that this Mars person was a music lover. Each night he would fall asleep with the radio blasting a bass line through the wall and it nearly drove me crazy. My life was no longer my own. When I talked to him he said, "It gets next to you, doesn't it?" That said it all.

So Mars can sometimes bring undesired closeness in this position. Other times, however, the intimacy can be powerful and effective. I foresee lots of experimentation in the months ahead as people establish their trustworthy relationships and work with their bases of security, all important as we head into the Capricorn years, many of us venturing far into the world.

As this planet of action, Mars, goes traveling into the past to revisit important spots in the psyche, he should bring back a renewed feeling of home, especially for those who work with the times. Inhibiting dependencies can be cut with the sword of Mars and healthy ones strengthened. Inner gardens can be cultivated and growth encouraged in our loved ones. The house could literally be remodeled, or metaphorically as the house of the horoscope indicates. Motivation to express real feelings with an ease and humanness might develop.

Since Pluto in Sagittarius ties in, I think many will be leaving the family fold somewhat to form intimate connections with people in the broader world, a lesson of the Pluto transit. The passage of the north node into Aquarius will further strengthen the bonds with strangers, forming a family of man, just as we are doing on the Internet now. Also with the Aquarian node will likely come the decisions as to what groups people belong to and feel most at home with. From my perspective, this is a lot to look forward to, even if Kleenex is required at times, apologies are necessary, and the winter comforter crawled under a little more frequently. I hope everyone finds solace and safe haven, wherever that might be.
Top photo: David Wakely. Illustration: Lisbeth Zwerger. Photo: Richard Felber


Anonymous Analysa said...

What ever happened to those people sitting at that dinner table? LOL Was that Mars?

14/9/07 4:50 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I seem to be getting a foretaste of Mars in Cancer, even though Mars is still in Gemini. Here's why: as you said, jm, Mars bumped my natal Saturn, and jarred _every_ sensitive spot in my psyche, resulting in an identity crisis, incredible upsets re: communications (influenced by my hearing), and general ego issues that exist because of my Saturn in the 1st house, all of which are leaving my poor SO scratching his head.

All this was worsened by some emotional eruptions when the Moon passed thru my Cancer about a week ago.

Then, just to stir the pot, we have the stuff that Pat has been writing about over at PiChron.

While I'm almost laid flat by the above, here comes the urge to remodel my house. Jeez!

14/9/07 7:28 AM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

Feels like Mars is representing work for me. I'm being offered a new job which would entail more responsibility, more money, etc but I'm only passively interested. I'm in my comfort zone at work and reluctant to move out, though it might be good for me. I don't feel like challenging myself right now (except with astrology) but people keep saying I'd be perfect at it.

14/9/07 11:42 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Remodel the house, joe? Really?

It's transition time which makes people insecure, but it will pass as we get used to it. Mars in Cancer is troublesome, but things will get worked out. One thing I'm finding is that reading upsetting things can exacerbate the current problems. It depends on how upset you truly want to be. It's easy to absorb others' fear so that could be part of the decision-making during the long transit. Mars is projection, Cancer is fear, and we do have choices about what we absorb. The best fears to face are our own.

14/9/07 3:36 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I don't feel like challenging myself right now (except with astrology) but people keep saying I'd be perfect at it.

I like your attitude. Change is often overrated I find.

And in the words of the eloquent mpk:

I can't judge these thing the way others around me are judging them.

14/9/07 3:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I think this might be a major issue, especially when the NN goes into Aquarius. People are basically terrified so they hook on to groups for comfort. But the talk escalates into terror and because you were afraid to begin with, it's even more scary. I've seen a fairly predictable path. Gentle things are shared then they invariably go back to the fear, and breathless speedy commenting. All for excitement I think. And attention. Fights and fear are guaranteed to get strings of comments. None of the actual things talked about are that important, but the emotional swirls and eddies usually are. These are the choices ahead.

I have a sensitive Mercury in Cancer so I am vigilant about what I take into my head when I can be. I'm back to reading just the newspaper to keep up with the world because I can control the speed and skip what I want to. I've trained myself not to read about violent crimes that have no significance to me. And dire metaphysical predictions have never interested me. It only happened briefly when I was trying to belong.

But it's complicated. people need to feel these things and it's better to do so in the safety of the computer and these confused blogs. It's also a good thing to reach for the alternative. Overcoming fear. This usually doesn't happen in the forums. There is just too much desire for this primitive sensation all the way around, for want of feeling more in daily life. The missing excitement, as I keep pointing out. In reality, daily life is not that exciting. This is the good part.

The group often gets hyper about some mystery that explains it all, but it never comes to pass. It's primarily a projection of the writer's fear and usually a personal one translated to something impersonal to be shared for some ersatz comfort. Sometimes no attempted comfort is the best remedy. certainly not with a frightened group.

The group, the substitute family, the search for refuge, you know, the whole thing. The hard part in weaning yourself from this particiaption is the feeling that you are missing something. We're not. The choice of what we take into our minds and bodies is one of the great parts of the freedom we all have. Every single thing produces a physio-chemical reaction. So what's abuse, and what's comfort? The answers lie ahead.

I'm in my comfort zone at work and reluctant to move out

I think this is great.

14/9/07 4:15 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I've been doing a protracted study on this feeling that comfort has to be shaken up consciously. Who says? What guilt drives us to pain? If we stay comfortable, separate from the mayhem, discomfort will come automatically at the right time, and I think we are better prepared to absorb it from the solid base of confidence in ourselves.

Boredom? Loneliness? I've watched myself in empty moments click into what I knew would be a fearful conversation. I've clicked into a lot of dishonesty and confusion too. There are, of course, some wonderful informative sites with no excessive emotion, but there is usually no conversation. Like the great site you led me to, mpk, about the coffee house in Berkeley. It was a trip through my past and a promise for the future. To see this place still surviving with such high aspirations and musical honesty and diversity. A beautiful and dignified front page. Thank you for the connection.

So the problem with hooking on to group stuff is the belittling feeling we are left with when all is said and done. The reverberations. The knowledge that we were just filling in empty space, passing time. People not really absorbing your self-expression. People using one another and calling it family and caring. Crying for those who aren't there anymore, thinking maybe they knew something and
you're still in the wrong place. Every second of existence is filled with these anxieties. If you
want to add everyone else's, there might be reason for that too.

Answers ahead. We might be evolving from tribal need and thus the intermediary confusion these days. One day we'll all be glorious well-behaved anarchists!

14/9/07 4:32 PM  
Anonymous juju said...

found this from a link on another blog:

Feeling Down, Clementi Felt Imposed upon from Every Direction.

“Democracy imposed from without is the severest form of tyranny.”
Lloyd Biggle, Jr.,
“The Problem of the Gourmet Planet,”
Analog, November 2003

Feeling down, Clementi armored herself against unwanted compliments.
The effects of painful desperation were imposing their influence, she felt, on every
She always felt worst for a crowd rightly punished for wrong reasons.
Could frugal Clementi have been beaming dispositive influences directly at others?
Had she, without a thought, imposed a negative influence on everyone near her?
Possibly, she supposed, someone of limited understanding had mistaken an ironic
remark for a revelation.
Desperately, she noted, freedom competed with itself and murmured at opportunities
imposed on it.
The dire effects of forced dependence were being repulsed by the desperate.
Indelicate competition in the midst of imposed democracy was imposing desperation.
Imposed democracy was imposing desperation.
Early on she’d recognized a great many sorts of pretended feeling.
Clementi had shamelessly declared compunction at the slaughter of fishes.
She wrongly supposed that no dependent would notice her myriad contradictions.
Wouldn’t that have influenced her freedom’s recognition?
She herself murmured at every opportunity imposed on her.
The tyranny of desperation was the crowning affectation imposed on her.
With delicate compliments she declared her objection to that desperation.
Was that when she declared imposed democracy a punishment?
She felt it a punishment greater than being found out
Clementi found that she’d been disposing noxious beams in all directions.
They directly revealed her own dependence and what she depended upon!
How could she reply to what she revealed to herself?
All were insisting they were desperate for freedom.
But what seemed to be the effect of what they called democracy?
A myriad murmured desperately at every opportunity.
What could compete with that massive indelicacy?
Clementi had learned the effects of what was being called democracy.
She felt imposed upon from every direction.

Jackson Mac Low, New York: 10/9-13/2003; 14-15 April 2004 2 of 2

14/9/07 6:52 PM  
Anonymous juju said...

the poem is missing all the spaces between stanzas alas, but somehow seemed to rephrase jm

14/9/07 6:54 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Juju, this is great.

How could she reply to what she revealed to herself?

My question.

Clementi had learned the effects of what was being called democracy.
She felt imposed upon from every direction.

Seems to describe every waking moment, maybe sleeping ones too. Is life democratic or dictatorial? Or neutral? Where is the source of imposition. No doubt it's always there.

Thank you juju. In depth thought provocation.

15/9/07 3:22 AM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I just realized that I will apply for the new job... Work is literally like a second home for me, which is why I think this applies. I feel more at home there sometimes than at home. I'm an expert in a senior position, and this is recognized in all but title. Lately, I've felt stagnated lately because the work is so easy for me that I'm not really growing. This is also what makes it seem so Neptunian. It is a safe womb. My continued presence in some ways creates stagnation because it limits opportunity for other engineers who could use the opportunity to move up. Nothing threatens me, but I lack challenge. If I get the new job and leave the post, I will enter more into a leadership role which strongly connects with jm's articles about my NN. If I don't get it, I just remain in the luxury of the Neptunian space. I can't lose!

16/9/07 1:30 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You can't lose with that approach, mpk. I think so much circumstance has this this equality.

16/9/07 2:22 PM  

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