Friday, June 23, 2017

North Node in Leo or the Fifth House

His regal majesty is ready to take the throne. After serving humanity and being eclipsed by the magnificence of others for ages, the Leo North Node has finally found his kernel of self aggrandizement. He can now stand above the crowd and assume rulership of all creatures. His radiance emanates. His power is mighty. He is the undisputed king.

Superiority. The NN Leo is unquestionably better than everyone else. The position can even be sometimes considered divinely invented. He wears the mantle of grandeur with aplomb and considers it his destiny to reign supreme. While once terrified of relinquishing his democratic ideals, the Leo now knows that people can remain egalitarian while he prances in elevation, providing a perfect focal point for their ideals and aspirations. In fact, the audience is uplifted by his uninhibited expression of self importance. 

Ego. Some are cut out to be the center of the universe giving the ego full rein. Like the planets surrounding the sun, the Leo North knows he is the center of the world, once he emerges from the group and fully enters the limelight. Bragging comes naturally to this self admiring native. While once adverse to revealing his ego, he now relishes the freedom to enjoy its  infinite expanse.

Pride, and Vanity. This node holder is proud to be himself and seizes opportunities to show off his special position. He often dresses the part, exaggerates his royal affectations, and reacts to the praise of his watchful audience, defying cultural norms that belittle self absorption and dominant self expression. Even if not entirely approved of, the rapt attention bestowed upon him suffices. What often is cause for embarrassment in others becomes great uniqueness with a north node in Leo. Long building self esteem is emerging. Privilege is his pleasure.

Spontaneity, Hilarity, and Happiness. This NN is coming from the somewhat dour and sober Aquarius SN to the wild, warm, wonderful world of Leo. He slathers on the greasepaint and steps into the spotlight to put forth his all to the ever responsive audience.
Leo lives to have fun. He entertains in luxurious fashion in lavish surroundings with an abundance of entertainment. With his excellency as the center of attention, the NN Leo wants to make sure that the people around him have the best time of their lives. The stiff serious restraint of the Aquarius SN is exchanged for the free, often ridiculous animation of Leo. A raucous party inevitably results. Dull moments cease to exist. The warm personal love received equalizes all he remembers giving through his impersonal SN. Happiness results.

High Drama. As Great Executor of the ongoing human drama, the Leo North is appropriately unrestrained in his heroic gestures; full of fire, amplified, and larger than ordinary life. He does not hold himself in. The exaggerated staging automatically draws attention and travels to the far empty corners of others' lives, and to their own unfolding dramas. Leo knows that all people are stars of their own shows. With his memory of group immersion behind him, he finds that the kernel of self aggrandizement is vast. His significance is obvious.

Creativity. The Leo North indulges in creative endeavors with the innocence of a child completely impressed with his output and bursting with the urge to show it off to everyone. He knows they will all be as amazed as he is by his voluminous talent. Applause is expected yet nonetheless heartily appreciated as he soaks in the adulation with pleasure. Unable to contain the surge he expresses more of himself. He ecstatically makes a big joyful mess.

Heart and Guts. Activating the region of the heart, along with the solar plexus provides warmth and courage to the Leo NN. The ego breathes into life. Confidence manifests. Honor will be defended. The intellectual cautiousness of the Aquarius SN can now be abandoned for uproarious self promotion which actually benefits others due to the ancient memory of serving humanity.

A Lover for the Ages. Leo deserves to be loved and knows it. It's only proportionate to the attention he bestows upon the recipients of his affection. Falling in, staying in, and falling out of this state of being is one grand continuum, with all the accompanying melodramas and occasional fractured hearts. Money, gifts, sex if applicable, entertainment, support of all kinds are part of his abundant generosity toward his loved ones. It can be boundless after waiting so long to erupt. The operatic magnitude of his romances is nourishment for the storybooks.

Leadership and the Power of Will. In the Aquarius SN, the Leo NN was accustomed to circumstances beyond his control. Some larger power beyond the self determined events. But in Leo, he realizes that he has the ability to shape circumstance and determine his own destiny. He's heading the production.
This automatically leads to others bestowing power upon him to guide them through the extraordinary thickets of mundane existence. He knows from past experience how to help the group progress, but now he's ready to do the same while standing out to garner credit, respect, prestige, and admiration. He is exceptional.

The North Node Leo is ready to relinquish his world weariness and live it up. Life is personally for the taking, full of amusement, so he can let go of his concern about the future of humankind and revel in the exhilaration of the present. His emerging radiance lights up the world and his glorious confidence acts as a beacon. He encourages self expression in all forms. He reaches the sphere of longing and gives reason to the moment. Something big is happening. The lights are on. The star has arrived.