Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fair Trade

Stars and planets quicken inert matter, and the resultant force, man, should in turn inject inert matter with life through making works of art.
Fred Gettings

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Drugged Society

Uranus in Pisces-Saturn in Virgo
Mars in Gemini
Pisces square Gemini: Pisces has been called the sign of self-undoing because it gives the type of mind which is easily infiltrated by neuroses, fantasies, and delusions. These Neptunian influences, played upon by the highly strung nervous system of the Geminian, can produce disorganization, disorientation, and hazy rationalizations.

The second Saturn-Uranus opposition is here and resistance to control is reaching another peak. The adulation of the new authority figure in the United States is manic in its excessiveness, and this appears to be masking an underlying despair and discontent with government, a feeling that's being expressed worldwide. It matters not who occupies the position of power, the rebellion is sensed pervasively.
The Saturn-Uranus oppositions are preparations for the Uranus-Pluto squares ahead and the assertion of strength by the people has nothing to do with the ruling personalities, and will not be spearheaded nor ultimately prevented by any of them. It's deep in the loins of the body politic seeking voice and expression.
After years of maniacal shopping, shockingly widespread anti-depressant use, and television, movie, and computer addiction, the American public reached a zenith of stupor of rather immense proportion, and is once again avoiding a pressing reality. Common to all humans is selective perception - you hear and believe what you want to believe, especially with Mars in Gemini square Neptune in this fantasy dependent country. The cover is probably a necessary mechanism that clouds realities until they are ready to be seen. The presence of Saturn in discerning Virgo is useful for the latter.
In the history of the United States, usage of mind altering substances always starts out legal, even considered panaceas for people's ills. Every one has begun with broad acceptance, then moved to restriction, and finally ended with illegalization.
Could it be the same for the latest drug? The mesmerizing Neptune in Scorpio leader, with a clever, persuasive Moon in Gemini square Pluto? No doubt the high has successfully numbed the underlying pain, but most of the time, increased dosage is required for the effect to be maintained. Perhaps as the transits unfold, unaltered reality will become acceptable. For some, even preferred, as they grow increasingly immune to the narcotic effects.
I discussed earlier the setup for escapism and mythical confusion the country has and she's come to an interesting point. The long Saturn station quincunx Neptune continues and now Uranus is in exact opposition square US Mars in Gemini. Not surprising that the illusions of a savior coming to the rescue are dominating. Very Piscean. Very Mars. The fantasy grip is increasing as Uranus approaches the climax of the seven year transit of this dreamy sign and goes into entirely new and challenging territory.
The promise of war was completely ignored by the entranced listeners while the nation's Mars in Gemini was under the influence, carried afar in rapturous harmony with the words. As Uranus nears the end, it will cross the 29 Pisces of the Iraq invasion chart with questions, I'm sure, about the continuation of belligerence and degrading low level wars. The rebellion against authority often includes anti-war protest, but no matter what the complaints, the growing dissatisfaction with ruling powers is headed for concrete form.
There is one more exact aspect between the two with Uranus still in hazy Pisces, but after that, the last one occurs at 0 Aries square Pluto and opposite Saturn at 0 Libra. War and peace, government, police, society, and all authoritative bodies engaged in a drama filled with action, tension, and possibly even restraint. Departure from the stable status quo is scheduled in a long series of fractures and adjustments, going beyond the confines that people have been accustomed to. Where the leaders land is anyone's guess as the people awaken from their narcosis and realize they're here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beggars and Heroes

The people begging, crying, and pleading with Mr. Obama to save their country is indicative of the humiliation and relinquishing of dignity sometimes associated with Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn rules the knees and often the lessons of the planetary entity are concerned with humility and pride. Being down on one's knees can work both ways. The true beggar has ultimate pride, but most don't achieve that. The country is used to the high life, dominating on top of the world, and now she's falling and experiencing economic decline. People are afraid, being so deep in debt and rapidly losing their jobs. But as always, Americans will pull through, although not without some hard knocks and tough lessons. Falling on their knees before Obama was the first step. Getting back up is the goal.
Obama has Saturn retrograde in Capricorn so he has especially important lessons to learn about pride and humility. It will be awhile since Pluto has yet to get to his Saturn by transit, a major turning point, and there will be the customary hard knocks along the way. Some significant failure is required.
This is the beginning of the long Pluto transit opposite our country's Cancer planets embodying the hopes that Daddy will make it all better. He won't and he can't. It's time for us to learn how to care for ourselves. At first it might look like he will, Neptune will be in and out, but when reality really gets a toehold it could be quite disappointing. Even if the man wanted to help the commoners, he couldn't because the lessons of survival (Pluto) demand that we the people mature and stop pretending that we live in a mythical magic kingdom free from want, all desires immediately gratified.
The need for a hero is written in USA Neptune square Mars, and the new guy fits the image -- a handsome knight come to the rescue, his Mars plunging into Neptune with precision. But in the chart of the next administration, Saturn is exactly quincunx the midpoint between Neptune and Chiron. Inaugural Saturn also conjuncts USA natal Neptune. Thus the illusions and deceptions around the dashing new leader are due to be realized. Chiron points to an eventual healing if the lessons are absorbed, wounds notwithstanding.

The swoon effect, the mesmerization, and the religious imagery placed around the man are part and parcel of the hero worship suggested by Mars-Neptune. The narcosis of delusion producing sleep and escape. I think there are good reasons for the lapse into the rapture as the people of the country try to balance the hate of the previous evil monster with adoration of the new prophet. The lead-up was a joyous last minute Sagittarius ride to be remembered and cherished. It should equalize in time. I also see the elevation to orgiastic heights as a precursor to the downswing indicated by Pluto in Capricorn, and down we must come to face some rather harsh realities on the ground. So maybe this was the only way the excitable nation could accomplish this hard task. Stark reality is not her forte, unless it's on a Hollywood sound stage with the appropriate menacing music, or something like a Great Depression.

So what will it take? Will our hero have to fall? Or will he gracefully step down from the pedestal while the people claim their senses? Not without their encouragement for the latter to take place. With the aspect so tight, I would imagine that the dilemma will get a lot of attention over the next four years, while the people learn to stop cowering, to stand up erect, and to start relating to these elected officials as equals. Saturn in Libra in the 10th house portends such a healthy relationship. Some get knocked down and some get promoted on high, until the balance of Libra is created.
After the initial supplication and worship of the new president as savior the long difficult road to adulthood could theoretically be traveled. The habit of obsessing about him, clinging to every word and move, watching every twitch of his visage, would only re-create the experience of the last icon, and I know most would prefer to avoid that. It's like having a brand new glittering possession, and of course, the people are fascinated, but I don't think we're cut out for the beggar's role in this high and mighty nation, no matter how far we've come down from the mountaintop. Beggars can't be choosers, they say, and we still seem to favor free choice.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lure of Life

Feed the grape and bean
to the vintner and the monger;
I will lie down lean
with my thirst and my hunger
I remember vividly when as a young child I got into a grape-making phase. I'd take wonderful woodsy-smelling clay and roll it into little balls with my delicate fingers, carefully lining them up in perfect grape clusters. Oh they were luscious. Oh! To be a sculptor. But then I would have ended up with my normal adult artistic angst, so I'll leave my memories intact and be satisfied. My mother was creative and my childhood was filled with pride and joy in all the little constructions we made together. My adult life, sans my mother, is also filled with these objects of genius. I do love to play.
The strange thing is .... I can't stand to eat them. Grapes, that is. I won't touch one. Similar to a pig and a cucumber. And you know, I don't even like wine that much. But raisins I absolutely adore. Life is funny.
Excerpt from Feast by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The People's Party

C'mon, George. Get your ass in gear. We gotta get ready for the Inaugural Ball. My diamond encrusted silk gown from France is gonna arrive in half an hour.
There'll be beer at the party, so let's getta move on.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tickets for the Promised Land

Departing at Gate ONE
According to the latest news reports the people of the United States of America are following their prophet enthusiastically and are nearing the border of the Promised Land. The seekers are traveling by automobile, airplane, cellphone, cyberspace, and multi-mega media-marathonned ultra-superpanavision. They are expected to arrive tomorrow, January 20.
I'm confused....
After recently murdering Iraqi citizens, they now plan to murder those in Afghanistan. Weapons of mass destruction are being manufactured there, for use primarily in the Holy Land, and new pipelines to riches are being constructed.
Oddly, the old land is being carried into the promised one where revenge is hoped for with mighty cohesive force and execution chambers are now being prepared.
I could be entirely misguided, but I thought that the Promised Land was one of love, compassion, forgiveness, transcendence, beauty, grace and all-inclusiveness, with a touch of divine intervention when needed. How could it be? Everyone is invited but George Bush, corporate executives, bankers, ex-spouses, Republicans, critics of hope, and cigarette smokers. But some of the weapons manufacturers will be allowed admittance since their services will be required.
Murder and hate are not to my taste so I'm staying here until something else is promised. Promise is exactly what it is anyway. That is accurate.
Well .... Bon voyage! Write to me when you get settled. COD. I'm feeling generous.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Future

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going Forward Sensibly

On Your Own Track
On a gorgeous evening early last summer, when the magical, inspiring Democratic Convention was in town, I went down to the railroad yard and climbed aboard an old steam engine. The crusty engineers were delighted to show us their baby, and in the far front of the train, one of the most sublime percussive sounds I'd ever heard met my music-loving ears -- deep, soft, and perfectly in rhythm. The heavy metal, moisture, and large size gave the sound the bottom I always crave. It was one of those moments that make me feel everything's going to be all right. I could then go on to ponder the realities facing my country with common sense and fortitude.
Disappointment with the next president is likely to be immense. It has to be after the buildup selling hope as a commodity and promising change everyone knows is not coming right away. The ills run too deep. "Changing the world" is a rather tall order. The whole she-bang doesn't just suddenly leave the track. It will be nudged in new directions over time and following a sequence of events as yet unknown. There is a grand total of seven Uranus-Pluto squares ahead, quite a lump sum and a lot to work with if one is truly serious about motion and progress.
The dissatisfaction is actually a good thing. It can route the country to the source of its troubles, right on track and to be expected with Uranus in Aries. It's not too early to get ready, and if disgruntled, the energy of discontent can be utilized with skill.
The coming administration is not going to deliver you from evil nor give you what you want. It's not supposed to, since the people need to mature and take responsibility for their ills, themselves. Ultimately the common citizens work together with their government, but we are far from there.
I gave it some thought and have come to realize that the Mercury retrograde in the next administration's chart could indicate a return to something for educational purposes, rather than big forward movement for the time being. The planet falls right at the 0 degree between Aquarius and Capricorn, exactly on the Sun, contributing illumination. Saturn retrograde adds to my theory. People would like to dance into the meadow leaving the past behind but sometimes forging ahead requires a look at the past to see what went wrong. As Mercury is going backward, the confirmation of the repeat Clinton administration is underway, a good place to start when in search of decay. A bunch of crooks, and worse, as you are now finding out. Maybe we'll catch it this time.
The fact is, the big money criminal network is still in control of the government. No one in Obama's position gets there without it. That's where his loyalty is now, and how the decisions are being made. Pluto in Capricorn is meant to bring these entities to the surface for recognition and purge. Pluto is just beginning to unearth the corruption, and Obama is part of it, not the cure. The cure comes from a source outside of a sole human, and the transits ideally reveal that too. But first things first. Seeing it in realtime is a start, no matter who's in charge.
I will say a few things about the next president to keep in mind. He has some very hard lessons ahead with Pluto coming to his 12th house Saturn, and providing for his failures, which could be sizable, as well as his successes, is wise. The nation also has some difficult things to face as Pluto returns to its natal position. You know what Pluto transits are like. There are always harmonious aspects, too, which make it bearable, but the greatest gains don't come easily, I've found. Trying to shortchange the hardships leaves a deficit in the end. The seven squares are probably saying that this transition is not going to be a particularly soft one. Consolidated effort can help a great deal, facing things directly and honestly.
If Obama really wants the spiritual redemption promised by his 12th house Saturn, and he's indicated that he does proclaiming himself to be a devout Christian, then he's going to have to earn it, especially since it's retrograde in Capricorn. He will have to face his hypocrisy.
You can't extract money and young lives from the people of your country for purposes of domination and theft of others' resources under the guise of a fake moralistic War on Terror.
You can't promise to hunt down a man and murder him in the name of your country when it's never been proven that he committed a crime against said country.
You can't elevate a television huckster into a position as America's pastor, the face of the nation's morality, who openly hates, deceives, and excludes certain segments of the population as undeserving of God's grace, and then uses political moves to cover up his tracks.
You can't demand the people of your country give their service for free while the masters of war get richer, continuing their killing under your direction. Not if you want to be a spiritual master. And with Saturn in the 12th, and Jupiter there square Neptune in the 9th, a religious destiny does look desirable. Maybe Obama will have to leave politics to fulfill this moral destiny and maybe the country will find the change she hopes for later on, after his presidency. Progress is sure to be made along the way, there's no telling what Uranus-Pluto will leave in its wake, but lots of things and people have major adjustments ahead in creating the better society we want. In all fairness, I'm giving all parties plenty of time. And a tough time if need be. It just makes sense.
"No Drama Obama" is a fallacy. With three planets in Leo he is a drama king, the sorry scenes often acted out by others with his Leo 7th house and Pluto and Uranus situated therein. As the next chapter unfolds, the South Node in Leo in the inaugural chart shows more of this tiresome melodrama, which could prove to be a distraction. It's up to the people not to nourish the constant draining personal agony, a very very hard habit to break. Saturn in the 5th house of the administration's chart is cause for hope, however.
Today some signs of the coming squares appeared. The killing of a youth by a policeman in Oakland, California is continuing to cause unrest, and a decision by the Supreme Court to increase police power was quietly handed down. This, of course, does not automatically equal violence in the future, but the increase in tension between society and the authorities is possible, another reason why dissatisfaction with the government is a good thing, and the more it's expressed openly without violence, the better. It's healthy to resist, even within the parties. Especially within the parties.
This is a great moment in history, to be celebrated with joy, and also a good introduction to the many steps ahead needed for the nation to grow into a better one. Dissension fully expressed, a continual discerning look at all those in power, and stated satisfaction with leadership when it's there are essential, as the people of the country gradually learn to stand up for themselves, the mark of a real democracy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Turning Around and Going Back

Reflection and AnticipationPeople are wondering if change has come and if life will be better. Everyone knows the truth. No one knows.
For some it will change noticeably, for others it won't. There is no one arbitrary marking point for society. We all turn on different wheels.

As usual, the cosmos is making some interesting moves. Mercury has gone retrograde at this sensitive time, from Aquarius to Capricorn, yet another repeat of the Saturn-Uranus theme of the day and coming years. Liberation from established order? Eventually, but not without some serious study, reflection, and experience.
Why the Mercury retrograde at this juncture?
Why the 29 degree Scorpio Moon politically indicating an ending-release, not a beginning? Mercury is the trickster and guardian of the crossroads. Where are we going? No wonder no one can figure it out. Hope is not necessary, but it can be useful for some. The joker is beguiling for good reason.

For me, the greatest liberation is not knowing what's ahead. Nothing has been imprinted to worry about, fear, or be oppressed by. All possibility thus remains open. I've made it well past a half a century intact. Well past. But I've always trusted that it knows what it's doing even if I don't. Ever onward I go, selecting at each crossroads believing that I really can't make a wrong choice.
So I conclude that the retrograde is leading humans to their inner guides, each one to one's own, and here's what's absolutely fascinating. Mercury will turn direct exactly at the next Saturn-Uranus opposition. And can you believe this? The following exact opposition will find Mercury retrograde again. Pluto at 0 for the last time just turning direct. A lot to ponder, a lot to learn, a lot to communicate. I do think that whatever change is in store will come gradually. And why not? The deeper it goes, the longer it lasts, and probably the more satisfying it is. I hope change takes its time.
"Hermes is the magician, the guide. That means that somewhere within us, no matter how lost or confused we might be, there is something which has foresight and resources often hidden from consciousness but which can devine which choices to make and what directions to take. He was not a god upon whom one could rely for the ordinary decisions of everyday life. He could be tricky and treacherous, and often led people astray through convoluted paths that left the known and well-trodden landscape and took the traveler into strange and frustrating places. To follow the inner guide does not always mean making the choices which are secure and guarantee results. Often they are the opposite. But Hermes is the master of the four elements and his wisdom can penetrate all the spheres of life. Without him we have no inner resources at all, but must always rely upon the direction of others, and are doomed to travel like sheep on the same worn track as everyone else. The Fool meets the magician only after he has braved the precipice, for the visitations of the inner guide do not come when one hides safely in the maternal cave."Liz Greene:from the Mythic Tarot
Thing aren't what they appear to be. They never are. Mystery always seems to prevail leaving the future uncertain and the fool free to experience all things, especially those motivated by the desires unique to the individual, and those without an ordained direction. What's leading where? Who's fooling whom?
Who knows what? And where's the rest room?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Affordable Housing in Turn of the Century America

Rooms to Let
I found a real good deal in case any of you kids, cats, chicks, or whatever, are feeling a crunch, squeeze, pinch, or any other kind of housing discomfort. Or even if you just need a change. Sometimes that clears the head.
These units are clean, efficient, and easy to maintain. And most of all -- reasonably priced.

Gotta home in that rock.
Anasazi ruins:David Muench

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Criticism and Correction

Requirements of Democracy
"How are you guys? Good to see you."
Those were the words of Barack Obama, the next president of the United States when formally meeting with his predecessors. Incorrect. I realize he's frightened and nervous - Who wouldn't be? - but the cocky kid persona is ridiculously inappropriate for the occasion and indicative of the path ahead. He has Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and a long journey through his life trying to deal with the systems he gets entrapped within. Learning how to relate to the establishment is a large part of his destiny and he's just getting started.
It's been said that people should wait and see what he does. But isn't that just the reactive stance that got us here? His magnificent achievement in getting elected as the first American president of African descent should not be underestimated, and he will go down in history. But Obama has a lot to learn and it's not too soon to get started. If society begins the task, carefully criticizing immediately, the people can shape the young man as he grows and could influence the path the country takes at this difficult time. The decaying system will have to give way as Pluto transits Capricorn, nothing is impervious to energy and force. How it's directed tells the tale.
The nation, as usual, with her four Cancer planets, is hoping for the next leader to magically take care of her problems and be the parent she always craves. However, Pluto in Capricorn is about to spend a generation opposite these planets urging the people to wiggle out of the parent-child relationship and become adult citizens, and even ideally to take the parental role themselves. One of the requirements of democracy is that people make accurate and excellent analyses of their leaders on an ongoing basis. The idea is to learn to avoid the extreme fear of authority, the insane conspiracy beliefs, the escape altogether from responsible assessment, the creation of the omnipotent parent, and the blind worship of iconic figures. A mature relationship with the government is a birthright of this country with her natal Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra in the 10th house. An amazing opportunity has presented itself now, and maybe it won't be missed. There could be great agitation as a prelude, though, and an increase in the childish tantrum mode the country is so accustomed to. Courage in confronting the leadership is the best tool. We elected them, after all. They work for us. And god knows, we pay them well on top of their stealing.
The last time Uranus was in Aries, Pluto was in Cancer and the leader at the end, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was one of the most worshipped parental figures in history. Pictures of him hung on the walls of American homes countrywide. What he said, they did. But this time, with Pluto in Capricorn, I think a reversal might be in order. The young president is inexperienced, a child himself, so what better time to learn than now? Obama won't get there without our direction. And he's scheduled to grow up, too, with Pluto transiting opposite his Cancer Venus in the 5th. His acquiescence to (fear of) the status quo is another large part of the problem and that should be soundly addressed as well. Without time and hard earned lessons, Saturn in Capricorn does not feel confident in the seat of power no matter how much he appears otherwise. The commoners are also on the road to the seat of power through trial, error, and correction.
The problems of a lifetime since this country was born won't be leaving with George Bush and won't be solved by the next man. The first place she'll be tested is when Pluto comes to Venus and Jupiter and the Cancer-Capricorn, child-adult lessons begin in earnest. The sooner the people face their discontent, the sooner the repairs can come, and one of the biggest problems is the juvenile need for entertainment and cheap drama which the sorry cast of political characters is all too eager to act out. Venus covers most of the USA fifth house of fun and games, and rules the 10th house of the executive, so the time has arrived to reach out for Capricorn discipline. It's not a joke anymore. The South Node is in Leo in both the Congressional charts and the inaugural one, with Saturn in the 5th of the inaugural, and the start of the session was an infantile circus once again, as is often the case with the melodramatic Leo SN. People are still saying how much fun all the fights between the parties are going to be, along with the exciting intrigues and personal agonies. Other people are hurting for real and want a better government.
Soon the North Node goes into Capricorn and the South into Cancer, and there will be no better time in the world for the country to take a look at her childish behavior and make her decisions. There will be a major conjunction in Capricorn in 2020 which could yield good results in this department if the work is begun now and the tone gets serious. The people need to take charge of this government. Or wait another 250 years. Either way. Responsible criticism if applied consistently can prevent more severe forms of punishment down the road, which seldom work, once the behaviors are so ingrained. Mold now while you can. No cocky kids in the White House unless they're pre-pubescent.

Photo:Henri Cartier-Bresson

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Slow Motion in Other Worlds

Amidst the usual blood and body parts flying in the cradle of civilization, Venus slipped into Pisces for a dreamy respite and for several days the Moon is meandering in sensuous Taurus. Mercury is preparing to go retrograde, Saturn continues his lethargic return to backward motion, and even the north node of the Moon is ambling lazily in the same degree for two months. Have you noticed things slowing down? No wonder some of us have been questioning the concept of evolution.
Maybe I'll evolve sideways.
Sideways evolution sounds like fun. Would love to see some pictures of it.
At the insane forward rate humans generally like to go with their preference for violence as nourishment, I find it curious how much they like the use of slow motion in film. Is it the contrast or is it really that beautiful? More graceful. More emotional. Does slowing down remind one of the generosity of time? Something missed along the way. Does the group jam get too jammed up while the slowing of time creates a lure that can't be grasped?
Taking time to delve into a moment is and always will be one of my greatest luxuries. It's an opportunity to step into other dimensions and explore, especially these days with so much Aquarius and Pisces in the air. Little wizards we'll be by the time this is over. Or residents in the garden of delights. When nothing happens, anything can happen. Or everything.
What on earth is one waiting for, as in future tense? Heheh. Future tense it is.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Collective Evolution

Journeying the Airwaves
Jupiter in Aquarius
Hopes are high now that Aquarius has welcomed Jupiter, the planet of journeys far and wide, into the land of the collective mind. Even some of the Gloomers have turned Pollyanna-ish, a remarkable development indeed. But since Uranus likes to throw curves into the high and dry, some of us devoted Pollyannas have reversed our opinions somewhat. I'm no longer either an optimist or a pessimist. I'm a born again Ambiguist.
The puzzles of earthly life are now my main interest and the puzzling question of the evolutionary shift being tossed about in mystical circles has caught my attention. Spheres have been drawn, charts erected, lines followed, and voodoo-esque incantations uttered in hopes of mapping the future of mankind. I know I can be critical, but a solitary human thinking it has the answer to this question is presumptuous to say the least. Mars-Pluto and Venus-Neptune are even limited in their scope and ability. But nonetheless, the natural buoyancy of Jupiter is bound to enliven ideas of future collective possibilty, if not inflate them quite noticeably.
It's true that change has arrived. It does every day. There is a new administration in the American government and a departure from what society thinks was bad. Society thinks this is good. But here's the problem....
The present future is usually a continuation of the recent present. With minor variations. Aquarius is futuristic but emotionally unattached, so the terrible fears of good times versus bad are irrelevant.
Say, for example, Aquarius brings advances in energy technology. Excellent. But is this necessarily good? Will alternative energy sources solve our problems or will they continue to mask our fundamental habit of over-consuming? Too soon to tell. The important thing to realize is that all planetary aspects are multi-faceted. Thinking in simple good and bad terms doesn't work too well, especially in airy, unemotional Aquarius.
But here's the real crux in terms of advancement. People are celebrating the end of the last administration, continuing to pit the nasty guys against the nice guys, and arrogantly assuming they are good, since they aren't elite rulers. I have never known the commoners to be any better in all of history. The petty crimes all add up to the major crimes. If the rulers are punished, banished, or strung up and quartered as so many would like, is that really evolution? Real evolution includes everyone. The dreamy inclusion so favored these days takes the bad along. The evil among us who represent the shadowy aspects of human nature can't be left behind for genuine progress to occur. And Pluto newly in Capricorn has many miles to cover exposing the shadows lurking in our systems. The human race has to accept all parts of its nature. If you try to make them go away, they return in another form. Sometimes Aquarius at its best does fairly well with this understanding of the complexity of human machinations. How to incorporate the parts of our own selves that bedevil us is a great achievement by all standards. Social evolution remains at a virtual standstill as long as one group acts as if superior to another and fails to see some of itself and some valuable knowledge in the chosen enemy.
Meanwhile, as evolution decides if or how it's going to shift, the Aquarian energy is bound to excite freedom with its love of unbonded relationships (Scorpionics beware), and expanded social circles. Aquarius loves friendships based on shared ideas and interests. The chess club of the cosmos. Knowledge is king.
May I suggest you get your facts straight, though. Uranus is supposed to be responsible for lightning. Then I thought Jupiter was. Well they can work on it together as insights come flashing through the ethers and explode in the collective brain. Enlightenment? One can hope. It's Jupiter after all. And we seem to be on track. Or it does.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm Takin' Off!

Today the temperature rose from the depths of Zero. As soon as it thaws, I'm going out on a little jaunt.
I hope gas is still down.

Posted by Picasa Paul collicut. This Car.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A Serious Engine
The Train Returns

This train don't carry no jokers so leave your jollies behind if you want to take the trip. It leaves on time.
It used to carry nothin' but the righteous and the holy, but that ruling was recently changed.
Oh, and for those of you from foreign lands and exotic birthplaces, plus you younger ones who might not know your heritage, the inside skinny on this is ... it's taken from an old American spiritual:
This train is bound for glory, this train
This train is bound for glory, this train
This train is bound for glory, don't carry nothin' but the righteous and the holy
This train is bound for glory, this train.
Welcome aboard.
Photo: Annie Griffiths Belt