Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Drugged Society

Uranus in Pisces-Saturn in Virgo
Mars in Gemini
Pisces square Gemini: Pisces has been called the sign of self-undoing because it gives the type of mind which is easily infiltrated by neuroses, fantasies, and delusions. These Neptunian influences, played upon by the highly strung nervous system of the Geminian, can produce disorganization, disorientation, and hazy rationalizations.

The second Saturn-Uranus opposition is here and resistance to control is reaching another peak. The adulation of the new authority figure in the United States is manic in its excessiveness, and this appears to be masking an underlying despair and discontent with government, a feeling that's being expressed worldwide. It matters not who occupies the position of power, the rebellion is sensed pervasively.
The Saturn-Uranus oppositions are preparations for the Uranus-Pluto squares ahead and the assertion of strength by the people has nothing to do with the ruling personalities, and will not be spearheaded nor ultimately prevented by any of them. It's deep in the loins of the body politic seeking voice and expression.
After years of maniacal shopping, shockingly widespread anti-depressant use, and television, movie, and computer addiction, the American public reached a zenith of stupor of rather immense proportion, and is once again avoiding a pressing reality. Common to all humans is selective perception - you hear and believe what you want to believe, especially with Mars in Gemini square Neptune in this fantasy dependent country. The cover is probably a necessary mechanism that clouds realities until they are ready to be seen. The presence of Saturn in discerning Virgo is useful for the latter.
In the history of the United States, usage of mind altering substances always starts out legal, even considered panaceas for people's ills. Every one has begun with broad acceptance, then moved to restriction, and finally ended with illegalization.
Could it be the same for the latest drug? The mesmerizing Neptune in Scorpio leader, with a clever, persuasive Moon in Gemini square Pluto? No doubt the high has successfully numbed the underlying pain, but most of the time, increased dosage is required for the effect to be maintained. Perhaps as the transits unfold, unaltered reality will become acceptable. For some, even preferred, as they grow increasingly immune to the narcotic effects.
I discussed earlier the setup for escapism and mythical confusion the country has and she's come to an interesting point. The long Saturn station quincunx Neptune continues and now Uranus is in exact opposition square US Mars in Gemini. Not surprising that the illusions of a savior coming to the rescue are dominating. Very Piscean. Very Mars. The fantasy grip is increasing as Uranus approaches the climax of the seven year transit of this dreamy sign and goes into entirely new and challenging territory.
The promise of war was completely ignored by the entranced listeners while the nation's Mars in Gemini was under the influence, carried afar in rapturous harmony with the words. As Uranus nears the end, it will cross the 29 Pisces of the Iraq invasion chart with questions, I'm sure, about the continuation of belligerence and degrading low level wars. The rebellion against authority often includes anti-war protest, but no matter what the complaints, the growing dissatisfaction with ruling powers is headed for concrete form.
There is one more exact aspect between the two with Uranus still in hazy Pisces, but after that, the last one occurs at 0 Aries square Pluto and opposite Saturn at 0 Libra. War and peace, government, police, society, and all authoritative bodies engaged in a drama filled with action, tension, and possibly even restraint. Departure from the stable status quo is scheduled in a long series of fractures and adjustments, going beyond the confines that people have been accustomed to. Where the leaders land is anyone's guess as the people awaken from their narcosis and realize they're here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe in screaming, it vibrates the house, just do it in intervals, so as to not become completely hoarse. Over drugged, over worked, so as to not have time nor the sense's to notice the History of our Gov. and their cronies. That must be the plan. Why did I not notice the Neptune as a chameleon and not an inspirational leader. Why do I keep beating my head against the wall, with every insane political appointment? I am trying to wake up from this nightmare! How the hell, did we let this happen? A year from now, when everyone else wakes up, where do we go? One step at a time and with the help of Pluto, we have to unravel another destructive path, that has been created. Allow this whole mess to blow up, take an excedrin, and start with another plan?

30/1/09 7:32 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Anon, thank you. I thought this was the most pertinent article I've written and it was completely ignored which proves my point.

The denial is astonishing. It makes me sad and I feel disconnected, like I'm mute again. The TVs were off for awhile but now they're blaring constantly revealing the new terror. They want to know all the time why I changed my mind. I think deep down they know the truth but can't face it yet.

How the hell, did we let this happen? A year from now, when everyone else wakes up, where do we go? One step at a time and with the help of Pluto, we have to unravel another destructive path, that has been created. Allow this whole mess to blow up, take an excedrin, and start with another plan?

LOL!! Aspirin is my coping mechanism.

It had to happen, and you are right. It will be about a year when Uranus finishes in Pisces. Until then it's going to get worse. It must be the only way they can get the courage to forge ahead. Through a big crash down to reality. The only way they can really awaken. And I think it will be a huge relief. I trust the timing.

You are right about the overworked and overdrugged, especially cable news and it's hysteria. It might come when overworked doesn't work anymore and joblessness comes or the inability to pay the bills. When social programs are cut and they can't afford an education, or care for their aging parents. Waiting and watching the politicians' every move hoping they do something good, and it doesn't work. The magic they're believing in now is the Pisces finale.

I think at 29 Pisces, they'll surrender and feel the hopelessness when they realize that this administration is just as bad as the last one, it just looks prettier. There will be no one to rescue them, since it's just as much our faults as the government's. We create these systems all together and the people have to recognize their complicity.

The appointment of a thief to head the Treasury without a peep is just such an example. And willingly continuing the wars for profit. It blows my mind.

If you follow astrological indications, then the awakening is due with Uranus in Aries and considering that Pluto is just at 2, the destruction probably will come in increments over a lengthy period.

Part of the illusion is that so many talk of the deep effects of Pluto and it's destruction, yet they somehow think this time it's not happening. They think it will get the evil ones and not them, believing they are innocent. The savior will prevent Pluto getting them and the New Age of goodness is here. So simply and logically, the worship has to end, the dependency on politicians, and I would imagine a wide scale failure of this government so perfectly put in place at the beginning of Pluto in Capricorn. Allowing the whole mess to blow up instead of this ridiculous band-aid attempted fix might be necessary. And whoever the leader is does not matter one iota. When the time is right, it's right.

For those of us who aren't buying, patience and Exedrin will have to work for now!

Thank you again, anon.

30/1/09 1:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Pluto strips pretense. Demolishes artifice. When Pluto came to my Sagittarius Moon-Jupiter, some of my optimism was pretend. That went with the transit and I'm left with a much more solid and enduring optimism in its place.

Here's one of the pretensions Pluto will likely strip...

People want to indulge their lust for revenge and spend money going after Bush and his people. But there are pressing social problems and people suffering in the country. Yet they'd rather spend the energy on revenge. Do you think the good forces in the universe will smile on this? They're the good guys going after the bad like a Hollywood movie? That's why prosecutions don't seem to be in the cards and people are going to be very frustrated. They think the new dashing hero really doesn't mean it when he says he doesn't want to go after them and that he'll change his mind. All the while they could be helping others as they say they are so inclined to do in this new age of oneness.

One thing or another. Oneness, forgiveness, and togetherness or separation, Republican hatred, and killing Moslems. It's just a question of honesty. Pluto will "shine the light" not only on the crooks, but on you. Wherever there are coverups, Pluto will reveal the underlying fabric.

By the time the pretense causes as much pain as it can, Pluto's revelation comes as a relief.

30/1/09 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Janelle said...

I don't want to feel like I have my head in the sand, but this is precisely why I don't watch the news these days... everything is an illusion. Its an illusion to drive people into a frenzy to make them believe that their lives are at risk every second of everyday. I do have a reasonable amount of paranoia myself just because I've been raised in this society.
Obama is not the answers to all our prayers, but I do believe he's a good man with good intentions working in a ravaged system and reality. Things must crumble as you say because its time for people to be responsible once again. To connect back to the Goddess and the Earth to treat each other with love and respect. Its sad that things must explode to get this to happen, but most empires fall the same way, down a slippery slope. I would focus on the beauty of the world for now, those of us who are aware can only do so much...fate has to play out accordingly, all we can do is watch, listen, respond and have faith that not all is lost.

That's just my Sadge-Piscean two cents :)

30/1/09 6:22 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Good advice, janelle.

I trust fate.

30/1/09 8:26 PM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

I've written and it was completely ignored

I'm out in the street trying to get people to oppose turning my neighborhood into and AT&T antenna fest... And I'm pretty much completely tuned out of the news when I'm actually home.

Where I live and work is not my real home... And my personal unhappiness causes me to tune in to the collective. But when I'm really home, I'm happy to walk around the neighborhood and tell people to get off their asses... which is what I've been doing all afternoon.

1/2/09 3:50 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A lot of good things happen with these kind of neighborhood activities.

The collective unhappiness seems to be sending me back home. The happiness is so sad and the sadness, is tragic, so what is one to do being an ambiguist, seeing a combination of plus and minus in everything?

1/2/09 7:43 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

o what is one to do being an ambiguist, seeing a combination of plus and minus in everything?

Sounds like hedging your bets... I do this too and think it's the best way to avoid the big letdowns. I learned the hard way of course. The potential gains may seem smaller but they are real.

When I'm home I'm happy just existing. Sitting by the fireplace, house lit by candles. Music. And in the morning, wake up slow, a strong cup of coffee, adjust the blinds, let the light in just right...take a long look at the mountains. I'm in my own universe. Is it just an escape? It was my choice. It's just as real as any of the other ones as far as I can tell...

1/2/09 10:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I don't look for times to get better because reality holds everything in every moment. Some things improve, others worsen. A lot stays the same. I used to hope for more, but not so much now. There's enough right. The little pleasures you describe so perfectly are the key, not at all an escape. No more than everything is.

I was just learning about the sudden extinction of all the mammoths and other creatures around 13,000 years ago and the return of ice after the original Ice Age melted - the Younger Dryas - making the environment virtually uninhabitable. Bison were the only major animals to survive. The Paleo-Indians of the day became our modern native Americans. It's an amazing orchestrated machine that we keep adjusting to.

Humans survived that sudden drastic change but it was NOT easy. Very interesting. I'm just reminded of the vast system we're a part of, a relaxing thought.

I expect little change and actually that sounds good. I hope for little change, just the usual minor variations. It's in the details and I'll tweak those a bit.

Waking up slowly with strong coffee and light is a wonderful thought. I get to do it just about every day. I love my natural turtle pace. Conversations with myself.

Of course, the Moon just went into Taurus. That's always good for a little earthly pleasure.

I'm in my own universe.

Is there any other?

1/2/09 11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amid all my screaming and banging my head against the wall, I forgot to thank you for the posts on "Beggers and Heroes", "A Drugged Society" plus your comments on "too many Scorpios" in the new "change and enlightened" administration. They are great, and I keep rereading them, everyday, to affirm, that I have not lost my mind. There is at least one other person out there that believes, as I do. Maybe I fell in a black hole, but above me I can still hear the shouts of jubilation that we are being led to a whole new world. With the media clammering on, that we will have change and a new way of thinking. In my dark hole, I have the light of my own intuition. None of this sounds right, starting another war/, appointing more "good old boys" to the administration, sending envoys out for foreign policies that are hawks, sending old cronies to Economic Conferences, getting out of Iraq is just more "difficult" than we thought, and it goes on and on. Super Bowl and more drugs of some kind! Bring on the distractions.
Wait until 8-1-2010--0 Aries square Pluto opposite Sat. at 0 Libra. Wait until the final Saturn/Uranus opposition? Wait until Saturn " old things the same" will be revealed, dissolved and we can have real genuine break up of the old guard. But what next will be in store for us? I will start to prepare now and maybe by then Pluto or Uranus will throw me a rope.

3/2/09 9:52 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Maybe I fell in a black hole, but above me I can still hear the shouts of jubilation that we are being led to a whole new world.

On and on until Uranus leaves Pisces, although gradually they're getting it. We have too much bad karma. And the other war, plus the Israeli games were too much for me. He
is a politician of today's system, and one can expect the same. Today I read where a bunch of his nominees are tax evaders. The Sec. of the Treasury blew my mind to smithereens. They are thieves. But maybe the citizens are finally speaking up. If they don't, these politicians will continue to steal, including the stimulus money if it is extracted from the taxpayers. Habitual criminals don't suddenly change and most of his administration falls into this category. His own specious past could even catch up with him. In ways, it already is. What they're doing now is solely for election purposes. Both parties are at fault, along with all of society, and I don't see an easy way out at present.

In my dark hole, I have the light of my own intuition.

Beautiful statement. It can't be that dark. False light makes it even darker outside the hole.

Anon, I don't know the course of action for those of us who see it differently. I decided to be silent for a moment. I don't want to interfere with the mass happiness, as false at it is. There are so few moments of joy. Time will bring the truth, ally that it is. It will work out. People have to be ready. So I'm indecisive, waiting to see whether or not the continued criticism is beneficial. The huge negative reaction tells me that people aren't at all ready now. I can wait.

But what next will be in store for us? I will start to prepare now and maybe by then Pluto or Uranus will throw me a rope.

You won't need a rope. In fact, you'll be throwing one to the others as they sink in the illusory Neptunian sea.

It's always this way. Mass consciousness is blinded for reasons. Each individual has to awaken and the biggest problem now is the refusal for the people to see their complicity. They still think it's the evil ones, the Republicans or something, so they'll follow the new one into another war blindly. I don't want to go, so I speak up. What else can I do?

The shouts of jubilation are actually screams of agony, because underneath there is awareness, and they know that they're being deceived again. Systems don't change suddenly. Especially when it takes 700 million to get elected. An American Idol. Money rules and it's everyone's job to change the current reality. I knew I was in trouble when change was offered with the purchase of an Obama hat. It all came to me. Today's crop of thieves are talking as loud as money. Listen up. It's a good opportunity.

I have faith in the whole thing. I think they'll come around with Pluto's investigation. As long as they see their part. I'm trusting the Pluto opposition to help them see that daddy isn't go to fix it this time. This guy is a front man. Hundreds of years of bad karma don't magically transform. The nation has to face herself and gradually she can emerge with strength of character.

I can't go along with this and I want a better society.

3/2/09 3:48 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I'm indecisive, waiting to see whether or not the continued criticism is beneficial. The huge negative reaction tells me that people aren't at all ready now.

I'm mostly in agreement with what you've been writing the last few weeks, however I think much of it is self evident... My question to you is, has it ever been any different? As they say, the game is rigged but if you don't play you can't win. I think most people know it's rigged and corrupt. People have always been addicted to one drug or another or if not to a drug than some religion or other ism. It always has been. Can it be any different? There are always bright patches within this machine. I don't see any evidence from history that there has ever been a just government, one not filled with thieves. Maybe the percentages change a bit. Slightly less thieves and crooks in one admin than another but the reality is that it's always corrupt. It seems all relative to me. Can it ever really change? If so how? Human nature would need to change I think.

3/2/09 4:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I agree with you completely mpk.
No, it's never been different, but somewhere in the chip are the idealized concepts and the urge to improve things nonetheless. So what to do?

My question is where I fit into social criticism, since along with the political ills comes the segment of society that speaks up and always will. I have been one of those since childhood, growing more and more silent as my days progressed.

But now I'm unleashed again, and I sense there is an opening if the people are so inclined and really mean business. I can be strong, maybe extreme in my critiques, but I think that's for the purpose of contrast. It's not the rulers against the commoners. It's the entire collective that sometimes feels an impulse to get a tad ethical. I think they're a little shell-shocked now. The thievery lies in everybody. Pluto, theoretically, is here to expose it. What we do remains to be seen.

It's a division of labor. Some are critics, some activists, some are cheerleaders, some do nothing. The overall needs of the time determine. Maybe we just do our parts no matter what and let improvement come to us as necessary. Most important, it's not the leaders who will bring it. But neither will they prevent it. They are intrinsic to the functioning of the entire machine. And so far, the machine is working. Each one decides if he wants to put chips into the game or not. It's all comes down to desire. No one has to do anything in particular. You do what you want to do.

And I agree, human nature needs adjustment. How? Natural selection maybe as survival dictates. Man meets nature somewhere.

Who knows that the sedentary agrarian way of life with its lust, acquisition, and theft, might not return to the simplicity of the hunter-gatherer's as time goes on in the beat of human history?

3/2/09 5:22 PM  

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