Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Turning Around and Going Back

Reflection and AnticipationPeople are wondering if change has come and if life will be better. Everyone knows the truth. No one knows.
For some it will change noticeably, for others it won't. There is no one arbitrary marking point for society. We all turn on different wheels.

As usual, the cosmos is making some interesting moves. Mercury has gone retrograde at this sensitive time, from Aquarius to Capricorn, yet another repeat of the Saturn-Uranus theme of the day and coming years. Liberation from established order? Eventually, but not without some serious study, reflection, and experience.
Why the Mercury retrograde at this juncture?
Why the 29 degree Scorpio Moon politically indicating an ending-release, not a beginning? Mercury is the trickster and guardian of the crossroads. Where are we going? No wonder no one can figure it out. Hope is not necessary, but it can be useful for some. The joker is beguiling for good reason.

For me, the greatest liberation is not knowing what's ahead. Nothing has been imprinted to worry about, fear, or be oppressed by. All possibility thus remains open. I've made it well past a half a century intact. Well past. But I've always trusted that it knows what it's doing even if I don't. Ever onward I go, selecting at each crossroads believing that I really can't make a wrong choice.
So I conclude that the retrograde is leading humans to their inner guides, each one to one's own, and here's what's absolutely fascinating. Mercury will turn direct exactly at the next Saturn-Uranus opposition. And can you believe this? The following exact opposition will find Mercury retrograde again. Pluto at 0 for the last time just turning direct. A lot to ponder, a lot to learn, a lot to communicate. I do think that whatever change is in store will come gradually. And why not? The deeper it goes, the longer it lasts, and probably the more satisfying it is. I hope change takes its time.
"Hermes is the magician, the guide. That means that somewhere within us, no matter how lost or confused we might be, there is something which has foresight and resources often hidden from consciousness but which can devine which choices to make and what directions to take. He was not a god upon whom one could rely for the ordinary decisions of everyday life. He could be tricky and treacherous, and often led people astray through convoluted paths that left the known and well-trodden landscape and took the traveler into strange and frustrating places. To follow the inner guide does not always mean making the choices which are secure and guarantee results. Often they are the opposite. But Hermes is the master of the four elements and his wisdom can penetrate all the spheres of life. Without him we have no inner resources at all, but must always rely upon the direction of others, and are doomed to travel like sheep on the same worn track as everyone else. The Fool meets the magician only after he has braved the precipice, for the visitations of the inner guide do not come when one hides safely in the maternal cave."Liz Greene:from the Mythic Tarot
Thing aren't what they appear to be. They never are. Mystery always seems to prevail leaving the future uncertain and the fool free to experience all things, especially those motivated by the desires unique to the individual, and those without an ordained direction. What's leading where? Who's fooling whom?
Who knows what? And where's the rest room?


Blogger bacalove said...

A time to reflect, a time to imagine, a time to build is necessary, if we are to build anew or transform that which needs to be transformed. It is said we must be still in the voice of the silence, in order to know.

13/1/09 6:41 AM  
Blogger John from Taos said...

Ever onward I go, selecting at each crossroads believing that I really can't make a wrong choice.

That's the truth, too. Whatever we choose (whatever decision arises) is the sum of everything we are and bring to the crossroads at that moment. I may look back with hindsight and say I wish I'd done so and so, but what I did was who I was, the outcome as much a part of me as the hair on my head.

(Which is falling out, BTW.)

13/1/09 7:15 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh no! Not the hair too?? You should have told us you had a silver pompadour and no one would have known. And an executive position. Bored on some board. Something to go with the $4000 tooth!

I completely agree with what you say.

It really is time to reflect before rushing into transformation - give everything a good chance to guide us. See accurately what needs change.

I decided awhile ago in my life that there are many possible decisions and all of them are probably equal when the plusses and minuses are tallied. I do the right thing. The biggest choices are the easiest to make for me.

13/1/09 1:43 PM  
Blogger Elena said...

The high point of the day came when she met the Cheshire Cat. She found him perched in a tree at a crossroads right about where we are standing today.

"Which road should I take?" she asked the cat.

"Where do you want to get to?" the cat asked helpfully.

"I don't know," admitted Alice.

"Then," advised the cat, "any road will take you there."

14/1/09 8:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL! That is wonderful Elena. Thank you so much. Oh my.

Virgo perfection. 5th house joy. Cancer human frailty. Scorpio core.

True and heart-warming.

14/1/09 9:39 PM  
Blogger Elena said...

The Cheshire Cat - another heyoka :)

15/1/09 10:47 AM  

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