Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Slow Motion in Other Worlds

Amidst the usual blood and body parts flying in the cradle of civilization, Venus slipped into Pisces for a dreamy respite and for several days the Moon is meandering in sensuous Taurus. Mercury is preparing to go retrograde, Saturn continues his lethargic return to backward motion, and even the north node of the Moon is ambling lazily in the same degree for two months. Have you noticed things slowing down? No wonder some of us have been questioning the concept of evolution.
Maybe I'll evolve sideways.
Sideways evolution sounds like fun. Would love to see some pictures of it.
At the insane forward rate humans generally like to go with their preference for violence as nourishment, I find it curious how much they like the use of slow motion in film. Is it the contrast or is it really that beautiful? More graceful. More emotional. Does slowing down remind one of the generosity of time? Something missed along the way. Does the group jam get too jammed up while the slowing of time creates a lure that can't be grasped?
Taking time to delve into a moment is and always will be one of my greatest luxuries. It's an opportunity to step into other dimensions and explore, especially these days with so much Aquarius and Pisces in the air. Little wizards we'll be by the time this is over. Or residents in the garden of delights. When nothing happens, anything can happen. Or everything.
What on earth is one waiting for, as in future tense? Heheh. Future tense it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a delicious chicken roasting...it can't be finished soon enough (apologies to those of you who don't eat animals).

i just discovered my progressed moon is in Pisces. that made me laugh out loud.

7/1/09 8:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Speaking of laughing, cooking, and Pisces ...

I had a Pisces friend living with me once and we used to cook together and speak French. Our mastery was very laughable. Lots of fun, she was.

7/1/09 9:53 PM  

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