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Inaugural Balls

Dancing with Pluto
Yeshe Choden

I mentioned earlier the power struggles coming with Pluto in Capricorn, and they're just beginning. Everywhere. Within the government and without. Change has come, or is coming, or something like that, but most people know that profound change doesn't happen without a struggle. The more one genuinely wants reform, the more readily one takes the necessary steps.
I have never ever seen a message trying to get through as hard as this Saturn-Pluto one is now. The next president's Scorpio MC, the extreme Scorpionic cabinet he's installing, the Inuagural Moon at 29 Scorpio (the most important aspect I believe), the ruling Pluto in Capricorn in the 8th house, Transiting Pluto opposite USA 10th house ruler Venus, and now the crowning development -- the next chapter invoked by none other than a Mars-Saturn in Scorpio with a North Node in Capricorn. It's absolutely amazing. Do you think we'll get it?
Inaugurate; augur: one of those held to foretell events by omens
This fellow chosen to herald the coming of the next administration is beset by deep-seated fears regarding emotions and sexuality based on revulsion with the self, but we all have these in some way. Maybe the snapshot is there because it's time to take a closer look. Maybe the exposure will be good in the long run. Should they be our leaders? Can we evolve past the psychological crippling. Can we face these things in ourselves? One thing I find troubling about the man as symbol is the huckster that he personifies, leading the masses as if selling the truth, waiting for the cash registers to ring up the next book sale. This adoration of empty wealth is one thing I think Pluto aims to expose. When did "spiritual leaders" become bloated, grasping malcontents? All the way back, I suppose. Can people ever stop being mesmerized by charletons, contributing more and more to their heavily lined pockets? Aren't we all worth more? But still there's the idea of skinny Jesus wearing the same battered sandals through the deserts day in and day out, not hating anyone in particular.
Inclusion is a grand idea but we certainly are far from ready. And material wealth does not equal god.

The moneyed thieves are back on the mountaintop, thinking that business as usual is in order but there might be some surprises in store. They're wiggling their greasy fingers in anticipation and one of their own is proclaiming their current victory in ceremonial fashion, but Pluto in the land of the rich is a master.
Obama is a player in the cosmic game doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. Transiting Jupiter is on his Saturn in Capricorn and he's just been put in his 12th house prison, with the door slammed shut for awhile. He's trapped in the system, an inevitable destiny with Saturn retrograde in Capricorn in the house of confinement. He'll fight in his own way, the system a symbol of his personal internal struggle. And he's got Jupiter to keep him company.
But now he's the designated driver of the machine, that, believe it or not, the whole collective wants to reform. If you're not angry yet, just wait. This is as it's supposed to be so that people can stick up for themselves and fight for their rights during the coming Uranus-Pluto square. They won't be handed to you on golden plates at the Inaugural Ball. It takes some getting used to, but the state of arousal should be maintained for optimum results. The frustration is fruitful, and the bouts of fury are part of the potential energy being released in order to actualize change. Resentment of authority is natural. No use in evading it since Pluto will dissolve any sugar-coating you have planned. Any questions about arousal against the system, just ask me. Now is the perfect time to pick your way through the diminishing fog and get accustomed to the fresh reality, waiting to be shaped.


Blogger Melody said...

Dancing with Pluto indeed and it is amazing. Thanks for the correlations. This summer is going to be interesting. Another piece I’ve been watching is Obama’s Pluto in the 7th house natally…which may also contribute to the extreme projection that is happening with this guy.

20/12/08 8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! I loved this post, every single word. I feel fearless about changes when I'm in tune with myself, Sun-Pluto conjunction native speaking here.

It's like all these changes and upheaval make my personality or personal destiny shine...

Love it.

20/12/08 9:37 AM  
Blogger libramoon said...

You are invited to help to form what we become:

[if the links do not take you to the web pages, please cut or copy and paste
them into your web browser or return email me.]

Chironic Vision

Part I

The future descends
from the fear-embroidered skies
the vision is of holocaust -- when everybody dies
A new day is dawning, but is it sun or storm?
We have a chance to make our mark
but is it right or wrong?
The military marches
The anti-warriors too
We take our stand in battle
The many and the few
Spinning tales of magic, of wizardry and fate
We want to know just how it ends before it's all too late
We sing our song too late
We right our wrongs too late
We want to know the date
To find a better fate

Can I tell you?
Can I help you to know or understand?
Can I utter the words that will make you see me?
Standing here before you, I want to take your hand
to be swirled up into a magical dancing
to be taken to worlds of beauty entrancing
to give you the will and the wonder to set you free.
Can you see me?

Laurie Corzett -

20/12/08 12:50 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I agree, melody! An interesting summer ahead.

His Pluto is very important, especially since it rules his MC. The times are activating it and his Venus Pluto opposition as well. I don't think he's very comfortable right now. He needs time.

Obama's Pluto is especially problematic since he wants to escape into his 12th house spiritual search and get away from others with his south node in the 1st. And his Uranus on the descendant. He vacillates between over-accommodating and then dictating. He's forced to bend to their will against his will. But the north node indicates that he ultimately can find fulfillment in relationship.
People are big trouble for him and now the heat is building. He's trapped in that destiny too and it will take a lot of time for him to work out his relationship karma. The Pluto transit will help a little.

I've purposely avoided explaining him in a lot of detail because I think the projection you mentioned is our major problem. It's not about him. It's systemic.

The same way everyone thought it was Bush-Cheney causing the trouble and when they left, things would be so much better. Now the truth is revealed. There is no change as of yet, and as I said, the problems are systemic. But I do think there will be progress, especially if we diminish the stature of these leaders -- they are not monsters, not saviors -- and realize our collective power. I think we have the chance to make evolutionary progress.

If people can slow down on the predictive predestination games and stop waiting for the planets to fix it or cause it we will especially have the chance to progress. It's the same projection that is done with people leaders. The cosmic entities can be our allies as much as we invite them to be. They are probably not as powerful as you think. Or you are more powerful than you think. That's the crux of the whole thing. Obedience to outside perceived power.

The cosmic map is a sketch which we fill in and create our lives. How much fate and free will we have has never been close to being determined. But one step I think it's time to take is a belief in our own power to create a better environment. There's a long way to go there but we can start now.

Obama has many right ideas. This is the beginning of the Pluto transit so he probably needs to work with his own stuff, and we with ours, until the thing gels a little later on.

Nothing changes the fact, though, that people have to resist what's wrong and create rightful societies themselves through struggle, will, and a modicum of independence from leadership.

20/12/08 2:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I feel fearless about changes when I'm in tune with myself, Sun-Pluto conjunction native speaking here.

It's definitely time for that, ancareth, and thanks for the input. It's going to become increasingly difficult to stay in fairyland, and even in those stories, big upheavals create the plot. Something's gotta happen.:-) It's time to incorporate some realistic planning without losing optimism.

I lifted one of my major dictums from the Tibetans who sit with their dead for 44 days and repeat over and over, "Do not be afraid." That covers both journeys -- the one of the dead and the path ahead for the living.

But keep in mind that upheaval can be less than traumatic, often non-violent, and can cover a lot of territory in the spectrum between easy and difficult. To me, it's well worth it all if I sense personal advancement. Certainly not out of reach.

The first entrance of a major planet into a sign is often a time of crisis, but you can see here that it is very manageable. We're just getting the lay of the land.

It's best not to predict what's ahead so we have all the freedom available to create it.

Don't blow it everyone!!

20/12/08 2:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The future descends
from the fear-embroidered skies.

Ain't that the truth. I saw some footage of WWII last night and got especially interested in creating the new vision. It's always a possibility.

20/12/08 2:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I talked earlier about the value of the Pluto gift of hope (Sagittarius) at the end of the transit and certainly the crowd picked up on it. It was the treasure we needed so we could forge ahead in new territory unsure and afraid. Saturn-Capricorn is the other side - some despair, some pessimism, or realism whatever you want to call it. Both are necessary and together create a complete world view.

Some people are more comfortable with a bit of despair, some freak. But there is always escape routes for those who need them and fantasy is sometimes a necessary survival tool. That won't disappear. And the brave can protect those who are especially afraid. Not everyone has to be a courageous super-hero.

There is realistically nothing more to be afraid of than any other time. In fact, when things are exceptionally good, the fear is really at its height knowing the downside is coming. Expectations were sent to the stars at the end of Pluto in Sag and now they are slowly leveling off. A relief, actually, and easier on the system.

I think there's a magic spot between hope and despair that feels soooooo good. Freedom. Jupiter is still in Capricorn where the two meet, a chance to take this magic blend onward as Jupiter enters Aquarius and the intellectual realm.

Saturn is now Pluto's emissary so those transits will be especially important. The rest of Virgo is a great opportunity to do some serious repair before Libra, which is going to be fascinating. USA Saturn return just as Uranus enters Aries. All Cardinal and good for progress.

20/12/08 4:45 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

You may find this post at interesting:

It ain't kumbaya, but it's in conscious search (with gritted teeth) of the New Way.

BTW, I'm starting to think of Obama as less of a "pawn" and more like Pluto's Flashlight. Where Obama points, people Look, and -- often with pain and rage -- See.

Poor guy. He'll be as silver-headed as Mandela by the end of Year 8.

20/12/08 8:49 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Maybe pawn isn't the right word. I might change it. To what??

I'm not convinced about the justification for the Warren pick. Why does the inauguration of the first black prez, such a momentous occasion, have to involve such a deep wounding of people? One group. I would prefer that the event be non-political in the inclusive way promised. But maybe the community needs this to get motivated and if it means that the pastor gets toppled from his pedestal then it would be worth it.

Something doesn't feel right about it. I don't like people's sexuality to be an issue at a time like this. It's tarnished the occasion for me, but I'm not one for these parties anyway. A pall has been cast but that's Pluto in Cap for ya. Maybe it helps reduce expectations all the way around which is a good thing.

I hope with all my might that the gay and lez community gets their legal relationship rights established quickly and that they are fully compensated for being the sacrificial lambs here. It seems like every grand occasion involves slaughter. I don't understand. I feel bad, but then I feel bad for the whole human family.

Another thing that bothers me about it is the continuation of personality politics. Some wise one somewhere will start to control this.

But it's just a party and something good is bound to come of the sorrow in some way.

There's a lot of pain and rage everywhere and I'm crusading for facing it so Pluto won't use more intense means later. I also know about Pluto's treasure chest. I hope the gay community gets first dibs.

20/12/08 9:31 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Sexual orientation is a unique kind of discrimination, really deep and painful, and maybe that's where Pluto is headed first. It could be the reason for the California vote at this time.

I understand that the man doesn't admit homosexuals into his congregation. If so, how is he to know for sure? How does he judge? It's so complicated to hate on this basis. "Am I sure I hate this guy because he's feminine?" one asks. Then every unusually feminine guy is at risk for being hated. Is there some proof required of sexual habits? It's simply awful. And how do people learn not to be afraid, wondering when they see a same sex couple together what they do, imagining it, turning it over and over in their minds. How do they decide to hate them because of it? Why don't I hate the straights for doing basically the same things?

Anyway. That's definitely Pluto's territory. In the meantime, loving relationships, each and every one of them, need to be accepted and validated. God knows we need them.

If ever there was a willing god, some attention would be turned away from these damaged leaders and on to you and me. One step at a time, I guess. I tried to stay out of this one but it didn't work!

20/12/08 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Yes, it is deep and painful. A Minnesota watchdog group has documented 515 ways in which same-sex relationships are unequal, not just with hospital visitation rights and stuff like that, but things that are easily overlooked such as

You can find a PDF of 5 examples of very subtle discrimination is here. Note that it's a PDF so it may take a minute to load.

21/12/08 6:39 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, I'm so glad to hear from you. I am utterly surprised at how this has affected me and maybe that could be the developing pearl. As the days go on I'm more and more upset about it. I don't know what the news and blogs are saying but I don't think they're getting the full impact of what this man is doing and the crowd's insensitivity has moved them to rip the next person up in scandal. They move pretty qickly from the things they don't want to face.

They give lip service to gay rights but I'm sure they are afraid as a whole to face their own true feelings.

At first I refused to get upset about Prop 8 assuming it wasn't time yet and that it would be worked out but now it's time for me. People also failed to realize that the marriage rights were there then snatched away and how hurtful that fact was. It's all so low.

I don't know exactly why I'm so pained by this man's elevation in the inauguration and as I said, I'm praying that the end result will be a big step ahead in combating this discrimination. I'm tired of justifications and especially all the crap about "brilliant political moves." I'm really really irritated. All a part of my growing discontent with the system, which is already well developed.

It should not be run from. Maybe it's a good thing in that it could expose a tiny bit the hokeyness and phoniness of the ceremony. Inclusion, my ass. Judging and calling people sinners is a dangerous thing considering mob hysteria always ready to leap. Who exactly is guilty of what and how should they be punished? Who's the authority here? Yes, Pluto, please reveal.
People shouldn't swallow these lies from politicians. Now I'm waiting for the community to get fully organized and get the laws taken care of. It's all orchestarted and my re-emerging fury will come in handy.

21/12/08 2:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks for posting these joe. And that's just a sliver. I don't find them "very subtle" at all.

21/12/08 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

No, you're right, they're not subtle. I was looking at and thinking of the others in the publication I got from them last summer when I said that. Now those are subtle. He's not my next of kin, legally. If I die first, he won't get the house (in my name) without a long drawn out battle.

It's so insane. Who benefits from these hassles aside from lawyers? Whose marriage is protected by the extra lengths that same-sex unions must go to in order to protect themselves?

Sometimes I really, really loathe that damned book.

21/12/08 2:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You're right. Lawyers benefit.

I'm particularly disturbed by the hospital laws. That has always struck a chord with me. Anyone who has been through it to the deaths of their loved ones knows the uniqueness of these moments and usually extra compassion is expressed. To come between the bond at times like this is a bigger sin than what the book tries to say.

Gay marriage doesn't have to be legalized in order to change the laws now, and they should be. Common law marriage statutes are strong in some states and lots of money is exchanged in benefits. It's not that hard to fix.

The deeper problems of discrimination sometimes seem impossible to solve but I'm changing my views a little in believing that simple legal rights are in order now. The community just needs to get organized and do it. Until then, knowing the laws thoroughly and the ways to circumvent them would be a start.

Let them all do what they will. People come to wisdom one by one.

21/12/08 2:55 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Venus governs marriage, Libra the marriage contract, so as Pluto opposes maybe it really is time to get going.

The Saturn return to US Saturn in Libra is up next, very shortly, and that's a perfect time to enact new laws, while Pluto is still there and sexuality is faced.

It's interesting to me. Why the terror around marriage? It seems like some people (a few) aren't exactly terrified of homosexuality but the marriage concept sends them into paroxysms. Are they afraid of bringing it out of the closet and being faced with it daily and openly? What makes a society fearful? There is a constant percentage of homosexuals in the family of man and by now people are somewhat used to it. Right? Where does the cure start? And how?

Maybe legitimizing the unions would be a step. Eventually people become nonchalant as they move on to some other terror.

21/12/08 3:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

People seem unable to focus as a group. The fast news cycles and the amphetaminesque scattered hysteria of the blog comments reveal the scattered jumpiness of the human. Maybe it's the food they eat. Maybe it's how they eat. They can't seem to follow through in order to accomplish great things. Of course, individuals do. Who's leading who in this hysteria?

I was pondering Saturn-Pluto and their wonderful powers of focus thinking maybe some of these problems have a chance of being solved if the energy can be harnessed. I think we could use a little leadership in this but not where we think it is. Synergy is a powerful force. The theory has been expressed of late but the reality needs some work. We're just getting started though.

21/12/08 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I have heard people say it aloud and I see many comments on blogs and newspaper comment pages about using some other terminology that will make people feel more comfortable. I.e., don't use the word "marriage." Try civil union or committed or something else, but not marriage.

Facetiously, I have used the word "unionized." It gets attention.

21/12/08 3:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Heheh. You could be right. One word can make all the difference in the world. They can roll it around their tongues with pleasure if the right one is found.

Civil union is a good one. Unionized is good but has been used for other labeling purposes. How 'bout "civilized"?:-)

Or "wedlocked."

Makes you think marriage isn't such a good idea after all.:-)

21/12/08 3:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I know. "Matrimonied."

21/12/08 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

"Civilized" is good. Makes it sound more appealing. You might wanna trademark that particular context, dear jm. ;o)

21/12/08 5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love all the writings here Locked in the system,? Obama will have to jump to too many puppet masters. Choosing Rick Warren is an outrage. To give him recognition on this important day, is horrible. Think it will just be the beginning of a lot of anger for me. Too much politics/pandering.
Thank you for your insight. Keeps me going.

21/12/08 5:19 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

Originally I was thinking the Warren pick was no big deal. But I've been convinced otherwise. This pick was a mistake Obama made. He'll make others. I hope he's wise enough to see that it was a mistake and a bad pick, even if he can't back down now. I fervently hope the same for myself, when I go astray. He'll make others just as bad as this one too. Definitely no messiah. But much better than what we have had.

21/12/08 6:44 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I'm really excited about the upcoming shift with same sex relationships. I think it will transform us in many different ways. I see a new re-wiring of us with great artistic, spiritual, literary, and visionary benefits. But it's not going to come over night, that's for sure.

21/12/08 6:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm trying to be a good contributing citizen, joe.:-)

Obama will have to jump to too many puppet masters.

I'm letting him off my strings. The good part is over, and it was lovely and inspiring, but yes, locked in the system. Actually I think it's all designed to arouse the anger and he probably agrees.

Thanks for responding, anonymous. I think I'll continue the metaphysical analysis but from a new freer perspective. It's a great relief. The anger is refreshing.

21/12/08 7:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I hope he's wise enough to see that it was a mistake and a bad pick, even if he can't back down now. I fervently hope the same for myself, when I go astray.

No need to hope. You're plenty wise.

I go on after-effects and the Warren thing just made me sad the more it settled in. But here's what I think. It takes the holier-than-thouness out of the event and brings it way down to a low level which I think is perfect. I started losing interest awhile ago anyway so this makes it easier. Cut back on the worship and see it for what it is. A phony baloney tribute to the greatness of the political game. Well, hallelujah. The real righteous ones will be fine.

And as I just mentioned, I think we're supposed to get angry with him so we can get motivated. It's going to get a lot worse. One day they'll understand that it isn't about him at all. At least I'm a little intrigued. The thing is going differently from what I expected and I always like that.

21/12/08 7:55 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm really excited about the upcoming shift with same sex relationships.

I suddenly got it too, mpk. It's turning out to be fascinating. You could be right and I am pleased ...

see a new re-wiring of us with great artistic, spiritual, literary, and visionary benefits. But it's not going to come over night, that's for sure.

The rewiring actually is occurring with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. If we can see the "normality" of same sex relationships than we'll be able to see the value of oddness, ambiguity, and all things artistic and visionary. Wouldn't it be something if this is the trigger? The artistic world has always accepted same sex relationships along with all assorted societal aberrations. Could be time for the slower/preoccupied ones to catch up.

21/12/08 8:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The deviations from the norm are what make culture rich. They're always there. Sometimes the different ones are burned at the stake, sometimes they're made millionaires and called great talents. Society doesn't know what to do with itself.

The inventive, wild, and crazy challenge society, often mock it, like the joker and the trickster. Somewhere in the psyches of those who are ostracized lie confidence and knowledge probably. Maybe they really don't want full acceptance. Belonging is probably a curse. There's a lot of resignation and sadness in the group attempt to belong. There's a magical place I seek which is neither here nor there. Or in and around here and there.

21/12/08 8:43 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

And now I find that as usual, the hysteria machine called media only focuses on one end of the Inaugural party.

The Rev doing the benediction is the one who brought reality to the funeral service of Coretta Scott King, Dr. Joseph Lowery. A vocal advocate for gay rights, among other progressive social concerns.



When I realized who is giving the Benediction, I thought, that may explain it; Pastor Warren is going to be there to balance out Reverend Joseph Lowery. Lowery, 87,is the man who threw reality at President Bush and others at Coretta Scott King’s funeral. President Jimmy Carter's words brought the same reaction. Standing ovations. At a funeral. By speaking the truth and taking a stand. And at the Inauguration he’ll get the last word-the Benediction. This might be worth watching after all.

Read Reverend Lowery’s wiki, he’s going to put Pastor Warren in a slam dance party line–count on it.

Just like he did with President Bush and his minions. This man does not miss an opportunity to further civil rights-of every kind.

This will be must-see TV.


21/12/08 8:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

he’s going to put Pastor Warren in a slam dance party line–count on it.

So is that what you people want? A carney side-show? Entertainment? Slapstick emotional violence? I thought it was a ceremony to swear in a president.

21/12/08 9:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Sometimes I wonder. With the uncountable trillions of dollars spent on Hollywood entertainment the public can never get satisfied. What is it? Some joke about civil rights? Watching the stars of the cloth duke it out? Oh yeah. Don't forget to pop your corn.
I didn't care about this party before, but now I hope it's a quiet subdued affair with respect, dignity, and reverence. That'll teach everybody.

And beyond that if the long Pluto transit opposite the USA Cancer stellium ever ever by some miracle could create maturity and seriousness about social problems and government, then I would have some admiration for society. I wish this celebration would portend such a miracle. The whole damn thing is getting on my nerves, but fortunately, life is full of surprises.

21/12/08 9:32 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Coralee Carter, Coretta Jean Johnson, Oshmama Hobamma, Pastor Reverend His High and Mighty Holiness Smith, His Majesty Bob Bore, the Freakettes, Pussy Johnson, Warren Peace, The Hallelujah Hell Raisers, Jack Bush, Jethro B. King, and Judith Berman.

Did I forget anyone?

21/12/08 9:51 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

Well, it is a chance to face down the entertainment demons to get to something more real, isn't it?


22/12/08 9:19 AM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL. The "entertainment demons" are the worst. I truly hope some realism emerges about this issue, and many others. It's surprising how intense the reaction was but it was ready to burst. I hope it doesn't ruin their holidays. Maybe it'll even be better with some renewed closeness with friends and families. And partners.

I said before that in my day entertainment became political as a way to influence society's improvement, but now politics is empty entertainment. That might change. This was a blast and not in the party sense.

Inclusiveness is wonderful in theory, and fine if you're detached without feeling for others, but what's happening is certainly not inclusive. Unless the community gets their relationship rights as a result. Then it will be worth it.

In the meantime I think even more important is the question of how such revolting people can be elevated by society and made rich. Worshipped, even. I'm with Pluto if he can find that out. And how society can be so insensitive to the predicaments of some. Being gay in this society is a struggle that's hard even to articulate. Maybe it will be now.

Entertainment demons. I've always been stunned at my country's star making machine. What void could possibly create this? Obviously it's not working. The South Node in Leo in the Inaugural chart could hold some answers. It's one of the toughest.

22/12/08 3:40 PM  

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