Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Game Proceeds

Aries-Capricorn and Questions
As the first big round of the fight heats up between the Mses Clinton and Kennedy, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who isn't enchanted with the drama ...
I find the whole unfolding Caroline Kennedy saga to be rather depressing. Not just that she's being considered (in the press if not elsewhere), but that she's running a public campaign which involves reaching out to elites. The whole thing is just weird and feeds into the politics as personality soap opera that the press loves to focus on.Atrios
We actually do have real problems as a nation but this interpersonal angst can be expected with Moon at 29 in the Inaugural in the 7th house and the plethora of Scorpio ladies entering the inner sanctum, or thinking they are. Plus the Pluto-Venus oppositions I've talked about. Meanwhile, Mars is in Capricorn in the Inaugural and the fight against the system is wasting no time getting started ...
And so the "Open for Questions" feature at the Change.Gov website proved to be an insulting mockery of the 20,000 members of his base that crafted 10,000 questions and voted them up or down.
The Transition Team says it is looking forward to "round two." But who in their right minds would continue to participate in a process that in the first round proved insulting and fraudulent and completely out of sync with the tone and pledges of a more open and transparent government?

On this, Mr. President-elect - and from one that has defended you and even some of your appointments that didn't make me cheer on the basis that the governance hasn't begun yet - you and your staff get an "F."
This response to the questionnaire from Al Giordano expresses perfectly the building resentment against the establishment that is percolating. The youth, who responded to the queries enthusiastically, also supported the new president with historic enthusiasm and that part is good. It got them engaged. But they also have concerns that need to be addressed, and some good ideas, too, and this first step to communicate with them ending in this belittling manner could either fire them up further or it could cause them to return to their apathy. With Uranus coming into Aries representing the new and young, I'm going to assume that the former will take place. Of course, the cards fall where they will.
The new executive's tragedy is his Saturn in Capricorn and South Node in Aquarius getting him stuck in an oppressive outmoded system repeating his destiny with the collective, and thus he has no choice at the moment. That's later. Some saw the incoming cabinet line up and knew we were in Pluto in Capricorn trouble. He's much better when he shines from above with his North Node in Leo, but I'll elaborate a little bit later as well, counting on the fact that I'll get it together and do that node. The South Node is in Leo in the Inaugural so it will be awhile before things shimmer as they did during the campaign. Even then it was always quickly eclipsed. There's time, though, and this is the mere beginning.
For now, the stage is being readied for the Aries-Capricorn battle. That is,
if the daily soap opera could be condensed into a smaller time slot.
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Blogger jm said...

I agree that drug policy reform should be top priority.

Faith - You write:

"Not everyone smokes pot, grows pot or wants to be around pot."

True, 75 percent of the American people don't smoke pot - another 25 percent sometimes do (and more than half have tried it). But 100 percent of the people pay to put 800,000 nonviolent offenders in prison. We pay to clog the court system with those cases. We pay for the police cars roaming the neighborhoods and picking out minority kids to search for the substance (and arrest them if they have it). The mother of a teenager caught with pot in a federal housing project loses her apartment. The wife and children of a man caught growing pot lose their home and land (and often their breadwinner when he is sent to prison).

The battered wife who ends up killed because police response time is slowed by the misallocation of resources and personnel to the narcotics investigations... The schools that don't get built or staffed because the money goes to prisons... the one trillion dollars of the underground market under prohibition that goes untaxed and funds violence in towns and neighborhoods instead... You don't have to want pot, smoke it or be around it to suffer from the consequences of the policy.
Al Giordano

17/12/08 4:52 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

The drug policy is ridiculous. Hopefully this fruitless policy will be discarded as another thing we just can't afford anymore. There's an awful lot people making money off of it though, entrenched interests...

19/12/08 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please "get it together" and do a post on north node in leo!! :) Thanks for such great posts!

21/1/09 5:42 PM  

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