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The Plot Smokes and Thickens

Venus, Uranus, and now Pluto
The term "flapper" in the 1920s referred to a new breed of young women who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to the new Jazz music, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers had their origins in the period of liberalism and social and political turbulence.

Yesterday we talked about Venus in Aquarius and Uranian relationships. This has special significance because of the coming Pluto opposition to USA Venus which will also square Uranus in Aries, and at the same time Neptune in Aquarius transits the Moon. It does look like the cultural attitudes of and toward women and relationship could be scheduled for change. The new First Couple fits into this pattern perfectly.
Barack has Uranus close to the cusp of the 7th house of marriage, and the South Node in Aquarius in the first. He's extremely independent. Pluto in his 7th, however, is the opposite. He's learning to come in from the cold this lifetime and embrace merging and bonding. Michelle has Moon, Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius, also very independent. Because of the SN in the first, he's most comfortable alone, but destiny has some interesting plans for him regarding relationships. It probably won't come easily as he yearns to return to his known South Node and escape the many conflicting magnets around him.
When the couple met, Michelle wanted nothing to do with him romantically, but she changed her mind. They married. When he first started to rise politically, he neglected her, she protested, and they entered a rough patch in their marriage. They worked it out. When he became a US Senator, he took an apartment in DC which she refused to stay in. She preferred hotels. When he campaigned for president, they were separated again and now they are euphoric at the thought of being under the same roof. But how together will they be, given their natural tendency to stay aloof?
So in comes Pluto to oppose his Venus and the pull begins. Venus is in his 5th so his daughters are involved. Jupiter is coming into Aquarius, Neptune remains there, and the South Node still has a way to go. The pull goes in both directions. Then there's a 29 Scorpio Moon in the inaugural chart exactly on his Midheaven squaring his 1st and 7th nodes. So the deep draw of career is the focal point of the conflict. I've mentioned the multitudes of Scorpio women around who also have parts to play, and not to forget his grandmother who died in such a timely fashion, also a Scorpio.
With Pluto in the 7th, the man eventually should give up his isolation to an extent and it's impossible to say how difficult it will be. Uranus remains on the descendant. He seemed happiest on the campaign trail alone with the collective, but he needs people in order to realize his ambitions and reach his goals. Probably the more the people take things into their own hands the better he'll be able to balance the crowd's desires. But what does this mean for the country?
The last time Pluto transited US Venus and Jupiter, the flappers came in with a Uranus trine in Pisces. The movement reached its height with Uranus in Aries, then when Uranus in Taurus came with economic difficulties, the high spirits declined and the flappers disappeared.
Venus in Cancer, along with Jupiter, is a rather traditional family oriented relationship model and most of the First Ladies I've seen have been obedient wives and mothers. The exception was when Uranus was in Aries and Eleanor Roosevelt became one of the most active and influential wives ever, breaking the traditional mold right after the flapper decline. The Obamas appear to be a very conservative couple but with all the Uranian aspects, I tend to doubt that. I've noticed that people are not yet comfortable with Michelle. She really is quite different. But still her husband has staid Venus in Cancer, so they aren't too far from the norm. The interesting thing will be how this country reacts to the transits with a history of going wild at times and breaking with tradition. There's always the Aquarian Moon to consider and the pioneering past of American women who made it alone on the frontier.
There is so much Saturn-Uranus energy in store for the next years and the changes simply can't be predicted, but as a Venus-Uranus lover myself, I could use some free spirits. First the Plutonian-Venusian inner workings will have to complete their jobs, but hopefully, the first couple, and the country, will get to dance and maybe have a few drinks. Let loose a little bit. Night clubs do well during depressions, so I should be able to find a job. I'll buy you a drink if you lose yours. Of course with Pluto in Capricorn this time, the women might be too busy professionally for excessively wild liberation. Driving an automobile in 1920 whilst smoking cigarettes was almost a little too far.
Eruption of Mt.Pintube,Philippines,1991


Anonymous Joe said...

jm, I meant to ask you, did you notice that Odetta, the civil rights era singer and activist, died just recently? She had wanted to sing at Obama's inauguration but I guess it was not to be. We have talked at times here at Raging U about the timing of individual deaths, such as Obama's grandmother.

Oddly, I had never even heard of Odetta until the news came of her death and what she had done in her lifetime.

9/12/08 5:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, amazing that you bring this up. Odetta is deep in my consciousness since she was an inspiration to me as a singer when I was in the absorption stage.

She had the kind of voice I prefer, coming from deep in the gut, yet the problem was the wobble of low notes and she was off key slightly. This is what I always work on. But the power was unique. Of course her soul and social consciousness were great. I liked her. That was a beautiful time for singers, when politics and art blended successfully. It's kind of a no man's land now going from one stupid scandal to another and the thing can't quite gel. I want my music to have social significance in some way, not necessarily overtly political, but connected to consciousness and part of our healing.

I'll look her up and think about the departure. A lot of strings are coming loose in what looked good just awhile ago, but it's too soon to tell what will be woven. Politics as usual is not exactly my cup of tea. Makes me want to have a much harder drink!

It's connected to my present disappointment with the pantheon of famous women and what I'm getting at in these articles. Maybe we need to remember a little bit and take the next step.

It was a unique time when we all sang for freedom not even knowing where the source really is. We could use a little song again.

Odetta's voice is the one I remember the most. Very strong.

9/12/08 5:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Omg, joe. Incredible. She was born just at the time mentioned above. Dec. 31, 1930. Sun-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. How 'bout that? NN Aries. Pluto-Jupiter in Cancer. She certainly fits the upcoming times so hopefully her spirit will have influence. It will. Partly through me. Her Saturn is on my MC. The baton is passed. Aries-Cap is the story of the rest of my life.

Maybe the social consciousness thing will return in some form when Aries goes against the system. This nonsense is getting tedious. Politics as entertainment. In her day it was entertainment as politics. People need a call to action but it should be around the corner.

Very interesting.

10/12/08 1:14 AM  

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