Saturday, March 31, 2007

Escape to Green

While the sequoias are rumbling, art is rearing and whinnying, and spring is coming, I thought a walk in the gentle woods would be refreshing. A chance to get another cool deep breath.
Earth, water, and air ......
A threesome made in heaven.

Cascade in Dark Hollow, Shenandoah. David Muench.


Sometimes I wish I could get out of here
Take a trip and disappear
Got to think about it, got to stretch my mind
Imagine the place it's a tropical kind.
It's the place of my mind's desire
Deep in the heat, deep in the fire
Yes, it's mind over matter, a matter of mind
I can go there .... almost ... anytime.

In the jungle night
In the jungle night
In the heat of the jungle night
In the heat of the jungle night.

The spotted cat and the jackal too
The diamond back, comin' after you
You've got to watch where you step in the dark night
You've got to watch for the things that bite
There's always something trying to get a piece of you
No matter what you do.
You've got to have a will, yes I say
To keep the evil away

In the jungle night
In the jungle night
In the heat of the jungle night
In the jungle night.

This is part of a jazz-rap trance number, done in a wide variety of rhythms according to my mood. It forms a groove and can go on indefinitely, with lots of room for instrumental improvisation. This type of tune actually leaves people free to do what they, listen, talk. I kind of enjoy this since it also gives me freedom. I can make it the length I desire, and go just about anywhere.
It's in keeping with my philosophy of escape, when all else fails. Dreams and mind travel. My answer to a lot of life's moments. What to do with this contraption we live in. I'm thankful for that everentertaining mind that's in there with everything else. Some say even our innards have consciousness, but I haven't explored that far yet. But then where does intestinal fortitude come from?
Illustration: K.Y. Craft

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Dreaming Again

After a very long party with chips flying everywhere, littering the floors, and people racing around, a small group ended up sitting around a circular table. The discussion turned to artists taking charge of their finances and political influence. People got highly animated and excited. And focused. Plates of olives on little squares of what appeared to be white cheese, were passed around. The feelings were those of unity and pleasure, mixed with optimism and anticipation.

I like olives in moderation. They are rich and full of sensation. Probably nutritious too. There seems to be something special about them. Time to consult the vast resources.

Major Announcement!

I live in such a fantasy world, that I often can't determine what's real and what's not. Or what will become real. Earlier, when accused of disagreeing with their view, I asked others, "Is this reality? Seems more like psychosis to me." Yet I've always been impressed with their ability to drive fairly well and stay inside the lines.
So when I kicked off the Sequoia Adams Performance Project (SAPP), dedicated to the performing arts, I did so with no demands or expectations. A concept. A dream. A hope.
Well today the news came from Chrispito, one of the founders of the Project. She's just been accepted into art school.
On another note, I got accepted into art school today! Hoooooray! I'm really excited as the college I am going to is really affordable, and it has TONS of free material and equipment to use! I can't wait to melt down my copper mugs and make armour for the SAPP!
Then came the added news that the brilliant mythologist and artist Tseka, will be having a show of her bold and beautiful paintings in July at the Bellevue Art Museum, way out west, not exactly sure where, but we'll find out.
Could it be the Saturn-Neptune opposition bringing visions down to earth? Or the Uranus in Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune? Or the North Node in Pisces? Is the Sequoia Adams Performance Project real? So quickly?
I'm in suspense.

Congratulations Chrispito. And funny you should mention copper. More on that later. And congratulations to Tseka whose new works will be on her site shortly.
Viva SAPP!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

North Node in Pisces or the Twelfth House

It takes a while for Pisces to materialize, as you can see, and this is what the North Node represents. The world of imagination, the nonmaterial, the spiritual, if you like. Fantasy replaces practicality, as the body becomes a vehicle for passage into alternative dimensions. One thing is no longer connected to another in predictable pattern, as life unfolds in a spontaneous continuum, revealing sensations and mysteries hitherto inconceivable. The world is unlimited, and freedom ..... a person's right.
Clarity and peace of mind. While the SN in Virgo stuggled to clarify precisely all sense impressions, and string them together into an intellectual and understandable design, NN Pisceans are now content to let them find their own direction and form, bringing an end to the nervous anxiety and fear that all is not right. It is what it is, and part of an orchestration that these NNs can feel and hear as rhythm and music many others miss in their busy routines and mundane preoccupations.
When my NN Pisces girlfriend played my old upright piano, the squeaks in the ancient keys became sea gulls. "Don't you hear the sea gulls crying?" she asked. We were in the desert.
The Pisces NNs are ready to open up mental dimensions, allowing space to enter, time to become insignificant, and imagination to become part of everyday living.

Nonjudgement. Coming from a history of discrimination, comparison, contrast, and exactness, NN Pisceans are ready to embrace acceptance, finding less need for judging the right and wrong of everything in pursuit of perfection that doesn't exist. The fatal flaw is just another thread in the fabric, easily absorbed and overlooked. Purity is inherent in experience, and excess criticism becomes unnecessary, as people are behaving according to nature, and things are blending in a perfect synthesis, easily perceived from a detached perspective.

Trust, surrender, and going with the flow. While the SN thinks if it can tweak and fiddle, it can get things to go in the right direction, Pisces NNs are ready to swim with the current and let themselves be carried with ease to new experiences, relinquishing resistance. Fear of turbulence becomes a joy ride in the upswings, dips, eddies, and tidal changes. The perception of a vast universal control frees them to pursue many interests that otherwise would be lost in the daily effort expended to align every passing detail. Formlessness, boundlessness, and willingness become newfound pleasures.
An unstructured life. While rituals and duties must always be performed to some extent, the less the better with these nodeholders. Free time is their gift to take, along with the path out of so-called reality that this kind of life provides. Spontaneity is the aim. Many say later, when the real work is done, they'll be able to pursue the visions they've always dreamed of, whim and fancy being their guidelines. But with each turn of the road, more pressing jobs appear, until they shake themselves free, and live the kind of existence only artists are supposed to enjoy. Many times, in fact, they have these kinds of talents and are meant to find fulfillment in an alternative lifestyle, no matter what the fearful voice says, or others demand.

Beauty. One of the most glorious characteristics of the NN in Pisces is the love of creativity and artistic human expression. Poetry and dance are often high on the list of favorites. The sublime grace of the body in harmonic movement and the complete spectrum of emotion felt in music, painting, poetry, drama, and all the other arts, are natural to them, whether they participate or observe. It's probably a good idea to try some of these, as hidden talents are often waiting to be developed, along with the feeling that they are finally doing what they really wanted to do all along.
Departure from reality. While this is frowned upon in many quarters, Pisces NNs are being invited into this realm, unconditionally, and with the promise of big reward. Guilt can hold them back, but once this is released, these natives can see the greater guilt of not living this destiny. Few are allowed to do this so freely, but Pisces have earned this through years of servitude and suffering. The world of illusion now is the contribution they can bring to others. Transcendence is their right.
Earth to water. The rigid forms and boundaries of earth are dissolving in the Pisces NN to create a permeable membrane that allows an easy in-and-out passage of experience. The merging of water is a great relief as defense is no longer needed, and fluid relaxation into sensation can develop.

Fantasies, myths, fairytales, and illusions. There are no more qualified people than the NN Pisceans to explore the world of dragons, fairies, princes, demons, and all assorted mythological creatures. The human need for storytelling and dream fulfillment is in their hands. While one person would call the piano repairman to remove the squeaks, the Piscean would allow the sea gulls to fly, giving full expression to alternative perceptions, no matter how mad or far out they appear. They know we can't live without the recognition of these dimensions. This makes them masters of psychological healing. 
Psychic impressions. These natives are highly attuned to telepathic communication and messages from other worlds. Like a tuning fork of an unknown tone, they receive sensory input not perceived by the ordinary person, and can convey information needed by people, sometimes as directives at crucial times in their lives. The Pisces NNs are passing through the doors of perception.
Compassion, suffering, healing, and redemption. The Pisces NNs are spiritual allies. It's beyond personal sympathy, as their skills take in the whole spectrum of experience. They understand it all. These people have the knowledge of ancient struggles, and the mastery of purification and redemption through humble service and self-sacrifice. They know the guilts that plague humanity and the desire to rectify the wrongs that are committed. They known the dual nature of people, and recognize the potential goodness despite civilization's history of crime. Now they are ready to respond to all energy fields comfortably, without rushing to fix every small hurt, but letting time proceed, leading people to the right conclusions themselves. This time they no longer have to serve in an abject way, but serve simply by being.

Enlightenment. This is the node that knows all. And lives in the moment.

The Pisces NNs are taking their accumulated knowledge of human imperfection and rectification from the personal sphere, to a healing of the ills of the world at large, as they help others get closer to spiritual union. A fine task, indeed.

Illustrations from top:Michael Forman. Manya Stojic. Busby Berkeley from Golddiggers. K.Y.Craft.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Meat Me in the Bean Patch

An interesting news item appeared in my paper today:
Sons born to women who ate a lot of beef during their pregnancies have a 25% below-normal sperm count and three times the normal risk of fertility problems. The problem might be due to anabolic steroids used in the US to fatten cattle. It could also be due to pesticides and other environmental contaminants. In daughters of the beef-eaters, those same hormones could alter the incidence of polycistic ovarian syndrome, the age of puberty, and the postnatal growth rate.
Six growth-producing hormones are routinely used in cattle production here and in canada. [All you Canadian beauties up there are out of luck too!] The hormones used are: estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate, and melengestrol acetate. 
Does not sound appetizing.

I have always been leery of these hormones. I became a vegetarian 25 years ago because of this and many other reasons. Food intake is of such great importance, and it does seem that more awareness is developing.
The only plus is the reduced population. There's always a silver lining, is there not?

Pass the peas and beans, please.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Ahhfternoon.
I'm delighted to be here.
Christopher Fowler

Sunday, March 25, 2007

No people are uninteresting.
Their fate is like the chronicle of planets.
Nothing in them is not particular,
and planet is dissimilar from planet.
And if a man live in obscurity
making his friends in that obscurity
obscurity is not uninteresting.
To each his world is private,
and in that world one excellent minute.
And in that world one tragic minute.
These are private.

From "People" by Yevgeny Yevtushenko...b.1933

Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Unusual Occurrence

It's precipitating in Colorado.
And it isn't even snow.
Illustration by Trina Schart Hyman

Friday, March 23, 2007

South Node in Virgo or the Sixth House

The South Node in Virgo brings excessive attention to order and detail, and an attempt to analyze, explain, and control every facet of experience. The finite vision and pattern breakup are now giving way to broad perspective, even a chaotic jumble at times, and the ability to let go and let circumstance unfold. Precise rationalization is no longer necessary, as poetic simplicity develops and flourishes, and a merging with mystical experience takes the lead.

Cleanliness, purity, and order. These SNs often find the constant maintenance and repair of daily life annoying, distracting, and burdensome. While the ancient mind remembers these tasks as being meditative, this time around, they interfere with the spiritual journey they desire. Spots are everywhere, but erasing them offers no lasting satisfaction. Keeping it clean and tidy is growing more and more nonsensical. Everything in its place, labeled, and glued down has become much less pleasurable, as the effort expended to keep it all under control could be used for other purposes, knowing it will all fall apart anyway.
The purity of the body is becoming less important, a perfect illustration being my SN Virgo friend, who cooked her strict vegetarian meals with a cigarette always dangling from her mouth. It made complete sense to her, as the mixed up character of existence was becoming clear, with its innate ability to process impurity successfully without extra effort.

Overanalysis. Virgo rules the process of digestion; breaking things down to their essential elements to be absorbed and utilized. Sometimes SNs overdo this process, feeling trapped, and unable to move on to other concepts and activities with ease. They lack trust in the natural ability to break down compounds without their constant surveillance. Once they enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together, but now they feel a growing urge to let it all remain whole or as is. The compulsion to understand and explain every little detail is ready to be abandoned. Answers that once came easily now have disappeared, bringing the knowledge that nothing can really be figured out. The puzzle remains. The whole now contains the essence rather than the tiniest part.

Anxiety and worry. A nervous irritability afflicts the Virgo SNs and no amount of physical effort seems to ameliorate it. While control of the material plane used to work wonders, the inability to let things take a course of their own has become an impediment. Precise action has turned to fidgeting and fussing with details to no avail. It's still not right, and the fear that things will never be right can prevail, thereby causing them to miss the value of the moment they're in.

Perfection and fault-finding. Where once critical analysis, and the movement toward physical perfection were great aids in their lives, they now threaten to ruin the joy of experience. The eye keeps traveling to the flaw, to the sacrifice of the overall grace and beauty in what they observe. Correction is desired but even that no longer works. Nitpicking creates a Gordian knot, while the unraveling waits in the wings.

Rigidity and routine. The stiffness of trying to stay in finite structures can cause many hardships for the Virgo SNs, as the body betrays their regimentation no matter how healthy their aims. A deep fear if disintegration keeps them attached to rituals that no longer keep body and mind together the way they would like. They cling to routines, but dramatic events always come along to cause major disruption. All they want is to return to the order, not always realizing that the chaos holds the real key to their happiness, and that a proper order will reappear by itself, once they let go of the need to impose it compulsively. Through the anxiety of the chaos comes real peace, as they find a new arrangement altogether. 

Job dissatisfaction. One of the hardest things to overcome is the expectation that the perfect job will appear, and that the daily grind will magically become joyous. Work for the Virgo SNs is often tedious and dull, lacking in spontaneity, and full of stale rituals. Sometimes they are overskilled, sometimes they think more skill is needed, and often the task of learning new skills looms ahead as a chore they would like to avoid. These precision machinists have become master craftspeople, ready to loosen up and flow into inspired creative actions with all their mistakes and impossibilities. The oft repeated phrase, "I don't have enough time for that. I have too much work to do", is the SN Virgo lament. They are often prisoners of their work routines waiting for the day freedom arrives, sweeping them away to an unstructured life.

Soma versus spirit. Preoccupation with the body and its problems can be a SN Virgo habit. They breakdown the system into parts, as one segment fixed leads to another one coming apart. The psychological and spiritual roles in well-being are asking for attention, and even faith healing becomes a possibility. Attachment to form wants release in a recognition of the immaterial. Less control of the physical, allowing breakdowns to find alternative paths to repair, is what they are moving toward. They once had the cure for everything, but now everything, itself, is the cure.

Shyness and retreat. Overwhelmed with the demands of relationship, these nodeholders frequently back away from the pleasures of interaction in which the call of duty is not the prime motivation. Compelled to be useful, they sometimes forget the nonsense we all love to share, and meaningless activities pursued just for the joy of togetherness. Repeated relations in a role of servitude make them wary of getting involved at times, with the excessive work required to maintain the connection. Sometimes others are absent from their plans, causing misunderstandings, along with the correctional attitude that can mar the fun. Oversensitivity to energy patterns, fearing the chaos of the combinations, can also overwhelm.

Fear of leisure. Many SN Virgos have a morbid fear of idleness. They are compelled to stay busy, and as soon as the body is at rest, it sees another area to attack, clean, repair, or organize. Inside lurks a mystic who can stare at the mountain for three hours, then turn to contemplating the ash tree for another four. A day without accomplishment is usually an impossibility, yet the sum total of all the achievements add up to little in the end. They could have been enjoying the tree all along, progressing to the other dimensions they are destined to reach.

Guilt, duty, service, and sacrifice. The hardest part of the SN Virgo path is the abandonment of the need to help others at all times. Selfless service leaves them shortchanged, as the humility does not alleviate feelings of guilt. The perfect person, good at all costs, isn't the ideal anymore. They've done their good deeds for many lifetimes and now the sacrifice has worn thin. Many stay in bad situations thinking they can turn them around, or believing the humility, maybe even abuse, will redeem them. They automatically help others and always will, with no effort. They see that the slack will immediately be picked up if they no longer stay bonded in slavery. The focus can now shift to other dimensions, broader pursuits, and a fluid expansion of self into the universe.

The Virgo SNs are taking their experience with serving others to a larger entity and dispersing their talents to humanity as a whole, where a world of unlimited imagination awaits them at the North Node in Pisces. One of the best.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Dr. Francis Fartalk will be lecturing on the conundrums and vagaries of modern day society, tonight at the Cyberbellum Auditorium, 8:30 PM. Dr. Fartalk will be leading a discussion forum after the lecture.
Please come. This promises to be a very interesting evening. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where Have You Bean?

Now that my constant companion these days, Pluto, is making a four month stop on my 11th house ruler, Uranus, I got to thinking about this Aquarius thing. Well feeling it, actually. As Saturn in Leo now is toppling our current leadership, Aquarius is strengthening the humanitarian connection. It's a little too soon to see the results, but they will be forthcoming.
The dissolving of outworn structures in the rulership realm is just about over. It's changed my life, as I've cautiously joined with my fellows here in this new dimension, sharing my visions on a daily basis. And so, with all these newfound friends, and many more to come, I ask, "where have you bean all my life?"
The group reminds of these beans. Every one unique, yet similar in basic appearance. Together and apart.
They don't stand alone. Can you imagine one pinto on your plate? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hot Wired & Ready!!

The first deal for the Sequoia Adams Performance Project has already arrived. A year ago, my friend wanted me to perform on her new patio .... an autumn party. We talked several times and it was forgotten. Tonight she approached me with the news that the concrete had just been poured and we're ready to go. A summer party under the stars. She has a million friends. Good exposure. And she's a TAURUS!!

Is there really something to this put it out into the universe thing?

The Sequoia Adams Performance Project is Born

We sing, we dance, we play, we work, we talk, we breathe, we weave ourselves together into the fabric of life.

We celebrate our births and deaths.
We create.

The Sequoia Project is dedicated to the majesty of the creative impulse in all people, to it's full development, and to the dissemination of its achievements into the world at large. It is comprised of performers with the highest standards - tall, strong, and invincible, like the great redwoods of our American forests, protecting the growth underneath, providing shelter and sustenance for their neighboring humans. Talent and potential are treasured no matter how long it takes the individual to bring imagination into form, adding to the natural beauty of the earth, and to the grace of human contribution.
As the project develops, performing artists can talk about influencing society successfully on their terms, remaining faithful to their visions, loyal to their individuality, and maybe even eating inside a proper shelter. Good pipes, a roof, a floor, respect, and some substantial personal gain. Blueprints seem like a possibility to me, and I know I could use some ideas on mapping.
Some of the most potent social and political movements originated with spontaneous discussions among artists, philosophers, writers, musicians, playwrights, historians, and all kinds of great thinkers and shapers of cultural history. The Sequoia Adams Project aims to continue this fine tradition, and provide a central resource for all artists developing and performing in the world today.

imagine a night . . .
when the space between words
becomes like the space between trees:
wide enough
to wander in.
Best of fortune to the Sequoia Adams Performance Project!

A mighty thank you to Acousticgod for the name, and to Chrispito
for the practical plan

.Painting: Rob Gonsalves. Poem: Sarah L. Thomson

For Neith

And her mother's continuing presence. Mother and daughter .... knit together. forever.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cool, Calm, and Moist

Anybody in the mood for a quiet moment before the New Moon, the eclipse, and the coming week's excitement?
I'm going to take a deep breath, and continue to breathe deeply, fully, and rhythmically. Drink in the pleasure. Live.

Photo: Sequoia National park. Sonya Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Faith, Enthusiasm, Pain, and Healing

A shocking and sad incident just occurred in Joe's life and he asked for sympathy, which was forthcoming. But with his South Node in Cancer, sympathy no longer works as well as it once did, and as much as it might for others. We said, "I'm sorry", but the pain remained. When Juno came and commented, however, with her reasoning and enthusiasm, as well as her South Node in Capricorn, the pain diminished.
Not only does this illuminate truth about the SN in Cancer, but it tells a lot about what Pluto in Sagittarius is leaving us with. The New Moon eclipse exactly square the stationing Pluto is a big big opportunity to absorb Jupiter's bounty.
There is no doubt that faith and enthusiasm are potent elixirs in the human healing mechanism. Encouragement, empowerment, and hope, are often much more effective than weakness and feelings of victimization. One of the problems with drug-laced, fear-inducing modern medicine. This is now in transition.
When a shocking event comes, and the bricks in the chest and gut hit with the thud, there is nothing we can do to reverse it. So onward we go, to cope the best way possible as the process ahead unfolds. I am of the opinion that all events are in a logical sequence. There are no accidents, as circumstance guides us on our paths, leaving us to learn how to manage in our individual ways. There is a magic combination of cries, tears, and moans with the uplifting realization that we are still alive, kicking, and progressing into the future. That we will deal with our misfortune adequately. Don't we usually?
So this is where Sagittarius and real enthusiasm for living can help us tremendously. We are participants, not victims.
Healing is as natural as birth and death. When I witnessed death close-up, I saw the bruises on the body heal until the last day. The process is always there to connect with at any time. As Pluto delivers the treasure of hope, I'm sure he is hoping that as many of us as possible will take the gift and use it to heal our wounds.....physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Thank you Pluto and Jupiter. 

North Node in Aquarius or the Eleventh House

The North Node in Aquarius is taking flight and guiding humanity to a better future. Leaving behind the kingdoms that built empires and enslaved masses, they're now able to see the golden nugget in all people, all walks of life, and they want to aid in their progress, seeing to it that every individual gets a fair share of life's substance.

A new kind of love. Having learned fully everything there is to know about personal love and romance, the NN Aquarians are entering a new dimension of love in the mind, not based on the excitement others can provide, the sexual pleasures, the heartaches and swells, the dramatic goings and comings.... but on a more detached love of people in general, and concern for their well-being above all. The roller coaster thrills are over, and a steady, constant, genuine liking of others is on deck.

Friendship. When the dependent, sometimes cloying form of love is curtailed, The Aquarian NNs are delighted to find all kinds of people interested in many of the same things they are. The new distance developing and the mental intercourse emerging, allow growth of independence and an ability to offer freedom, without the feeling of rejection at partings. They know the coming together will always be ahead with someone. People are now being liked for who they are, and not what they can do for them. Many grow to enjoy the end of the one against another games, always being the main object of everyone's desires, and realize the pleasure of group cooperation. The demand for full and immediate attention can be relinquished. People doing their own separate things, even, but enjoying the company. No longer having to be the life of the party, they know now that life, itself, is the party.

Trust. These NN people are learning abdication of the Leo will and confidence in the flow of events, leaving the sequence to circumstance, knowing things will automatically work to their benefit, especially when others are included in the reward. They are coming to accept unexpected events as natural.

Wishes and the genie. Aquarius is the sign of fulfillment of wishes, and these natives are able not only to actualize these visions, but to help their fellows achieve their futuristic goals. It's interesting that the singular of "genie", the magic holder of the lamp of our desires, is "genius", a concept associated with Aquarius as well.

Intellect and brilliance. The natives with this Uranian spark are here to develop the full potential of their minds, being gifted with an exceptional intelligence and awareness, once the attachment to excessive passion and personal drama is released. In place of heated emotion and visceral entanglement, a detached perspective is developing and a pursuit of shared interests in the mental realm. The light bulb of insight is theirs to use forever when they trust their intellects and grow to love the power of the mind. They discover that these interests are far from boring and dry, people are fascinating from a slight distance, and a new kind of self-esteem is blossoming, based on self containment, observation, and objective reasoning. Genius is a possibility.
Fire to air. The NN Aquarians are coming from the heat and ecstatic involvement, sometimes self-immolation of fire, to the cooler, less emotional element of air. The urge to burn everything in the path gives way to a dissemination of ideas, and an interest in the use of breath to communicate, rather that fan the flames.

Credit. By far, one of the best traits of these nodal natives, is the ability to bring out the talent and creativity of others. No longer needing to grasp all the credit, they now desire gold stars for all involved in the success of endeavors, especially when they loosen the need to dominate, and wholeheartedly encourage the use of everyone's abilities. They know the best result will come from this group participation. Having already mastered the lessons of self confidence, they leap at seeing the potential in others, and want to facilitate its development.

Idealism, altruism, freedom, and evolution. Aquarian NNs are here to lead people into better political relationships with one another, whether they are formally active in government and social services or not. Their understanding of group dynamics serves this goal on any level. They know the ideal of unselfish interaction, and instinctively recognize the need for personal freedom and autonomy for all citizens. Love of people and society, and a true desire for their welfare, are the most developed of all planetary placements, in the Aquarius North Node.

The Aquarius NNs are bringing their royal experience and self significance to the world, without judgement or prejudice, imparting confidence to each member of society no matter how large or small the circle. Revealing to all the solar centers within themselves.
Top illustration by Linda Saport.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Give Us This Day

I love the dignity and reverence of this scene. Professor Albert W. Rankin and family enjoying a summer supper on the porch of their Wright County, Minnesota farm, in 1908.
I had a house once, with a kitchen table overlooking my garden, and I loved to eat while watching my vegetables develop and thrive, especially my green peppers. This is a great way to synchronize with natural growth cycles. Sometimes it's hard to know our own personal growth cycles, but they're in there. Observing the crops and the stars are fine ways to get in tune.
Photo from the Minnesota Historical Society

All Right!!

Who really done it!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have a Theory

When the last great Tsunami occurred, the earth's axis shifted slightly, and time was altered a tiny fraction. I think the Saturn-Neptune opposition we're experiencing now is a manifestion of this alteration. Even the clocks changed. It's permanent, at the moment. We're in a new time.

Monday, March 12, 2007

South Node in Leo or the Fifth House

The South Node in Leo is a preoccupation with superiority, elitist isolationism, and entitlement, if not in circumstance, then in attitude. Their well-developed egos, which once protected them, are now impediments to group belonging and the democratic participation with the collective they've grown to desire. They are abdicating the throne to find friendship and comraderie among the people.
Arrogance and contempt. For a long time these natives enjoyed their superiority and the warmth of adoration by the group, but now they are tired of the performance and their love often turns to contempt for those who grovel at their feet. They are so used to adulation, that when it's not forthcoming, arrogance takes over and they refuse to accept the rejection of their greatness. They sometimes express bitterness towards those with wealth and power, finding it difficult to walk away from the game.

Ego and the spotlight. Used to having their egos stroked continually, SN Leos have great difficulty leaving the spotlight to others, even when their acts have become tattered, worn, and unfulfilling. The greasepaint is caked and dry, and the effort to remove it has become burdensome, along with the costumes that no longer fit the persona.

Luxury, servants, superiority and privilege. The age old memory of luxury grips the Leo SNs, even when the actual circumstances are humble. They still think they're to be waited on, that their superior positions do not need to be earned, and that all they desire can be obtained at a moment's notice. Many will vehemently deny any sort of privileged attitude, but the royal heritage underlies the behavior no matter how common they wish to appear.
Melodrama. Days of Our Lives, the Secret Storm, As the World Turns.... you name it. A day in the life of a SN Leo quite frequently is packed with these theatrical, overemotional twists and turns. They demand an audience for the latest intrigues, hearing who did what to whom, and sometimes a sneeze can be a nuclear bomb being detonated. Never a dull moment, but sometimes others want one.

Love lost. The Leo SNs are notorious for bad love affairs. They can't imagine how the lucky ones to receive their affection can cast it off without paralyzing regret. Emotional danger is their need, with all the attendant thrills, and they always seem to make the worst choices. The soaring and falling of the heart in the latest infatuation has become exhausting and unfulfilling, as now they find a budding desire for plain friendship, even free of the complaints of what the latest lover did wrong. Perhaps a discussion of quadratic equations.
Letting it all hang out. The natives with this node have performed, sometimes uproariously, for audiences from time immemorial, giving all they have to satisfy the need for adoration. The swaggers, dramatic gestures, upturned chins, and superior postures are now a barrier, as they are ready to step over the footlights and into the crowd. The applause have become hollow and now they might even want some self control, intellectual distance, demure behavior, and possibly to go slightly unnoticed at times, in advanced nodeholders.

Children and disappointment. Unless there are intervening circumstances, you would be hard-pressed to go 30 seconds into a conversation with a SN Leo mother that doesn't mention the children and stay on that topic. Of course, there are exceptions, as always, but this will be the case more often than not. No matter how charming, talented, or successful they are, following every turn of their offspring's dramatic lives leaves the SNs feeling as if they are missing something. One of the hardest habits to break, fearing they'll lose the heightened emotion if away from them, not realizing that they won't really be that far away at all. If they decide to join a chess club, requiring full concentration, they can call the children as soon as they get home.
Having loved and learned, The Leo SNs are taking their accumulated warmth and self confidence to a larger circle, where they can impart their knowledge to society in a new kind of humanitarian affection than brings out the talent and expressive light in others. The many equal solar sytems of the North Node in Aquarius -- coming next.

Top: Keith Graves. 2nd: David Roberts. Bottom: Lisbeth Zwerger

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daddy Daddy

Who's that honking in the street below?
Ice Cream Daddy's got my chocolate cone
I need something cool
And ice cream Daddy's got it, I can't wait to get it
Oh, Daddy ring your little bell
Bring me my cone
With a sprinkle of nuts, and a little sugar goo
Oh yeah!
Ice cream Daddy.

That's what I did when I was a kid,
when I was a little girl
Then I grew up, a little bit older,
And up in this world.

I need a frosty glass and then a cold beer
And if you would, please have another one near
And if, I could get
Just one teensy tiny little cigarette
Put a nickel in the jukebox now
Play your favorite tune
Come here Baby, with your skinny little body
Oh yeah!
Ice cream Daddy.

Huggin and dancin, and singin and kissin me all night long
Huggin and kissin and dancin and suddenly, he was gone

Way up in heaven with his silver bells, he's twinkling
And sprinkling chocolate
I need some compensation for the things I've lost
I've given everything up at a high cost
The high cost of living
Of dying too
I've given everything up, every bit is gone
bring me my cone
With chocolate sprinkles, and silver balls twinkling
Oh yeah!
Ice Cream Daddy

Ice cream daddy, ice cream daddy,
Oh yeah!
Ice Cream Daddy.

Our great providers. The ice cream truck had it all on those long hot summer afternoons in Sunrise Terrace. And what sweet sounds he made.
 Ice Cream Daddy by jm. Illustration by Nicolette Ceccoli.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Yes. A lot is going on around here .... houseguests on the way, on top of it all .... and I have no time to slow simmer. We need three large green pepper, mushroom, and onion pizzas, with extra tomato sauce. 54 Elm Avenue. Yes. That would be great. Thank you. 

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Breaking News

This amusing tidbit popped out from my paper today from a budding star, Madeleine Peyroux:
Songwriting does have that enormous power to communicate things that are not being communicated elsewhere, anywhere else, but I find enormous power in being an interpreter.
A little Scorpio here? She would do well to find some synonyms to perfect the "enormous power" of speaking.
Then this on the fabulous concert of Eric Clapton Wednesday night:
The sellout crowd reacted mildly at first, preferring to remain seated. Eventually the songs brought them to their feet, their screams becoming deafening by the end of the night.
Sounds like a nice evening.
And now the good news:
Have you heard about the Canongate Books Myth Series? Canongate approached writers from around the world and asked them to retell a myth in any way they chose. To date, there are six titles in the series -- just enough for a book group to sit down and chew on. Miss Prothero's Books would like to invite you and a friend to be a part of such a book group. We'll begin with Karen Armstrong's A Short History of Myth.
When: 2-4 pm
Where: Miss Prothero's Books, 1112 Santa Fe Drive.
Is this wonderful? I love the name of the shop.

It's in the Weave

The subject of basketweaving came up very recently; a pursuit that interests me. I have a feeling it's not easy.
As you know, Myrtle Rae has been weaving for a while, with some success. But she's more competent than most.
It's a fine fine art. I love them. If I have to have a thing, let it be a basket. Beautiful to behold, and hold they do. Trash and treasures. An anti-housekeeper's dream.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On My Honor...Wearing a GS 'Cap'ricorn Proudly

On my honor, I will try
To serve god* and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to obey the Girl Scout Law

* The word god can be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on one's spiritual beliefs. When reciting the GS Promise, it's okay to replace the word god with whatever word your spiritual beliefs 'dictate'.
Not when I was a scout. Times have changed!

The Girl Scout Law:
I will do my best to be
Honest and fair,
Friendly and helpful,
Considerate and caring,
Courageous and strong,
And responsible for what I say and do.

And to respect myself and others,
Respect authority,
Use resources wisely,
Make the world a better place,

And be a sister to every Girl Scout.
When I became a scout, we still wore these long-sleeved uniforms, which I LOVED. The color was absolutely beautiful. Words can't describe my joy at flying up from the Brownies, and receiving my solid gold-colored pin. At the time, a new style came out....short-sleeved, shiny green, not at all the soft shade of the old one, and not to my liking. The age-old diddling with a good thing.
I was in a performance of The Crooked Man, and I got the lead, but when we cooked eggs for three weeks straight to earn a cooking badge, I reached my limit and quit. I get bored easily.
Nonetheless, the Girl Scouts were indeed my sisters.

A Tale of Two Nodes

The early rise and fall.
This man has the South Node in the 4th house in Libra conjunct the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. Not good for the North. Confounding matters is his Cancer rising, the natural ruler of the 4th. Will he ever get out of the past and up to higher achievement?

As a young man he spent much time alone in the wilderness taking some of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen. His North Node in Aries at its best. He decided in his 20's to go to medical school, and he went on to become an emergency room physician. He quickly advanced and became the head of the department, with authority, prestige, and a lot of money. Marriage and family came next and that's when his troubles started.

After settling into their million dollar home, the couple attempted to build their family. Fertility problems revealed themselves and they had a child by in vitro fertilization. The next time, they had twins by the same process, and they are extremely troubled...mental problems, learning disabilities, and drugged lives. He lost his position at the hospital and ended up back at square one, an emergency room doctor. Money was limited so he took another job and became overworked. His marriage fell apart, they divorced, and she is now remarrying and taking the children far away from him. A classic 4th house sequence of events. The emptiness of the family dream. He's really lost in the wilderness now, with no family, and no career. The cameras are idle.

What next? Will he go back to his Aries wilderness to find himself and forge ahead in his career once more, fulfilling the promise of his North Node in the 10th? He did it once, and has the know-how. Time will tell.
The no-rise and fall.
This talented man had the South Node in Sagittarius in the 4th house, conjunct Saturn, making it virtually impossible to reach the North. It could be done theoretically after the Saturn repeat of the SN teachings.

He was raised in a strict Southern Baptist household in rural America, and spent his life trying to come to terms with God and his family. He did leave home as a youth, to become a cultured man of the world, unrecognizable as the Southern farm-boy he once was. He became an elegant, sophisticated adult, and great artist, well-read, erudite, and at home in high class circles.

Early on, he became art director in advertising at a television station, and the bosses liked him so much, that when he announced his resignation, they wined and dined him, begging him to stay.

But this man had Pluto in Cancer in the 12th house and the family karma was too much, even for his Mars and Jupiter in Taurus in the 10th house, which indicated big success and money. So he battled with his inner demons all his life, yet in his own circles, he was a star, looked up to and admired by everyone around him. The promised money did not come his way, however, and he died with no recognition. His talent did find its way into the material realm, and maybe this was achievement enough for this life.

Another life and possibility.
While these two 4th house SNs had the cards stacked against them, our resident egg-maker, great thinker, and do-gooder, Joe, has the cards in his favor, with his North Node in Capricorn. This gentleman has The Moon and Jupiter as well in Capricorn, and Saturn in the 1st house, all pointing to a good possibility of achieving the promise of the North, although not without the usual struggle. He has very little holding him back around his Cancer SN in the 2nd house. Nonetheless, the pull back to the privacy and safety of Cancer is compelling.
The tale is still being written, as always.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

5:00 o'clock Tea


Monday, March 05, 2007

North Node in Capricorn or the 10th House

The North Node in Capricorn means to head the organization, whether it be the body, the university, the corral, the hardware store, the city, or the solar system. Smooth running operations that ensure the well-being of society are their interests, as they perfect their skills in management and embrace responsibility fully, taking charge, and seeing that things get done right.
Respect. NN Capricorns value dignity, maturity, self discipline, and the enjoyment that comes from a job well done. They want to be useful and will work long and hard to perfect the skills of their trades. When advancing steadily, these people gain self respect, and in turn, the admiration of others.
Restraint and decorum. In the SN, the habit of excessive emotionalism dominates, but in the North lies cool reserve in the face of difficulties, even when sympathy is there, and an understanding of others' pain. They know that the best solution requires this self containment. It's when they function at their best.
Cooperation with authority. In the beginning these nodeholders are often well-liked by those in authoritative positions, sometimes finding mentors who see their potential and help them advance. Some, however, remain stuck in the SN Cancer child-parent relationship and can carry resentment, but deep down they know they could very well be in that position later on, and they want to learn as much as possible to prepare. They study the ones they like, and frequently follow their examples. They are sometimes singled out by the most discerning and pointed in the right directions.
Emotional distance and self control. The habit of closeness at all costs is hard to leave in Cancer, being so instinctive, but the benefits of adult relationships are without an end. Instead of the childlike dependency, NN Capricorns are sometimes called upon to take the role of boss. This means that a superior position must sometimes be maintained, and as sensitive as they are to others, feelings can be hurt, a hard thing to learn and accept. Staying above and outside the cliques and other groups is another aim. At first the fear of isolation and abandonment can be strong, but others will be there for them in a new way when they cross this bridge, and the consolidation of group talents for the greater good comes under their guidance. A new kind of protection is growing.
Setting goals and responsibility. This is one of the primary activities of the NN Capricorns. As they pursue their aims, they often find themselves responsible for organizations and other people. They are learning to make rules and ensure their enforcement. Punishment and reward is a constant area of testing in these relationships as maintaining law and order becomes their job. Again the detached emotion of the boss is required to it well, while justice and ethics prevail.
The climb to the top. Capricorn is known for the slow, steady, step-by-step climb to the top. No one can do it better than the NN in Capricorn. They are made for success, and know exactly how to go about it, if they can leave the pull back home to the safety and security that no longer work. I think one of the reasons for the patience is because they plan to stay on top when they get there, so they know to have all their skills developed. Success is waiting for them and wants their arrival.
Water to earth. NN capricorns are coming from the merging action of water in Cancer, to the construction of boundaries and self containment in Earth. They no longer have to flow with complete abandon into the protective embrace of others. They now can do the protecting themselves from a new and separate standpoint. Preservation of form is another one of their aims.
Changing role in the family. If NN Capricorns stay with their families they can eventually take charge and leave the hurt child behind. They are experts at arranging the details of family rituals, and can arbitrate within the complicated web of intense feelings. The distance they develop is their reward as the position of responsibility becomes admired and appreciated.
Expertise, recognition, reward, and prestige. No ones earns and deserves praise more than NN Capricorns, when at their best. Their skills can be unmatched and their pride in their performances, a source of great pleasure. Others recognize this too, as they are handed their accolades on the way to the top, and respect is theirs to keep. In some cases, they travel from a humble background to an elevated class, enjoying the milieu immensely. If they happen to end up among the powerful, they can handle it perfectly.
Capricorn NNs are taking their ancient knowledge of human behavior and emotional expression to society, in whatever form they desire, to administer and control. Bringing with them the exceptional understanding they have mastered, caring about others deeply, as they maintain a perfect organization of their needs, their friends', their families', and those of society.
Top: Jean Cassels. Second: David Bierdrzycki. Photo: Grand Staircase of the Paris Opera. Bottom: Carey Armstrong Ellis.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good Morning!

Actually, I think I need some Wheaties. They're good for working astrologers. We're out of Cheerios, but there's Kix, if anybody wants some.

South Node in Cancer or the Fourth House

The South Node in Cancer is a clinging to family and emotional security that has now become an undertow, making it difficult to achieve the professional goals desired. Intimacy in relationships that once served them well, has turned into a tangled web of personal problems that drain these people, leaving them frustrated in their desire to climb the ladder of worldly achievement. Dependency and fear of detached professionalism undermine the rise.
The unhappy home. Childhood difficulties are common with this node, although some don't remember and insist that the home was a good one. Even if there was no overt dysfunction, there is still a sense that fulfillment was lacking, and hard as they might try by staying around the family later in life, it never comes. Very often the unhappiness is vague, but in many cases, the past was a troubled one, and still they cling and hope to resolve the issues. An impossibility. Denial is common as they find reason to stay dependent on the family in adulthood. If not the original family, then a re-creation.
The re-creation of family relationships. The Cancer SNs have a tendency to replay the family dynamics that disappointed them early on. They often get involved with needy people, then wonder why their efforts to help them fail. Likewise, the comfort and safety they long to dissolve into with others often eludes them. They have a fear of aloofness and often when the moat of professional distance starts developing, they swim across to attach umbilically and ensure their continuing security. So they think. They also sometimes attach to unsatisfactory groups as a replay of the family unit.
Moodiness and childish overreaction. SN Cancers sometimes let their emotions and insecurities dominate to a detrimental degree. Easily overwhelmed when they lose control, they overreact then dislike themselves for their immature behavior. They often brood and can easily feel self-pity. When insecure, they run to others for comfort and relief, then feel inadequate for being needy. Oversensitivity to others' moods can also also affect them because of their lack of distance and excess concern about their dependents' state of mind. Sometimes the need for intimacy presses when others don't want it, and the SN Cancer feels rejected and wounded

Sorrow around the mother and/or family. Here again, often the SN Cancer will deny completely that there was a problem with the mother. Some, on the other hand, are acutely aware of her pain, and as much as they try to soothe her, she is inconsolable. I think they feel inadequate when this happens and frightened when she she's not strong, powerful, and protective. Frequently the adult SN Cancer replays the parent-child relationship, often playing the mother role to someone else, resulting in a feeling of victimization.
Personal vs professional. One of the hardest habits to break is the one that injects intimacy in what are supposed to be professional relationships. Sometimes too many personal details are revealed and the desire to be close and comforted interferes with the pure business at hand. They feel lost when the connection isn't there, not realizing their natural abilities to form productive adult relationships, once they get past the initial fear. What they fail to see is that the personal connection will automatically be there to the right degree if they don't force it or focus on it too much. If not reined in, it can be difficult to extricate themselves from the web of interpersonal hurts in the workplace. The web that is always there, but not for them this time around.

Shying away from a cruel world. Another hard fear to leave behind. The urge for the SNs in Cancer to stay safe and protected from what they perceive as a hostile world filled with hurt, not knowing, of course, their innate skills at controlling and surmounting difficulties when maturity is maintained. The joy of discovering their capabilities is worth it all.

Support of others. In some cases, The ancient Cancer SN knowledge of nurturing growth will drive them to put everything into helping others achieve their goals to the neglect of their own. Perhaps this is avoidance and fear of facing the hard climb in the world, but the feeling of waiting for their turns can be frustrating and disheartening.

Leaving home and childhood. In every way, SN Cancers know they must do this. When they start to achieve and move ahead, the call home comes, trouble in the family, "we need you", and on it goes. This inner call undermines advancement repeatedly, as the trap door is waiting upon return. Sometimes the SNs get far up the ladder and fall all the way back down, having to start again. This is not to say that they literally leave the family, but the dependent child is meant to be transformed into the capable adult. Mature people in control of their own emotions, and able to take charge of situations in a completely effective way.
Those with the SN in Cancer are taking their age old knowledge of feeling and familial connection to the larger world, where they can influence society with their emotional experience and human understanding. Next, the node to success....North in Capricorn.
Top illustration: Don Wood. Photograph: Italian actress playing Medea. Bottom: Emma Chichester Clark