Monday, March 12, 2007

South Node in Leo or the Fifth House

The South Node in Leo is a preoccupation with superiority, elitist isolationism, and entitlement, if not in circumstance, then in attitude. Their well-developed egos, which once protected them, are now impediments to group belonging and the democratic participation with the collective they've grown to desire. They are abdicating the throne to find friendship and comraderie among the people.
Arrogance and contempt. For a long time these natives enjoyed their superiority and the warmth of adoration by the group, but now they are tired of the performance and their love often turns to contempt for those who grovel at their feet. They are so used to adulation, that when it's not forthcoming, arrogance takes over and they refuse to accept the rejection of their greatness. They sometimes express bitterness towards those with wealth and power, finding it difficult to walk away from the game.

Ego and the spotlight. Used to having their egos stroked continually, SN Leos have great difficulty leaving the spotlight to others, even when their acts have become tattered, worn, and unfulfilling. The greasepaint is caked and dry, and the effort to remove it has become burdensome, along with the costumes that no longer fit the persona.

Luxury, servants, superiority and privilege. The age old memory of luxury grips the Leo SNs, even when the actual circumstances are humble. They still think they're to be waited on, that their superior positions do not need to be earned, and that all they desire can be obtained at a moment's notice. Many will vehemently deny any sort of privileged attitude, but the royal heritage underlies the behavior no matter how common they wish to appear.
Melodrama. Days of Our Lives, the Secret Storm, As the World Turns.... you name it. A day in the life of a SN Leo quite frequently is packed with these theatrical, overemotional twists and turns. They demand an audience for the latest intrigues, hearing who did what to whom, and sometimes a sneeze can be a nuclear bomb being detonated. Never a dull moment, but sometimes others want one.

Love lost. The Leo SNs are notorious for bad love affairs. They can't imagine how the lucky ones to receive their affection can cast it off without paralyzing regret. Emotional danger is their need, with all the attendant thrills, and they always seem to make the worst choices. The soaring and falling of the heart in the latest infatuation has become exhausting and unfulfilling, as now they find a budding desire for plain friendship, even free of the complaints of what the latest lover did wrong. Perhaps a discussion of quadratic equations.
Letting it all hang out. The natives with this node have performed, sometimes uproariously, for audiences from time immemorial, giving all they have to satisfy the need for adoration. The swaggers, dramatic gestures, upturned chins, and superior postures are now a barrier, as they are ready to step over the footlights and into the crowd. The applause have become hollow and now they might even want some self control, intellectual distance, demure behavior, and possibly to go slightly unnoticed at times, in advanced nodeholders.

Children and disappointment. Unless there are intervening circumstances, you would be hard-pressed to go 30 seconds into a conversation with a SN Leo mother that doesn't mention the children and stay on that topic. Of course, there are exceptions, as always, but this will be the case more often than not. No matter how charming, talented, or successful they are, following every turn of their offspring's dramatic lives leaves the SNs feeling as if they are missing something. One of the hardest habits to break, fearing they'll lose the heightened emotion if away from them, not realizing that they won't really be that far away at all. If they decide to join a chess club, requiring full concentration, they can call the children as soon as they get home.
Having loved and learned, The Leo SNs are taking their accumulated warmth and self confidence to a larger circle, where they can impart their knowledge to society in a new kind of humanitarian affection than brings out the talent and expressive light in others. The many equal solar sytems of the North Node in Aquarius -- coming next.

Top: Keith Graves. 2nd: David Roberts. Bottom: Lisbeth Zwerger


Blogger Tseka said...

Yes indeed the south node in Leo, the folk just next to me, my peers. Know them pretty well...good analysis JM.

12/3/07 8:41 AM  
Anonymous jane said...

This applies to some folks I know... need to absorb it...

12/3/07 9:33 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

OMG!! You have given me the key to the behavior of this woman I worked for! She's Pisces/Aquarius ASC/Gem Moon - and has all these Leo behaviors. Plus she has this group of women friends, almost all of whom are in the SN Leo group. Just another example of how astrology really comes through! :-)

12/3/07 3:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Tseka, You would know growing up with them. Interesting with the virgo juxtaposed.

This applies to some folks I know... need to absorb it...

There will be wide variations, but if you study them, you'll probably notice a lot of it.

Isn't it amazing neith????

12/3/07 5:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A perfect example of one I know is political, but she spends all her energy agonizing about the elite rulers, when the NN in Aquarius would love her to just come down and get active with the people and get some things done.
Like my great Aquarius friend who works with the unions and loves it. He's achieved a lot through the years, and has both a love of democracy and pride in his work. Such a great combination.

The SNs don't know what they're missing.

12/3/07 5:14 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It could be, but I have yet to see anything that dominates like the nodes. It's deep in the behavioral patterns. The north happens too, but we seem to focus more on the South. We actually miss a lot of good we're doing.

I think the South is our families. Our response mechanism when with them.

12/3/07 5:26 PM  
Anonymous jane said...

My closest friend and her man *both* have SN Leo, tightly conjunct.

I don't know his houses but hers have a 'flipflop effect', being SN Leo in 11H.

A former lover of mine also has SN Leo.

Another couple, also friends of mine, *both* have NN in Sadge.

Some of my ex lovers also had nodes matching or mirroring mine.

Interesting, all these patterns, when you start looking at them and seeing what they mean and what is playing out between people.

The non-matches are as revealing as the matches.

You can start to understand why conflict or why complement...

12/3/07 5:34 PM  
Anonymous jane said...

I'm not sure I agree entirely with you re: South vs North, but I'm holding my judgment... ;-) ...and am studying assiduously! :-)

12/3/07 5:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You can start to understand why conflict or why complement...

I love this part. I've been learning slowly slowly to observe a lot of people's behaviors and let them be, since they are doing what's natural for them.

Our quarrels are really with ourselves. We hook onto others to find a release. It's amazing what we argue about when you really look at it.

I think we can trace a lot of our conflict directly to the nodes.

And watch how quarrels move a toward those issues as they go.

12/3/07 5:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm not sure I agree entirely with you re: South vs North

There's a lot of disagreement about this.

12/3/07 5:41 PM  
Blogger jm said...

My view is that the South happens automatically, so energy put there is counterproductive.

12/3/07 5:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The non-matches are as revealing as the matches.

Heheh. Hard to say what's what with this. Matches don't really mean compatibility. If the conflict is within, no amount of harmony will stop it.

12/3/07 5:44 PM  
Anonymous jane said...

Matches don't really mean compatibility.

I agree.

12/3/07 5:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I had a lifetime partner whose Mars squared my Saturn in Leo, traditionally one of the worst. His Mars aroused my Leo self expression, and undid the block, in less that comfortable ways, I can assure you.

It was frightening at first. All the stuff inside of me pouring out, but I became the artist I am in the torrent.

We quarreled frequently. His Mars did not like my heavy Saturn. My Saturn did not like the force. But we both recognized the gains in all of it. We knew the creative benefit.

So it's with caution that I read compatibility in charts.

12/3/07 6:00 PM  
Anonymous jane said...

So it's with caution that I read compatibility in charts.

Totally agree.

Sometimes I need my chain yanked, my cage rattled... and there have been people who have performed those 'services' for me, and I owe them big time.

Somebody is doing that for me right now, and it's 'killing me', but I see what is happening, and I know it needs to be happening... so I am ~grateful~ (despite the pain).

Basically, she is 'forcing me' to my North Node/stellium. (I understand that 'she' is not 'forcing' anything. The ~situation~ is causing *me* to 'force myself' to attend to my NN and core stellium.

I love her madly. Even though she drives me crazy!! :-D

12/3/07 6:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Basically, she is 'forcing me' to my North Node/stellium. (I understand that 'she' is not 'forcing' anything. The ~situation~ is causing *me* to 'force myself' to attend to my NN and core stellium.

This is the entire answer to self actualization and growth.
The main main main benefit of the chart. You can see yourself. It's all self induced. Our experience.

Pluto will be in Capricorn at the end of the year. It is already working on the stellium and is going to close in more and more. Increments of pressure. Now you know and can work with it.

Pluto is coming to my Mars and, boy howdy, do I feel it. I know full well it's going to get much tighter, so I'm working with what I have to do right now. I also know I need the pressure. I will not be able to proceed to my goals now without this.

The SN is what we've mastered. SN in Aries has nothing more to gain by being without a partner. So the Pluto square just ahead will be a great great opportunity. To let go of the independence and lean on others. Not always be the supporting beam actionwise. It will be there without effort.

12/3/07 6:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I found this to be the most frustrating part of sharing astrology with others. The almost universal refusal to see the cause and effect of their actions. It is hard thing to internalize, but the only way to progress.

All people are players on our stage. The country we live in is our choice of location. The rulers we have are our choices, all designed to lead us to our own truth.

12/3/07 6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Our arguments are really with ourselves."

So, so true! I have a personal theory that is why some close relationships feel stale after a spell. Some therapists will say "Keep it fresh" and we think they mean: keep the relationship fresh.

I had SN in Aries (in 3rd house, along with Venus conjunct Mars). One of my biggest life lessons thus far is that I no longer need to protect myself, and so I do not need to argue with the people closest to me. They are my allies, and they love me.
I am only fighting with myself, like you say.

12/3/07 9:01 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A SN Aries knows this completely. I think that's why they have such a great capacity for companionship.

I had SN in Aries (in 3rd house, along with Venus conjunct Mars). One of my biggest life lessons thus far is that I no longer need to protect myself

Need I say more?

12/3/07 9:51 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Well I will add this tiny comment to this perfect description of the SN.

It's not that the protection isn't needed. It's that it will be there automatically. It can be left alone so harmony can develop.

12/3/07 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Jm did you even notice that I wrote "I had Aries SN?"
Last time I checked, I was still alive in this life and had the same SN!

13/3/07 2:08 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Yes! I did notice. But people who have tripped to unusual places have this tendency!

I also noticed your aliveness...:-)

13/3/07 2:32 AM  
Blogger jm said...

It also could indicate that you are one of the very few humans in the universe to have departed from her South Node. And I'd like to know how you achieved this mythological feat.

13/3/07 2:34 AM  

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