Monday, March 30, 2009

No Pollination Without Representation!

I'm not gonna entertain evil anymore
Bacteria trying to make my body home
Sneaky virus trying to crawl into my head
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill them all ... dead

I'm declaring war against the ones trying to run my body down
I will not have them there, wiggling all around
No destructive action tightening around me
No nauseating irritating disease

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call in
The phagocytes
Going into enemy territory
For a great big fight
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call up
Enlist my white blood cells
The battle is raging
Among my warring selves
Among my warring selves

Might as well get out and enjoy the spring, but be careful of microbes trying to do you harm! Immunity is the best policy.
From the tune Healing Light by JM

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sugar in the Cactus

The prickly road to you
pierced my mind's skin
My sweet
But in the blood of geometric shapes that poured
Brown rhythms found their way
to my feet
And you smelled
So sweet
My parched feet have cracked
With you gone
My sweet
I will stomp the floor
ever so lightly
In memory
Hard heels and balls
Squeeze the floor
Squeeze the floor
I still supinate
You know

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are You Sure?

I'm positive.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Obommy is the bestest in the hole werld. Daddy says he is the greatest even if he's steeling all his money, my fewture money, and my kids, my grandkids, and their kids money to save his frends bad banks. I like my frends too. Jazzy Lou is my favorite now. Mommy says he is NOT a narsa .... narcee .... narsissy. He just loves himself. And she wants him to be a big sicksess.
I'm so happy!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ridiculous Circles

"You all just can't stand clear cut anything because then you have nothing to spend your circular ridiculous minds on."
Melanie makes a good point. All my life, people have said to me, "Gee ... I never thought of it that way."
I have multi-Uranian influences on my tangential thinking, but I also attribute this not-linear approach to my Mercury square Neptune. I never reach a clear conclusion really. One doesn't seem to exist. But occasionally I get a clear cut with Mars, also square.

The circuitous path that Mercury-Neptune takes leads to rather imaginative places and I would probably have to agree. Some of them are extensively ridiculous. Some only moderately.
Interesting, no? How squares can be circles.

High in Afghanistan, Wild in America

Spirits In and Out of Bottles
On my worldwide odyssey many years ago, I was stopped in my tracks in Kabul, Afghanistan. There was an international traveling group comprised of all sorts of fascinating characters, among them a collection of Italian actors and movie-makers. Their warmth was infectious and the crowd quickly gathered around them, sparking, laughing, feuding, loving, and living together communally sharing all the money.
For one month I stayed, enchanted, with many memorable nights in the garden, the hotel gardener and maintenance man managing the hooka. He always excitedly warned us against Scorpions, calling them something like, gargedoons.
Then an empty bottle appeared.
It was supposed to have been previously filled with LSD, a popular recreation of the time, and water was added. Many of the group took a swig and entered an imaginary world hitherto unknown. For months, water was added continuously and the tiny receptacle kept giving.

"Nothing will happen," they reassured the unwitting recipients.
They really did think nothing would. The Afghani government generously supplied its national gardens for the travelers' amusements, and they were lovely.

We finally decided to pile into the Italians' VW bus and head for the hills of Pakistan. What a trip, with this noisy animated company of players! During the climb we encountered the unique moment in Kafiristan I told you about earlier.
My favorite was Alfonso, a tall, skinny redhead, who spoke no English. He did manage a little fractured French, and with my high school knowledge, we developed a surprisingly talkative relationship. I remember one night in Pakistan having a deep philosophical discussion about "la crise," one of many this crew always had.
These memories stay with me always, and sometimes I go through patches where the people around me are a little dull. Not so right now. I feel I've re-discovered the lost jubilation of my old thespians, artists, and all assorted creative, animated, troublesome, gregarious, outspoken people. A stage for the living in all their shades and variations.
I love Leo for it's acting nature, but I think most of all, I go for Pisces -- the creature who does it for IT, not for them. Lost in imagination, spirit unbottled.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Escape in A Flat Major

Sometimes I wish I could get out of here
Take a trip ... and disappear
Got to think about it, got to stretch my mind
Imagine the place, it's a tropical kind
It's the place ..... of my mind's desire
Deep in the heat, deep in the fire
It's mind over matter, a matter of mind
I can go there ... almost any time

Hoo-kawokka hoo-kawokka hoo-kawokka hoo
The spotted cat and the jackal too
The diamond back comin' after you
You've got to watch where you step in the dark night
You've got to watch for the things that bite
There's always something trying to get a piece of you
No matter what you do
You've got to have magic in the words you say
To scare all the evil away
Hoo-kawokka hoo-kawokka hoo-kawokka hoo
Man, I gotta get outta here. There are four planets in my 12th house. Quite a crowd. I'm tired of entertaining them. Mercury wants to yak, the Sun wants my constant attention, Uranus wants transportational teleponic discourse, and Venus wants to make love. I really gotta get away from the house of escape.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worse Than a Republican

Recently, I was accused of not hating George Bush enough. He is far from my type, but I admit it. My gut doesn't twist into a five nanometer pretzel, nor does my blood pressure threaten to blast my head off when his name is mentioned. And my morning pita remains in my stomach. Somewhere, he just drifted off my map.
At the same time it was mentioned that I was negative, and here we are on the new 21st century battlefield ... the Positives, filled with love and radiance, versus the enemy from the Evil Empire -- the Negatives. Only one thing. The Positives hate the Negatives, which negates the positive.
You'd never know I was so evil. I have beautiful curly dark hair, healthy peach-rose skin with a hint of plum, a third eye in addition to my two warm deep green ones, a dazzling smile, and a tiny, lithe, graceful body that loves to dance. And gentle hands. But the dark forces can hide, and now I realize I'm worse than a Republican out here in reality. I never thought I could be hated so much.
I used to be afraid to be myself in society. I'm a timid person. Being slapped with the negative label was something I preferred not to happen. But as a result of recent events, I will refrain from rejecting that appellation. I proudly wear my identity, and all those Republicans recently kicked to the curb can enjoy being one notch above me -- a declared Negative. Somebody more hated than they are. Unwanted: dead or alive.
But this is odd .... life really is unpredictable.
I was previously antagonist toward the Gloomers and now I'm feeling somewhat empathetic as I've moved on to other displeasures. Was I remiss in ejecting them so forcefully from my sanctum? I did it with ceremony if that helps. They could get rough.
Here's the thing about hope. It means that the present isn't good enough. I decided it is. Oh, I hope for a little of that, maybe some of those, while I'm busy with all of this. Pleasant surprises are nice.
But I get bored. So I'm exploring the pleasures of the negative persuasion for a little change of pace and investigating the act of disapproval. It's quite interesting as it's turning out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are You Nuts???

Stimulus? Stimulus!!! My third and final husband couldn't take any more stimulation so he moved to Bali. We still love each other and it's worked out for the best since Mortimer, my irascible parrot, didn't much care for him. He can be negative. So everybody's happy. But you have to be cautious, especially with Uranus in the neighborhood.
Stimulate yourselves, that's my advice. Don't wait for anyone to do it for you, they won't do it right. Plant snap beans in your pansy bed and learn to love the pot luck. It's all a matter of luck anyway. Pray for rain, count your chickens, and love thy neighbor just in case.
And stay creative! Now that Venus is parked in Aries, I've taken up classical Hindu dance, and I highly recommend a new personal pleasure for everyone.
Spoken by the indefatiguable Myrtle Rae Bernstein

Monday, March 16, 2009


Saved From the Savior
Mars in Pisces
I'm guilty
I have sinned
I've made
The mess I'm in
Oh Brother
I've done it again
I'm guilty of everything
Don't burn me in the fire
Don't hang me in the noose
Can't you see it won't do any good ?
Why don't you just turn me loose?
Jesus died in a room for rent
He died on a $3 bed
That's what I heard from a trusted source
The truth is better not said.
I'll sit
Sit with the sick
Or the needy
Take your pick
I'll do
What needs to be done
I'm guilty
I am the one.
"Pisces is the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac. It covers all experience and unconditional love is a mere speck. Unconditional hate is also valid. Along with the resplendent and transcendent, it covers degradation, torture, imprisonment, despair and every horror you can think of. Pisces compassion can turn to cruelty quite easily, as in the case of Adolph Eichmann. The spiritual search for oneness in the universe was, of course, personified by Albert Einstein. An understanding of the vastness of the sign takes some mental expansion to grasp, that can't be denied. The judgement of good and bad is the most important thing to be dropped, the real lesson of Pisces. It is what it all is. Unity with life means accepting the full spectrum of human sensation. It is not only the divine ecstasy so commonly revered, it's just as much divine agony. Positive and negative have no meaning in Pisces land. They all happen at once. All vital to life. They touch everyone."
Jm on a typical Saturday night

Mars has just entered Pisces where it will meet Venus at 29 degrees in six weeks. The savior won't leave us alone. Does this entity want to redeem us? Do we want to be saved? Meanwhile the economy plays with our heads. Will it be saved? Or should the notion be dropped like a dangling participle. What exactly will sink in the Piscean sea? Cause or effect?
My crimes and misdemeanors are obvious, but I will say that they are looking a little better out here in the crowd. When one studies crime and punishment, I've discovered, the precise responsible party becomes evermore vague.
People like to prove how good they are. The force of the effort is equal to the opposite condition inside. Every individual consciousness is a microcosm of the collective consciousness. All are implicated.
No one is that good .. Fact. Most are good enough.
So go ahead. Save whoever. Or whomever. And if you bypass me, I'll understand. Not a problem.
Illustration:Jim Burke. Two verses and chorus from High and Dry by jm.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Waterproof in the South

The world drips
Gurgling forth in a babbling babble
"You're a babbling baptist," said Mark to Max one night in the North where he sat in his sea of spirits and lined paper
Truth in indigo
Fade resistant
A crackling carpet of genius
The world drips

Monday, March 09, 2009

The BS-o-Meter & the 29th Degree

There are few indeed who, having passed through the previous eleven signs, are prepared to let everything go in order to accept the gifts of Pisces. In Pisces, the evolving soul must renounce its reliance upon the approbation of society in order to prepare for a fresh start in Aries. Replenishment comes through relinquishment, triumph through surrender. The true Piscean senses that dependence on outer forms is futile and that salvation must be sought within.
The Divine Astrologer
For a person or a collective to develop a functioning BS-o-meter they must go thru a period of humiliation and deep disillusionment. We want salvation from that. To most, disillusionment is so painful, so humiliating, so empty, that it is to be avoided at all costs - even tho it is sensed.
Pisces is the end of the wheel and here the native comes to understand the oneness of all experience, the futility of expecting things to be good without the accompanying bad, disillusionment, despair, and finally wisdom and the rebirth of new life with unlimited potential in Aries. One must go through the disillusionment first, though, and the 29th degree of Pisces is its deepest point. Yet even there, the awakening of hope, genuine hope, is already present. We are nearing the end of Uranus in Pisces and now, with Uranus opposite USA Neptune and the Full Moon conjunct Saturn at this point, a concrete step in the realization of our predicament has occurred, and will continue in increments until Uranus leaves. You can see that it isn't quite as bad as feared. Depression both economic and emotional are here, but within it lie the seeds for the Aries renewal. The letting go of the hoped for Promised Land and the disseminating of despair are the fertilizers. It will be natural. It's all in the cycle before the Aries spring of germination.
The BS-o-meter, the crapometer, the horseshit detector, the wiggling antenna of hipsterism, the mistrustograph - whatever you want to call it - is a useful device in navigating the waters of this treacherous and devious world. Of course, you can rely on others' meters to lead, but there you encounter the same problem. Who's going to detect their BS? Best to have one of your own. In order to get hep, become savvy, be schooled in cool, and to be reasonably wise, you have to go through the fires of first-hand experience and the hard knocks that accompany them. There is no better time than now.
The State of the Collapsing Union Address, for example, was an hour of BS. When it was broadcast that America was mighty and ready to lead the planet the needle flew off the meter, as it did when it was said, "It's not about the banks." It really doesn't matter. Like or dislike have little to do with it. What you're told, however, should be subject to some intense scrutiny before belief is incorporated, especially in these trying times and with intelligent, hyper-aware Saturn in Virgo. Marrying fact with circumstance is not as hard as it seems, especially when you use your good sense.
The battle between the blind faith of Pisces, and the criticism of Virgo is about to be revved up pretty high. There are an uncanny number of configurations involving the 29th degree just ahead. By the end the ability to detect deception should be greatly improved, even at the cost of some disappointment. This sensation simply can't be avoided but the rewards will be worth it. One day the wisdom will come that it's not these people who are in charge, it's the entire collective. It really doesn't matter who succeeds or who fails. We succeed as a whole. Here we are.

On April 12th, Venus retrograde enters the 29th degree for two weeks and turns direct. During that time Mars joins her, and they both enter Aries together. On May 2, 2010, Uranus comes to the 29th degree for a month, and while that's happening, Jupiter joins up on May 31. Onward they go to Aries in a duet. In July, just back from Libra, Saturn once again passes 29 Virgo just opposite. Jupiter meets Uranus at 29 in September one more time. A lot at the end of the line.
So reading the BS-o-meter can help achieve the shift desired. In preparation for leaving the saint-sinner-savior complex behind, the present worship will rise and fall like the waves. Although not consciously recognized, a step away from the redeemer attachment is occurring and will probably manifest through the series of influences ending at 29 Pisces. I don't think it's happenstance that the invasion of Iraq took place with the Sun at that degree, rocked in the Cradle of Civilization. The idea of a punishing almighty god, translates into almighty men as leaders, and who knows that we couldn't govern ourselves without them? Perhaps we could give it a try. Batteries in the meter help.
The 29th degree of Pisces has a tendency to bring out the apocalyptic in people, along with the idea of some rapturous entrance into a transformed earthly environment, especially when Uranus moves ahead for good in 2012. That's normal. End times and all. It's unlikely that any hugely radical world will be birthed in the next years, although the hope will go up and down, as reality slowly settles in. Pisces rules the salty sea, and a little grain of salt isn't a bad idea when entertaining these fantasies. Some alterations will probably come, but the world will be recognizable as the one you see today. And yes, Republicans will still be breathing. I think the dreams are good, though, as idea chests, as long as we accept the reality on the ground as it unfolds. Along with these transits, we are leaving the Age of Pisces, so the Promised Land fantasy is looming ever more. The savior is melting into the crowd, as human and limited as the rest. I can't imagine what Pluto at 29 will be like. I'll be expecting a report from you in the netherworld, when you join me there. I'll keep paradise on life support in case you need it later.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Positive, Negative, and Everything In Between

Diversity and the Human Family
Attitude is everything. Each and every one of them. Some folks have it in their minds that "being negative" is a crime punishable by censure or expulsion and inflicted by the group with great pleasure. Well tell that to electricity. Or to the forces of magnetism in the universe.
I used to be accused of being negative. No!! Yes, it's true. There is a sort of stigma and shame connected to the accusation, and that should've been a clue. But I straightened up and became positive. My aim is to please. Then I was accused of being too positive. Now I don't care since they have such a hard time deciding. I'll be here when they do. And I suppose I'm negative again, if you can figure it out.
I came from a large family, including the whole clan beyond my immediate one. My mother was a realist, raised in Hungary with that sort of Transylvanian aura common in that part of the world. My sister is a pessimist with a great spirit and sense of humor. My father was neither of the above. Nor any thing else you can think of. My brother resides in La La Land, quite successfully I might add. I am an optimist with an surgical wit and a tendency toward acidic criticism. Not a prejudiced bone in my body. I hate everyone equally.
If everybody in my family were merry and positive I think I would have done myself in. If they were all gloomy, I would have sought adoption. As it turned out, I have one the most diverse, interesting vivacious families in the world.
Aunt Ida was contentious and stubborn, with great social values and my favorite. She was criticized severely by the rest of the huge family but she's outlived most of them.
"Who cares what they think?" she asks.
And she means it.

Uncle Sammy was hated by almost everyone. I loved him. He played guitar and sang to the kids in his jockey shorts to our squealing delight. He sang with gusto -- Deep Blue Sea, Blood on the Saddle, This Land is Your Land, and so many others. Musical talent runs in my family.
Aunt Mary was truly positive and everyone loved her. Oddly, she tuned us out entirely at the end of her life in favor of several years of solitude. The effervescent curious talker became silent in her little house in the woods.
Uncle Irving was a miser, and also universally hated by the adults. But he was a comedian and the family was kept in uproarious laughter when not hating.
Aunt Charlotte was the black sheep of the tribe and negative. An interracial marriage, a retarded firstborn, children married to abusers, and neglected babies. She created beautiful oil paintings and raised one of the abused to become a gorgeous adult, normal and reasonably negative. Charlotte's ace was wisdom and understanding of the human condition.
Uncle Arnold was the best of the best. Scientific, easy-going, lovable and a master of blues piano in the key of C. Ballin' the Jack was my favorite. He was the only one who listened to my own music. Open mind and heart.
There were many others, all unique and multi-talented. So I had and still have a lot to choose from. When I'm down, I seek the sad ones to commiserate with. When I'm happy, I choose the gay ones to party with. When I'm broke I hit up the rich ones. When I'm flush, it's on me. Someone for every mood. I never could understand why people want others to really be like them.
Who the crowd selects to spit out is revealing, and the way they do it is, too. Positive takes on a different shade then. I've always liked the artistic, rebellious, anarchistic crowd since it doesn't occur to them to spit you out. Therefore ... there's more freedom. Who can I be but myself, anyway?
With Jupiter in Aquarius for awhile, expanding the quirky and the boundaries of acceptance, it could be a time for the plus and minus to unite, spark, and ignite energy in the universe. We're going to need it for Uranus in Aries. And Uranus does rule electricity.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I opened a magazine the other night and much to my amazement this beautiful advertisement met my ever-curious eyes. It was designed for SCAD, a university preparing people for creative careers. The arts are my salvation and when I saw this, I knew everything was going to be all right. I realized then that others in this often uncomfortable world share my visions. Everywhere are people to receive them. This is a gorgeous ad that reminds me of Pisces, Neptune and the upcoming conjunction with Jupiter.
There is a forgiving and redemptive something in life. We all know that. It seems, though, that the elements of judgement and justice have to operate, too, in order to achieve this sublime state of grace. Many people are hoping the criminals of the past receive punishment, but what they're forgetting is that to be redeemed, the sword of justice must come around to them too. No one escapes. In that way, the whole collective can experience some mercy. And only then. Everyone is guilty of a lot. With every accusation you make, you can expect one in return. Fair is fair. In total, we're all guilty of everything.
And so come these puzzles with the arrival of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, part of the entire transit of Uranus in Pisces and an encounter with collective guilt, redemption, and utopian vision. In the end, not knowing who is to blame is the golden prize. The source of judgement is elsewhere. Freedom from accusing is even greater than freedom from guilt. In fact, they are connected. It is a multi-faceted coin.
In Pisces we face all of our actions and the issue of karma, or cause and effect. Wrong leads to right and back again, so we have no choice but to surrender, forgive, and live in the continuum unable to truly judge anything. It all takes care of itself in the end. I'm not a big fan of punishment since I believe that it comes naturally of its own accord one way or another. I don't want to implement it, that I know.
Jupiter expands, so when these planets meet, many things can happen. Awareness of the divine element and the shimmering beauty of life on earth is a guarantee, along with the recognition of our collective humanity and the emotions we share. That could include some forgiveness in areas where you didn't think it was possible.
Another factor is deceit, tricks, and all forms of deception. Magic, both wondrous and terrible. Swindles will be popular and, of course, the savior worship will continue as normal. Illusions will be maintained by some, but relinquished by others when they see them inflated to these proportions.
An encounter with the transcendental nature of things is scheduled, and that includes the false euphoria and the genuine god experience, if there is a difference. Psychoactive substances, bottled spirits, affirmations, twirling incense and heavenly cymbals, messiahs, divine words of pledged love into eternity with oneness included, and all sorts of intoxicants will be consumed. Does god care how you reach him-her-it? It's never told me. What exactly must I do to be included in the divine inner sanctum?
Floods, either physical or metaphorical, are also under the governance of Neptune, and the swell of collective feeling can be counted on, if not a few real waves and rising waters. Pisces can be overwhelming and Uranus adds a sort of electrical charge to the flow. Shocks and sweeping sensations of relief are possible as the oceans carry humanity to steely, firm, hot, and hard Aries. Do you think this conjunction is it? That we will glide through, forgiven and saved? Think again.
After this transit, in January, Jupiter will enter Pisces for a whole year joining Uranus for the grand finale. Jupiter-Neptune to the hilt. If you believe salvation will be quick and easy, you might be surprised. The Promised Land keeps jumping the map. Amazingly, absolutely amazingly, Jupiter will be at 29 Pisces exactly when Uranus is, when they both enter Aries. Stunning synchronization. Back and forth they'll dance for awhile and this is what I think. Uranus is liberation, Pisces is salvation, and the end result could be freedom from the need for salvation altogether. No more messiahs for the moment. No promises I don't really need. Just art, maybe. I'm ready. I'll consider myself saved right now. Visions of reality in the creative fire and beginning of Aries. Taking life on as it is, with vigor, strength, muscle, enthusiasm, independence in some cases, and of course ... competition. The gift of self-confidence with Venus retrograde in Aries could go a long way.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Fear and Quarreling in America

The Fairy Tale Ends
Pluto has reached the third degree and is preparing to station opposite Venus. We are in trouble. The present crisis is temporary but the trouble is not. There is a huge segment of the population reaching retirement age and if their funds don't come back, they will have to stay in the job market. Their children might be called upon to help them but where will their jobs be? Parents were hoping to leave them their own money. Unemployment is expected to rise significantly and the elders will need health care. So much is uncertain and profound struggle is ahead with the Aries (youth) - Capricorn (aged) square and the Cancer stellium. Generational conflicts are in the works but through them some of the changes so furiously desired should come. They'll have to.
The shock of our dire economic situation is cutting through the fantasy but that conflict will continue for awhile as Uranus leaves Pisces. The top might be accused of causing this, but it is certainly not going to be the cure. So awakening is in progress, destined to happen with the series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions. Uranus in Pisces is now exactly opposite US Neptune in Virgo, and awareness of the fairy tale promise of rescue has come.
Virgo is a sign which picks things apart. Pisces draws them together again. The zodiacal signs pass through developmental stages of increasing differentiation, reaching the outer limit in Virgo. Then the circle closes back in on itself, ending with a final amalgamation in Pisces. Realistic Virgo expects a paycheck for work well done, but visionary Pisces anticipates nothing less than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.The Divine Astrologer
So which will it be? The clue lies in transiting Saturn in Virgo now, just about to receive the Full Moon and what appears to be a reckoning with critical reality. Something must be done. The rainbow is inaccessible at the moment. Analytical and exacting means must be employed. Grandiose schemes and visionary utopias will have to wait while the Virgoan details are attended to.
When Virgo becomes overcritical of others, the ultimate is a Piscean dissolution of relationships. Sooner or later, those who are disparaged by Virgo's carping remarks get into a Piscean swivet. They resist being ordered about by camouflaging themselves in a swirling mist of confusion.
So the gold and rainbow crowd is quarreling with the systems analysts. A disintegrating illusion is not always easy to bear. The critics are getting impatient. Mars is involved. And Saturn looms. Pluto digs into Venus. Markets fall. All is not exactly well.
To further complicate the Martian matter, Venus in Aries is turning retrograde exactly opposite US Saturn in Libra, thus the hard-edged debate often ending in cruelty and ejection. Authoritarian self-righteousness is rearing its head, not surprising with Pluto in Capricorn. The python's squeeze is here. The Piscean rainbow folks, who are supposed to be loving and accepting, are oddly judgmental so the opposition has things a little topsy-turvey. And feelings are being attacked because of another factor -- USA Sun in Cancer square the contentious opposition. Emotions are hot and sharp and everyone's right. There is a seriousness to these battles that was not there before probably as preparation for the coming Aries-Capricorn transit.
The Venus station on Saturn is bringing depression into the mixture, and the country with her Sun-Saturn square naturally leans toward sadness. People are down and worried. The country's got the blues. Trying to escape the feelings only stalls the solutions needed. And no one is sure anymore who to be angry with. So they're lashing out at who they can. Cashiers really get it in these times, accused by customers of anything. I remember it well.
This is the start of the nation's maturing process and growing pains are always part of it. Pluto-Moon-Saturn transits are the death of the parent in the psyche and that's what's forthcoming, so insecurity is at a high with people clinging hard to what they're familiar with. As Pluto progresses across the Cancer stellium, society will have time to acclimate and people will gradually find the comforts within to see them through. Genuine comforts to last beyond the years of learning and development ahead, along with the dignity of adult responsibility.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The People

Power and Wealth
A Metaphysical View
Some folks say that "the people" are angels of a sort that are going to save humanity from the darkness. I don't know why, since half of each day proceeds in darkness with great success. The center of the eye is dark.
This is incorrect. We are all people. We create our societies and governments together to fit the requirements of the time. All of them are right. The commoners want to eat, have sex, make more people, watch TV, and die undisturbed. They didn't want the responsibility so they created the ruling class to get them their goods. Railroads, shipping companies, oil wells, manufacturers, etc., were built to help them live the lives they desired, and the suppliers became exorbitantly wealthy as pushers often do. Never mind as long as the common folk could continue unencumbered. Both sides take advantage of the other and together they make up the collective. Neither side is a victim.
"The people" are very similar in behavior to the rulers. Both sides have the same number of criminals. The same murderers, thieves, liars, cheats, and practitioners of cruelty. So overall, no one group is more deserving than the other.
Wealth is constantly in flux and moves in a rhythm of perfect maintenance. When too much moves in one direction, it eventually shifts to the other. At present, the elite have an excess as we know and the process of change is underway but it will take time and struggle. And there is no guarantee that life will be better. No class has done well yet. Humans have been remiss in creating good economic and political systems so far.
The problem in America now is Pluto in Capricorn and an unawareness in the leadership. Capricorn is constriction, so government spending with stimuli and big budgets won't work. Smaller government is the solution, and no amount of spending will make the wealth shift faster. It will gradually find its way to equity, maybe when Pluto crosses Aquarius, or when the time is right. Eventually the need for restriction will have to be recognized. There could be experimentation and failures along the way, but it will work out in time.
As ghastly as it might seem to some, part of the success will rest on the Republicans getting themselves together and being involved in the decision making process. That's what Pluto in Capricorn suggests. Their philosophy is also needed.

Let's take look at the current president's alignment with the status quo, and why it's the right thing for now and nothing to be afraid of. First of all, the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn on election day says that the establishment won, as it should have with Pluto at 0. It's not time yet for change and progressive transformation has to have an order to work against. The president's Saturn in Capricorn is a rise within the system, learning its rules, playing its game, and finding recognition, acceptance, and status. Status quo. Capricorn. Simple. His South Node in Aquarius is leading him away from the commoners and that's why he was raised by a Moon-Mars in Capricorn woman who was a bank executive, rising slowly all her life in the established business world. He then married a Capricorn, a corporate lawyer. Are you seeing a pattern? It's his destiny which will work out when Pluto gets to his Saturn and it's good to understand this. What he does or does not do will have no effect on the outcome. We have a long list of leaders to go through before wealth distribution is changed, and the movement is determined by all of us, including the establishment.
There's no such thing as victory over evil dark forces. They remain as part of the whole. We work with, around, and next to them. People align where they will and everybody has both within. The danger of those who deny their own shadows and accuse others is equal to that of the shadow figures in the open. Life is both. Shadow and light. Positive and negative are the two mighty forces that move energy in the universe.
So I suspect that there is not going to be any magic change. That comes over years and years as the earth transforms and she and her inhabitants adjust accordingly. The source of change is not human. We're part of a vast system that shifts with need, perhaps guided by cosmic forces, perhaps not. Power is probably evenly distributed throughout the entire system. The change being promised now is merely an advertising gimmick in view of the next election. The word is losing its meaning in the process. It's being mass produced and sold to all. Product on the shelf. At what price? Pretty high.
It all comes from the same source. The rulers come from us and reflect where we are now. We put them there. "The people." They won't change until you change, if that's what you desire. And still, wealth is in constant flux. No one keeps it.
Pueblo of Taos:Victor Higgins