Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'm happy to inform you that Al has taken up jogging and has remained alcohol free for quite some time. He no longer attends AA meetings but has joined a chess club instead, where he exercises his intellectual and social muscles regularly. Unfortunately, cigarettes still factor in to combat his nervous nature. But Al says that at his age it doesn't matter. You can go ahead and bury him with his smokes.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Expanded Worlds

There's a distinctive excitement in Sagittarius and the ninth house when a person leaves the deep entanglements of Scorpio and the eighth house to enter the universe at large.

The beginning of the transpersonal sector of the wheel yields a moment of freedom between the bonds of personal relationship in the 8th and the societal responsibilities of Capricorn and the tenth house. The higher mind germinates from the rich decay of Scorpio, reaching into new dimensions. The cosmos opens, and one is no longer an observer but a participant in the galactic proceedings.

At birth, the journey through personal relationship continues until the ultimate other is discovered in the 7th house. But stepping further into the 8th, the traveler finds increased profundity in areas of interpersonal exchange. This sector contains the transition into the galaxy and relationship with entirely different entities. Foreigners, you might say. Breaking out is a common sensation. Restraint is not desired. And so with Saturn?

The notorious roadblocks understood to be erected by Saturn are not spared through the transit of Sagittarius. The doors open wide, but one can be afraid to go. What's out there in all that infinite space? Am I safe to travel?

Enhanced perception marks the passage from Scorpio into the untried, no matter what luck or misfortune follows. People might use Saturn to guide them intelligently through the altered realm. A little bit of prudence is periodically welcomed under the influence of Sagittarius.