Friday, September 18, 2015

High and Low

There appears to be a receptor in the human brain for god or a facsimile of the somewhat elusive creature.

With Saturn in Sagittarius for awhile, manifestation of this creation is probable. Here, validation of a person's spiritual achievement is the plan.

It's a complex dialogue a human has with itself to arrive at some conclusions as to what's been done right and wrong, what goodness is deserved, and what misfortune is as well. Saturn relies on accurate judgement with reward and punishment meted out as required. People bounce between behaving and misbehaving.
Still, one thing leads to another, and what can be wrong on one hand, might become right through quirk of fate and passage of time. It keeps people wondering.

So results the relationship with an omnipotent being who seems to hold the cards and deal them at what? Whim? Who exactly is this being? Who decides matters of destiny?

There are many philosophical questions to be considered as Saturn traverses Sagittarius in pursuit of a substantial version of the god figure and a well-functioning set of rules, while people decide what they believe. Or think about it.

I lean toward the idea of divine power being distributed within a pantheon of gods and goddesses. In this case, they're all in charge of their own realms. And they never can decide who's the highest. I guess it's inconsequential.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Deep Repair

Scorpio finds the fundamental root of problems and Virgo comes with its precision tools to fix the predicaments. In these last couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio, while the Sun and Jupiter travel through Virgo, opportunity appears.

The combination of eighth house Scorpio and sixth house Virgo is known as a point of crisis. The healing powers of this duo are legendary. Longstanding breakdowns are ready to be repaired in the body, in the machines, and in one's life.

It's probably not time for bandaids and pleasant cards. This is serious action designed for long-term results. Saturn in the 29th degree of Scorpio is naturally profound.

Enduring the maintenance process can be taxing with Scorpio involved. Rigorous routines, much harder than usual, might be instituted, while others are sometimes deleted, with the accompanying sensations of loss. Scorpio favors emotion while Virgo simply wants to get the job done. Together they are ruthless, determined, detailed, and thorough. The Detective and the Doer, gutting, wrenching, digging, twisting, screwing, unscrewing, and frequently permanently repairing. Presumably, everything can be fixed, although the solution might be different from what's expected.

With Scorpio, the ultimate physician, and Virgo, the cosmic technician, one is in good hands. A semblance of order for a moment, until Neptune in Pisces brings its chaotic magic once again. There's always something to do. Or undo.