Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Saturn, Neptune, Dissolution, and New Visions

Neptune is the otherworld of visions and Saturn is concrete reality. When these two collide, the illusory dreamworld is affected and many things can happen. For some people, despair and a feeling of loss can occur, for others, relief and a sense of awakening. Fantasies and hopes can be dashed by Saturn or they can become manifest through crystallization of form. Often a combination is the result. Some clarity of vision is always part of the effect.
Saturn is opposite Neptune now and will be exact at the end of February. In the lead-up, it is likely that illusions will dissolve that will never manifest and are inhibiting a person's progress. Saturn is like a chiropractic adjustment in the life enabling new or transformed visions to emerge more in alignment with the individual's destiny.
This opposition is enhanced now by the coming Full Moon in Leo approaching Saturn. The Sun will be shining on Neptune in Aquarius. There is opportunity in this configuration for everyone. Aquarius is the natural ruler of our wishes so it is especially relevant as we adjust, reroute, and think about our paths ahead.
The oppostion will take place in the astrological charts in two opposing houses. These are some of the possibilities as they apply to our personal lives.
1st House: Saturn in the 1st means an adjustment in identity is required and Neptune in the 7th usually brings events in relationships. The request is that the person be true to herself. Sometimes endings are the way, sometimes a distancing. Illusions about others will probably surface and dissolve, and decisions can be made with more clarity. Self control and understanding of cause and effect are the goals. Of course, there is always the possibility that the dream partner will arrive.... An improvement is likely if the identity is firm and recognized.
2nd House: The 2nd house governs values, possessions, and personal finances. Saturn here can bring some material restriction and the Neptune in the 8th affects shared resources. Deals with others can fall through, divorce settlements perhaps coming to the fore, deceits exposed, and things such as this. On the other hand, solid slow gains can be made with Saturn in the second and dream deals merging resources, with Neptune in the 8th. Proper management of finances is the aim and understanding one's own value.
3rd House: Here we have the thought processes being solidified with Saturn, and Neptune in the 9th can bring an end to following idealized views of others. The guru comes crashing down and the devotee is left to think for himself. The dream trip to Shangri-La might fall through and the person made to stay put for the time being. Since siblings are ruled by the third, there can be responsibilties there, and schooling is another area that can be affected. And the car. Then there is the chance that the student will discover the Great Teacher and will be recognized by this paragon of wisdom as the best student in the flock. Or the real philosophical answer will arrive after careful consideration and logical thinking. Respect for one's own ideas is the aim.
4th House: In this case, Saturn is requiring an adjustment at home and in the inner emotional body, as Neptune in the 10th is often clouding career goals. Disillusionment with the ladder climb can occur and a realization that it will take longer than expected. There are things still to be attended to at home. A feeling of an undertow can be present, but the energy is directing the individual to solidify his root base of operations. Bosses can turn out to be not what one thought, jobs can become disappointing or might disappear. On the other hand, the dream job can evolve reflecting emotional strength and maturity, and ability to balance home and the world.
5th House: In this sector we have confidence, self-love, and personal significance opposing love of, and acceptance by the group. The person can become immersed in the social "disorder" and even follow movements that turn out to be less idealistic than thought, straying far from the desired path. It would be advisable to be reminded of his own central battery and receive the love from others only after he has recognized his love for himself. Then comes the possibility of a group of friends with genuine shared interests and goals, and common respect and affection.
6th House: This house governs work, health, daily routines, and maintenance & repair. The urge now is to lay down the foundation of healthy functioning, so there can be a myriad of anxieties and problems in all these areas compounded by the lure of escape into the 12th, where Neptune is working his magic. Neptune loves to not worry. Bypass the breakdowns entirely. As Saturn in the 6th scrambles to piece it together and glue it down. Extra effort is required as the possibility of miracle cures and the grace of angels does really exist, even if evasive. Just clean it up and get it together and see.
7th House: Here we have the person who would love nothing more than to head off into her Neptunian dreamworld, but obligations in relationships are requiring extra effort. Demands are probably heightened, but if properly managed, they can keep her from drifting off into never never land only to crash on a bed of Saturnine rocks. Negotiations must be addressed, without abandoning the vision quest so strongly desired now. The aim is to find ballast in relationship while inspiring others to lighten their own steps as they join you partway in the spiritual realm you can't avoid.
8th House: The 8th is the house of crisis and merging in every way. Shared resources, death, and deep psychological revelation are 8th house matters. With Neptune in the 2nd, the person probably would like to relax and take it easy. Fritter away his money and enjoy simple pleasures. Not to be with Saturn in the 8th, where long held pains are surfacing for healing, and the way life is shared with others is up for correction. Crisis management is often required. Of course, magic, healing, and fortunate turns of destiny can occur with Neptune's influence across from this Plutonian house, if self mastery is gained with the help of Saturn's self discipline.
9th House: Saturn in the 9th is the test of faith in the effort to develop workable philosophies and religious guidelines. Often the whole world view is up for adjustment, and again, the 3rd house can involve siblings and others in the immediate environment who offer the testing ground. Mental confusion is possible with Neptune and there can be disappointments with the immediate environment as the person comes to a broader understanding of her world and a trust that things will unfold in the right way. Sifting through and rejection of belief systems is likely, always watching for unrealistic thinking, even gullibility, before arriving at the Neptunian ideal, based on solid faith.
10th House: The world, the career, and the goals of one's life fall in the 10th. Recognition, reputation , and respect for what one achieves all reside here. With Saturn a person can feel like he's spinning his wheels, and possibly longing to go home and escape. But the sanctuary eludes as obligations mount and require extra attention. On the other hand, advancement could be there in the world, but problems at home can draw him unwillingly back down. Some deep emotional issues causing confusion, and possibly unsolvable, are asking to be sorted out so solid moves ahead in the world can proceed unhampered with added responsibility, in keeping with long range plans.
11th House: In the 11th, our larger circle of friends is affected and the way we show love in a non-romantic and non-passionate way. With Neptune in the 5th there is a great chance of disappointing personal melodramas, with all the soap opera trimmings. The aim is love among your fellows, perhaps without the heightened drama of romance. Of course, once this level is attained, whose to say that some rapturous embraces couldn't be included? Or highly intelligent discussion over fine food and wine, dressed to the 9s, with another socially responsible genius driving the limo. Making sure the homeless are fed on the way.
12th House: This one's kind of a mess. There's no telling what Saturn will do in someone's 12th house. I've seen amazing things, widely divergent. It's a vast and nebulous place. Neptune in the 6th can easily encourage everything to fall apart. To give up, let go, and really seek the otherworld of visions would be wise. This is the place where Saturn is specifically hired to bring dreams into manifestation. Fairly paranoid delusions can crop up, but that's what Saturn is doing there. Getting a grip. People might not feel like working, and sometimes they don't have to. Sometimes inspired poetry, song, dance, photos, paintings, quilts, pots, rugs, gloves, novels, and other such expressions emerge. If anyone can deal with the Saturn/Neptune opposition, this one is it.
Many many other possibilities abound, but the aim: to follow the directives of Saturn, tweaking whatever knobs required, so the miracles of Neptune can be ours.
Illustration by Chris Van Allsburg.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Possibility, Telepathy and the Poet

I died for beauty but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.

He questioned softly why I failed?
"For beauty," I replied.
"And I for truth, the two are one;
We brethren are," he said.

And so as kinsmen met a night,
We talked betwen the rooms
Until the moss had reached our lips,
And covered up our tombs.

I love this poem by Emily Dickinson. I was inspired to revisit the verse after an event that just occurred at Raging Universe.
Two other artist/mystics and I discovered that within the last week we had all three read the identical Emily Dickinson poem about possibility. I don't know of anyone who isn't thrilled by telepathic experience.
Where does a thought come from anyway?
I often communicate telepathically with the people in my life, many of them Aquarians, or Uranian types. I associate this kind of mental exchange with this sign and planet. There is a great pleasure in knowing something doesn't have to be explained, although it can be. A delight in the recognition of the unseen machinations of the world we live in.
This moment was one of those pleasurable ones. It's always astonishing no matter how many times I connect this way. I have long thought that the Uranian/Neptunian influence we are under now has increased this form of conversation. The Internet has become part of this universal teletype as we tap into collective consciousness. I think we are even increasing our skill. With the Saturn opposition Neptune just upon us, I am not surprised that we united in the world of imagination and discovered it together.
But I am still thrilled.
Illustration by Angel K.Y. Craft.

Monday, January 29, 2007

From the Heartland

I love the color of this food. From the plains of the earth.
They say color is important and I believe it. I can't imagine not taking on the temperament of the shades and tones we're eating. I'm sure inequalities can be balanced this way too.
Now I don't need a lot of red food as much as I love that, too. I'm red enough. This looks grounding and calm. Very good for me.
Some phlegmatic person could probably eat a lot of red peppers and perk up a bit. Maybe a Pollyanna type could eat some black licorice and get dark and real. Maybe the Gloom and Doomers should eat carrots and perhaps pink candy valentines. I think a lot can be done with food management

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Fortuitous Moment

After a phenomenal week with my Saturn return exact once again and Neptune dissolving a long held illusion, I am ready to forge ahead on a new path. This experience heralds a manifestation of change I've been working on for many many years. I consulted the Tarot to see what's up (following the Death card from several days ago) and the Ten of Cups appeared much to my great great joy.
The Ten of Cups applies to emotional matters within one's circle of relationships. The traditional associations apply especially to families, but this card may also refer to community-oriented ideals, involving other groups where members form strong bonds with one another. It betokens an abundance of love and good feelings, made possible in a group where individuals' personal qualities, interests, and feelings are respected and valued. When loving ideals are part of a group's values and traditions, these good feelings can bridge many generations and extend outward to influence the general well-being of society.
The bridge to value and respect. Yes. Outward, onward, and up.

An Athletic Event

Here's a couple of our ancestors getting dressed. Looks like quite a feat. Can you imagine laughing in one of those contraptions? And what about eating? It looks like this gal enjoys her food. The stockings are wonderful on both of them, I must say. I had a pair just like that once. The striped ones

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Please do not eat these

Although they look tempting, they are decorations for Aunt Mary's do tonight. She's having a pianist in to play some Ravel, Brahms, Faure, and a selection of popular tunes. There will also be readings from some of her favorite poets. Sounds relaxing and enjoyable. Very eclectic groups of people she gathers. Always enlightening. And there will be plenty of other edibles. 

Friday, January 26, 2007

Shared pleasures.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Quiz

We've come a long way in our pool of presidential possibilities. Money has certainly become the spokesthing more than anyone could have imagined. More than I can even fit into my conceptual brain parts now. It's like contemplating infinity. This is Knob Hill Farm, Abraham Lincoln's home in Kentucky from 1811-16. I wonder if they had a horse?
Here's a little quiz I found in the kid's section of today's paper. The winner gets to run for the next presidency:
Abraham Lincoln was the only president to:
A. Play golf
B. Obtain a patent
C. Wear a stovepipe hat

Lincoln was known for what annoying habit?
A. Insomnia
B. Biting his nails
C. Rude language

While in the White House, Lincoln often hosted:
A. Seances
B. Square dances
C. Archery tournaments

At Lincoln's inaugural party, Frederick Douglas was:
A. Given an award
B. Announced as "Francis"
C. Thrown out

What did Lincoln have in his pocket the night he died?
A. An apple
B. A $5 Confederate bill
C. Opera glasses

Answers:1. B. (he invented a device to help lift ships over dangerous shoals....just like an Aquarius. 2.A 3.A (after the death of their son, Lincoln and his wife held several seances to try and contact him...interesting. 4.C. 5.B.
Photograph by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo

Good Eggs

The Children
These are some of Zelda's teens.
Most of you know Zelda, my Aunt Myrtle Rae's chicken, who I've written several articles about. As I mentioned previously, she's a great, although unpredictable, layer.
Her many children are healthy, lively, and sociable. Nice too.

Illustration by Sarah Emmanuel Burg from One More Egg

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Fun Family Outing

Aaahh, those were the days. That's Al with the girls at a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina, 1945. What a great time we all had. The girls bought tom-toms and tomahawks, which we still have today.
As soon as all the snow melts and summer arrives in Colorado, I hope we can have more fun times like this. 

Fate and the Wheel of Fortune

We talked in the morning of times we've had
We talked about things to come
Our eyes looked deep in the mountain heat
To see our hands naked in the sun

We looked beneath the lines in the heat
To the
tunes springing up to be heard
If you listen well the tunes will tell
Of a turning wheel down behind the words

I know I've made some mistakes in my life
And I know there are more to come
But if we balance the weight and the ways of fate
We will find ourselves in an equilibrium.

The three goddesses of fate were called the Morai in Ancient Greece. They were the daughters of Mother Night, conceived without a father. Clotho was the spinner, Lachesis the measurer, and Atropos, whose name means, "she who cannot be avoided", the cutter. The three fates wove the thread of human life in the secret cave, and their work could not be undone by any god, not even the great Zeus himself. Length of life and time of death were part and parcel. The cave suggests the womb from which life springs. The thread is likened to the weaving of the tissues of the body, which occurs in the womb, indicating that fate is bound up with heredity and with the physical body itself. The Morai are the progeny of the depths of the night, the oldest power in the universe.
The Three Fates who hold the Wheel of Fortune present an image of a mysterious law at work within the individual which seems to govern changes of fortune. It is the experience of the "other" within that is ordinarily projected onto the world outside. The moving rim of the wheel is like the everchanging panorama of events, but the hub remains still at the center, an unmoving essence or source. The Wheel is a symbol of the inner world we travel as we seek our destinies.
There are as many shades of opinion on this subject as there are human beings. In some ways it is a comfort to believe in fate as it relieves the person from the hook of responsibility, bringing a certain freedom, as s/he allows things to take their own course. But that freedom is exchanged for the imprisonment of lack of choice and will over destiny. I believe in fate insofar as we are governed by subconscious drives beyond our awareness and management.
The nodes of the Moon are this drama enacted in life. The South Node is fatalistic. It compels the individual to act from the subconscious realm, with virtually no personal control. The North Node is where the we sense the step beyond the past and the dark womb into another dimension, to a world of our own making, maybe with ourselves as the conscious center of the wheel.
I love this question. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Geography and Philosophy

Some say that mankind is destroying the earth and I don't buy it. Not to underplay the destructive practices of the human population, but these powers are limited. Growth, decay, death, and renewal are going on continuously and nothing mere humans can do will stop it.
Three quarters of the planet is ocean, 95% unexplored. There are vast regions still uninhabited by man, such as the one above; the Badlands at the foot of the Tian Chan in China.
They could use a surveyor.
Truth is simply a proposition in which the predicate is contained in the subject. The predicate is what is asserted; the subject is what the assertion is about.
Gottfried Wilhem Leibniz
Photograph by Galen Powell.

Calling All Geniuses! Calling All Geniuses!

How smart is your right foot?
While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.
Your foot will change direction. You can try 50 times to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't.
So why is this impossible? Or is it? 

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thomas Wright's Cosmic Hierarchy

In the beginning there was no existence.
Existence appeared and grew.
It became an egg.
The egg broke open.
One if its halves was of silver, the other gold.
The silver half became this earth.
The golden half became the sky.
The membrane surrounding the white of the egg became the mountains.
The membrane surrounding the yolk became mist and clouds.
The blood vessels rivers.
The white became the sea.
And the yolk was the sun.
Indian Upanishad
Thomas Wright was one of the first to suggest how the universe might be constructed. His major work, An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe (1750), contains elaborate engravings illustrating possible cosmic structures. Obsessed by the idea that there was a cosmic hierarchy and that everything must be part of a larger structure, Wright imagined space as consisting of a series of planetary systems, each with a star at its center, stretching into infinity. Pictured above is the level of the structure at which the Milky Way is but one of an infinite number of stellar systems or "island universes", each consisting of a huge quantity of matter organized into a sort of bubble.
Wright's ideas inspired the philosopher Immanuel Kant and the German mathematician, Johann Heinrich Lambert, author of Cosmological Letters (1761).

Quite a bandwagon. And we're still working on it. I wonder if the mystery wants to be known.
Another view:

Downside Up

The first time I saw bananas growing on a tree I said, "What the....?" Threw me quite a curve. Maybe it was because of years seeing them so carefully lined up and curled down in the grocery stores. Never got used to it. Still tickles me to look at them. In India we used to use the leaves as dinner plates. A great tree and very popular on the earth. And a fruit with a sense of humor. 

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Word Has Come Down

It's been deemed that we should continue our higher education, so they're airlifting some knowledge to help us out.
Now, I don't know whether or not Newton's Laws of Terrestrial Mechanics apply here, just in case you have to duck, but I rather think not.
At any rate, some questions and answers will be delivered shortly.
Illustration by Chi Chung.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Greetings From Grand Canyon!

Wondering where I went? I'm on my way back. Be here quicker than you can wink your goldfish!

Friday, January 19, 2007


I think I'm in trouble. It looks like my blogging addiction has defeated my desire for cigarettes. Can't hack'em. I virtually quit the activity several years ago, but the desire remained. This is weird. Now it could be a good thing. I'm really not quite sure.

Pawns in the Game

As the New Moon in Capricorn is upon us, soon to be full in Leo, the poverty of leadership is revealed in its full nakedness. Even the citizens of this country are recognizing the truth, as they clamour to find someone to inflate in the ever-present glittering parade of stars. I am not particularly impressed. Too many platitudes in my cochlea.
I don't worry much. They're all pawns in the game anyway. It doesn't matter who is selected. They are the unlucky ones, driven by desires they don't control or understand, on their way to disappointing ends. One loses, one wins, but no one controls the odds.
The more the years pass, the more I see my own part in a larger situation as well. I'm slowly teaching myself to step away somewhat and make room for things to progress. Observe some of it, actually. It goes on with or without me, I've noticed.
In the end I think this is my greatest comfort. To know that almost any choice I make will be equal to any other.
I am free.

Illustration by Chris van Allsburg.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


An interpretation of Jupiter's magnetosphere, the area around an astronomical object dominated by a magnetic field. The solar wind, a constant stream of atomic particles which flows omni-directionally from the Sun, determines the shape of the magnetosphere and replenishes it with particles. Jupiter's field is the strongest yet discovered. Of the inner planets, only the Earth has an extensive magnetosphere (first explored in 1958).
A Magnetic Theory of Astrology
Biologists have shown that many life forms, such as bacteria, birds and fish, can use the magnetic field of the Earth to find direction. It has been shown that vibrations in the Earth's field do have an effect on the central nervous system of creatures, including humans. The building block of the nervous system is the neuron, containing a message transmitter called an axon. This is usually stimulated by activity within the neuron, but it can also be activated by electrical stimulus from outside. The nervous system can act as an aerial to detect vibrations from the Earth's field.
There is growing evidence that the magnetic behavior of the sun is linked to the motion of the planets. The magnetic field of the Earth is linked to the fluctuations of the Sun through the agency of the solar wind. The solar wind is a constant stream of sub-atomic particles flowing from the Sun's corona, 'gusting' and 'squalling' like a real wind. It has also been linked to the phases of the Moon. This means that the whole solar system is playing a 'symphony' on the magnetic field of the Earth.
The Magnetic Music of the Spheres According to Dr. Percy Seymour
Dr. Seymour's theory states that we are all genetically tuned to receive a different set of 'melodies' from this solar symphony. While in the womb, our five senses are still developing and less effective in receiving information than after birth. However, the womb is no hiding place from the all-pervading magnetic field of the Earth, so the symphonic tunes which we pick up are part of our earliest memories. It is here that the magnetic music of the spheres becomes etched in our brains. The first role of our particular response to this music is to provide the cue for our entry into the world. At later stages in life, when the solar system plays our tune again on the magnetic field of the earth, it evokes these memories and and might influence our response and reaction to any given situation.

My Theory
People's behavior and all events on Earth are controlled largely by magnetism. There is a force guiding a movement to and from stimuli that appears to be beyond a person's recognition. Events aren't controlled by men. They're part of the current. The magnetic wind. No one thing controls. The whole thing controls. Maybe.
So what does one do?
Try to take control of something and fight the magnetism. Let go and take the ride. Try to get hold of it, or at least figure out where it is. Stop going where one's desires go. Hmmmph. That's a toughie.
Accept it. Reject it. Think it's not coming back. Change it. Leave it be. Forget it. Eat it. Get with it.
Pick and choose.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, if you come to me sickly, you know I'm a gonna make you well
And if you come to me all messed up, you know I'm a gonna break the spell
And if you come to me hungry, you know I'll feed you full of my grits
And if it's lovin' you want, I'll love you and give you the shiverin' fits

Cause I'm a Woman
I'm a Woman

I'll bet a $20 goldpiece there ain't nothin' I can't do
I can make a dress out of a feedbag, make a man out of you!

Cause I'm a Woman
I'm a Woo huh munn

Illustration by Jane Ray. I'm a Woman: old blues song

Afternoon Tea

The tea is rich, deep, and strong. Black Tea from China. Very stimulating. Conversations have been known to extend long into the afternoon. Often continued at dinner, sometimes well into the evening. Tea is potent. And a great adjunct to business mixed with pleasure.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Centrifugal Force

Well it looks like we've got major activity going on in the heavens now. The milk is flowing in the galaxy. I don't mind. I'm just along for the ride. Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Mihz Moon herself....the whole gang! Mars is leaving Sagittarius with a grand send off. Wonder what Capricorn's got cookin' for him.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Before The Day is Done

The time is always right to do what is right.
Martin Luther King
The things that interested my mother most in her life were peace, people treating one another right, her friends and family, art, cooking, and reading. So naturally when the Civil Rights Movement came, she got right on board. She took me with her as soon as I could walk and talk. Those days were full. She was an activist all her life.

I'm not one to bemoan past mistakes. Everybody makes them. I'm just glad right now that there is possibility that I could cast a vote for an African American for President of the United States in the next election, speaking of "one man, one vote". Sometimes it seems that all our struggles are futile, but I know better.

What a World

I beg to differ.

I'm a cat walkin in a dog's night
Cat walkin tryin to get a bite
Of something to eat that tastes just right
In this dog's life.

High heeled chickens digging in the scraps
Dirty dogs chasing off the cats
Everybody giving everybody crap
In this dog's life.

Big headed woman with hair so blond
Big red slit where the mouth belong
Big teeth sharp and strong
In this dog's life.

Big Jimmie with his bis and pecs
Big man with his big neck
Jimmie comin better step to the left
Gonna be a dog fight.

Dog eatin dog, cat fightin cat
Dog beatin dog
And the mouse is runnin with the rat

Big Black Joe got a big red gash
Tring to run with all of the stash
Stealing money from rich white trash
In this dog's life.

Pied Piper better come along
Chase these rats right out of this town
They're running all the good folks down
In this dog's life.

Just tryin to make something of the night
In this dog's life.

From A Dog's Life by jm. 1986.

Professor Wisenhadt

Class, class. Attention!
Today we will be studying Diogenes' biography of Theophrastus, and the thermodynamic motion of the monofractal molecular nucleus.

Please be seated.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Would You Believe It?

It's snowing yet again in Denver.
It hasn't dampened the spirits of our fair city, though. There was rejoicing all week-end as the new Democratic governor, Bill Ritter, was inaugurated in this now totally Democratic state. His wife wore a vintage deep red velvet gown, very unusual. And in keeping with the new trend, grandmothers, grandfathers, all the children, everyone in the family, were there to celebrate. There is a feeling of hope and renewal in the air.
He just set off on a whistle-stop train trip through the state.

Let it snow!!


Even close up, Uranus seems mysterious. when Voyager 2 encountered the planet in 1986 it found a featureless world floating around like a cue ball in space.
The planet Uranus represents that which does not go with the prevailing direction. Only Pluto occasionally joins Uranus in its eccentricity. And yet Uranus remains part of the system, reminding the others of the successful alternative.
Jupiter expands, and these two entities are going to spin together for most of the year, a symbol of events on earth.
Jupiter and Saturn represent government by authorities, and Uranus is associated with collective rule. We the People. A form of rebellion is now in motion as the conflict abroad has come home, and the citizens of this country are clashing with the executive branch of its government. I don't think I've ever heard the phrase, "It's what the people want" spoken more than it was last week. Not that the people will actually get all of what they want. No one really does. But the urge for independence and self determination is expanding, both in the individual realm and in the collective. And as always with Uranus, things are bound to take surprising turns.
Jupiter will join Pluto in hierarchical Sagittarius soon, trine Saturn, but will be jostled continously by Uranus, a clever one, good with angles. The will of the weakening rulers will be jabbed by that of the people and their newfound mission. The interesting part is the North Node joining Uranus with the people indicating a potential for a moment of synthesis somewhere in this process of societal division that has been going on for some time. The South Node in Virgo shows a problem with the armed forces that can't be fixed right now. This dynamic will gain more attention as it develops, and Neptune comes in to oppose the Saturn, fueling the Uranus and North Node in Pisces. An alternate route is indicated.
The people of this planet are part of an organism that thrives in ways we normally can't perceive. The planet Earth is in turn part of a larger system, and on and on it goes. The mundane events exist in a sequence we can't control. The negative events are necessary. They are not an end in themselves, and not caused by anybody in particular, but part of a progression. Some people with great powers of observation can glean this inner working and even see the value of events in retrospect.
From my perspective, I see a growing realization in this country that the enemy is actually within the borders. A corruption that has to be handled. The people are unlikely to get the full perception of the source of anguish, but attacking the current governing force is much like a phagocyte in the body going after a harmful organism. With the Uranian urge to be free of bondage, under the auspices of the Moon's North node, and expanded by Jupiter, there could very well be some progress, as the group becomes aware of the need to maintain the health of the whole system, some of course more consciously that others. Independence has always been an essential part of this body's health. 

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some Colorful Facts

Hot off the press today.....
Stimulates energy and can increase blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate.
Stimulates the nervous system and activates memory. It also encourages communication.
Night vision goggles use the color green because the human eye is most sensitive to and able to discern the most shades in this color.....hmmm.
Blue is the favored color choice for toothbrushes. It also aids intuition.
Leonardo da Vinci believed the power of meditation increases 10 times when done in a purple light, as the purple light of stained glass.
Purple is my favorite. Purple and red together, heaven on earth.

Something for the Cockles

The temperature dipped way below zero last night and I practically froze my digits, so I built another vegetable soup. I'll leave it on the stove all day. Help yourself whenever you'd like. 

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cold Facts Avenue

Everybody singin hallelujah
Everybody singin hallelujah
Everybody singin hallelujah

Under the streetlights
Deep in the cover of the night
People walkin
Under cover of the night
Looking for some connection......

People walkin
In and out of neon lights
Up and down
wanderin through the flickering lights
Looking for..... some kind of relief
Someone to meet
Some sweet deal going down
Some sweet deal going down
Some sweet deal going down under cover of the night
Under cover of the night

You got your tricks, you need your liquor fix
The crack of the pool balls calling you down, down to the pool hall

You can meet me down at the pool hall
Eight-fingered Eddie and and Mo is at the pool hall
Bad Jack Johnson and Joe is at the pool hall
Everybody I know is at the pool hall
They're waitin for that sweet deal
That sweet deal
That sweet deal
In the night.

Everybody singin hallelujah
Everybody singin hallelujah
Everybody singin hallelujah. 

From the song Cold Facts Avenue by jm.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Time Travel

People and time. They build monuments and elevate the face of it into the heavens. They shackle themselves to it by the wrist. They race with it and fear its progress. They repeat all day that they don't have enough, as if the amount really changed. They can't fit into and can't get out of it.
This relationship has always amused me. The incessant battle with time and the impossibility of victory. The willingness to imprison themselves forever in its grip.
Tonight I traveled outside this confinement briefly, giving myself more than enough hours and minutes, and to my amazement, I felt an extraordinary relaxation immediately. Life took on a different tone. I was so calm, in fact, that gassing up the car and washing the windows bothered me not at all. I enjoyed the sparkle and finished the task slowly and with pleasure.

It's a trick. How to travel at my own pace and still participate in the world around me that whips itself silly with its treasured invention. I definitely do not want to race through the day as they do, trying to beat the clock, and missing almost everything. No. I will find an alternative route.
Illustration by Chris Van Allsburg.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is This Amazing?

This is midway in the development of a star. Look familiar?
Stars are formed from huge clouds of cold dust and gas. Some outside event is needed to disturb the cloud [?] so that it starts to collapse in on itself. It then fragments into small clumps. The knots are denser than the cloud and have a greater gravitational pull, so they gather more dust and gas. As the knot grows, the pressure and temperature at the center rise. When the temp reaches about 10,000,000K, nuclear reactions will begin and a star is born. The cloud of dust and gas spins around the shrinking central star. The spinning stops the cloud collapsing inward, so a flattened disk is formed (above). As the disk cools, the material within clumps together, and voila! A new star is alive and thriving.
I find this astonishing and it verifies once again why I believe in a great universal synchronism

Law and Order

Two federal agents in plainclothes (top) stand before a building in Massachusetts. In outlandish disguise (above), they set out to raid a speakeasy.
I'm confident. How 'bout you?
From This Fabulous century, 1920-1930.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Extraordinary Women Scientists....Chapter 1

Annie Jump Cannon: astronomer, 1863-1941.
It was young Annie Jump Cannon's mother who first introduced her to the stars. From the attic in her home in Dover, Delaware, Annie and her mother enjoyed gazing at the night sky. Using an old astronomy textbook, they tried to identify these celestial bodies. Annie memorized the constellations, observed how the positions of the stars changed from season to season, and recorded her notes by candlelight. Thus, her fascination with the heavens began, a passion that eventually led her to the Harvard College Observatory, where she created one of the greatest catalogs of stars ever produced. Annie did this work in the world of silence, because by the time she became a Harvard astronomer, she was almost completely deaf.
When Annie Jump Cannon was born on December 11, 1863, the United States was embroiled in a civil war. She grew up in a large household with six other children. In 1880, Annie enrolled at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and became influenced by Sara F. Whiting, one of the first women professors of physics and astronomy. Whiting introduced Cannon to spectroscopy; a technique that analyzes light coming from the stars, with the use of a prism that separates the light into its various colors. By this time, astronomers had concluded that spectroscopy provided a wonderful tool for learning, because each chemical element heated by the energy a star emits, gives off its own unique pattern of light.
After graduating, Cannon returned to her family home. Although vivacious and popular, she showed no interest in settling down to married life. Instead, she embarked for Europe with her "Kamerette", one of the first box cameras invented. Her experience with photography would later prove invaluable to her work in astronomy.
In 1893 Annie returned to Wellesley to work on a master's degree, and in 1896, she joined astronomy professors Edward C. Pickering and Williamina Fleming on the staff of Harvard College Observatory.
Pickering and Fleming had been engaged in a massive project to photograph and analyze spectra of stars. Based on this work, Cannon developed the Harvard System of Spectral Classification, using Roman numerals to rank them from the hottest white and blue to the coolest red. She found that almost all stars in the visible sky fit these groupings.

During her long career, Annie received many honors, including an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Oxford University, the first awarded to a woman. Perhaps her greatest achievement was the creation of a huge nine-volume work called, The Henry Draper Catalogue, named after a pioneer in stellar spectroscopy.
Her system is still used by astronomers today.
 From Extraordinary Women Scientists by Darlene R. Stille.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hot Off the Press

Snakes and Quakes.....
When an earthquake is about to occur, snakes will move out of their nests. Jiang Weison, earthquake bureau chief in Nanking, China, which is using snakes to predict earthquakes, says that they are able to sense an impending quake three to five days in advance.

Word of the Year......
Plutoed was chosen as the Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday. To "pluto" is to demote or devalue someone or something, much like what happened to the former planet when the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided it didn't meet the definition of a planet.
The 117-year old Dialect Society comprises linguists, grammarians, historians, and independent scholars, among others.

From the Rocky Mountain News, January 8, 2007.

That Guy.

Ahh, Narcissus. Once again. It's a story that loves to be told. Something about the sss's...the way they get tripped up on the tongue.
I really don't know why he gets such bad press. He's innocent, isn't he?
Granted, the original went a little too far, suicide and all. but maybe this time he'll have a reasonable relationship with his loved one.
I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love with a wonderful guy!!! 
Illustration by David Roberts

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturn, Leo, the Sun, and the Rulership of Men

The United states of America has its North Node of the Moon in the sign of Leo, indicating an ultimate destiny of great leadership. The influence of the Moon, through the node, with the Sun of Leo, bring the blend of masculine and feminine required for the role.

It's no mistake, nor is it happenstance, that the rise of women to power is happening now, as Saturn is transiting Leo, restricting and diminishing the excesses and abuses of male power and domination. I know it's difficult for people to see this restraint, but it's occurring and will become more obvious as Saturn finishes the crossing of Leo at the very end of August this year. The Sun in Leo will be at the exit, and then the Sun will go into Virgo to accompany Saturn into her sign for two and a half years. All perfectly orchestrated.
We are in the last retrograde now and the lessons are being absorbed.
On January 19, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn (Saturn), and on February 2, a Full Moon in Leo, repeating this theme. Some interesting developments are on the horizon. Right after this lunation, Saturn will oppose Neptune, dissolving a lot of what's left of this hubris and abuse of position. A women will be instrumental in the process for the first time.

When the last President, a Sun/Saturn in Cancer was elected, Saturn was retrograde in Cancer. He also has a Leo rising. The perfect one for the time and lessons needed for the nation. In perfect harmony with the planetary motion. Late next year, the planet Mars will go retrograde in Cancer completing this phase as we go forward with both the feminine Cancer qualities, and the tempered masculine Leo ones combined. The 29 degree Cancer Moon of the 110th Congress is also a major factor. This points to an improvement in leadership, despite the great difficulties that always accompany experience.
Even the Sun in Cancer our country has, is a blend of the two great polarities. Eventually it will be achieved. It's very exciting to be a part of history being made. The more confidence we have as individuals, the more effective our leadership will be. Already, the people's voice is being heard. Our national elected officials will have to heed the call.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Moon Gets Fuller

It's becoming more apparent each day how momentous this last lunation was and what the swearing-in of our New Woman at 29 degrees Cancer might bring.
Urania has an article about the Moon's occultation of Saturn which further indicates what might be ahead with this legislature.
If you have been reading other blogs you will have noticed some fear around the fact that Nancy Pelosi took the gavel under what is known as a void of course Moon, meaning that this 29 degree Cancer Moon would be making no more contacts with other planets before leaving the sign. If you read carefully you will also notice that few of them really know exactly what this means. They guess weak, less effective, plans not coming to fruition, things like that. This event has always baffled astrologers.
Let me allay your fears. In my experience, a very late degree planet, and especially 29 degrees, means that this is the last chance to learn the lesson. My theory is that the void of course allows the planet to work independently and put the full focus on the specific sign being exited, although it can tie into early planets in the next sign. Still, there is a depth and fullness to the energy at this point, and a calling to pay attention. An opportunity to get it right.
Already our Speaker of the House, a mother and grandmother herself, has made it clear that her large family and all the children of her country will be a top priority. Moons in Scorpio can be like this. And not to forget that Madame Speaker's Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjuncts the USA Sun in Cancer.
The next New Moon will be in late Capricorn, the Full Moon in Leo, which will heat up this power struggle ahead. The male Leo principle will be tested and it will all be fascinating, I'm sure.
Illustration by Linda Saport from Before You Were born.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Aries, War, Aggression, Strength, and Potency

The planet, Mars, composed of hard iron surrounding a core of dense molten iron.
Within the wondrous, magical, astonishing orchestration of the universe, astrology has once again shown its mettle. The ascension of Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, to the highest position of power ever held by a woman in the United States, is accompanied by a plethora of astrological configurations pointing to this historic event.
Despite violence in her history, the USA with her four Cancer planets has an instinct to protect life, not destroy it, as evidenced by the way she has sheltered and nourished refugees and immmigrants like no other country in history.The height of her glory as a rescuer, and her military strength as a heroine, came in WWII. Most of you can't imagine what it was like, but the sensation of being liberated by Americans was something almost impossible to describe. This will remain forever in the collective psyche.
After WWII came the long decline as she abused her military might in a series of ignoble wars, the humiliation culminating now in Iraq. A complete change of direction is in the cards, as the USA Mars has just turned retrograde in Libra by progression.
I remember when Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched like a hollywood movie, and I called my local radio talk show remarking that it was exactly like a lynch mob. This was the mission and the mission has been accomplished. End of saga. The pursuit and lynching of the insignificant man, Saddam Hussein, was one of the worst displays of male impotence I've ever witnessed. Our lowest point in leadership reached.
Enter Nancy Pelosi. The perfect time. Everything in synch. And none other than an Aries warrior herself. The potency to break through the 200 year barrier of male domination, and go up against the President of the United States of America, head to head, is REAL potency. True blue. Iron-cored. A phenomenon of strength and aggression indeed.
Now we come to the battle. The fight against this conflict in Iraq will be the centerpiece at first, with this warrior, mother of five children, leading the offensive. The myth and magic are beyond the ordinary.
But the deeper significance is the great debate about war, aggression, self defense, and militarism which is just ahead for this nation. Leave it to the Aries woman to get it started. The Aries woman turning the god of war into the instrument for the proper management and ultimate end of the war. The end of the extreme abuse of military power. So this country can progress to her destiny indicated by Saturn in Libra.... cooperation, debate, compromise, and balance of polarities.

The President has an Aries Midheaven, his public persona and point of highest worldly achievement. He plays the part of an aggressive, potent warrior. Badly. He has a Moon in Libra, and contrary to all that has been built to convey his resoluteness, it is a facade. He is too hungry for approval. Our new leader, third in line to take his position now, is the warrior who has come to challenge his strength. She has a Moon in Scorpio. I think we can all agree that this is not a weak, people pleasing position. If anything, learning to compromise will be her challenge. The most fortuitous indication of all; her North Node of the Moon at 20 degrees Libra is conjunct this progressed Mars retrograde and very close to the USA Saturn in Libra. The best possible point in her chart.
The War on War has begun. And ain't I a woman.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Everyone's Invited!

The gala evening celebration for the 110th Congress.
The band is rockin' and the ladies are hot! The new dance craze is the Donkey Doo. Put on your dancing slippers and come on down! Transportation home will be provided by the establishment in case of excess merriment.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Dream Car

Check out this baby!
This is the one. Exactly the color I want and just my size. I'll have to raid my nest eggs for this vintage jewel, if I had a nest, if I had some eggs.

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Happy New Year all you star dancers and cosmic adventurers! And a good one it will be. I'd like to share with you some of my predictions for 2007. Fasten your galactic seat belts for a ride around the Milky Way to your favorite planets.
As Pluto leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn, the United States of America will be fighting for its very survival. If I'm incorrect, and I have been at times, then the year will be quite uneventful and possibly rather enjoyable.
As you know, we have history in the making with the first USA Woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. Madam Speaker is an Aries, and I expect a high bill for her nylons, or pantyhose, as you ladies call them now. Aries can be rather rambunctious. When Venus squares Uranus, the Ladies' Restroom of the House will be remodeled and most likely moved from its position of impossible access from the Republican meeting room. This will affect the laws of the country in a positive manner.
When Mars forms a semisquare with Pluto, Greenland will attack Iran. And then when a sesquiquadrate is made with Uranus, Kuala Lumpur will attack Iceland. Other than that, violence will be at a minimum.
When Mars goes retrograde and opposes Pluto in Sagittarius, the polar bears will be having a summit in Oslo, Norway to discuss their future. Unfortunately, when a biquintile is formed between Saturn and Mercury, Utica, New York will get the bomb. Chances are, however, that it won't be detonated.
The massive earth changes scheduled for 2006 have been moved up to 6012. As Pluto leaves Sagittarius, the pope of the Catholic Church will be looking for a saviour.
Well that touches on a few of the things we can expect in this coming year. And don't forget that the Great Chief Steppininnit is there to protect you in case of any danger. You are entirely safe.
Have a wonderful year one and all! 

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fire to Water and the Changing Moons

The sign of Cancer is the full embodiment of the mother, and the yielding, receptive, absorbing force of life. It covers the rivers, the lakes, the streams, the oceans, and all bodies of water that nourish life in the most fundamental way. Merging and human intimacy, starting with infancy, come under the auspices of Cancer. It is believed that a healthy existence is not possible without this human connection.
The Moon is the planetary representative of Cancer and now with the Full Moon almost here, augmented in its own sign, our feelings and needs are aroused in an unusally high tide. This one is especially powerful as it conjoins the Sun in Cancer of the United States. A change has come with this Moon..... the female principle is shining with the elevation of a woman to the highest position of power ever in this country. A very important moment. More about this later.
Normally the New Moon is in Capricorn, an earth sign, but this one was in Sagittarius, all afire with the search for knowledge and truth. With this Cancer Moon an emotional truth is here, and the very nature and destiny of the country is in the spotlight. It's too soon to see the effects..... the endings, the beginnings, and the events that are about to unfold, but they are deep within the emotional psyche of the nation. Killing humans is not a Cancer activity, only as an extreme act of defense of the young, and the country is sensing it more than ever.
As this pregnant Moon crosses our Sun, where the male and female meet, along with the blazing inspiration of Sagittarius; the bridge we're on, the arrow we're aiming with, and our genuine identity are beckoning the country to be true to itself. To integrate the great polarities of life into completion as we go on this new road.
Illustration by Robert Florczak from the Persian Cinderella

Monday, January 01, 2007

Out on a Limb

Absolutely amazing. That's-a-lotta bear. It must know exactly where to perch, according to physics, so as not to break the branch. Some calibrators in the rear end, perhaps? I hope we humans have this sense deep down in our primitive brain. Or at least in the collective posterior.
Photo by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo

Deep in the Lake

As the beautiful Full Moon in Cancer approaches with all of its depth of feeling, bodies of water are on the mind, especially lakes, at Raging Universe.
If you look on a map of Minnesota, you will see, in the upper northwestern corner, two lakes that are joined by a little cord of water. This is Upper Red Lake and Lower Red Lake. The Upper is the one we visited this past summer. I also think the pair of lakes resemble Pisces, the fishes joined together..... Joe
I remember when Joe returned from his trip. His description stopped us in our tracks, with its longing, sincerity, and elegant beauty. A spiritual return, as I recall. Something to do with rocks on the shore.
Such is the power of lakes.
 Illustration by Kam Mak