Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fate and the Wheel of Fortune

We talked in the morning of times we've had
We talked about things to come
Our eyes looked deep in the mountain heat
To see our hands naked in the sun

We looked beneath the lines in the heat
To the
tunes springing up to be heard
If you listen well the tunes will tell
Of a turning wheel down behind the words

I know I've made some mistakes in my life
And I know there are more to come
But if we balance the weight and the ways of fate
We will find ourselves in an equilibrium.

The three goddesses of fate were called the Morai in Ancient Greece. They were the daughters of Mother Night, conceived without a father. Clotho was the spinner, Lachesis the measurer, and Atropos, whose name means, "she who cannot be avoided", the cutter. The three fates wove the thread of human life in the secret cave, and their work could not be undone by any god, not even the great Zeus himself. Length of life and time of death were part and parcel. The cave suggests the womb from which life springs. The thread is likened to the weaving of the tissues of the body, which occurs in the womb, indicating that fate is bound up with heredity and with the physical body itself. The Morai are the progeny of the depths of the night, the oldest power in the universe.
The Three Fates who hold the Wheel of Fortune present an image of a mysterious law at work within the individual which seems to govern changes of fortune. It is the experience of the "other" within that is ordinarily projected onto the world outside. The moving rim of the wheel is like the everchanging panorama of events, but the hub remains still at the center, an unmoving essence or source. The Wheel is a symbol of the inner world we travel as we seek our destinies.
There are as many shades of opinion on this subject as there are human beings. In some ways it is a comfort to believe in fate as it relieves the person from the hook of responsibility, bringing a certain freedom, as s/he allows things to take their own course. But that freedom is exchanged for the imprisonment of lack of choice and will over destiny. I believe in fate insofar as we are governed by subconscious drives beyond our awareness and management.
The nodes of the Moon are this drama enacted in life. The South Node is fatalistic. It compels the individual to act from the subconscious realm, with virtually no personal control. The North Node is where the we sense the step beyond the past and the dark womb into another dimension, to a world of our own making, maybe with ourselves as the conscious center of the wheel.
I love this question. 


Blogger jm said...

Today an event occurred that marked a major turn in my wheel of fortune. It is amazing but not surprising that this is coordinated.

Although it will take a minute to see the crack of light, the direction is up. There will be a change of focus for me and in some ways a return, although on a new ring of the spiral.

Very very interesting twist of "fate".

24/1/07 2:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I also want to mention that the Neptune opposition to Saturn coming is going to make it possible to release illusions. The transit will be exact in a few weeks and this will affect a lot of people, as it did me.

Because of this knowledge, I am relieved to let go of mine. The time is right, and I have no argument.

As this happens to most of us in the next weeks, it will clear the path for a moment of clarity. Very good opportunity.

24/1/07 3:00 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

I believe in fate insofar as we are governed by subconscious drives beyond our awareness and management. The nodes of the Moon are this drama enacted in life.

This is a statement I believe too . . . since most humans are 95-98% unconscious of why they do what they do. However, astrology can be a guide to delve into our motivations, particularly if we look at the Moon's Nodes.

I need to look at the upcoming Saturn/Neptune opposition. It's a very important stage in the process of manifesting our hopes & dreams.

Now let's if I can get this to post without losing it . . . :-)

24/1/07 6:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The Saturn/Neptune opposition I think will be influential. For us it affects our natal Saturns so I'm following it.

The confusion in society now will remain until the NN leaves Pisces, but this opposition is already clarifying some major issues.

24/1/07 9:21 PM  
Blogger jm said...

BTW, neith. You're right about the manifestaion of dreams. I see an exchange. Letting go of illusions and creating new more solid ones in keeping with our own destinies.

24/1/07 9:22 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

The Saturn/Neptune opposition I think will be influential. For us it affects our natal Saturns so I'm following it.

If you hear gurgling noises from this neck of the woods, it's just me dealing with the realization that next Saturn/Neptune opposition is forming an exact T-square with my natal Mars in Scorp. As said Mars is on the 12th house side, it's possible that for me it's even more important to sort through my dreams to choose what to bring to fruition.

Somewhere you commented on Jim Webb as being representative of the new type of politician coming in. He does have what I consider a firm grasp of the essentials that need to be tended to. This is something that to me reflects the best of what we can anticipate with Saturn in Virgo & Pluto in Cap. I love that combination - good, solid no nonsense energy that with Virgo involved says Service is the order of the day. It's time for less drama & more work!! :-)

25/1/07 9:29 AM  
Blogger jm said...

It's time for less drama & more work!! :-)

Succinct and true.

I did hear some strange noises earlier. Now I know!
Do you have any idea about the dreams? Interesting now that the remodel is finished.

Webb is Aquarius/Cancer and everything he says is about this...the class inequity. Caring for the basic needs of the people. I don't know about his background but what I think is ahead with all of this is the stuggle between Old Washington and the new wave.

He also is one in the wave of military people trying to get us into the Mars retro progression and away from the offensive militia. This is going to be a hard hard procedure, but he is part of the shift.

25/1/07 1:51 PM  

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