Monday, January 08, 2007

Hot Off the Press

Snakes and Quakes.....
When an earthquake is about to occur, snakes will move out of their nests. Jiang Weison, earthquake bureau chief in Nanking, China, which is using snakes to predict earthquakes, says that they are able to sense an impending quake three to five days in advance.

Word of the Year......
Plutoed was chosen as the Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday. To "pluto" is to demote or devalue someone or something, much like what happened to the former planet when the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union decided it didn't meet the definition of a planet.
The 117-year old Dialect Society comprises linguists, grammarians, historians, and independent scholars, among others.

From the Rocky Mountain News, January 8, 2007.


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