Monday, August 28, 2006

A Dwarf in the House

Now that Neptune has been reinstated as the edge of our official planetary system, and Pluto has been relabeled a dwarf-planet, gone to who-knows-what dimension, I thought I'd take a peek into what this could mean on a personal level, indicated by the position occupied by Pluto in the individual birth chart.
The new dwarf in the chart shows where one is motivated by subconscious drives that can manifest as obsessions, compulsions, and the age old problem of never getting enough. Pluto also can be where the deepest pleasures are found and regeneration when we are exhausted. This spot holds a treasure that often requires pain and sacrifice to obtain, but it is worth all that is experienced. People have always feared Pluto because of his hidden nature. And the force often causes them to overdo or to withhold the expression entirely. Probably the power has been exaggerated because of this mysterious factor, and now that this entity is diminished, perchance some fear will be as well. Here are some of the possibilities as we look at each house in the chart.
The 1st House: Here we have the persona, the role we play, and the filter through which we enter every experience in life. The way we act. When Pluto is in the 1st, the individual wants to impact the environment with great power of presence, but often represses the urge and ends up isolated. Or one can be too dominating and threatening if the force is released. Now in time, maybe the lonely Plutonians will feel more comfortable expressing their true nature, and the too dominant ones will learn some self-mastery. To learn the pleasure of saying, "I'm here!"
The 2nd House: this house is concerned with self worth. Pluto here often indicates desire for great possession and wealth and sometimes extreme self centeredness. Perhaps these natives will learn to be satisfied with less money and find power in other talents they embody.
The 3rd House. This house is about the mind and communication. Pluto here can urge people to probe for answers but often they feel they can never know enough. The mystery must be solved. Sometimes the power can manifest as mental manipulation towards or from others, fear often the result. An intact Pluto could allow the person the satisfaction of knowing he's an accurate genius plus being the Greatest Detective On Earth.
The 4th House. In this house we have the home, family, and the past. Power struggles and deep problems in the family can cause emotional trouble in the adult life. Often a lot of sorrow. Sometimes too much privacy keeps him from experiencing satisfying relationships. Pluto contained can help him delve into his psychological puzzles and develop an outstanding maturity and understanding.... a soul quality that others need.
The 5th House. Ahhhh. Attention and significance. Never enough of the spotlight, but these people will either overdo the dramatics or withhold self expression as much as possible to squeak by unnoticed. They want to be seen as special, enthroned and adulated, but are often afraid to act in a way that gets them the admiration they crave. A diminished Pluto might give them the courage to be exquisite show-offs keeping the audience wanting more and more.
The 6th House. Here we have routines, including health, maintenance, and our daily work. Too much Pluto means overwork, overdoing diets and the like, or neglecting health altogether, and sometimes obsessive ritualistic behavior and over-analysis of everything. Health problems can result. With Pluto in his place, the body could hum and click in smooth operation, and all the work would get done on time.
The 7th House. Oh no. Oh yes. Marriage and partnerships. The classic ugly divorce aspect. Power struggles galore in relationships. Jealousy, possessiveness, money & sex battles, and all things related. With a fair Pluto, people could find a Match Made in Heaven or thereabouts.
The 8th House. This house is about merging completely with experience and facing psychological complexes that create painful situations. Trauma and crisis often occur more than usual in the person's life, and great losses are common. With Pluto in control, she could heal herself and become the Modern Day Shaman guiding others out of suffering and into permanent change.
The 9th House. This house rules the higher mind seeking wisdom and the relationship with cosmic power. Travel and the exploration of other cultures are 9th house concerns, along with intimate knowledge of racial differences. This person is interested in the family of man as a whole. Pluto can create dogmatic thinking, fear of god, prejudice, discomfort with expansion on all levels, and a mind blown trying to spin out into the stars. Pluto dwarfed could create the perfect Renaissance Man.
The 10th House. Achievement, recognition, and status. Also parental domination. So often the person has power struggles with authority, acts abusively with power, or struggles with her own excessive urge to achieve something valid. A call to society is indicated, but with Pluto, sometimes she holds back and does not step out and pursue her goals. Sometimes she pushes too far and too hard. A perfect Pluto makes a perfect boss, whether over others or the self.
The 11th House. This sector is about the place in the collective and what to do about the control of society as a whole. Relationships based on common interests, and concern for the well being of the group are the usual. Pluto can be a radical reformer and can find trouble in groups with this rebellious urge. Pluto at best could create an idealist with the power to affect social change, even if only among friends.
The 12th house. This place holds our spiritual longing, our urge for transcendence, and our wisdom and understanding of the duality of life. Angelic compassion is found along with the basest degradation. Pluto often seeks purification through the depths and heights of experience. Sometimes hidden family complexes are manifest in this long suffering soul. There can be addictions, mental illness, criminality, or deep suffering for no apparent reason. A dwarfed Pluto could release him from psychic bondage and bring deep spiritual fulfillment, allowing him to bring guidance to the downtrodden, provided he does not confuse himself with Jesus.
If you know your birth time here is a place you can get a free chart to locate your Pluto. Be advised that if placed at the very beginning or end of a house, it might not be accurate as variations occur according to the calculation system used:

#1 Free Astrology Chart Online: Astrolabe's Free Astro Chart, Horoscope Data Input Page


Anonymous casey31652 said...

"The 4th House. In this house we have the home, family, and the past. Power struggles and deep problems in the family can cause emotional trouble in the adult life. Often a lot of sorrow. Sometimes too much privacy keeps him from experiencing satisfying relationships. Pluto contained can help him delve into his psychological puzzles and develop an outstanding maturity and understanding.... a soul quality that others need."

In the past 8 years I've become very secretive, keeping things from my family and THAT'S what causing that.

Pluto! He's still a tricky little devil. Supposedly the astronomers are getting hate mail from school children for demoting him. lol.

28/8/06 5:59 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

Very impressive body of work, jm! Well thought out indeed! Now we will be waiting to see how Pluto's new status plays out in our charts . . . thank you . . :-)

28/8/06 1:00 PM  
Anonymous Juno Jones said...

Hey guys, according to Maya, surf's up!
The recent reports of Pluto's death are greatly exaggerated...or Pluto is dead, long live Pluto! :)

"MONDAY AUGUST 28. Moon goes VOC in Libra at 4:01 a.m., and remains there until it enters Scorpio at 3:56 p.m. This is not a very productive Monday. But this little respite is very welcome in the midst of the stellar excitement.

Once Moon enters Scorpio, it makes tracks. In the course of the next two days, Moon stimulates every other planet and asteroid. Scorpio Moon is profound and intense; it is not just a pinprick. It's not going to miss a thing, so fasten your seatbelts.

This Moon journey starts off with a deepening of consciousness. Tonight Moon connects with Mercury in Virgo. This is a great combination for turning the rocks over and discovering what is hidden under them. It's information central tonight.

And we move right into early morning aspects. We could be up late, perhaps doing research."
Great post jm, when's the book coming out?:)

28/8/06 2:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

There's been an odd lull in murderous violent news I wonder what's up?

28/8/06 2:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm already seeing some unusual thing happen to my Plutonian friends. One has Pluto in the 1st and I'll be watching to see what happens. Normally very reserved and aloof, I saw her put her arms around a man on the basketball court, revealing the entirety of her feelings in public.

Another had an event I never would have believed in a million years. Targeted right to her core and soul.

28/8/06 2:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The astrologers have predicted a horrible event for today. Let's see what happens.

28/8/06 2:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I have a question? For real.
Now that there has been a lull in bloodspilling and murder of children, people are tracking the hurricane. Are they hoping it will land in Florida and cause massive destruction for their entertainment on the evening news, or are they praying for it to diminish?

28/8/06 2:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Another thing to watch.

Pluto is excessive control and Capricorn is authority, so astrologers have been predicitng that we will have a dictatorship in the USA. About every 3 months, martial law is just around the corner. I wonder now. What will happen to the fears of a totalitarian police state? And where does that notion really come from?

28/8/06 3:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

BTW, Kadimiros offered another gem on the Dark and Light thread.

28/8/06 3:22 PM  
Anonymous casey31652 said...

grumpy, grumpy, grumpy....I came home to a house where the air conditioning is blowing but it's not cool. YOU DON'T WANT TO BE IN HOUSTON IN AUGUST WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING!

So far, Cuba knocked the wind out Ernesto so that he's only a tropical storm. And it's not such a big distance from Cuba to Key West. If on the other hand, he moves into the warm bathwater of the Gulf, then poor Florida. I am Gulf resident. I know these things.

And yes, it does sound like they're just drooling over another story as big as Katrina. Or Rita.

Well, so far the air conditioning repair is up to $800. How high can it go?

What are those aspects again?

28/8/06 5:29 PM  
Anonymous jm said...

How high can it go?

The proverbial question.

28/8/06 5:52 PM  
Anonymous jm said...

And, of course, the Taurus destiny.

Counting coins.

28/8/06 5:54 PM  
Anonymous casey said...

well, this Taurus rising is counting her coins because the temporary fix is $700 (he didn't charge us for the cleaning) and a new compressor is $4000.

boeuf. (angry French snort. They do that a lot.)

This was a ROTTEN day.

28/8/06 7:24 PM  

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