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Queens and Kings

Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt
It's really so simple. Leo*the Sun. The brightest light in our solar system. The center. It stands to reason that Leo in an individual's birthchart means she's destined to illuminate her surroundings.

The Sun provides the energy for the sustenance of life on earth and people born with planets in Leo are meant to provide the same flame for society's continuation. Humans are wired to seek leadership and those with that talent would do well to cultivate the potential and live up to the responsibility, especially when Saturn is involved.

It's not an easy task. Leo is spontaneous expression of self with no hesitation or judgement. When Saturn is in Leo, the immediate release is stopped as output is required to go through Saturn's structure for critique and perfection. This can halt self expression altogether, or if it does get out, there is fear and embarrassment and a often a desire to snatch it back in and correct it. She longs for the spotlight, but fears that when she gets it, she will be unable to perform well. Some are highly creative but have difficulty achieving satisfaction with the results. This can create a tenseness in the solar plexus and abdominal region, while these natives wish they could love, laugh, and enjoy life with exuberance. The dramatic, larger than life enthusiasm of natural Leo is what provides the light of leadership. She stands out in the crowd and others want to bask in the warmth.

Saturn is cool and dark, self contained, controlled, disciplined, and taut. Leo is hot, bright, uninhibited, loose, and only concerned with release. Not an easy match. But once the expression is mastered and channeled through Saturnian expertise, some of the best leaders, performers, and lovers can develop. This combination forms the natural quincunx of Leo-Capricorn, the most skilled administrators and leaders in the zodiac. They represent self expression with dignity and often have a statuesque demeanor, altogether gorgeous. Glamor with taste. Confidence. Poise. Excellence. Monarchical rule with grace and substantial benefit to the whole society.

Now that Saturn is leaving its two and a half year transit, and the shoddy leadership has all but disappeared, there is a possibility that better guides will emerge in time. The entire Pluto in Leo generation has been affected.
Pluto governs evolution and where it falls in the chart, crisis is common. The Pluto in Leo generation is feeling this crisis now as Saturn has crossed all their Plutos and is headed out. The unendingly deep desire for attention, adoration, and significance, known to Pluto in Leo is up for final review. The Saturn-Plutos are often extremely fearful of unleashing their power. Have they come to grips with this potent, sometimes self destructive need? Are they ready for mature admiration. Do they respect themselves?

Soon Pluto will enter Capricorn and the ruler, Saturn, will be activated in all our charts. Some people will achieve great heights during these years. The Saturns in Leo and particularly the special ones with the Pluto conjunction, might be called to take positions of leadership new to them, with the learning acquired during the Saturn return. Some already in the spotlight will improve their skills, and some will be cut in the test and sent back to the classroom. If you happen to have a Saturn in this royal sign, I'd say dust off the throne, replace the missing stones in the crown, and get ready now.


Blogger NEO said...

There it is! You're right about needing lightning bolts for feet here, JM!

Now I was going to post this one in the last thread.... sige and everyone else, thanks also for your encoragement! I guess maybe it will just take me a while longer to truly realize my 4th house NN in Libra. The reality for me seems to be that I have to find less tenuous work sooner or later, even while trying to be more of a leader at it. Ohio just doesn't seem to be the best place for starting out at present.

Then again, perhaps this could all just be my "falling back" into the tried and true energy of my 10th house SN in Aries, the easy and well worn path that I know entirely too well. Libra NN in my 4th house (a partnership based around home somehow?) seems much more interesting to me, even if I'm still somewhat luckless about it. ;-)

17/6/07 4:17 AM  
Blogger NEO said...

I do see Jupiter entering my seventh house in Capricorn later next year. Prior to that, it will square both nodes. I wonder what that may bring? I'm even more curious about Pluto which will be doing the same in the years to come. I was somewhat concerned about some of what I saw coming up for quite awhile, but you've taught me not to fear those things, jm. It's all about life and growth.

17/6/07 4:25 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Very interesting neo. Your understanding of the cutting out of the SN Aries. You might be right. My view is that there is always a good job if you really want one in most places. I would wager a bet on the fact that if you decide staying is what you want to do, the job will come. Even within the state there's probably a wide variety of opportunities. Do you have time? I'd take it all.

I get a feeling about what you want to do. I'll do the chart and get back later. If undecided now, you can always change things later.

17/6/07 4:29 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Well I think fear is part and parcel of it all, but Pluto? It's the monolithic monstrous fear that causes problems. Daily terror is manageable, I find.


I just went through Plutonian hell, but it really was about the same amount of hell I usually have. And I feel pretty good right now.

I think it's kind of silly to fear a planet as long as it's still in its orbit.

17/6/07 4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a Leo friend, or should I say,had. We aren't on the best of terms after she overstayed her welcome during a visit last fall.

This can create a tenseness in the solar plexus and abdominal region,

Do you know: last summer she developed stomach cancer. She's a very dramatic person, and evidently her formative years took place in a very repressive and abusive household. I can see the tension between the drama wanting expression and the edict to tone it down.

Saturn in Leo was not kind to her at all. For awhile, I was puzzled b/c I thought she was having a really bad Saturn Return, even though she was neither 29 or 59 years old.

17/6/07 4:50 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I think you bring to mind an important part joe. The problems with denial of expression. While her case is rare, maladies can result in time from any restraint that's excessive. If the thing really wants out.
A common backfiring of Saturn-Pluto is over dramatic negative scenarios with an audience in tow. Or hooking on to them in others.

17/6/07 5:04 AM  
Blogger Analysa said...

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17/6/07 10:49 AM  
Blogger jm said...


Tell me more about him.

17/6/07 1:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neo, I'll get back to you on the coming Pluto square your nodes. Very important.

17/6/07 3:01 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I had a very interesting experience last night.

I started to watch a biography of the filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman. I don't like his movies, they are too tense and restricted for my taste. Something big is missing. Some part of life as a whole. The 7th Seal is the only one I like, his treatment of death.

In the interview, he was sad, uptight, and talked a lot of his authoritarian upbringing. His father was chaplain to the King of Sweden and he was beaten regularly as a child and made to follow strict religious discipline. He personified the feel of his films. Entrapment, lack of movement. His lips were thin lines, very very tense.

I couldn't watch any more so I turned it off and looked up his chart. Wouldn't you know it????

Saturn in Leo.

This was after I had written this piece, and made me understand what I was talking about in no uncertain terms.

I am a Fellini fan, who was a Capricorn. But he had freedom and looseness in his work, and when he dealt with Fascism, which he was raised under, he did it with a philosophical understanding (Venus in sagittarius) and an odd humorous outlook.
This is also Leo(Sun) and Capricorn but what a difference.

Charlie Chaplain also had Saturn in leo, and dealt with it differently. He was an Aries, Bergman a Cancer.

Makes me want to work it out as best I can, as a Cancer with Aries rising.

17/6/07 3:36 PM  
Blogger Diane L said...

Curiously enough, for a 12th house sort, I have been putting myself out there in a more visible way this past year. Mostly by speaking up in the astro-blogosphere but that does have a wide audience! Hey, I published those photos too! That says something about the positive effects of this Saturn in Leo transit!! :-)

17/6/07 9:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, we've come a long way from that fateful first meeting. I was even reluctant to start my own blog when you told me I had to!
I think this has been a wonderful expansion for both of us in this lesson of self exposure, and I think the results are yet to reveal themselves fully. Saturn-Plutos have a weighty destiny.

17/6/07 10:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neo, I had a chance to look at your chart and noticed some interesting things.

First of all, with SN in Aries, a good relationship can be illusive, but it IS in the range of possibility! Patience.

One very very very important factor in this, is the SN Aries in the 10th. The more you stop putting energy there, the better the chances for the NN Libra relationship.

You talk often about your hatred of the gov't and how you want to fight it. Not your job this lifetime. SN in Aries in the 10th is no longer fighting the system. He's done that enough. The resentment of those in the halls of power eats away at your instinct for harmony that will decide the relationship achievement and security in the 4th house. And this instinct is huge. I've been the beneficiary, since my Mars conjuncts your NN. You are so easy to get along with. The resolution is hard but it's all up to you. Those people are sickening. So what? You personally have done all you can do for now. Fighting them is useless.
I'll go into it more when your node comes up next.

You have a Pisces-Virgo MC and IC, and this means service and caring for your family. Your Cancer rising Moon is in Capricorn, also in the 6th, more of this caring. I would think that if your parents, or maybe some other family members have health problems and other things like that, you would be the one to take responsibility with the Capricorn, and especially the NN in the 4th. So this could influence your decision to stick around, at least in the long run.

Very soon, Uranus will cross your MC, and at the same time, Saturn will be in Virgo in your 3rd (immediate environment), headed for your 4th, home and roots. The Saturn will also square your MC ruler, Neptune, so a lot is going on concerning your goals. I can see why the issue of home is so important now, and the weight of planetary motion is there. Saturn through the first quadrant too.

The Pluto transit to your nodes is coming up pretty fast, and this will be an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to break the addiction to rage against the abuse of power. Your chance to come home to yourself and find balance, harmony, and good relationship. Your destiny. Especially wonderful since Saturn will be in Libra conjunct the North, at the same time. Incredible opportunity, not without difficulties of course. You are lucky. Really time to come home. I'll do more on this.

I think the leadership skills you are developing are going to spill into many areas of your life.

18/6/07 12:46 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh and add to this marvelous mix, is Uranus headed for your SN to liberate you.

18/6/07 12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JM this is really an amazing post, I am an aquarian sun with saturn-in-leo at 29 degrees bang on my ascendant, and I can really relate to the difficulties in expressing yourself. i feel like a writer but am finishing law school with a great deal of pain frustration and wondering if it's all worth it and this career is the focus i'm looking for to really be effectual in life or simply an ego trip. leo moon too. so confusing. no answers yet. thanks for all the writing i read most days and love it.

18/6/07 3:58 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Omg, omg omg.
Mm. What a chart. My god in heaven. 29 Leo. This is very unusual and to me, indicates great talent and a special destiny. Almost too much. I am involved in studying the 29th degree, a very potent point.

You have writing talent. Your comment said so much with so few words. Encapsulated the whole Saturn in Leo dilemma. I want to talk about this in a moment.

18/6/07 12:47 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This is an amazing chart, mm.
I get the impression that metaphysically, there is an inheritance of great talent going back in your family line and you were selected to make it manifest. There is tremendous pressure to perform here.

You can do big big things. Writing should definitely be among them, but you can probably pursue a variety of interests. Saturn development takes a lot of time, which you have.

wondering if it's all worth it and this career is the focus i'm looking for to really be effectual in life or simply an ego trip.

This is it in the proverbial nutshell. The Saturn in Leo IS a lifelong ego trip. That's why the center stage destiny is there. To develop the ego to its fullest with the reserve and dignity of Saturn. I doubt that you even can do it badly like so many, although the contempt and arrogance of Leo can emerge at times and needs to be managed.
Reveling in the self has to happen with Leo and exposing this to an audience benefits not only the self, but everyone in the circle of light and warmth. Nothing else to do but take that ego trip all the way. The depth and usefulness of Saturn will accompany you.

There are many Leo types in law. And so many areas to specialize in. Lawyers can speak for the common man as well as the rich and powerful, if that's your interest. My experience with our justice system has been very good.

But the writing is the best and I know you have the talent. Give it time. You can do anything.
Even if you decide against the legal profession, the time wouldn't have been wasted.

I'm simply stunned by your chart.

18/6/07 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks so much for your response. I should clarify that 29 degrees was a simplification of the precise degree which is 28 48 57 and retrograde. Asc 28 30. I hope that doesn't negate everything you wrote! With regards to family, I was the child of both my parents' Saturn return, both of them had Saturn in Leo, and I can confirm that both of them are talented and have had unusual achievements but overall circumstances have meant that their lives are modest. But I definitely feel a major need to do, or at least attempt, something significant in my life... Thank you so much for your post, I really feel encouraged to keep going with both writing and law.
PS I made a comment as Anonymous a week or two ago about positive leadership rather than fearmongering in environmental matters. That was me. Thanks again jm.

20/6/07 3:13 AM  
Blogger jm said...

It was you!!

You're welcome mm.
Please feel free to stop by and comment anytime. Sensible voices are great!

21/6/07 2:59 AM  

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