Monday, May 07, 2007


Who got into my chocolate?? I'm not much of a crime enthusiast so I'll probably never know. To be completely honest with you, I'm not much of a chocolate eater either. So let bygones go. You're off the hook!
Carry on.


Blogger Tseka said...

hahahaha twasn't me!

I'm not big on chocolate myself. What's up with us? defective genes? You with your cheetos amd me with my liquorice...must be some uranian taste bud thingy.

7/5/07 8:13 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

It was me. I admit. I am a chocolate freak. I'm lately finding myself to be a purist, I prefer dark chocolate bars with at least 70% cocoa. Although I'd dig into that Godiva selection in a heartbeat! Whaaaa? I'm not stupid! Something like 25 bucks a pound...I only took bites, 'cause I wanted to share them with y'all....:) Currently, I'm making a New-Orleans-style multi-layer chocolate cake, but I rely on others to tell me how it tastes. Some of it is too sweet anymore.

BTW, jm, if it's intentional, please disregard, but your messages on the above threads seem to be locked. Sorry, I couldn't catch you 'home'. :) Your latest post (5/8) was very interesting and timely. Thanks, Juno

8/5/07 8:06 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Juno!! So glad to hear from you. You are completely forgiven. I love an honest person.

I've got a wild hair goin' round this yakkity yakk, but I'll get over it.
I'm trying to keep myself under control..:-). So I experimented with closing the comment section at Raging U. Jazzrap is still open.
I love talking with you so much, so how 'bout this? Let me know if you want to converse over tea and I'll open a thread.
I'm approaching this scientifically.

I'll put this back on the front page.

9/5/07 4:50 AM  

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