Friday, May 11, 2007

Molding Character

Some say the human was created from clay. I don't know about any origins going back that far, but I do know how much I love the substance, and what pleasure I feel in a potter's or a sculptor's studio. The smells, the sights, the unformed coming into being, shaped by human touch.
I've always been interested in improving myself, smoothing over some of the problematic flaws, while concentrating on developing my assets. When I discovered astrology I was thrilled with the chance to use such a tool in my quest for self mastery. The horoscope is a map of the psyche and the continuing movement of the planets through transits is the opportunity to work with this map consciously, to achieve what we want and get the most from our lives. Life is willing to cooperate, I know.
Years ago I counseled others but realized that I was mostly ineffective, so I turned back to myself, figuring it was my only real chance for success. I give advice now when asked, but I don't seek to interfere with people's direct experience and their self discoveries. So many astrologers warn people of impending misfortune, but I found that these things happen anyway, and when they do, they are intrinsic to an individual's progression. An astrologer has no way of knowing what lessons are required in a person's life, in terms of events. So when I see a hard aspect I don't warn, I try to discuss options in approaching the tensions, expressing the view that what will happen is necessary and manageable. And I don't know what that is. Fear steals strength. Preparation builds it. Fine line. It takes skill and practice to perfect and communicate this. It takes reverence and mindfulness. Most of all I try to connect the events with the psyche and the path to self determination.
I am in a position right now of frustration and optimism. Frustration when I see how much information the astrological world has that could be put to better use by and large. The optimistic vision is that people will collectively use it for character development. This will lead to societal improvement and eventually better political systems. A better life for everyone.
Many astrologers are preoccupied with proving what they know. Some with superficial entertainment. Some with confusing predictions that never come to pass. Personal glory is indeed attractive. The knowledge is highly impressive, but what I hope for is that eventually all this effort and study will be used primarily to help direct the group to its best expression. Recognition and glory will come automatically. It's an important job, being an astrologer, and a beautiful, precious contribution when done well. I know I want to be as good as possible and relevant to my time in history. Imagine the power if all astrologers were fully engaged in the pursuit of humanity's improvement. Or even most.


Anonymous Joe said...

jm, thought you'd like to know: I have a friend, a much older woman, who gave me her birth data some time ago. I have it saved on astrodienst but didn't pay enough attention to her nodes. I just realized she has the same nodes as I do, as well as natal Scorpio. She demonstrates SN qualities like you wouldn't believe. It's instructional, to say the least, in what I don't want to become.

More and more, I think the Universe sends us exactly who and what we need to grow.

12/5/07 10:36 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe this is wonderfully encouraging. Seeing these things in action is the real teacher. And you get it. I've been doing this for eons and I've never run across anyone yet who uses the knowledge as well as you do. I can see and feel your genuine desire to be a great person. So this nudges me to new levels myself.

I often say how the unschooled teach astrologers. This is how they really learn. If Saturn is in the 1st, for example, there are a million definitions. A thousand aspects which mean little until one gets the essence. An astrologer does her best by taking in the actual experiences of people. The way you talk about it indicates clearly how completely you understand the placement, and how well you can teach me. So I always love to talk with those who are just learning. I have little to prove. I know I'm good. But there is infinitely more to learn and most of all I would love others to experience the joy of astrology. And you do.

The way its practiced oftentimes pushes people away from going in further. This is what I'd like to help change. Some of the great ones who I learned from have not done well with fame, and the tendency toward jibberish has been exacerbated. They've lost their spark. We do need some new leadership in the profession. It's a vast deep illuminating study. Thank you so much, joe for your continuing respect for this. You are having a big influence on me.

More and more, I think the Universe sends us exactly who and what we need to grow.

I will agree wholeheartedly.

12/5/07 2:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Here's an example from my own experience. I've mentioned Mars in Pisces in my 12th, which is the end of a 2 year cycle. I never shrug this off. Very important if I want to go to another level when Mars crosses my ASC. I don't even have to tie in aspects. This is way enough. Mars cycles are important. And Mars in Pisces in everyone's chart is doing this to some extent.

This is such a good opportunity that other things are on hold for the moment as I assess the last 2 years and see where I want to go. As I let go of interference and self sabotage, which the 12th teaches.

So 2 years of taking in the stuff on the Net has culminated in a desire to do better myself. I've tried not reading the other sites so I could tap into the deep undiscovered, but forces are making me stay tuned.:)I have cut it down to the bare minimum, though. This is just my path. Others gain from the intake.

Deep into Pisces, which is now, come the despair and recognition of futility as preparation for the renewal. One has to see what isn't working to go forth. It does go like clockwork when a person wants to use the cycles. There is a trustworthy rhythm, and the universe always teaches those who are eager to learn.

This is happening collectively as the NN in Pisces is soon to leave, and Uranus-Neptune are strong. I have to figure out how to influence positively, especially when Uranus goes into Aries, as well as be patient as what doesn't work is onstage for now in this mighty preparation.

12/5/07 3:16 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Ja, jm you have helped me to understand Uranus some as it moves (in) my first. Your zany helpers Zelda and Winston Moonbat have brought their subtle lessons as well. I am seeing how the planets hit my ascendent in Aquarius then do a little shimmy as it hits the north node in Pisces, very interesting - two tastes that come pretty close together. The nodes were what attracted me to astrology in the first place. You have opened my thoughts to this shifting polarity - life path- essence. Thanks for doing this, taking the time, sharing your incredible talent.

12/5/07 5:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh I love it, tseka. Information is like that. It has a built in need to get out and find "ears".

I'm going to give you a few new techniques shortly, as I continue with the nodes.

This has been a path to my own self discovery and I'm curious to see what will be at the end of the 12 Labors when I get to the Pisces SN.

12/5/07 7:10 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I think it's easy to overdramatize and expect the big bang to come and change our lives, but it doesn't work that way. We actually change all the time and get many many chances for fresh starts. The Ascendant is one place, even moreso sometimes, its ruling planet. The Aries 0 point in the wheel is another. Aries is a beginning. So now, as Mars goes into Aries, everyone gets a chance to start again. These last Pisces days are the perfect time to say good-by to whatever. In my case, it's the pain in my lower right jaw. Gone forever; hugs and kisses and thank you very much for guiding me to this point. Now I can flap my jaw with joy.

12/5/07 8:08 PM  

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