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Blogger Neith said...

Yes - very apropos!

jm - Since you are a Betty Lunsted fan, I looked at your chart & noted that tSaturn is at 15d and rolling up to your nSaturn. When this was happening to me, it just felt heavier & heavier w/each degree closer. Betty's idea of using the waxing phase w/a ten degree orb for the time of greatest impact, has worked time & again for me. Plus there is that tight opposition of tPluto to nVenus . . .

The moon in now is Gemini . . . it's time to dance & sing & enjoy our mental gyrations!! :-)

16/8/06 9:09 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, you are wonderful. If we can continue to develop along these lines and search ourselves for the root of our troubles, we will eventually have better societies. Especially if we don't run away too fast, into the arms of the terror mongers, and support others through thick and thin, and try to learn who we really are. I've done this with my loved ones, but I'm waiting to see how it works in the larger new dimension. If people scatter when I'm true to myself, there is nothing I can do. It would help if I could get them to stop attacking, though. It's up to me. I'm still experimenting. I'm reasonable and can always work it out. Maybe too reasonable. Mostly I think I need to stay in my own spot and get entirely centered.
My inner self is kicking and screaming to go back into my cacoon and leave this brutal, truth evading world alone, but I don't think I can with Pluto heading for my MC. I've gone too far into the birth canal and have to wait till I get through it and see what awaits.
Thank you, neith. The answers are always in the chart.

Both of these transits are monumental, and I've been working on these issues forever. The opp to Venus is a 4 month station and it's big. It would be a good time to take a step forward. It rules my NN in Taurus in the 1st, thus the centering in self and contentment even in a panicked violent world. Oh would that I mastered this!
I love the Gem Moon. Definitely time to dance and sing.

16/8/06 2:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I don't know how people can take all this terror. I have a wild imagination but I never could have imagined the extent to which the public would get caught up in this game. They truly are terrorized and I know they don't know what to do. They're nervous wrecks.

It's psychotic. The drumming in of the word every single day, all day. My local radio station tells me the truth, and the people calling are admitting they don't know what's real anymore. This is our Saturn/Neptune, and maybe it's a good thing. This is extreme and absurd.

It all comes back to the Pluto station in Sag now. The negative omnipotent power of the evildoers vs the belief in a just and balanced God, or no god at all for some. But the wacked out terror demon has got to find its proper place in the pantheon. Again, it's up to us. The threat is the motivation to find real courage. Without a gun.

These ideological battles have to be learned. People are free to think whatever they want to, however strong their opinions, while others who believe differently have to learn to stick to themselves and continue on their paths. The opposite view is really a good thing. Why would anyone want this todisappear? It can either bring adjustment in the other, or a renewed commitment.

I think something will be worked out at the end of this station.

16/8/06 2:40 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Both of these transits are monumental, and I've been working on these issues forever. The opp to Venus is a 4 month station and it's big. It would be a good time to take a step forward. It rules my NN in Taurus in the 1st, thus the centering in self and contentment even in a panicked violent world. Oh would that I mastered this!

It looks like you will at least get a breather from Saturn by late October, and Pluto will leave by the first part of November!! All this talk about what a small body Pluto is & Chiron too . . . the influence they have is immense!!

16/8/06 3:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This is why I think we are taking an evolutionary step right now.

Last century we had the big collective scares around the Nazis and the Commies. But finally we have put it where it is and called it exactly by name....terror.

Fear is a given as we all live in a vast universe feeling unprotected and victims of circumstance. That's why the astrologers try so hard to predict but this never works. We are both prepared and unprepared and the quirks of fate are always happening. When real disaster comes, we kick into the survival mode reqired. We're wired for it.

At least it is an honest appellation this time, and it is the best opportunity possible to articulate our real fears and use terror for the appropriate circumstances. A chance of a lifetime. It applies in the war zone. In a tornado. At a wedding. And other similar scary moments. But the underlying fears are the ones surfacing now, as we search for protection, as man always has, in a divine power. The evolution is realizing where to look for that power and how to turn away from manufactured outer devils and demons.

Another indication of the evolution is the meeting of astronomers coming up to decide on Pluto and three new planets. I'll be posting on this shortly. It would end all the dual rulerships and each sign would now have it's identity.

16/8/06 3:17 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha! neith! I just posted on this before reading your last one. Pluto, man.

I might get a breather but unfortunately Pluto is closing in on a square to my Mars. I think I've got problems now! Hopefully my defense mechanism will kick in big time.

This is a major major life changing time for me as I leave the safety of my private world. I'm particularly vulnerable now as it's new and I haven't fully developed the crab shell I will need for the new experience. People probably sense this and move in for the fun of the attack and hurt, since they can't attack the people in their lives who they really want to. But I do have inner strength. Always have. Cancer/Aries. It is one of my saddest feelings to see how people enjoy hurting people. It's not the attack per se, but their prurient pleasure. And the rooting colosseum crowd.

I used to gasp at the whole concept of crowds stoning people in the village square. The murdering of people who have done absolutely nothing to hurt the stoners. The mob frenzy has always disturbed me, which is why I usually stay out of it. Now I know why after this last couple of years.

16/8/06 3:28 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Have you had a chance to drop in at Lynn's (Astrodynamics) site today? She's been on a roll lately & the last two posts are very interesting. The most recent is about our new planets, and in the comments section, she talks about rulerships. I really like her take on a lot of things.

You know, that sensitive Cancer sun is tough! The whole hoopla from the "greatest generation" who had Pluto in Cancer kinda gave the wrong impression about Cancerian qualities. My nephew whose amazing photos decorate my blog has Cancer sun/venus trined by uranus in Scorpio. There is a link to more of his photos at the bottom of my post. Can't say I agree w/his politics but he's pretty naive & idealistic yet . . .

BTW - it's a real pleasure to have you back w/that brilliant mind sparkling again!!! :-)

16/8/06 3:57 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, you are something. It's that NN in the 7th that has an untapped genius for relationship. Uranus has been squaring.
I'll have to do some posts on the nodes.

Yes. I read Lynn's latest and she is good.

We'll soon see about the new planets. I'll post my article tonight. I think Xena would be Libra, and Ceres, Virgo.

Charon is one of the most intriguing figures in myth to me. As the payment in passage to death. This makes death a reward and something to be earned.

If we get a new rulership for Libra, this will be very significant in overall cooperation in the world. I have always thought that Pluto and the nuclear threat would lead to this.

16/8/06 4:18 PM  
Anonymous tseka said...

jm i will be eagerly awaiting any thoughts you have on the nodes, that little bit you offered me on mine has kept me busily wandering back to process the ideas you presented. Pretty awesome talents you have, i for one am grateful that you (and Neith) share, i love learning.

re: attracting negative attention.
Here is something for your consideration, i don't know how pertinent you will find it...i was the target of a stalker for about 2 years. He met me at an art event and became obsessional. What i learned is to watch all directions (as Mr Picklebee says)and continue to trust. It was men who helped me most at the time, here is their insight

-All attraction is not rational.

1. obsession is not explainable, it's pointless to try to understand or look into one's self for what one had done to attract the attention for there is no rational answer and one will not be found (my women friends and i were on the path of why is this happening?). The men basically said "don't be retarded" 2. you can't legislate mental health, there is no fix that i am responcible for..

TV, my opinion, in general~GACK.
When 9/11 happened i had folks from all over the country calling me hysterical (who elected me an emotional beacon??) i only offered one thing, turn off your TV. Spring 2000, the war on Iraq brought them by again. Same advice "turn off your TV." This time, bombs falling on Lebannon, folks are calling me reporting their good mental health, getting on with their everyday, feeling productive, in spite of the new terror activities....they told me they have turned off their TV! No one is avoiding the reality of the situation, just are now clear about how they allow it to affect them.

Perhaps this is one manifestation of the universal transits of the grand square that keep evolving since 11 August 1999. It's not all terror all the time for all people any more. Must be scaring the pants off Karl Rove?

16/8/06 5:50 PM  
Anonymous tseka said...

* of course i meant 2003 for the commencement of the Iraq war

16/8/06 5:54 PM  
Blogger jm said...

tseka. What fantastic advice. No wonder you are a beacon. I often find this in Sagittarians. They are a source of emotional and spiritual comfort.
I do have trouble with not taking the entire responsibility upon myself. I have to let these things slide. My Aries is more out there than I realize and I have to just deal with it. Own my Aries bravado. And I will! I can fight back well, but I chose not to do it for a while. Now, I'll see. If I express and attract attention, the negative is part and parcel. So that's that. I'm just nonplussed by the force of it sometimes. How the hate can be so ravenous from total strangers. I know full well it's misplaced.

This is great. I will go deep into the nodes soon, and I think this will be fantastic for everyone.

16/8/06 6:12 PM  
Blogger jm said...

So I'm headed out for a relaxing swim, and I can't help but think a release of pent up stuff has just occurred all the way around. I hope the truce in the ME holds so we can get our polarities fixed and our breathing straightened out, and get back to our studies. And our spinning, weaving, and canning.

16/8/06 6:18 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

"-All attraction is not rational."

What popped into my head when I was reading that was Neptune!! When Neptune is active in one's chart natally or by transit, it can create what can be described as a distortion in perception. You know . . like looking at a stick where it enters the water? And the water makes it appear bent? When an individual is being heavily influenced by Neptune, they project onto others their images. Does that make sense? So in essence, they are busy having a relationship with their projection, which can have literally NOTHING to do with the person being projected upon.

As usual, when attempting to define anything Neptune related, it gets really garbled . . :-)

16/8/06 10:24 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

I too await what you have to offer on the Nodes . . . keep forgetting about that Uranus/Node T-square transit in my chart. Uranus can whip people into our lives . . . and zap them right out again when a transit is finished. I have these on again, off again relationships w/some of my family where Uranus/moon intercharts aspects are involved. There is a rhythm to Uranian interactions and a necessity to maintain an open-handedness at all times.

Brain is getting fuzzy . . . hope this makes sense!

16/8/06 10:31 PM  
Blogger jm said...

There are usually a million things going on in one moment and one experience. That's what's so much fun. To see it from the many angles. With my Mars in the 6th love of analysis I'd love to go back through all of this to sort it out. I do that anyway but others usually have moved on and aren't interested. But a lot of what happenend I do understand.

Makes perfect sense neith. I could write a whole encyclopedia on Uranus. It aspects everything but my Sun and Neptune. I should start on the nodes while the big U is there on your 4th cusp. The whole issue of your family relationships, and your nodes which are relationship ones, is coming up for review now with the chance for an awakening to a new awareness. Why relationships have let you down, and what to do to make them work. It's simple to understand, difficult to apply. So Uranus now should be bringing in the new model you seek in the form of new people, at the same time the value of not pursuing what can't be found in the old ones could be coming into focus. Uranus brings independence in some way, but in your case, you are learning to forgo some of your independence. So it could be the reverse in some cases. But freedom from the past is in the cards on this one.
I'll get going on this.

16/8/06 10:54 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I was planning to do one node at a time. I think we should delve as deep as poss and allow plenty of time to discuss them. The more you get into it, the more interesting it gets. So I thought I'd start with the South in the first, which would be you!

Buz Myers says that our soul memory is stored in the South, but I think our past in this life is all there as well. When you go back from this perspective, you can see it all and it's stunning.

16/8/06 11:01 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Here is Steve Judd's comment for today . . . seems to fit here! And I agree w/him, waaay to much hype out there in media land!!

17 August

Saturn’s opposite Neptune, Mercury is squaring Jupiter, can you feel the HYPE, the FEAR, the TERROR – excuse me, isn’t there just the slightest bit of over exaggeration here? Exactly whose interest is best served by having a paranoid, fragmented and disempowered population? Sensible people (which means you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) can see through the ever increasing desperate attempts to influence and prejudice. It may be that the Ministry of Truth has had its day – after all, as history forever tells us, empires crumble. Never mind! We’ve got another three planets to play with. Ceres I use anyway, as my regular clients know. Charon is a weird binary half twin of Pluto, and if anyone mentions bxxxxy Xena to me they will incur my wrath. But will twelve planets keep astrologers happy?

17/8/06 8:57 AM  

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