Monday, July 28, 2008


Happy Monday and have a great week! Bouncing about. And no bouncing on or off the walls!


Anonymous Joe said...

hehe, that's a cute art piece. I've often wished I had the skill to work with iron, or the patience to make some kind of mural using bits of mirrors, tile and paint.

Locally, there has been a curious surge in painted murals, mosaics made with mirror shards and ceramic tile shards on businesses. I counted 5 new ones in the last week, and am learning about others that have been around for awhile. These are fantastic, rich and often "old-time" looking murals. The one nearest my house unfortunately was destroyed by a building explosion.

Apparently, way back when, the
painters of these large murals were known as Walldogs. There's a new artist group by that name, it seems. One of the most active can be found here.

I wonder if this is a hint of that return to Capricorn elegance and dignity you once referred to.

28/7/08 7:25 AM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

Graffiti got a classy boost in my midwestern hometown some years ago when a frustrated artist started cutting elaborate stencils and spraying them in discreet corners of alleys and parking lots - he wasn't a malicious vandal, y'see, he wanted people to be surprised by a sudden piece of beauty. Called himself Tom Cat Spray. Finally got caught and stopped, but I have noticed stenciled art graffiti flowering in unexpected places every since.

28/7/08 11:57 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

That's cool, yeshe. :o)

Here's something apropos of nothing in particular except our discussion of Islamic art and the Moon's role in Islam.

The Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam.

28/7/08 12:00 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL! Walldogs and Tom Cat Spray. I kind of love pop art and the merriment of the streets sometimes.

I wonder if this is a hint of that return to Capricorn elegance and dignity you once referred to.

Could be. I still think an artistic renewal is coming.

I can't get the link to the mural!

OMG, joe. That Mausoleum is gorgeous. One of my favorite composers is Alan Hovhannes. He wrote a wonderful piece with spoken parts of The Rubyiat mixed with music. It's beautiful.

28/7/08 3:01 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Alan Hovhaness, born in 1906, is firmly convinced that for music to be accepted and successful, it must be tonal and melodic. "People must get pleasure out of music. It must sound good."


Or feel good rhythm-wise.

But what about the atonal ones who got widespread acceptance? Do people pretend to like it? Think it's hip?

28/7/08 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

hmm. try this for the Walldog:

28/7/08 3:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

HA HA!!! The teeth!
Love the veggies.

I had a friend in the wall painting business and I thought that was a great choice. Can you imagine being a kid and getting a custom painted room?

28/7/08 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I saw two more murals this evening that had been in production. They are eye-catching. Since I'm on enforced vacation, I'm going to walk over and get a closer look tomorrow. I'll get some shots for you with my trusty camera. :o)

There was something else I wanted to tell you but I forgot what it is...

28/7/08 8:10 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yeaaay! I haven't seen any of your shots in a long time. I hope the enforced vacation is bearable. Sounds like it is.

There was something else I wanted to tell you but I forgot what it is...

Ha ha ha !! That endearing thing we all have in common.

28/7/08 8:51 PM  

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