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Leo stands out in the crowd. The Sun is the brightest of bodies and the group often elevates and admires those prominently influenced by this solar power. Someone is always designated to shine in the spotlight.
Leos feel as though they have a special destiny and are under divine order to establish a superior position. The pedestal, the throne, the crown, the robe, and all things grand and regal are made for these natives. It is their natural inclination to fill this starring role, adored by the entourage and always in demand. They are ready, able, and willing to perform. The crowd's attention is theirs, the chosen ones.
People are often taught that this is wrong. We're told that everyone is equal until we get on the playground and learn the truth. The group always establishes a hierarchy, starting with the family, and on to school, the workplace, the circle of friends, the country, and the world.
Several of us here have just had Saturn returns in Leo with many dramatic and illuminating events. When Saturn is positioned in Leo, the 5th house, or with the Sun in the birth chart, there is a block to this natural expression of ego and self aggrandizement. There is often a great amount of guilt and fear about owning this superiority. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Leos feel it and must cope with the results successfully in order to do well in their lives. Shrinking from the spotlight shortchanges both themselves and their eager audiences who can't thrive without their luminaries.
Saturns in Leo are among the chosen ones. They are cut out to do the job well. It can take many many years to get completely and comfortably into the limelight, but once they get there, the stage is graced with truly stellar performances that uplift, entertain, guide, disseminate joy, and perform a vital function to society.
If a Saturn in Leo is a teacher, he should be the best one in the school. If she is an actress, no one can compare. If she is an artist she stands out far and above the rest. All is well as long as they remain loyal to their authenticity and step fully into the chosen spot, embracing it with enthusiasm, letting the light shine on, adoring themselves, the audience, the moment, and all of life. A grand celebration. A star is always born.

Democracy is wonderful in theory, but at this stage of evolution, mankind always establishes an order of power and influence. The grandeur of Saturns in Leo can best be expressed, not by diminishing others, but by proving their superior skills where their talents lie, and taking the stage with poise, dignity, and purpose. These chosen ones can lead with ability assuring a democratic structure under their auspices. Firm and knowing monarchs, with the good of the group in mind. Otherwise anarchy would result, and we're not ready for that yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jm, although the following doesn't have much to do with Leo, it does highlight that New Moon in Cancer. I'm getting signals about that shower that my aunts want to throw for me. They want an definitive answer and I'm having to step forth and say, "thank you for the kind thoughts, but no." As it happens, it would fall on my birthday, which makes for nice symbolism, but I already have plans to be elsewhere that weekend.

Ironically, this all came about because I held myself away from the seemingly-endless weddings of my horde of younger cousins. And the latest wedding will be the day before the putative shower-date.

I don't know if I'm wrong in staying away from the rapid-fire weddings, though. I have a feeling it may haunt me later. Is it a form of Leo superiority? I've got no planets in Leo, which is in the 4th house, which is... ta-dah, family of origin. Oh boy.

What do you think?

15/7/07 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW, could this distance thing be related to the Moon-Uranus that you were telling The Ninth Immortal about a few posts ago? Moon and Uranus are squared in my chart. It would explain much.

15/7/07 12:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

First of all, what are your exact honest feelings about the event?

I don't like weddings. I don't think you are wrong at all to avoid them, and it won't haunt you. You'll see how right you are more and more as time goes on.
Traditional weddings make me sad. All the illusion. People get horribly drunk and the pasted on smiles belie the underlying truth. A subtle (or not-so--subtle) tension prevails. If you look at wedding pictures you can see it clearly. The groom shoving the cake into the bride's mouth, for example. Do this one day. Go through pics. You'll see what I mean. The truth is always between the lines.
I love relationship but weddings are complex and there is bondage, financial and otherwise suggested. Part of the tragedy, which makes itself clear when the divorce comes. I can't in my right mind celebrate bondage.

I attribute my reactions to my Venus-Uranus conjunction which is a completely non-traditional way of relating through and through. Guess what? You have it too. In Libra, no less.
So there is no need to try and make yours something traditionally acceptable. Others might have that desire. The trend toward common law marriages and civil unions is a good one in my view, although traditional marriage is making a comeback as well. I'm all for people staying together. But you and I know we don't need their approval.
A Venus-Uranus cherishes autonomy and freedom, and a unique expression of love and intimacy.

There is a lot going on with this and your family, so let me know what you truly think. It's an opportunity. The only reason to do something like this would be if the two of you wanted to add that dimension to the relationship, and of course, that's not necessary. I'm not much for many of these traditional celebrations. It's made Hallmark cards rich, and a lot of department stores.

The Leo 4th house ultimately concerns your homelife as an adult. Your Leo rising SO is your home now, trumping your family of origin. Happiness at home, warmth, life, color, and freedom to be yourself, not to mention elegance and some form of luxury. You two are the kings.

So let me know what you think. There are some good things going on here and you can turn it into something that will benefit all.

I could write a book on the Venus-Uranus conjunction..:-)

15/7/07 3:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

On to the Moon-Uranus. I also have this, so I am speaking from vast experience..:) The combo with venus-Uranus describes our whole approach to close relationship life-long. Together-apart, and relationships with people entirely different from us. Comfort with strangers. Lots of freedom. Age, sex, nationality, color, none of these things matter. We relate equally to all, at least part of us. Often there is great age disparity. I love teenagers, myself, and my men have been much older.

The Moon in your chart is in the 9th, ruling the 3rd, and Uranus rules the 10th. So this indicates a departure philosophically from the family, and an on-and-off ability to communicate effectively, part of your Gemini dilemma. I would imagine that sometimes you get through and other times, you are exasperated.

All of this will propel you out into the world, away from trying to explain everything to them. We out here will probably understand you a little better, and you will find people more closely aligned with your spiritual and philosophical longings. And people who appreciate your remarkable verbal skills.

Right now, The Cancer planets are activating this square and the SN in Cancer, while Saturn is in your 4th, getting the home situation squared away. As Saturn goes through Virgo, a lot of it will be sorted out.

The Moon-Uranus is definitely distance from the family, for good reason. Especially with a SN in Cancer. Great set-up.

15/7/07 3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought I was 29 degrees of Leo rising, but due to a recent update on my birth-time, I've found I'm actually 1 degree of Virgo rising. Yet, I still feel the desire to shine and lead (or used to, until Saturn entered my Leo 12th house). Now, this could be my Capricorn moon, or Aries Venus. But I rather suspect it might be the conjunction of Regulus (I *think*) to my ascendant. Any thoughts?

15/7/07 3:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Hey 9th!

If you want to give your birth info, I can tell a lot.

Venus in Aries is a great one! Lots of dancers have this. It's a love of strutting one's stuff, so this has a lot to do with your self expressive traits. I like this placement very very much. Self love. Others might disagree, but too bad. Love anywhere is good, and this rubs off.

The asteroids, fixed stars, etc. are usually just repeats of the main stories.

Check the update carefully, since it's so close. You can watch Saturn leave your 12th (yeeaayy!!!) and see if anything specific comes up at the 1 Virgo.

15/7/07 3:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Virgo rising often has a wiry look and a nervous tension that precedes them. The solar energy is obvious in the faces of Leo rising, and not in Virgo. Virgo is more pulled in, watchful, tentative, observant, self aware, etc. Very alert eyes.

15/7/07 3:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The way to read a chart correctly is this.

When you see an aspect you can't isolate it. It's there for a reason, to facilitate the fulfillment of potential of the whole incarnation. I don't even focus too much on aspects. More on the orchestration.

So if you have a "bad aspect", such as a Moon-Uranus square or Mars-Saturn square, it's there to help you. The first thing to do is to drop all assumptions ask "why is it there? What is it doing with the rest of the chart?

Most people project their own experience into reading these aspects, which is natural, but might have little to do with the person being read. It takes freedom of thinking to see it's unique job in each chart. And this is where the joy comes in. It's fresh every time. And piecing the puzzle together is great fun.

15/7/07 3:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Same thing with synastry. If you see hard Saturn or Pluto spects you cannot assume that the relationship is wrong and that they shouldn't be in it. I had both and mine lasted 25 years until death parted us.

Difficulties are our roads to mastery. Best not to shortchange the journey.

15/7/07 4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My exact feelings about the hypothetical shower are:

1. Too much attention on me. No thanks.
2. Too much attention on my relationship with my Libra SO. Pass.
3. I don't want to cause further dissension in case there are some other relatives opposed to it (no one has said anything, really, aside from the ones planning this thing).

Yet I understand that in their own clumsy way, they're trying to acknowledge the relationship. So I ought to honor that sensitivity, even if I turn it down.

Also, I don't want it to look like I'm saying no just so I can avoid going to the wedding, which I sense is an ulterior motive, conscious or not.

Whatever happens, I have to give an answer tonight.

15/7/07 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your decision, Joe. I know how very, very hard it can be when it comes to wanting to stay true to your own preferences, and not wishing to let family down. Particularly as family-members are so often well-intentioned, but blind to our individual sensitivities.

To JM, thank you for your insight regarding Virgo/Leo and aspects. I certainly am physically wiry, have a lot of nervous energy, and love to dance. But as to the self-love... alas, Saturn in Cancer squares what would have been a flamboyant, fun-living, fiery Venus in Aries. Add in the opposition to Venus from Pluto in Libra, and there's a lot of tension between what might have been fun, strutting-one's-stuff Cardinal energy, and the ongoing burden of fear, fear, fear. And inertia.

So, why is there still the spark of Leo, somewhere in the mix? When I was a child I always fantasized of being a prince who would one day find his kingdom. Granted, rather Neptunian stuff, but I was born with a taste for glory. And I wish I knew where it came from...

And yes, you're welcome to my birth data: March 8th, 1975, at 4:25 pm, in the city of Nicosia (can also appear as Levkosia), in the country of Cyprus.

A serene evening to you.

15/7/07 5:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yet I understand that in their own clumsy way, they're trying to acknowledge the relationship. So I ought to honor that sensitivity, even if I turn it down.

There's your answer.

No way, joe, with a SN in Cancer to get the family thing right. The best thing in the end is to leave it be. Be good to them but your energy can go elsewhere. You've got nothing to prove to them anymore.

15/7/07 7:02 PM  
Blogger jm said...

9th i, I will look at the chart.

Fear and inertia seem to be epidemic. Don't care for them myself.

15/7/07 7:06 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The biggest clue, joe is how upset this has made you. The family pressure. A celebration like this shouldn't be so painful, so that's telling you the story. Why should we willingly walk into pain? Don't we have enough already?
All SN in Cancer. No matter what you do, the family stuff will continue to be unpleasant, so this could be a decisive act in parting ways emotionally and getting some needed distance, even if you see them just as much. Do the right thing for yourself and you won't fail.

15/7/07 7:21 PM  
Blogger jm said...

but I was born with a taste for glory.

It's written everywhere and I will post the list later. Start with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction.

16/7/07 4:00 AM  

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