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Patriotism in the 21st Century

For the totalitarian, "patriotism" means support for the state and its policies, perhaps with twitters of protest on grounds that they might fail or cost us too much. For those whose instincts are democratic, "patriotism" means commitment to the welfare and improvement of the society, its people, its culture.

With regard to the US, I think we find a mix. Every effort is made by power and doctrinal systems to stir up the more dangerous and destructive forms of "patriotism"; every effort is made by people committed to peace and justice to organize and encourage the beneficial kinds. It's a constant struggle.
Noam Chomsky

Apparently God has been blessing America for a long time, according to traditional patriotic stalwarts, but the results have been somewhat less than divine. Now the United States is embroiled in a confused occupation of a foreign country that seventy percent of the people say they want ended. People are being killed, the occupied country is devastated, and the economy at home is failing. America has a long history of dissent, indeed the birth of the country was based on a revolution proclaiming unfair representation of the people's will.
Saturn (authority) is opposing Uranus (dissent) and the subject is beginning to dominate the political landscape. Despite the rage in parts of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's sermons on God and governmental immorality, something about them rang true and the country is currently recovering from shock treatment. Obama himself, one of the alleged culprits in the matter, is an extraordinarily Uranian gentleman.
The question comes up about real defense of country and the most effective way to show pride. Dissatisfaction. Is it a cheap pin on a lapel? A spine tingling speech? A poetic song? Support of a war that still hasn't found a reason? Peaceful demonstrations? Bloody battle in the streets? Running for office?
The USA has Uranus and Mars in Gemini indicating skill with verbal protest, as well as Moon in Aquarius quincunx Mercury. Saturn by transit is squaring Uranus giving concrete form to the discontent. Interesting how Jeremiah's bombastic expression was juxtaposed with Barack's calm and gentle presentation, two sides of dualistic Gemini. The world is connected in cyberspace now sending messages back and forth around the clock. Dissent among the commoners is shared universally. And truly, the authorities probably are just as dissatisfied in their own ways.
The subject will likely be a major theme in this presidential election, initiating a new form of rebellion. But more importantly, setting the stage for Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, when the commoners and the status quo face off bigtime. I'd rather not leave it in God's hands to damn America. Instead, I hope that the body politic as a whole will voice legitimate objections to corrupt and unethical behavior and follow the criticisms with decisive and effective action. Certainly those who choose to wear a pin should feel free to do so.


Anonymous Joe said...

Interesting that there was once a prophet Jeremiah who castigated the Israelites for their behavior.

25/3/08 4:35 AM  
Blogger jm said...

No one's perfect.

25/3/08 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Of course not. I think it just goes to show that gadflies have always been necessary to chivvy humans into doing better by one another, whether they were named the Prophet Jeremiah or Jeremiah Wright.

25/3/08 4:10 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thank God for Gadflies.

And I hope to God's Gadflies that we do actually do a tiny tiny bit better.

Love your vocabulary, joe.

I think most of all the public is confused by Wright. It screwed up their brain patterning. All the insane yelling by the media infants, but woven into the madnesss was the truth. Kind of like everyday experience. There's a reason it won't go away and I don't think it's exactly what it appears to be. And meanwhile, Obama is relaxing in the tropics, God bless 'im.

It's all connected to the end of Mars in Cancer and fear of releasing the familiar. So the hysteria is a necessary outlet. Crying Cancer babies. Bad kids. Go away Jeremiah!

25/3/08 4:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Of course the bigger issue is Pluto in Sagittarius, and the effect of Wrightgate is different from what they think. Religious people will respond to the commitment shown and also to the invasion of privacy, having stupid politicians try and dictate how a person should worship. Kind of totalitarian. The judgement factor. Isn't that supposed to be God's job?

The whole affair is going to increase his Republican vote. Could be the cosmic plan behind this, since it's kind of imperative that he be elected as far as the good of the country goes. Whether the good ends up on top remains to be seen, but the struggle certainly is fascinating. The struggle in and of itself is revealing. Why is it there?

It's very interesting to me to see where the racial events go. The young are not as interested in maintaining the traditional divides and so this ultimately comes back to the fundamental issue of the whole thing. Generation shifting.

25/3/08 4:49 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Another factor is that in an Obama administration, the media will change in keeping with Pluto in Capricorn. They will be obliged to tone down the infantilism and act with more decorum. I think some of them are sensing this and the possible loss of jobs with the big shift. The job loss fear throughout Washington is happening according to a friend of mine who works there. No one knows what's ahead so this is added panic on top of the normal panic.

It probably won't be politically correct to be publically racist soon so that could delete certain pundits from the stage.

The change represented by Obama has many arms. Kind of like a Hindu goddess.

25/3/08 5:02 PM  
Blogger frs said...

I hope you are right about Obama being our next president. I am concerned between the Clinton's obsession to win at any cost and the fox lunatic faction.

26/3/08 12:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Frs, He's already won the nomination but the superdelegates can't do anything yet, I think because of alienating the Clinton supporters and appearing undemocratic. She's set to win Pennslyvania but North Carolina looks like it's going to be a blowout for Obama and it should be clear to everyone that it's hopeless for her, which it has been since Wisconsin. It's important to get a united front for the GE because of the overall odds.

It's painful but this gives the country a chance to let go of the past and see it clearly. The media is already changing the narrative. Most people around the country don't watch Fox and the newspapers are entirely different in their reporting. The controversies are understated in my paper, but his speech got the front page headline. That speech was the most imortant part of the whole primary so far. There are cosmic forces at work.

Clinton needs to self-destruct as well so it's best to let her go all the way. As far as beating McCain for the presidency, that remains to be seen but it looks good. he's polling even now and Obama hasn't even started the debate. Wright was the worst part of his past as far as the public is concerned and it will be long gone, although in the end it probably helped him. People were subconsciously affected by his speech and his loyalty to his friend.

There's always more than meets the eye and I think this process has been healing in ways, but it's in crisis mode right now and it'll take time to see the results.

fox lunatic faction


26/3/08 3:30 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The need and desire in the the collective for Obama is too great to defeat and the struggle to get him in position is part of the long road to this achievement. It's deep and real. And it's the balance required by the forces of equilibrium.

Obama is a beauty, the kind of leader that comes along very very rarely and the world recognizes him. But it's not the man, himself. It's what he represents in the entire collective so we are all making a choice between continuing on the vulgar debasing path or rerouting gradually to a healthier state of being. Saturn in Virgo is helping.

Obama is as human as anyone, a political animal who has many flaws, but he is malleable, young, and brilliant. Very very very talented. I think he'll be sculpted not only be Americans, but by other countries as well. He belongs to everyone.

The best thing to do if you are worried is to donate what you can - even $5 on a regular basis counts - make calls if you want to, and talk about him to everybody. Most people are anxious to have the dialog. In general, they recognize the opportunity.

We're all just getting acquainted. It's going to take everything we have as a society to accomplish this. After that we can celebrate and then, of course, come down to reality and get to work.

26/3/08 4:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A radical departure:

He thinks Obama will be truthful even when it hurts his chances of getting elected.

Amazing and related to my article:

From the Streets

26/3/08 5:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Found this in some earthquake talk...

Another powerful earthquake hit the midwest along the New Madrid fault, during the winter of 1811/12. It wasn't quite as powerful as the Alaska quake but a series of three earthquakes and countless aftershocks, devestated what little there was in the area at the time, it was sparsley settled back then. The quakes rang churchbells in Philadelphia and Washington DC and the drop in landmass caused the Mississippi river to run backward and created Reelfoot Lake.

27/3/08 3:45 AM  

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