Friday, March 21, 2008

Aries Has Arrived!

Man your battle stations!
The fear graph has spiked and all hopes of One America have vanished. But don't worry. Aries is brave and can handle just about anything.

As an Aries Rising for well over half a century with plenty of experience in these conflicting matters I feel I have a choice. I can join in the over-excitement or I can kick back, relax, and anticipate the soon to arrive cool and refreshing leaves of spring. Oh there'll be some blood of Christ thing happening but I've had my fill of religion for the moment so I think I'll decline. As far as primary battles go -- I've primarily been battling all my life. Nothing new. And my rapier is in the shop.

So relaxation has won the day!


Anonymous Joe said...

Oh there'll be some blood of Christ thing happening but I've had my fill of religion for the moment so I think I'll decline.

I'll drink to that!

Incidentally there's info coming to light about the allegorical nature of the zodiac with respect to the Bible, as well as Egyptian and Greek and Roman spring festivals involving a dying and resurrected god. I find it very freeing to know that Christ is just the latest sun god to be killed and revived in order to save his people from darkness.

21/3/08 9:06 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Sorry for the Blogger burp just now.

Just had a thought: earlier you said "Sagittarius in the 7th breaks through boundaries, so maybe this was the antidote to your defensive 1st house Saturn all these years." Fiery Sag is about movement and going out into the world... and the 7th house is about boundaries b/c it's opposite the 1st house which is all about the boundary that is one's identity???

21/3/08 9:17 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Your Saturn in the 1st is the hard boundary in your case. And you have Sagittarius planets in the 7th supposedly attracting others who balance your own rigidity and protectiveness. But actually the freeing 7th is part of you too. Pluto is just about through with it and these are the final lessons before the deeper confrontation with the psyche in the 8th.

The thing with Saturn is that it often feels like an impediment or some sort of punishment until we realize how to use it and that it serves a good purpose. The same principle behind all this oppression and victimization stuff. "It's the government's fault" Or the media's. People seldom see their parts and how they all can be used.

The 1st house separates us and the 7th is ideally the perfect balance, the mirror that shows us who we are and what we project. It's the most interesting part of the chart to me. The ascendant being our whole persona, yet we don't see it. We need the reflection of the 7th to show us, and then we adjust according to our specifications. So in that sense our 1st house is changeable in alignment with our desires. I see it as the most evidence of our power and will and ability to shape our personalities. Saturn in the 1st is especially able to do this being forced to stay inside so much.

So the Sag 7th brings relief from the isolation, but as you see, relationships change according to what parts of our selves we're working on. That's what I was talking about when we first went over your transit. As Pluto goes further into your 8th, relationships could go deeper too. Your whole chart is about that balancing act. You're definitely not a loner. Maybe this transit will show you how to be your natural weighty, sometimes, gloomy self, and not intimidate others with it, plus get from others what you want.

21/3/08 3:44 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

This makes a lot of sense, and reflects what I am seeing in my life now.

Speaking of mirrors, I had an epiphany 2 days ago when something Jan Spiller wrote finally got thru about how the lower half of the chart is not just below the horizon but the internal, hidden, parts of us, whereas the upper half is the external. What I missed was how the houses reflect these two divisions, and how the opposing houses are also internal/external.

Mirrors. I'm getting there!

22/3/08 7:07 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Good point joe. All oppositions are based on the first Aries-Libra one and the mirror factor.

Most of my planets are below the horizon but the emphasis now is on the upper and will be increasingly so. That could mean that the end result will be more self knowledge as a result of the mirror factor. That should motivate me!

22/3/08 7:39 PM  

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