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The Fear Card

Common Sense
The future is not what somebody tells us it is.
The future is what we decide it's going to be.
Barack Obama
My favorite quote from Obama.
There's been a lot of talk lately about (in)security, terror deep in the night, trust, hope, change, leadership, faith, fear, possibility, truth, and what-not. At the moment, fear is center stage. The idea that something good is impossible due to global conglomerates, attack machines, evil monsters, psychic predictions, planets in outer space, or such uncontrollable forces, is erroneous. None of these are omnipotent. Believing these things points to a deficit in self determination.
There is a natural fear that something bad is going to happen and it will. As well as all the good things. People who crave power sometimes try to make others think that if they do what they say the bad things won't happen, and if they don't, they will. Completely false. No leader has control over these elements and they can't be predicted. Both bad and good are scheduled. The times determine which one triumphs temporarily. People have no idea what the future will bring and death looms ahead as well. Most people are uneasy at best.
As you might have noticed, the fear card came into play exactly as Mars went into Cancer a few days ago and will be there for the next two months. Join me in a closer look at the significant planetary configurations ......
First of all, Pluto in Capricorn is making a four month station opposite this zero-one Cancer point. Not surprisingly, one of our presidential candidates has a planet in this location. Barack Obama has Venus at 1 degree Cancer. No wonder the last few days have been an emotional trial for him. The Pluto opposition is represented by Mrs. Clinton, a Scorpio. The lesson is in composure and maturity as the emotional jabs come in relentlessly trying to help him maintain equanimity as a prerequisite for his new leadership position. The self-control of Capricorn vs. the reactive of Cancer. The interesting addition is the USA Venus at 3 Cancer. This is a prelude to the whole country's lesson. Emotional maturity. It's especially important since the Pluto crossing is happening right at election time.
Pluto is going to oppose the Cancer stellium for many years. Cancer responds from the primitive brain, Capricorn is more aloof and can assess situations with logic and react accordingly. Through the Bush years, whose Cancer Sun conjuncts the US Sun, fear has dominated with an unpleasant result. Now that Mars is in Cancer and Pluto is in Capricorn, hope and inspiration have been put on the back burner while the people deal head-on with the old issue. This is a good opportunity for society to take a reasoned look at how manipulation operates and make some intelligent choices.

The Attack machine
Attack is a fact of life. Every second it goes on in the body, in the country, in the world, in space, everywhere. The purpose of attack is to muscle against resistance and build strength and a good defense mechanism. Every human encounters it. The people will need to step it up as Uranus goes into Aries. The last time Uranus transited Aries, Pluto was in Cancer and the government came to the rescue. This time no such thing, which is why Capricorn self preservation is waiting to be developed.
The best approach is to take attack and turn it into strength. If you attack the entity directly it will return and weakness will be maintained. If you take it and transform it, the weakness disappears as well as the future confrontation. Survival in Aries will likely call upon some good defense. So Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto is part of the preparation. The antidote? Confidence.
Don't let'em scare ya too much.
Celebes the Elephant. Max Ernst


Blogger bacalove said...

America must begin to stand up for her democracy. We cannot allow anyone to further take our Democracy from us, be it the Clintons’, the Bush’s or anyone else. In the current delegate controversy, Camp Clinton must follow the Rules like everyone else and not be allowed to change the game in the middle. They know this. They cannot be allowed to Cheat the System for their own aggrandizement and selfish grasping of power. There must be a fair and equitable resolution to this matter.

As for Hillary’s superior foreign experience, Hillary did not think it important enough to read the National Intelligence Report and so she voted Yes on a War/Mistake that should have never been waged instead of having the intelligence and Judgment to say No, as other Senators did, and stated at the time, that we must not invade Iraq who did not bomb us on 911, but instead finish the job in Afghanistan. This makes her qualifyingly ineligible for the top job as commander-in-chief. Just because she surrounds herself with a bunch of generals does not make her qualified. A Photo-op does not eras her Iraq vote or exonerate it. Camp Clinton loves to stage phony events for the perception to make us think something that is not, is -- Masters of Spin & Hype and Delusion, often busing people in to their events to make the crowd look bigger than it is!
Then there is the current Camp Clinton Mantra, that may be the American public are having second thoughts about Barack Obama, beginning to doubt him because he did not win in Ohio. That is such spin. They won Ohio because they slandered him and made people doubt that he is a true Christian and some secret closet Muslim instead. They duped him on Naftagate, when they were the initial culprits, somehow Rezko's trial was pushed up to coincide with the primaries and the insinuation that Obama was a criminal too, just waiting to go down with Rezko. That is why people doubted him unfairly, because of old-time party politics, instituted by a "do anything and say anything mentality", no matter the cost to the person and the party.

Those of us who care for our Democracy for the vetting of truth and for fair and accurate reporting must begin to call the main stream media to task. We can exercise our rights and our united power by calling CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. and ask them to begin to Vet Hillary Clinton and ask the important questions they should be asking her, like why she has not returned the money back to IPA, a company accused of sexually harrasing women? Why have they not further discussed Camp Clinton's initial call to Canada in the Naftagate controversy? Why do they continually bring up negative stories on Obama and soft question of her -- like the press is bought and paid for, yet again! It is an illusion that the press has been hard on her and soft on Obama. That is a traditional Camp Clinton spin and we all know they are the Masters of Spin (that means in essence they do not speak the truth).


Looks like Hillary was responsible for the Canadian/Nafta debacle after all. Where's the Press on this? Click on the word "round-up"

Brotherhood (1937) - 552: Do you wish to be courageous? Then prove your courage in battling for Brotherhood. Assurances alone will not create courage, nor will praises affirm achievement. No preparations can be a guarantee of success. Courage is tested by unexpected obstacles. I have already spoken about courage; if I repeat it, it means that this quality is especially needed on the path to Brotherhood

Let the Vetting Begin!

7/3/08 8:08 AM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

Wow, this was a fantastic entry, and the art is perfect too. Thank you jm.

7/3/08 9:43 AM  
Blogger jm said...

This makes her qualifyingly ineligible for the top job as commander-in-chief.

This is true, bacalove. I always thought the populace sensed this truth, so we shall see.

The recent days have been eerily like the Bush-Rove emotionally punishing days, but remember the Mars return to Cancer. Maybe the exposure, the stark contrast, is what's necessary to help people move on to a more dignified phase.

People have said this before about Obama. How he can exasperate others by continuing straight through on his own path and earn respect so naturally. Clinton put money and effort into Ohio and Texas and won nothing. Her own turf. He won Texas by at least 7 delegates, maybe more. He also won 9 more in California, so she actually is further in the hole right now and she appears to have gone mad. I always thought she was mentally unstable. Delusional. The idea of her presidency was always a dream.

Society as a whole has to recognize the foulness of the old-style politics, but at the same time, Obama has to be seen as something a little less mythological. For now. Things were a little too perfect. It's tragic, the same old trap, but I do see a sliver of an opening. My hopes are remaining steady. In fact, if there is substance to the hope, then Obama's supporters can draw on that now. Everything gets tested eventually.

Courage is tested by unexpected obstacles. I have already spoken about courage; if I repeat it, it means that this quality is especially needed on the path to Brotherhood

I agree.

Keep your spirits up! It's up to the people. All they need to do is keep voting like they have.

7/3/08 1:04 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mpk! Thank you too. Always so gracious.

7/3/08 1:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's really rather interesting. The Clinton frenzy should be given pretty free rein in my opinion. Let her have her moment in the spotlight. My god, what she's had to do to keep a grip on it, and she might not get it again. Certainly not to this extent. The people are weary of her show after so many years. She's really not comfortable in the light. A grand vulgar and tragic exit might be good to close it out. This way O can go about his usual business of encouraging the citizens around the country.

One plus about cleaning her from the system is creating a space for the actual good women in the government who are eclipsed by this antiquated feminist idea that women are supposed to be brutal, what they euphemistically call "tough". On to the humanist.

The things I like about him remain. His elegance, grace, intelligence, restraint, confidence, skill, judgement, and one thing especially attractive to me is his vigilant work in ethics reform. I expect him to be particularly interested in tackling the justice system after the Neocon evisceration.

Also, his flaws are apparent, which is good, and should make him all the more attractive to the voters as he continues to win their hearts and minds legitimately, albeit still being a political animal. The Saturn-Uranus opposition will drive the conflict till the election, the NN in Aquarius being the people's ace.

I think it's wise not to react to the baiting now. He's doing the best he can by seeming to be on the ropes and not interfering with the truth of ugliness being revealed. Again the contrast bodes well.

The voters agree. The Texas win is turning out be bigger than thought since the caucus results keep coming in. I knew he'd win Texas but the odd way it's happening allows this scenario to come and go. Release.

It all comes back to this fear thing. As long as people panic the game continues as is.

7/3/08 3:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A couple of good diaries...


Civilized Discourse

7/3/08 9:28 PM  
Blogger Fernmountain said...

This is incredibly informative from Mother Jones. It is a long read, but explains much about the real Hillary and her 'Inside the Beltway' associations.

9/3/08 5:54 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I can't make any sense out of that fern. It's not connecting with my neurons.

9/3/08 6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People! Or should I say, Sheep! Don't believe the hype. BO is paper thin. Parse those speeches carefully -- there's nothing there.

9/3/08 9:48 AM  
Blogger Fernmountain said...

I posted that article because I was struck by the religious groupings Hilary has historically connected with.

Having experienced first hand the manipulitive tendancies of people in prayer groups I was surprised that this was such a big and unknown part of her life in politics.

10/3/08 2:52 AM  
Blogger jm said...

You're right. She never reveals religious connection so this is new information. It sounds so sinister but I thought maybe it's basically a Washington clubby thing. She seems to be in a fog overall, but definitely conservative and calculating politically. Unsure of power and herself, wanting to belong to the inner sanctum.

In her own way, she is a true believer.

So says the article, and that sounds presumptuous to me. I have difficulty following and believing such stories when they make statements like this.

I know all about the prayer groups you're talking about, though.

10/3/08 5:47 AM  

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