Monday, March 03, 2008

Deep in the Heart

All right! Stand up! The real Democratic nominee for the President of the United States. Now!!
The State of Texas.
Sun: 7 Capricorn
Moon: 18 Capricorn
Mars: 4 Aries
Uranus: 6 Aries
Pluto: 22 Aries
Jupiter: 0 Taurus
Saturn: 16 Aquarius
Neptune: 23 Aquarius
Venus: 24 Aquarius
There's no doubt about what's happening on March 4th in this tough and rebellious state. Senator Obama more than likely given the nod, hopefully the final one. What's so intriguing is the Texas Aries-Capricorn square with the Aquarius stellium, foretelling the upcoming Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn square, and the continuing debate in people vs. the establishment or vice-versa. But what is even more interesting is the connection to Iowa, where the saga began. Iowa also has Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. Pluto there, too, and Saturn-Neptune in Aquarius. Practice makes perfect. Independents unite!!

Mars opposite Pluto
In keeping with the cosmic tone of this election, March 4th will be the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo and the end of the Texas fight for independence. The Alamo chart, march 4, 1836, has Mercury and Mars conjunct the USA Moon at 27 Aquarius accompanied by the north node station I've mentioned so often at 27 right now. There is a sense of liberation in the country, although from what? One does not know quite.
One added factor that caught my eye in the Alamo chart was the Moon at 1 Libra. On March 7th the New Moon occurs at 17 Pisces. The Full Moon follows at 1 Libra. Could there be some sort of some kind of peaceful resolution in store? Providing the audience with a breather, perchance?
But perhaps the most definitive configuration is the return of Mars to 0 Cancer tomorrow exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. A decisive moment to say the least, as the past falls behind, the immaturity of Cancer is set to be relinquished, and the responsibility of Capricorn gets ready to take hold. The childishness and emotional excess of the last days of this campaign will be a welcomed exit as I see it from my perch. I'm interested in something a little bit different.
As Mars spends the next two months in Cancer, the good-byes will be completed. Adios. Fare thee well. Then on to Leo with Pluto back in Sagittarius, when the fireworks and inspiration continue and could easily attain new heights. Be prepared is my adopted motto.


Blogger bacalove said...

The Republican's New Agenda is to Stop Obama, they want to run against Hillary. They have so much dirt in their Arsenal on the Clintons just waiting to be Unleashed (movies, scandals, lawsuits, books) -- that is why Rush Limbaugh is Begging, Begging his listeners to vote for Hillary. Limbaugh declared: “I want the funeral music to play at some point to the Clintons, but not this early.” America, if Hillary becomes the nominee, we haven't seen nothing yet!

Who released the Canadian Memo and distorted its contents--, where did that come from and who called Goolsbee to a meeting and conveniently set him up? Who pushed up Rezko's trial which, was to start much later this year? Why did the Somali picture come out, along with Farrakahn endoresement and a radio jock mocking of Obama's middle name? Which was allowed to be played over and over again by the Main-stream media. We have to ask these things? Who wants to Kill unity and hope? Was this part of the Kitchen Sink or may be the Basement (Swiftboating)? I do know its dirty politics and until we reject this kind of politicking in America we will be a pawn in their hands, the people of power, and never find our true Independence and Voice which Obama is offering. The Evil Ones are just getting started, warmed up. Someone is trying to pull our strings. The Truth will come out, however. Hopefully, America we can see through this Rouse this time and elect CHANGE!

4/3/08 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think it matters who wins. day to day life for most Americans isn't going to change no matter who is elected president. even under Bush, despite all his lies, mistakes, and failures, my life didn't really change that much.

4/3/08 10:53 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Bacalove, the people as a whole are less interested in the negativity but it's a slow process. And in the end it's up to each of us to keep our own spirits up.

The Mars-Pluto opposition today is a heavy one and usually it means an elimination of some sort, so we'll see. The human capacity for abuse is amazing, no doubt.

But I agree completely with anonymous. It won't make any difference. I think Barack will be in the WH, however, and I do love his voice.

4/3/08 1:50 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Bacalove. I identify so much with your feelings. I've always been disturbed by the brutality in society and I know I always will be. But in the end I'm glad for my sensitivity which comes with that price.

Here's a little astrological perspective.
The Sun is now in Pisces, Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn. It's time for the blues so it would have happened anyway regardless of the politicians. Pisces is often downtime to get ready for the Aries renewal at the end of March. It's a letdown after all the Obamajoy, but that joy is scheduled to return, especially when Pluto comes back to Sagittarius in June.

Mrs. Clinton can't win the nomination and he needs to get ready for the General. At the same time we, as a society, have to be sure we are ready to let go of the old style. As much as people say they want to, the media carnage still excites them. So it's a long slow process. I do think it's beginning and that the GE will reveal just how far it's come.

Change for the better seems to be harder than for the worse, doesn't it? People are terrified of being disappointed. But this is a chance for all of us to get used to the ups and downs, even with a refreshing figure like Obama as Prez.

There's also a call for the people to get into action and the habits of an age are up for transformation. All scary stuff. So they reverted to the familiar in the last days right before the Pluto-Mars opposition.

As Mars transits Cancer something should be resolved. There are countless astro connections to Cancer and the past. It looks like Clinton will go after tonight, but then comes the hard part. What will we do with triumph and hope?

I think we'll forge ahead after the Saturn-Uranus opposition and when Pluto finishes in Sagittarius. After the inauguration is the really important part when we realize we can't slink away from responsibility.

The last few days were typical of Plutonian endings, and since Pluto is changing signs the ending is a rather large one. But one lesson of Pluto in Sagittarius is the ability to remain confident and maintain faith through difficulties. The GE is going to be one of those times, although milder than some think, in my opinion.

Everything cycles up and down so get ready for the continuation of the up when Aries comes soon. In the meantime, kicking back and feeling sad is actually not a bad idea. Obama will probably win tonight but even that might not get the joy in high gear under the circumstances as it should be. We have to roll with the punches. A stellar Sagittarian trait.

4/3/08 3:10 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Well it's interesting. After all the ups and downs it looks like the actual results of tonight are a draw delegate-wise. So Obama stays ahead as usual. We went nowhere, in keeping with Pisces, although Mrs C. got some sort of victory after the her recent agony. Pisces is often about abuse and degradation. It's peculiar. I watched a bit of her speech without the sound and her face has changed. The pasted on smile has all but disappeared and you can see her eyes which looked strange tonight. A deep weariness looks to have set in. I think that happens when people don't really know what they want, caught in endless traps of their own design. There's some of that, of course, for everyone.

I think it's a good thing myself. A break in the gigantic winning streak. And even though I wanted this to end after the campaign returned to the sewer, I accept that there are future lessons in the process. Transition is pretty hard. We all went through it in labor and our heads were none to round as we emerged. It looks like it will take the Mars in Cancer transit to finish the job and if the more dignified approach triumphs it will all be worth it. Contrasts are everything.:-)

I always wonder where the conscience lurks in people who seem to act without it. Does everyone have one?

4/3/08 11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't think Obama's going to win. it's just a gut feeling. i don't think he can successfully fend off the brutal attack machine that is set in motion against him... i hope i'm wrong, but i had a similar sinking feeling before the Ohio and Texas primaries as well.

6/3/08 9:08 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Well he won Texas.

He's already won the nomination. The loss of Ohio was good for him, really (and the Texas primary) and she gained a whopping total of four delegates. So overall, that's a win since she was expected to win big just a few weeks ago.

I detached and looked at it and came to some conclusions. The Dem Party understands how good the extended primary is and how the voter enthusiasm bodes well for the future. He's a gold mine for them so they'll support him. At the same time many are glad to see the end of the Clintons so they are standing back while she makes a fool of herself. It all has to be done to completion. The way he is traveling all over the country and arousing each state is the best thing in the world politically. If he wins, it continues, if McCain wins, it ends for now, most likely. It depends on how much despair is required before Uranus enter Aries. I'm not sure there's time with the Uranus Saturn opposition continuing. So I think the attack machine is secondary.

You could be right. I
think the metaphysical reason behind the recent events was to inoculate the public with the attacks. Now they won't be new. From what I gather on the streets, the experience attack is the only one he has to worry about. It's the people's choice so I'll agree with what they decide. I think they actually know best as a whole. The right leader for the time is always there, good or bad.

If he wins, then people know hope actually is all right sometimes. Fear and doubt are natural and they continue alongside. With Pluto at 29 Sagittarius at election-time it seems to me this issue is up for conclusion.

What I have to remember is to respect others' lack of hope. It's equal, although an uptick in optimism could affect the outcome. It's hard to tell. Of course, Pisces is on the despair side, so there will be a little more of that now in some quarters. And some hocus pocus.

6/3/08 3:17 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You bring up a great point, anon. All of us have gut feelings, probably equal in the win-lose game. How we relate when we differ is the good thing to learn.

People who are pessimistic are thus for good reason, so the hard part is allowing for each side without fearing our individual choices. It's a metaphor for political division. This is also what Obama is about. Independent alliances and instead of battling to win over the other side, we take from each and live together. Maintain the differences within a common whole. Very Aquarian.

I think people are very far from mastering this important lesson. It's a good opportunity now to make progress.

So, again, you could be right. And I could. Whether or not he wins is not as important as the way we respect each other's stances and still continue to hold our own.

6/3/08 3:26 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Just in case you really want Obama to be the next prez here's a word of encouragement.

The timing is perfect just as Mars finishes in Cancer opposite serious Pluto in Capricorn. The aggrandizement of Obama had to come to a halt and the end result will be a balance when Pluto returns to Sagittarius in June right before the convention.

None of the hoopla now is what it seems. Clinton and McCain are metaphysically drawn to gang up on O at the moment in order for him and and his supporters to be sensible and realistic about how he will defend himself on national security.

The truth of the matter is that the people want him elected as a whole and the strategy has to be planned well now. So what's happening now is actually the General Election campaigning and if he does well against the two of them he will sail through the GE.

It's very important to the people that this man get to the WH and equally important to do it with dignity and grace. That is part of the Capricorn test. To see if these standards can be maintained. Right now while Pluto is beginning the long station before going back is time to get it under control.

There will be a loss of excitement and inspiration temporarily as the nuts and bolts are taken care of but after the nomination is settled it will be full throttle. How positive message does against the attack machine is the suspense and we shall see.

As I said, Mars in Cancer now is time to confront the fear and when it goes on to Leo, confidence comes into play, especially with O's 4 Leo placements.

6/3/08 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for that brilliant and hopeful assessment... i do hope that he can pull it off against these entrenched interests

7/3/08 9:04 AM  

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