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Integration in the modern family.


Anonymous Joe said...

Hey jm, I felt this is worth sharing in light of your discussion with Neo a bit ago about the power of the people. This is an excerpt from the Universal Festival Calendar written by
Dan Furst
, here writing about the conj of Chiron and Neptune in 2010:

What will surface in late July 2010, and has already been evident to some, is that the true people's genius for choosing their battles -- when they're on their game, that is, acting in a communal spirit of courage and common sense -- may express itself this time not in taking up arms against anything, but in taking power away from governments, corporations and churches. If there is one thing authorities can't bear, it's to be starved of attention by their own people. The ruling elites will not last long when citizens start to withhold not only tax revenues and other physical tributes, but the spiritual currency of allegiance and respect. This will inevitably happen as more people come to see that overempowered institutions are the only animals having the qualities of both predator and parasite, and must now be removed from the masters' roles they have arrogated, and put back in the service role that they may legitimately aim to play.

Some of the pleasant news here is that there will be no need to overthrow anything by the usual means of steel. What is most needed is that the people hold concentrated, connected intentions that there will not by an overthrow, just an overslide, as those who are tired of fighting for power slip of their own weight. They'll have to, because fewer and fewer of us will be propping them up from below. We'll have perceived that our heaviest codependent relationships are not with our mates, our families or our friends, but with institutions of authority who can keep holding power over us only for as long as we continue to enable them. Once we make it clear to churches, governments and corporations that we will no longer empower them as vampires who get to suck away our money, vitality and joy, then they will fade for lack of food and devotion.
These institutions won't disappear, because there are still legitimate economic needs to be met and administrative tasks to be handled. Roads must be repaired and snow cleared by those who are here to serve the people, not try to own them. And we'll always have people who find comfort in hierarchies. We'll see them congregating in the government buildings and churches that haven't yet turned into music spaces, rave clubs, community centers and other things that Aquarian people prefer and need. And -- whatever happens, there will always be nostalgic hierarchy hobbyists, who'll be like those re-enactors who dress up and stage historic battles. But the old power institutions themselves will become less and less central to our lives. In the end they'll be like miniature golf courses or drive-in movie lots out on the edge of town. Most of the people who once inhabited them will have moved on to seek employment of a truly useful nature.

The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that the three most wretched men were the king out of power, the rich man now penniless, and the learned man laughed at. We'll see all three of these in a whole menu of vulnerable characters in motion in the mid-summer of 2010. As they navigate the transition from VIP to DIP (for Doubly Irrelevant Person), they should be given enough room to swing their arms as they try in vain to call attention to themselves. The kinder we are to them, the faster and more easily they will see that they have in themselves the same ordinariness than connects us all, and life will get so much simpler.

24/2/08 6:27 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Excellent joe. We're seeing it already with the mockery of old power in this primary. I've never seen anything like it, they've become so small and impotent. I think it will continue through the GE and that will be fascinating.

My view is that the Neptune-Saturn years put a veil over the structure, probably as the top was decaying beyond repair, and now Uranus is bringing up the bottom. The ideal would be a coming together in unified strength when Uranus trines Pluto and we can all go forward to deal with our relationship to the earth. Bigger things to think about.

The big big big advancement would be for the people to realize that the corporate structure is of their own making; to get them the commodities they so enjoy, so instead of violently trying to rid themselves of what they now depend on, they can use the top of the structure. Who among us would want to operate an oil well? Raise your hand? Or run a shipping company to get bananas out of season? It's all about commodities exchange and no one is exempt.

Maybe the real distribution of wealth will come with Pluto in Aquarius, not too far ahead.

there will be no need to overthrow anything by the usual means of steel. What is most needed is that the people hold concentrated, connected intentions that there will not by an overthrow, just an overslide, as those who are tired of fighting for power slip of their own weight.

Exactly. I still will press for the commoners understanding their collusion. The people have been too lazy but Aries will take care of that. And some transparency in government is right around the corner with the advent of the Internet and the coming administration.

24/2/08 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Pssst, jm, look over

25/2/08 6:47 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks joe.

The most important thing about trusting Obama, added to DR's analysis, is his South Node in Aquarius. He is "of the people, by the people, and for the people".

Glad to see so may coming around. He is going to have an impact on the world. I'm happy for all of us.

25/2/08 9:09 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I noticed one of the comments expressed it perfectly. Obama is all about confidence and many people are reacting already and feeling more courage and sense of self.

His Sun-Jupiter-Mercury-North Node in Leo is as good as it gets with solar power and the opposition to his Aquarius points means people empowerment. Those who are afraid are probably in the minority at this point, thank heaven. Revolutions require courage most of all, free from doubt in the beginning. This is the kick-off.

Many of us old-timers will agree with me. We've never seen anything like it. The evolutionary factor is something I will be going into soon.

25/2/08 9:20 PM  

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