Friday, February 08, 2008

The Raucous Caucus Sisters

These freewheelin' gals put on a great show. They're for hire at a reasonable rate. You can contact their agent.
They're booked for the Democratic Convention in Denver, however, but after that their schedule is wide open. You'll love 'em! They get my vote.


Anonymous Joe said...

jm, I thought of you when I read this. Admittedly it's anecdotal and no attribution is given. Apologies for the length... I don't know how to link to it at its source, which would be unavailable unless you are a subscriber.

A report came out in the Chicago newspapers that dangerous levels of asbestos were found in some elementary schools in the south side of the city. The mayor promised that action would be taken to clean up the schools, but months passed and nothing happened. These schools were in the poorest part of the city, many of the families lived in the projects. They were people who did not have much political ''clout''.

One of the parents, a woman named Molly, called a meeting of other parents to see if they could find a way to get the city to act. About 10 parents showed up for the meeting. Molly was very disappointed that so few parents had come. One other person was there, a young community organizer Molly knew. She thought maybe he could help. She asked her friend the community organizer what she thot they should do.

He said that the first thing that needed to happen was that they had to get more parents and teachers and people in the community involved. He suggested that the people who had showed up for the meeting all talk to their friends and families and neighbors and get them to come to another meeting. He suggested ways to get more ppl involved...printing up handbills and sending letters. Getting lists from public records of all the parents who had kids in those schools...phoning and going door to door to get them involved.

At the next meeting about 400 parents, teachers and other residents showed up. Molly spoke to them about the asbestos problem. She introduced her friend the community organizer to them, and he suggested some things they might do and said he would help if they wanted.

He had prepared a petition. He suggested a *surprise* visit to the Chicago school board by as many of the parents as could get there at once. He raised some money from the parents and rented a couple of busses. He called the newspapers and tv stations and told them only that there would be a ''story'' happening at the school board. He got everybody together and about 200 of the parents all showed up at the office of the school board at once with their petition. The news reports showed this huge crowd of ppl waving the petition and pushing their way into the building.

The next day the mayors office announced funding for cleanup of the schools, and the asbestos was taken out of them within 2 months.

Here is the part of this story that is most interesting. When the crowd of parents had showed up at the school board, Molly turned to her friend the community organizer and asked what he was going to say to the school board president when they got inside.

The young man, whose name was Barack Obama said, ''Oh no Molly, Im not going inside with you. I dont have a child in one of those schools. You and the other parents are going to talk to the school board. My job was just to help you get here. You are the ones who will make this happen.''

And they did make it happen.

This is the kind of President Barack Obama will be.

America needs to change course. No President is going to make that happen, WE are going to make that happen with the help of a President who cares, who inspires, who brings us together. A President who leads, but who realizes that the POWER is not his.

The POWER is ours.

8/2/08 4:22 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, I read about this but not in so much detail. Thank you for the well described picture. It's exactly how he's running his campaign. He has great organizational skills with his Mars in Virgo trine Saturn and lots of Aquarian social skills. Here's a diary that covers some possibilities. Good comments too.

A New Progressive

He's an advocate of Net neutrality and plans to use it as a political tool:

Lawrence Lessig and Obama

Here's a little on his foreign policy. That one's going to be difficult as he deals with so many powerful factors. Some of it won't be to everyone's liking, but he was a political science major at Columbia University in foreign relations. He's on the senate FR Committee now. That one is always tough.

Soft Power

He's done some bad things, admits some of it, and will do more, but Obama can be influenced by us (we're getting him in there), so I think it's in our best interests to capitalize on his assets from the beginning.

This is a brand new experience. One thing it's showing is that people can get elected without total corporate funding. This we need to build on. Instead of waiting for finance laws. Just do it. We are.

I'm glad you brought this up. It's right in synch with the Aquarius/Virgo lunation.

8/2/08 5:48 AM  
Blogger jm said...

The most important factor in electing Obama is his effect down-ticket and getting more and better Democrats in Congress to eventually help build the progressive majority he's been envisioning for many years. Probably planning for, as destiny goes.

8/2/08 5:56 AM  
Blogger jm said...

And also, the down-ticket effect will help our local governments. It's in our hands, as we're soon to learn.

8/2/08 6:00 AM  

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