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The Realm of Imagination

Sun in Cancer
The Sun is in Cancer once again. Like a flashlight shining under a rock alarms, Cancer likes her privacy and the hot glare of the Sun can send her scurrying. It's no wonder that the subject of "public" privacy came bounding to the forefront.
It's the ancient battle between the light of day and the cover of night, where senses rule and non-linear, non-rational experience dominates. When the two meet, mysterious images come into the light seeking conscious appraisal. Hidden feelings emerge for recognition. As a Cancer I've battled all my life with exposure. Does the sun kill the essence of dreams and my rich imaginary world, or does it add vitality and meaning? Mercury has just gone direct in Gemini becoming the hook for these fears looking for events as a road to understanding.
Obama has terrified the Netroots Community on the issue of privacy. The Constitution has become a copy of Moses' tablet imbued with extreme mystical power that must be obeyed with dictatorial force. Never mind that it is a flawed document created by imperfect beings. All forgotten in this mighty imaginary world. Privacy is God. The Constitution is now the umbilical savior. The 4th Amendment, 4th planet Cancer, 4th house. With 4 planets in Cancer, yes, the United States is concerned with privacy. The Sun is just crossing Obama's Venus soon to transit the USA stellium. The deity of light is illuminating as he usually does.
What are they really afraid of? Constitutional violations? Every rule is destined to be violated. The Holy Book has been ejected, after diabolical acts, into the netherworlds they say, and we are doomed without mercy, but it's much more primordial than that.
Cancer governs human instinct, unschooled response. What people are grappling with is trust. Should we trust this unusual man, the chalice holding our dreams at the moment, or is he just another corrupt politician?
Or is it a mask covering fear of change as the attempt to equate him with the past gears up? Or perhaps the fear of authority has made it imperative to diminish him immediately now that he's emerged triumphant. And, of course, the obsession's basic fact -- the masking of people's fears about their own lives, the only thing that really matters. And the feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it. Enter the 4th Amendment. And the love of wrapping the tongue around anything repeatable ad infinitum en masse unsubstantiated by fact. Oddly like the dreadful media icons. They do so love capital letters and the Z sound.
So the latest conflict has uncovered the truth of feeling and imagination, apart from logical reality. The desperate attempt to rationalize is failing since the omnipotent legislation in question is understood by no one, except perhaps the creators in the inner sanctum. Whether or not Obama is to be trusted is based on individual wiring and response. While some are facing the fear that was always lurking in the subconscious, others are opening up further to trust, as the polls indicate.
Sure, privacy is great. I love it with my Cancer in the 4th house, and my house literally excludes everybody from the outside world, save a few fix-it people. But the second you pick up the telephone and dial, you've given up your privacy and no law can guarantee it. Didn't the people sacrifice it when they got online with windows peering everywhere? Doesn't secrecy work both ways? What is anyone hiding and why? And why find out? But no matter how many wires are tapped and words read, there are crevices in everyone that no one can reach. When the light shines, some entities will scurry into dark spots, others will wiggle around and enjoy the heat. Individual preference.
Cancer also governs the reflective mirror that shows us the reverse dimension of reality. Obama is good at this, and now the flip sides of people's emotional bodies are showing their might. Obama, the angel suddenly became a monster as the Sun entered Cancer. It promises to be fascinating as Mercury transits Gemini and people try to apply logic to their fears while the Sun goes deeper and deeper into Cancer, shining under the rocks exposing their true feelings. A terribly mixed up realm I might add.
What the Presumptive Nominee is doing now is making the political chess moves to get elected. And they're the right ones. Considering his name and skin shade he has to be superb. So FISA is moot at this point, although his judgement of the revised bill is intelligent and his approval and criticisms are based on knowledge.
There are simple political calculations behind the Democratic Party's decisions, such an important victory being rather high priority. Once president he can deal with it appropriately. If unconstitutional, the courts can strike it down, all the more reason for him to take the job and appoint federal judges. There are loopholes so he can pursue the perpetrators if he wants. And he with a Democratic Congress can render most of it impotent. It's solely foreign surveillance and some of it is actually useful. And I believe the tapping is done by computers, those sentient beings, little of the endless chatter contacting human ears.
The Sun is in Cancer for a month .... fears will be felt, then on to Leo, privacy forgotten for the moment, Obama the hero once again with the added knowing dark dimension. Then the nomination and historic speech, and forward we go, the confident pulling the fearful by the hand. Hopefully. Rather than kicking them from behind.
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of: John Anster


Blogger John from Taos said...

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22/6/08 7:57 AM  
Blogger John from Taos said...

Sorry for cluttering your comments section.

I really do appreciate the observations you've been making, especially the astrological insights. And I have noticed a disturbing tendency on my part to respond immediately and without much thought to exhortations to activism:

"Email NOW!"
"Sign THIS petition!"

Etc. etc.

Seems like the right thing to do, ya know, be a part of the revolutiona and all that. Only it's very weird how one takes up the language that's in the air and spouts it right back -- as in my first comment in this thread -- I do see that, and it tells me I could be more centered, tending my own field.

Weird stuff, but self-awareness is everything. The story of my life, egad. Perhaps I will write more on the subject.

Carry on. :-)

22/6/08 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Worry does seem to be in the air, which is something Cancer rules anyway, right? 2nd house issues seem to be the forefront for me, not surprisingly. Trust and money. Both came into play over the last 48 hours or so, with a friend whose house placements are similar to mine. He has a stellium in Leo in the 4th house. I don't know enough yet to interpret the transits, which is maddening because I want to know how our friendship will weather this test. For a Gemini ASC, he doesn't talk much, so I can't read him well.

There I go worrying again. It saps my energy but I don't know how to stop it... it seems to be a national affliction, not just a personal one.

BTW, John, I too did the petitions, signatures and email forwarding, the whole bit. I don't know when it dawned on me that these things are subject to the POV of whomever is behind it. For example, I don't believe global warming is quite what it appears, yet I get endless mailings from Al Gore urging me to sign petitions to the Bush Administration to stop global warming and prevent oil drilling in Alaska. Trouble is, Al's mansion is responsible for more CO2 than I could ever be blamed for:

"The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh-more than 20 times the national average," the Tennessee Center for Policy Research said in a news release." (February 27, 2007, Tennesee Center for Policy Research)

Since then, I've grown very skeptical and wary of anything anyone claims anymore.

22/6/08 12:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

John, please do write more. It's important and helpful to me. Even though I have confidence in O, I have other fears that need control. I want to be part of the process.

I was perturbed to say the least about this latest panic but it has its good points too. People should be involved. They should care. But they should be careful of the lynch mob thing. The mob behavior is more horrifying to me than the bill in question. Very few people know what is in it. That scares me. We haven't gone far from stoning in the village square. The problem here is that he had no choice. A deal was probably made without him. Likely in exchange for the GI bill that just passed easily that was part of the Iraq funding.

The revolution is happening anyway but will be slow. Obama has to get in there first. The entrenched interests in DC aren't going to disappear overnight. Remember that Obama stopped the funding of lobbyists, (How short the memory can be), but he can't change the system in a flash and certainly not if we abandon him in a flash over nothing. My reaction is to give up and go to another planet to get away from the unthinking mob so I have my own reactions to contend with.

The FISA vote is not important. It can be fixed. O is a scholar and a great politician who knows what he's doing and getting him into the WH is not an easy task.

The telecom lobby is powerful gaining even more in the Clinton years but these corporations don't get that power without us buying their products without discrimination and control. So we are equally responsible and Obama is trying to do something about all of it. He needs time and he needs to get elected!

Still his power will be limited but a little patience is a good idea.

"Email NOW!"
"Sign THIS petition!"

Exactly. That's the authoritarian thing I thought everyone was trying to revolt against.

The Cancer transit should be a good test. Sometimes mass hysteria, guns in the streets, and complete overthrow are called for, but not over this bill, especially since everyone is complicit.

They should overthrow themselves.

Weird stuff, but self-awareness is everything. The story of my life, egad. Perhaps I will write more on the subject.

I hear ya john.

22/6/08 2:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yep. Cancer and worry. Cancer is so fearful you can't believe since they live in that exaggerated imaginary world of the night, full of shadow and beauty. Light is dim so they have to trust instinct and when they do they can overcome the fear. Or hook up with light giving circumstance and learn to love the real world! I still haven't achieved that.:-)

Cancer is like a sponge with no barrier to the sensations around so they pick up on emotion from everything and everyone. Can be overwhelming. Quiet times are recommended. When I'm involved with the world I have to brace myself for the onslaughts of pain that usually rest no longer than 24 hours. "Here they go again" I say and feel the thing escalate to peak hysteria and subside terribly briefly. I'm still working on the addiction to pain out there. They try and make me put it into my music for a sale. The fear addiction is for excitement, I think, but the love of punishment concerns me. Like throwing out Obama for McCain. Like screaming against the oil companies whilst driving their SUVs to overeat in a wasteful restaurant, stopping to but more crap along the way. I just don't get it. At least E-mails don't consume much energy.

You're right about the 2nd house and money. Remember also the relationship reckoning we talked about. That's ongoing as you get to deeper layers of trust, tested all the way in the process. Also remember your SN in Cancer so you can expect some problems next month without worrying about the eventual outcome of the relationship. That will reveal itself soon enough. The process is always educational.

Yep. Al's mansion. I'm not a fan of his. He was a true blue lobbyist baby in DC and even though I think environmental work is good the same money making corporate interests will benefit the most. So caution is a good thing.

There I go worrying again. It saps my energy but I don't know how to stop it... it seems to be a national affliction, not just a personal one.

Try universal.

22/6/08 2:27 PM  
Anonymous joe said...

"Try universal." Hehe, you got it in one.

So if Cancer is like a sponge, as you say, that would explain why I seem to absorb and internalize other people's emotions, both positive and negative. Then I'm flipping out and wondering "where did THIS come from?"

You say more problems next month due to the Sun transiting my SN? *sigh* The tests never stop, do they

22/6/08 2:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Excuse my repairs!

So if Cancer is like a sponge, as you say, that would explain why I seem to absorb and internalize other people's emotions, both positive and negative. Then I'm flipping out and wondering "where did THIS come from?"

Really have to repeat this one. The story of my life. Every move, every facial expression, every smell, every sound coming from others goes all the way in and affects me profoundly. I have Mercury in Cancer too. Makes me a good artist but I wonder about the world I live in. I always ask myself, "Don't they see it. Don't they feel it? Don't they get it? How hard can they be?"

Pretty hard. The evidence abounds. I suppose insensitivity is the way to survive and I wish I could do it but since I can't I have to take it all in increments.

Yeah. More problems next month and every month thereafter. Maybe the key is being selective about which problems we get absorbed in.

22/6/08 2:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

For example. When Obama talks about the Constitution and other political problems you can feel his sorrow and his longing to do something about it. You can see it in his facial expressions and hear it in his voice. The rage and held in tears. I can't believe people miss it and can really believe that he doesn't care about freedom and rights. I don't know what to do. I hear the truth in almost everyone's voice.

We're all caught in the web of life, a system beyond control. People are so quick to lash with the whip. And the group? Causes some trepidation.

When you have so many relationship placements, your chart joe, you can expct a lifetime of working through trouble with people. But if you lean toward the NN in Capricorn, eventually you'll be more in charge of your own reactions and more able to help all of your people grapple with their endless issues.

22/6/08 2:49 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

More problems next month and every month thereafter.

LOL! True. At least I have somehow developed enough grace to be able to laugh about it, once in a while.

Thanks for the illumination into the crevices of my SN. Forewarned is fore-armed. Maybe this time around I can avoid the SN pitfalls.

22/6/08 3:06 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL is right! Love ya joe.

Thanks for the illumination into the crevices of my SN.


22/6/08 3:13 PM  
Blogger jm said...

There's an emotional honesty in obama I've never seen in a politician. It certainly caught my attention. He has to do dishonest things in this difficult world just like everyone else, you and me included. Trust doesn't come easily.

It's probably my Cancer planets that tune in to his sorrow but others get it too, a lot of them musicians with good hearing like who made the video of his New Hampshire speech, Yes We Can.

When I heard him say, "It was written in the documents of our founding fathers" in that video I wept. Then came the talk about the abolitionists and the others who fought for freedom. I'm still amazed that he's taken on the burden of making this historic breakthrough. It's his own heavy karma that makes it possible so I know he's all right and I don't want to go everywhere into the wells of his suffering (his Saturn retro in Capricorn in the 12th). But still, I feel it.

I can completely understand anyone's suspicions of everyone, but remember that the right wing is losing power and they'll do anything to undermine the tremendous support this man has garnered, so beware. Obama's flaws as a human are balanced by his mission as a visionary reformer. The end result remains to be seen.

In order to accomplish anything he has to play the game and compromise with the powers that dominate so immediate progressive revolution is impossible. Some change is within reason, though.

The crippling fear of authority is universal and those in power are just as afraid. Pluto in Capricorn will try to get to the root of this fear, the only way the collective can govern itself well. Obama is a link, not the answer. His Saturn knows the extent of power abuse, more than you can imagine.

In choosing sides, the children on the blogs who don't understand the full realities of life are hardly the ones to follow. They know nothing of real political oppression, thank god. The way to ensure freedom is to think clearly, choose wisely, feel thoroughly, try to learn every step of the way, and gradually learn the art of trust. Freedom is in the self.

23/6/08 3:06 AM  

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