Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The Sparkling Coverup

Hollywood movie stars.... the ladies.... are like floozies, many of whom copulated their way to the top. Of course, some are prudes. Others camouflage it well.

Becoming wealthy and famous, and not necessarily through talent, can be challenging.

So it was with great amusement that I found their evening costumes for the latest gala covered far more flesh than is customary at these dos. A touch of black sobriety seems to have influenced their choices.

They looked odd, a little uncomfortable I thought. I wonder if it will catch on. Body parts for sale is an old tradition as is the display of the product.

I was also wondering..... could Saturn in Capricorn be encouraging them to pull it in and cover it up? This sign likes prudence and modesty, and the stately formality of black. Are they thinking of trying other techniques to achieve their goals? What do you think?

I was actually stunned to see their outfits vaguely resemble Middle Eastern jilbabs, you know, the garments that conceal a woman entirely. The ones that such women seem ready to cast off.

The American beauties might find a bit of relief, even freedom in a cover-up of sorts, a reasonable one of course. They could develop other assets, assuming they have them.