Sunday, August 06, 2017

Fiction and Fact

People love a good story and often care not if it's true, based on fact, or completely fabricated within the convolutions of the inventive brain.
They are titillated by the possibility of truth but by the time the stories reach the audience they usually have wandered far from the sketchy beginnings.
And so it is with news as the story is changed and embellished like a gigantic game of telephone.

With severe Saturn spending three months opposite U.S. Mars in Gemini and her president's Sun, fantasy, lies, and other distortions are coming to the fore to be handled as the group sees fit. Truth will peek out. Deceptions will continue.

I think true and false are about equal in importance. The story humankind creates is a loose weave traveling through history constantly adjusting to the tellers and the times. Fiction and fact are both enjoyed. Fantasy provides relief from reality and hard cold evidence relieves the anxiety of confusion.  Some fear that fiction can upset the flow of earthly events, but that isn't likely. Say what you will. it does what it does.

Sagittarius is known for honesty. It often attaches a spiritual dimension to the concept of truth. So truth becomes in essence a product of divinity, greater in scope than the mere human being. Maybe the small human is enhanced by its practice. Uplifted. Elevated, you might say.

Gemini, on the other hand, is famous for lies of  all colors, all shapes, all sizes. Yet Gemini also delivers information, sometimes accurate. And sometimes sources can actually be verified.

Together Gemini and Sagittarius oversee the education of humankind. With Mars in Gemini, the U.S. communicates with zeal and bellicosity. But this active Mars also is in square aspect with Neptune, so the people often wander into netherworlds, mists, and altogether nebulous reportage.

If clarification within the fogginess is desired, perhaps Saturn can bring some crystallization to the country's thoughts by the conclusion of the three month station.

"Where precisely are we?" one might ask. "What exactly is going on?"

Who's who and what's what?

What's up?