Monday, April 10, 2017


Another celestial orchestration has occurred.

The big fat silvery developing full moon in Libra just graced the formal swearing in of America's brand new Supreme Court member. Libra oversees the balance scales of justice.

As it happened, the Moon was crossing US Saturn in Libra at 14 degrees on its way to President Trump's Jupiter positioned at 17 Libra. You remember Saturn, do you not? The one that wants to seriously debate?

And lo and behold. Transiting Jupiter is also at 17° Libra. 
Jupiter signifies laws and the courts.

The opposition party vigorously opposed the appointment, yet oddly, several years ago, the same gang voted unanimously to place the then judge on the Tenth Circuit Court. He was very very much approved of. I guess that's what you call balance.

Pleasing others foremost in partisanship simply ruins Libra's love of objectivity. 

Justice approves.