Sunday, March 26, 2017


The north node of the moon is leaving Virgo in several weeks for a year and a half in Leo. I'm scribbling a mental note.

Virgo sees that living systems are maintained and working at optimum efficiency. All moving parts are synchronized and lubricated. When breakdowns occur, they are repaired. The hum of working activity is music.

An ideal Virgo body eats sparingly, enough to fuel the machine and not much more. The fires of combustion can be harmful, so keeping the level at what is essential works best. As guardian of the small intestine, Virgo breaks apart and picks through matter sending all elements to the appropriate receivers. Virgo is good at identification and classification.

Fortunately, when a poison happens to enter, Virgo comes to the task and alerts the mistaken body to its predicament. She even carries antidotes regularly.

On the other side, Pisces gladly turns down the antidote.

Of course, some machines are lemons and never work well, no matter what Virgo tries. But many function reasonably well and with this astrological entity on hand, they might even be improved with some fiddling. Hopefully, the north node will leave behind a little know-how.