Saturday, February 25, 2017

Between the Moon and the Sun

Western astrology uses the sun as the dominant element in a person, but my experience leads me to view the moon as equal in influence. As the Sun circles in the sky, its orbiting moon crosses the resulting path in two places. These points are the nodes of the Moon, and what I see as an answer to the ongoing puzzle of the luminaries. Where these paths cross occurs an integration of the disparate selves. This opposition exists in every chart.

The south node represents that which the individual has mastered and is ready to leave. Job done. Some say it reaches back to past lifetimes and contains cumulative memory of teachings previously learned about this facet of the personality.
The north node contains the discoveries of the future. They meet, or oppose each other, in the present.
While studying these nodes for many years, I've found them to be an accurate indicator of perennial problems in a person's life. The enigma. The paradox. The clue to possibility, perhaps destiny.

Some say that people can integrate the two nodes and enjoy a good life. Some say choose one or the other. I am of the opinion that a person benefits by relinquishing a grip on the south node. The reason I think one gains by loosening from this point is because it requires no effort to effect the behavior. It's entirely automatic, habitual. It will continue to act without one's work, which frees up energy to be consciously applied elsewhere.

The south node is easy to be occupied with. It has a familiar draw.
For those who look toward the north node potential, I think the positive attributes enter by osmosis and fill the bank for later use. Or anytime, really.