Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good and Bad

Traditional schools of astrology separated the planets into malefic types and benefic.
The malefics were bad, causing harm to the individual. The benefics brought goodness and helped the person. The judgments spread to everything.

But take two olives, strong Kalamata for example, and instruct two people to eat one.

One might exclaim in joy, "Ooh, that's so so divine."
Another might say, "Icchhk! That's disgusting!!"

Some could conclude that nothing is inherently good or bad. Even if one perceives an entity as threatening, it loses that aspect when not engaged with. 

Here's an interesting piece of art. Good, right? Oh wait....That's bad!

So over time, the malefic benefic dichotomy fell out of favor. Modern schools make it a point to avoid prejudice against a planet. But thoughts of good and bad remain. Perceptions seem to have their own personalities.

In Capricorn, judgment is precise, right and wrong are established and enforced. Quality is determined. In Aquarius, judgment starts to crack and fall apart. There are oddities to consider.
In Pisces, judgment is irrelevant.

Now, as Neptune slowly travels through Pisces, and the south node finishes its current journey there, it can be confusing. Good and bad happen, but so what?
It boggles the conscious mind.