Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spitfires, Liars, and Linguistic Acrobats

The President of the United Sates, with his Sun and north node at 22 and 20 degrees Gemini respectively, and the United States of America, with her belligerent Mars at 21 Gemini, are at it again. The verbal battle is on.

"I don't approve of you, Mr. President!!" shrieks the United States.

"Don't worry", coos the Elected Tweeter, among other retorts.

The den of thieves, known as Congress, is frantically busy trying to cover its latest length of exposed track while lobbing insults at the president with astounding velocity. Some are twisting and whizzing like boomerangs. They've even forgotten how much they hate each other.

The Sun together with Uranus in Aries now has riled up the Marsian firemouths. U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and its nefarious machinations are resisting encroaching Uranus, due to arrive in June. Heaven knows what's going on there. The people are fidgety.

But lovely Venus is also in Aries, in retrograde, taking her sweet time. Venus in Aries loves herself. A little personal adoration might do this raging collection of miscreants some good. There's theoretically something to like.

Meanwhile, across from the Gemini confluence, in Sagittarius, is serious Saturn, where snippets of truth are being hurled with the incendiary devices. Why not pitch in?

Gemini's ruler, Mercury, is a wily one. As keeper of the crossroads he's been known to trick people into taking unintended directions. He plays with rocks. Thieves, cheats, and spinners of tall tales are under his auspices.

Understandably, humans lack full omnipotent power. A god figure was created for that purpose, and it comes to notice in Sagittarius. If there is a celestial something, I do hope it's on the up and up.
Saturn has a final retrograde before leaving for Capricorn, and in quite ordinary sublime planetary orchestration, the station occurs exactly opposite this shared American Gemini spot come late summer. About three months of it. That should be enough.

Liars unite!