Friday, October 24, 2008

Static Flow

Static electricity is the imbalance of positive
and negative charges.
It looks like human nerve cells up there. Static refers to the accumulation of excess electric charge and requires a sustained separation of positive and negative.
The spark associated with static electricity is caused by electrostatic discharge as the excess is neutralized by a flow of current from or to the surroundings. The feeling of shock, if one gets in the path, is caused by the stimulation of nerves as the neutralizing current flows through the human body. Due to the ubiquitous presence of water in places inhabited by people, the accumulated charge is "generally" not enough to cause a dangerously high current. There are four causes:
~Contact induced charge separation
~Pressure induced charge separation
~Heat induced charge separation
~Charge induced charge separation
Naturally, Uranus has been assigned rulership of this phenomenon. Our own (for those of you who are American) Benjamin Franklin dramatically demonstrated the relationship of lightning to static electricity in 1750. Several years hence, in 1781, Uranus was discovered.
Lightning is a dramatic natural example of static discharge. While the details are unclear and remain the subject of debate, the initial charge separation is thought to be associated with contact between ice particles within storm clouds. Whatever the cause may be, the resulting lightning bolt is simply a scaled up version of the sparks seen in more domestic occurrences of static discharge. The flash occurs because the air in the discharge channel is heated to such a high temperature that it emits light by incandescence. The clap of thunder is the result of the shockwave created as the superheated air rapidly expands.
Static Electricity
So when lightning strikes, static goes into all the surrounding circuits, such as yapping AM radio, and it can even shut down Blogland. It's irritating but at the same time it draws one's attention to outside forces. An alert. Uranus is associated with circumstances beyond one's control. I wonder if Uranian static is just for that purpose - to go beyond the boundaries of control momentarily, then realign the charge, since positive and negative have to obey certain laws.
Well, anyhoo. Being that Neptune is in skyward Aquarius, and Uranus is in Pisces, the cosmic nervous system is getting some extra stimulation. Control does seem to be lacking. Lots of incandescence, even though the manmade bulb will soon be outlawed. I've been trying to piece together some theories about the Saturn-Uranus opposition now in effect, but my brains keep getting fried. Something about the static.


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