Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Planet

Somewhere around 95% of the earth's ocean floor is unexplored, and as you can see ... that's a lot of area.
"The high cost of working in the oceans is forging partnerships between organizations that have not traditionally worked together.
Partnerships are being formed to support ventures that previously were the sole domain of government. For example, Aquarius, the world’s only underwater laboratory, was removed from operation in the summer of 1996 because of lack of sufficient funding. Through an innovative plan with private industry, the university community, and a private foundation, it was reconfigured and modernized to reduce operational costs, and returned to service in the fall of 1997. Additional alliances to advance ocean interests are being encouraged and supported through the Congressionally created National Oceanographic Partnership Program."
The Legendary Ocean: The unexplored frontier
In case hominids decide to go down there and spend some serious time, it's good to know that travel is easy and fuel efficient.

A deep sea investigator on his scuba-scooter.
Photo: The Pacific Ocean


Blogger m.p.k said...

We could create technology to make us aquatic creatures again in aquatic societies... we can become whatever we decide to become.

...the future isn't what someone else tells us it's going to be...

I'm feeling the dance of dream forms that decides to become incarnate matter, the transition from which feels like sunlight on the sea. It's the most luxurious feeling I've had in years.

18/10/08 9:50 AM  
Blogger Kadimiros said...

I love the idea of aquatic tech and societies. (As long as the fact of being underwater isn't completely obscured.) Count me in!

18/10/08 10:16 AM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I love scuba diving it's like being weightless. I learned on the Great Barrier reef and went on thru rescue diver certification in Utila in the Honduran bay islands. The dreamlike beauty and mystery of the reefs (tunnels, shelves leading off into the oceanic abyss, blue vase sponges...) provide endless inspiration.

18/10/08 11:25 AM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

Off-topic, but I wanted you to see this, jm.

As for under the seas, I am always amazed at the continual discoveries of new life and ecosytems that are discovered in the supposedly inhospitable areas of the sea bed. There is so much of our planet left to explore...

18/10/08 11:27 AM  
Blogger jm said...

We could create technology to make us aquatic creatures again in aquatic societies...

What a thought. It's interesting that going back to inner space is last. There are some really weird sea worms that live in very deep sea thermal vents and they have the same type of blood as humans.

I'm feeling the dance of dream forms that decides to become incarnate matter

I think the ocean inspires that. I haven't been down yet, but I know it's a magical world. As long as I stay away from sea cucumbers!

18/10/08 12:20 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thank you juno!

The under 10 crowd. LOL! I wonder how much influence they're having on the election.

Here are some articles on the Aquarius sea lab.

18/10/08 12:25 PM  
Blogger Kadimiros said...

This subject has prompted me to casually look up articles relating to swimming, evolution and intelligence.

I came across one claim that swimming lessons have been empirically shown to boost intelligence and social confidence in young children.

Another interesting claim was that swimming permanently improves blood flow to the brain, as the body adapts to conditions where the breath is often held. Hmm, perhaps esoteric breath control practices and tantric singing deserve a second look, too.

I still like the so-called "aquatic ape" hypotheses concerning a coastal lifestyle phase of hominid evolution. The human body does seem to be partially evolved to move through water.

20/10/08 8:40 PM  
Blogger Kadimiros said...

The other week, one of my aunts was commenting that after all these years and several lengthy relationships, she still felt unconfident about socializing with strangers and relating emotionally. I said, "You know, I wonder if swimming lessons might help with that. Emotions are like water. If you get comfortable with moving through water, and integrate that experiential knowing into your body, you might be able to generalize your confidence and learning to other areas." Then we got into a discussion of spiritual symbol systems for the mind/body to grasp intangibles and to effect psychospiritual growth.

20/10/08 8:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

When the tsunami hit there was an island of hyper aware people who went to higher ground and avoided all personal destruction. They were taught that "the wave that eats people" would come and they were also taught to prepare. The children of this island can hold their breath and swim for long periods of time under water. I'll try to find the info.

20/10/08 9:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Your aunt sounds interesting.

20/10/08 9:54 PM  

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