Monday, October 06, 2008

Death in the Family and the
Last Moon

Metaphysicians say that humans decide their own births and deaths. I've seen so much evidence of the latter that I tend to accept this premise.
As you probably know, Jill Biden's mother just died, and it looked to me like she knew exactly what she was doing. Her death came just days after her son-in-law performed for 60 million citizens, give or take a few mil, and validated his contract with the American people. Saturn arrives on his midheaven November 4, changing his status and bringing more public responsibility with an increased seriousness of purpose. At the same time, Uranus crosses into his 4th house separating him from his past. Right now it's at 19, exactly on the cusp. Uprooting him suddenly.
What's really interesting is a little quirk in the story. The Moon was in Sagittarius at her death, across Joe's ascendant, on it's way past Pluto. On to Capricorn and responsibility. But what's particularly unusual is the fact that there's going to be another Sagittarius Moon this month, the last one with Pluto -- at 29. Then on to an election in Capricorn. Pluto follows shortly after adding to the the Saturn flavor of things. Timing is everything they've said, but I might argue with the hyperbole of the "everything" part. At least while Mercury's stalled in Libra.


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