Saturday, September 27, 2008


C'mon George. We gotta go canvassing for Obama! If I didn't love ya so much I'd divorce ya, but we do need some change around here.
So bring your beer, get off your lazy butt, and let's get going!

Photo: William Gedney


Blogger Fernmountain said...

From the last post downstairs....


You really do! NC is moving in his direction and it would be a wonderful win. I'm so glad you're out there fernmountain. And I understand! My husband was from rural NC and I know exactly what you mean. Did you say you were from Lenoir? He was born in Hickory, raised in Lenoir. I visited and I'm telling you, some of his backwoods buddies were...well...

You are brave out there by yourself!

No Effin S*%%(

Yes, I am in Lenoir....10,000 jobs lost here recently.

I am a recent resident, from Washington Metro area.... I was afraid I was going to get shot!

But really, they are good intelligent folk, ignored by the Gov....forever. Their sense of community is strong.

But I tell ya, no gas available anywhere this weekend, and campaigning on empty, Obama better win.


27/9/08 8:29 PM  
Blogger Fernmountain said...


This post is so appropriate for my day....curlers and all.


27/9/08 8:31 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Omg. Lenoir.
He was from a good family and I know what you mean, although the Baptist church was oppressive. Beautiful red earth and something in the air I still can't define. His father worked in the furniture industry so I guess that would be where the job loss is. It's interesting though. Some of the foreign companies are starting to come here since our decline. It keeps shifting like a vast gameboard.

I heard about the gas shortages. That's not a good sign. There are so many depressed areas in the East and so much to do to resurrect our economy.

You survived the hills!

I am a recent resident, from Washington Metro area.... I was afraid I was going to get shot!

LOL! You can get shot more easily in the cities these days!

Once my guy was playing in the backyard and out came his mother with her shotgun. She killed a snake that was crawling out of the woodpile. Saved him for me!

Another time the crazy mule, Silver, took off with my guy on his back. He ran for the clothesline and the kid landed on the ground. His mother couldn't stop laughing. He talked about Silver until the end of his life. He had to deliver milk with him every morning as a kid and the mule was impossible to control. Just like my crazy man.

We might be needing mules for transportation again if this keeps up!

27/9/08 8:59 PM  

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