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Illness and Progress

Saturn, Virgo, Uranus and Pisces
It’s an urgent matter, because if we’ve learned anything from the GOP convention and its aftermath, it’s that the 2008 edition of John McCain is too weak to serve as America’s chief executive.
Frank Rich
When looking at an aspect, one has to take into account the signs involved. They are all very different. The Virgo-Pisces axis governs sickness and health; physical, psychological and spiritual. In almost all charts I've studied where this axis is strong, experiences of disease, care-giving, and routes to recovery are probable, although it might not be physical recovery. Sometimes spiritual health is the exchange. Mind-body-soul connections are the highest forms of learning through this axis and healing know-how is one of its best attributes.
There are two ways of maintaining health. The Virgoan method is to insist on exacting standards of physical hygeine, to eat pure foods, and to avoid contaminating influences. The Piscean way is to inoculate against disease so that the dangers of an unsanitary environment can be braved with impunity. Virgo purifies while Pisces immunizes. With a Virgo-Pisces opposition, people need to be aware of diseases caused by faulty psychological attitudes, such as addictions, neuroses, and phobias. 
From The Divine Astrologer: Marcia Moore & Mark Douglas
Faulty psychological attitudes are fully displayed now easily recognized in some of the electoral candidates. John McCain's Saturn in Pisces, for example, is receiving transiting Uranus. Pisces, the sign of make-believe. Opposite Neptune. Added to what some perceive already as possible weakening cognizance.
Saturn in Pisces suggests a path of humiliation, sometimes confinement and punishment, redemption, and ultimate release. Spiritual attainment is the essential goal. It played out when he was a prisoner for five years, held captive by people of another race. He's been in prison since, and now he is tethered to his Neptune infused soul mate, and a captive of the extreme right wing of The Party. His will is gone, his integrity, and his identity, all meant to be with Saturn in Pisces. The ultimate in his confinement.
Added to this is the ongoing Uranus-Neptune mutual reception currently diddling with the collective mind. Saturn coming could be a time for a glimpse of reality, whatever that is.
Pluto is associated with purge, sometimes of an ancient build-up of poisons, and Virgo governs the somatic response and practical healing mechanism. Emotional patterns held in the psyche are connected to illness and when symptoms become manifest, the cure is in motion theoretically. Pluto finds the causal patterns, Virgo provides the medicines and maybe the alchemical transformations. One can assume then that Pluto in Sagittarius has brought the disease of racial fear and hatred to the surface for treatment. Both men seeking the presidency are Virgo heavy, Obama with Pluto added. Says Obama: "I don’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills." Interesting how he connects the unbroken line of white skinned dominants to currency.
Uranus will be at 18 on election day, conjoining the midpoint between the prisoner's Saturn and Neptune, soon to go direct and cross his Saturn for the last time. Could this be his release? He'll be free to go with nothing more to lose. Uranus breaking the wall and liberating him. Could he be the instrument of the nations's release from white domination?
Some people fear the coming opposition but the fact is, that which is to be feared is already here. The process began awhile ago and will likely follow a logical sequence probably not deviating too far from what's been established since the beginning of the election as people watch the symbols of sickness acting out the collective moment. Of course, the roots go all the way back and the cure goes all the way into the future.
It's impossible to measure the amount of breakdown, and neither the healing in store with Uranus opposing USA Neptune and Saturn in Virgo. Or to predict how much illness will surface. Or how many racial schisms will be repaired. Or if the Indian on the nickel can get on a large green bill. Or if he'd want to.


Blogger bacalove said...

Politicians who intentionally lie to the public are engaging in a Betrayal of the Public Trust and it should be deemed an Ethics Violation and a part of the past as we move toward a more Holistic way of life here in America. And Media as the Third-wheel of Democracy should not be silent and complicit on such lies and distortion!

Great Film Exposing John McCain’s Lies — Pass it on! -- Are we finally pulling back the Curtin on the Wizards?

Lastly, Ground Zero is a Symbol and a message of Republicans' failed policies and a gaping Wound, that after 7 years Ground Zero is still a hole, still zero -- that we were unable to lift ourselves out of the ashes and make ourselves whole again. You see, nothing from nothing leaves nothing and that is not Change we can believe in. Enough is Enough!

And finally, Is the Bloom coming off of Palin, as Alaska Women Against Palin Rally is HUGE!

14/9/08 9:31 AM  
Blogger jm said...

That rally was unexpected. Strange. Protest from the source.

14/9/08 11:50 AM  
Anonymous Helena said...

What a superb post. Illuminating a dynamic in my own chart in ways I hadn't thought of before. More intriguing though is your focusing in on the Uranus Saturn opposition and the U.S. Neptune and putting McCain's candidacy in that larger context.

JM, your writing is of such quality that I wonder if you've submitted any articles for publication, say, journals devoted to depth psychology. Just a thought...

14/9/08 4:56 PM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

agreed Helena, JM is the best of the best.

14/9/08 6:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Omg. Thank you so much. I have a self-confidence problem with my Saturn in Leo and it's taking a lifetime to work it out. Now is the time though, with Pluto coming to my Capricorn MC. Events in my life have made it imperative that I make the professional exchange.

Journals devoted to depth psychology sound like heaven. I'm a completely devoted psychological astrologer. You know, Helena, you just gave me an idea. I haven't run across any astrology publications that are up to my standards but maybe psychological ones would be interested. I've probably missed the good astrology ones. They must be out there. I just need to contact them. So simple. And if anyone has any ideas let me know!


There's more to the McCain situation and I'll get that going next.

My aim in focusing on the candidates was to cover enough astrological configurations that people could apply them to their own charts. And by connecting them to events, learning comes more easily.

I love astrology so much I can't find words for it so finding the connecting path takes time being the purist I am. And getting through that pesky Saturn. Pluto has a way of doing that.:) Genuine appreciation is my honey in the rock, and that's coming, since I can't wait much longer for the promised land.

Maybe after this election!

14/9/08 7:34 PM  
Anonymous Helena said...

JM, you may want to take a look at the website for Pacifica Graduate Institute: I think you will like the company. If you haven't heard of them, they offer graduate programs in depth psychology, mythological studies, with an emphasis on the arts. Rick Tarnas who wrote the masterpiece "Cosmos and Psyche" is on faculty. Glen Slater, also faculty, used to publish (I don't know if he does anymore) a journal called the "Salt Journal," which I believe would be receptive to your writings. (People in the field of depth and archetypal psychology are very open to astrology. In fact, astrology has benefited greatly from the attention and writings of people like James Hillman, Rick Tarnas, and Liz Greene, to name a few.)

If you click on "library" on the website, there's a listing of journals they carry.

You can also call Mark Kelly (ext. 155), he runs the library and can answer questions.

14/9/08 8:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Helena, thank you so much. I haven't read Cosmos and Psyche yet but I've certainly heard a lot about it. These people sound perfect for me. I know my group is out there and it was just a matter of time. I'm glad people like this are so accessible to everyone.

I can remember lamenting lack of intellectual companionship as far back as my adolescence, so this is an exciting development.

It's been my view that psychology and astrology were going to unite in a big way as astrology moves further and further from love signs, prediction, and hocus pocus. Away from superstition, reinforcing fear of the future. It's a completely different way of looking at a chart. That's part of why I stopped reading for people professionally.

I hadn't thought of career possibilities in the field but now I will. Thank you so so much. I'm kind of on a mission to make astrology understood as the serious beautiful system of knowledge it is.

I consider myself primarily a metaphysician and that umbrella includes all these systems.

Extension 155 sounds good! Capricorn's closing in.

14/9/08 9:47 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

"Cosmos and Psyche" is what got me on board this train. Helena's links might be what you're looking for.

15/9/08 9:40 AM  
Anonymous Helena said...

mpk, my town was under precautionary evacuation alerts during this summer's fires. "Cosmos and Psyche" was one of only two books I packed.

Astrology is like the life long lover endowed with power of mind and know is to love, or something.

15/9/08 11:41 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Looks like I've got my reading planned.

I do think of astrology as a life-long lover. When I learned I spent 12 hours a day reading the books exactly like the initial infatuation in love. I've never had any doubts since then.

to know is to love, or something.

A lot in this one.
That's what I feel. That I was reconciling with someone I'd always loved and known.

15/9/08 3:22 PM  
Blogger JOLuna said...

I sooo agree with helena and thank you for this site. I'm a busy mother of 4 with full-time job-a Democrat with Hope, fears and desperation for significant CHANGE. You have freed me from much time and anxiety-visiting other sites-4winds, Daily Kos, other astrologers. This intelligent,artful perspective is a haven and a blessing. Many thanks to all of you who interact here.

16/9/08 1:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joluna, I'm so glad you arrived. The anxiety at the other sites can be unbearable, and my mission just became even more important. I personally don't see the value in the group orgy of fear, although it might be important. People are working their own things out. The thing is, we do have a choice. The astrologers have a long history of fear so you have to be careful of getting caught in the web. Personal power is exchanged for real predictive ability, if it exists at all. What I try to do is offer an interpretation of events as a clue to how we can learn and grow, and move with life instead of perceiving it as the enemy.

Oddly, this election is teaching me the value of confidence, and my dream come true would be that the people of my society feel better about life and themselves by the time this is resolved.

So stay tuned.

16/9/08 4:25 PM  

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