Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pluto, Venus, Obama, and
the She-Monster

Astrology really is a wonder. Now that Pluto is direct and headed for Obama's Venus at 1 Cancer, the second phase of this transformational transit is about to begin. Enter the monster from the cold; white as the northern snow, a sinner clothed as a saint come to lure the poor traveler into forbidden territory. He does have Pluto in the 7th, the natural Venus house.
When Pluto first arrived, Hillary Clinton appeared as the Pluto figure. She attacked him relentlessly with her Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo square her Scorpio stellium. It was not for the faint. He triumphed largely because of his cool South Node in Aquarius. Attacks don't hurt him so much personally and he's able to stay focused on his goals. The episode strengthened him in necessary ways.
The new she-devil has the same Mars-Saturn conjunction, only this time it's in Aquarius. It could be harder, since she also can disconnect from her feelings. But why should she do that with a North Node in Cancer?
Here's where the new monster has a problem. Neptune transit her Sun. The purpose of a Neptune transit is to dissolve the ego, and although the illusory planet is casting her as a goddess in the public eye, the breakdown underneath is underway. Hysteria, disorientation, and what-not. General dissolution.
The plot thickens in a few weeks when Mars enters deadly Scorpio, headed for a return in Joe Biden's chart. Joe is Obama's new ally, a Scorpio, generously delivered by Pluto. His four planet stellium squares her Aquarius one, and if she isn't disordered by then, this could be a significant factor.
What is the presidential candidate learning? Pluto in Capricorn is probably maturing him as he prepares to completely shed past habits and attachments that hinder his rise in life.
So here it is. The monster. A pit bull terrier. Pit bulls are trained killers but they are held on a leash rendering them impotent. When their aggression does unleash they are routinely killed by the authorities. Not prime positioning.

While dreamers may wax poetic about the dog's attack skill, there doesn't seem to be a successful solution for the dog itself.


Blogger Jupiter's Girl said...

That is a tight conjunction of Mars/Saturn and Sun, being transited by Neptune. Wow. I can see how she might want to help save the world. Her Mercury is also Aquarian. Fixed energy galore. Fixed ideas. Very strong likes and dislikes. Neptune is inspiring her to take a leadership (Aquarius/Saturn) role in building a global community according to what she thinks is correct. Her natal Neptune squares that stellium, so maybe her ideals are not all that clear, even to her.

There are hints that her oldest son was conceived out-of-wedlock, and now her daughter is experiencing the same thing, and the points that democratic women and men everywhere harp on is that she was anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-sex ed, anti educational books. I have tempered my Aquarian fixity because the Universe is a funny place - loves irony.

10/9/08 5:54 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Aquarius! Yeay! I've had so many in my life having a Venus-Uranus conjunction.

The universe definitely does love irony. I think she's sparked rebellion in all her anti anti. Good for everyone really. The spark we need to make the jump. Who said revolution was agreeable? But I do agree about Neptunian non-clarity here.

10/9/08 6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It strikes me that Barack Obama has the richest birthchart of all the candidates. Not rich in the sense of money wealth, but in depth, complexity and, if you will, epic arrangements.

While Mccain's chart ceratinly does not lack for drama and achievement, it tells the tale of a good soldier who rises and falls with events, whose wounds define his destiny. Obama's chart shows us the story of a man who can be king.

There is so much to consider, indeed wonder over. I mentioned in an earlier comment his Jupe/Sat conjunction in the 12th, opposed to Mercury, his ability to actuate very dynamic dreams in his working life. JM has added consideration of his 9th house Neptune. With this also notice the grand trine of Chiron/Neptune/Venus, along with the Moon and Mars trines to the conjunct 12th house planets which nearly constitute another grand trine. As it is these six points nearly form a Star of David. Anything closer would, quite frankly, seem more than a little weird, as it is I'd call it a star power for the age.

Make of that what you will.

What really gives the chart its superior air of adventurous destiny, to my way of thinking anyway, is his almost completely unaspected 6th house Leo Sun. If the 7:24pm birthtime is correct, the only planetary aspect to the Sun is the square to Neptune. Besides that there is a rather wide opposition to the ascendent, and that's it.

I personally find Rob Couteau's thinking regarding least aspected planets (LAP), and their geographic trigger points, really interesting, and suggest those unfamiliar with it to read this. (Couteau's method of determining LAPs is a bit more subtle than simply looking at the aspects table, but I think in Obama's case there is little doubt as to which planet in his chart it is.)

In a nutshell, Couteau's proposition is that "The LAP symbolizes the task we have been called upon to complete in this lifetime." Clearly, Obama's is an unambiguously Apolloian one of clarity, higher order and enlightened command.

Noting also the apparently built-in difficulties Leos have with their dads, one might also consider the least-aspected Sun as symbolizing his completely absent father (and here the Neptune/Sun square was enough to supply the title to this first book Dreams from My Father.)

One might also consider the LAP Sun to represent a king in exile, (Could that be how he felt growing up in Hawaii? Boys are like that.) or as a ruler cut off from his people. However given Obama's extraordinary 7th house stellum, one doubts that the latter is an immediate danger.

As I understand it, a Sun/Ascendent opposition brings the subject to give great emphasis to relationships with others, especially a spouse, and, again, Mars/Pluto/Nnode/Uranus in the 7th point to an astounding capacity to make unexpected and powerful alliances. (I might note that at this writing a growing number of centrist/conservative commentators, dismayed at the personality-driven nature of McCain's campaign, are coming to regard Obama as the more serious candidate. This trend may well gather steam. Also, I would not be surprised if he picks up endorsements from well-known Republicans.)

Does all the above mean Obama will prevail in November? Beats me. (Personally, I think using the stars to predict the future is mainly a waste of time.) I would say however that this is, to say the least, the chart of someone you mess with at your peril. My sense is that coming transits will be harder on McCain/Palin than Obama/Biden, but here I'll note that Obama has advanced these last two years during a Saturn transit of his 7th house, which could have crushed as easily as it elevated.

-- jag

10/9/08 8:05 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

a ruler cut off from his people.

Boys are indeed like that. It's an archetypal motif, found worldwide, the story of the missing (or divine) father who is an inspiration to the boy who seeks him. I need not list all the examples! :o)

And consider that Hawai'i, where young Barack grew up, is "cut off" from the mainland United States.

10/9/08 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Nancy Fenn said...

From the sublime to the ridiculous, could you enable FEEDS from your blog. It's so much easier to keep up with you that way.

10/9/08 11:48 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I'll investigate nancy. Good to see you again.

a ruler cut off from his people.

I would call this the theme of his chart and this is repeated in many places.

And consider that Hawai'i, where young Barack grew up, is "cut off" from the mainland United States.

Good one joe!

Saturn retrogrde is also associated with the absent father. I think this is designed correctly so that Obama has a cleaner authority slate which he fills with his own father figure. He has a highly dynamic creative destiny.

The odd man out is described most in his South Node in Aquarius in the first and I'll do an extensive article on this. The Saturn in the 12th also isolates him for the purpose of staying in touch with his larger purpose. Everything Obama does is related to these broader goals. All he wants to do right now is get elected and start fixing the government.

My phrase for him is the stranger coming in this lifetime. The 7th house planets indicate that his relationships will accomplish this. Even further after his presidency, which I think is a small stepping stone to his complete destiny fulfillment.

I'm glad you see the royalty jag. The autocratic element is actually a plus which he combines with his fundamental democratic nature with the SN in Aquarius. He is learning and leaning more into his NN in Leo and the more kingly he is the better. Actually the bottom feeders campaigning against him will highlight this.

The basic connection with the people in the SN is taken to a conjunction with ruler Uranus in Leo and this is the whole story in a nutshell, since the US has these nodes too. He will be able to restore pride, together with the people, and take it to a new level, not based on conquest, which we can no longer afford to do.

First and foremost is his restoration of our global image. Notice how much more the world loves him than even his own people, repeating your theme, jag.

Leo-Aquarius is love given and love received, personal versus collective. Obama is trading his collective love for personal and as the king comes in, this should start to develop, probably ending up as one of the most loved leaders we've had.

More coming ....

10/9/08 3:55 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The public is caught in the vortex now as Pluto finishes and the polls and fluctuations are a necessary part of the flushing out. They are not connected to the outcome in November. The battle between filth and corruption is pitted against plans for cleaning up and solving problems and the people need a clear choice, thus the campaign is in a tense moment. I think the right wing behavior is revolting right now in a deep way to many people but it has to be out there in full exposure. Saturn transiting Virgo is trying to illustrate the need to clean up. Pisces can be humiliation and degradation and this is a big part of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

I agree with you, jag, about conservatives supporting Obama. In the end economic survival might dominate as Pluto comes to Capricorn. the ideological battle is needed right now. The Repub party is dominated by extremists whereas the democratic party is not. That's a clue.

The unity factor is important as a source of energy for the moment so the extreme polarization might be for this purpose, as was illustrated by the democratic convention and the high energy and joy that resulted when the parts joined. It came crashing down immediately but that's the nature of intense joy. A moderate joy would best:-) We'll see.

Saturn in the 12th is all about unity. The ego integrating with the universe. His Uranus in Leo is exactly quincunx Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th describing this act. More on this later.

One fortuitous placement is jupiter in the 12th and the hidden benevolent effect of the collective in support of him. That fact that is 0 Aquarius says that he is back at square one from his SN helping the people rise and claim their power.

This Jupiter is opposite his Leo Mercury so his speeches are exceptionally important. The repubs brutalize their audiences, Obama soothes and stimulates. The addictuion to punishment is a big problem due to guilt, but the election of Obama is one tiny step in resolving some of it.

The moon-Jup conjunction trine Saturn on election day also indicate economic concerns and a desire to get organized and back to work.

10/9/08 4:20 PM  
Blogger jm said...

While Mccain's chart ceratinly does not lack for drama and achievement, it tells the tale of a good soldier who rises and falls with events, whose wounds define his destiny. Obama's chart shows us the story of a man who can be king.

Very well put. Beautiful.

10/9/08 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

One more note to sound on the role of Hawai'i in Obama's life path: Despite the annexation of Hawai'i in 1898 and the overthrow of the Queen by the Americans, it remains the only part of the United States to have had its own monarchy.

Since we're speaking of kings. :o)

10/9/08 4:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, that is fascinating. there really is something to the royal factor. I always refer to Barack as..

"Our African king with the plains of Kansas in his soul"

I sense royalty through the African line, but in so many ways he's more American than people realize. He obviously identified with his American roots being raised by that side of the family, but the Hawaii factor is really interesting.

Because of the USA NN in Leo we have a natural urge to embrace the dignity and grace of monarchical leadership, so we create celebrities to do the job. That's why the celebrity angle this election has so much truth to it.

It's interesting to see the celebrity mantle switching sides, but can the new one pull it off while the real monarch travels unencumbered?

It's fascinating. The current celebrity is loved by the people for her Aquarian thing. "She's one of us". But in the end the NN in Leo wants a superior king, with the added dimension of seeing the royalty in each individual. The elevated monarch then becomes a symbol of that quality universally.

Obama's chart indicates a reclaiming of the king's role with the added dimension of love of the people and true democratic principles. Same as the US.

The glitch is the SN in Leo now, NN in Aquarius. If one is to be a monarch, it's on the back burner just for the moment. And it has to be genuine.

Saturn in Leo just diminished the star role and the resurrection now appears to be failing. Wouldn't it be interesting if an administrator won the election rather than a pop icon?

10/9/08 5:17 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Of all the transits conjunctions are sometimes the hardest. There's no wiggle room for the planet being hit.

If the ego is functioning well, a Neptune transit can attune it even further to spiritual expression. That's the purpose ultimately. The dissolution is the attempt to get the individual to identify with the universality of life, but for some the breakdown of the ego can be disturbing as they grasp for illusions that try and keep the ego intact. There's a level of real psychosis in suddenly grasping for the presidency of the United States in order to do that, assuming that there's any reality to it at all.

If the ego needs work, then Neptune can bring humiliation and disgrace, which is why the identity with a dog is so telling. Not an attractive one either. It's obedient and obsequious, a clue to how she really feels about authority with the SN in Capricorn. Yet she is attractive to look at. So her inner image of self is not in synch with what she projects, illustrating the ego identity problem. She really isn't well. Part of the Virgo-Pisces opposition we are facing. Neither is McCain. So does the country want sick people in charge? You never know.

Now. Why are we here? Back to the Neptune at 22 Virgo and the extent the country's gone to elevate the fake, and the Saturn transit coming up along with Uranus in opposition. Also the sickness-health dilemma.

10/9/08 6:06 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if an administrator won the election rather than a pop icon?

I thought that's what the "glory cut short" deal was about.

Anyway, I'm for it.

10/9/08 10:29 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yup. I think the "glory cut short" is a good thing. There's too much work to do.

I find it amusing that no matter what happens, it's Obama's fault. The Thugs smear him incessantly and the Dems say he isn't doing anything right. That's a lot of pressure on one person. He still remains the focal point, even if subtle. The orgiastic mania around Palin still doesn't eclipse him. I vacillate between seeing some power in their mania and seeing them as impotent.

I'm watching the Full moon next week at 22 Pisces conjunct Uranus opposite US Neptune.

The Bacchanal is unreal and I wonder if it can maintain it's fervor through the season. It's possible but the speed of its rise suggests the same speed coming down. obama did the same thing only slower. So that's leaves us with an even playing field on the Big Day?


10/9/08 11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple other things I find interesting:

The two new political stars, Obama & Palin, also stand for the two newest stars on the American flag (I am old enough, barely, to remember when they were added.)

And I am not sure how this might tie into Obama's chart, but there is something about him which causes his rivals to utterly debase themselves.

He won his senate seat in a laugher against professional conservative wacko Alan Keyes (the olny guy the IL GOP could throw at him), while Mrs. Clinton rather amazed people with the low blows she threw in her losing effort. (For me, her "innocent" observation about Bobby Kennedy getting shot was the last straw.)

Now we see the junk pouring from the McCain camp like matter from a lanced boil. (Part of the national healing?)

Whatever the case, there is something about going up against that guy that causes people to completely lose their heads. (Another royal indicator?)

-- jag

11/9/08 5:30 AM  
Blogger jm said...

HA HA HA!!!!

Jag, you are so right. You put it well...

Whatever the case, there is something about going up against that guy that causes people to completely lose their heads.

It happens every time. I guess because he doesn't respond in kind. Could be the royal thing and the knowledge that he is indeed superior. A big one that drives them nuts. His arrogance which is natural and well-deserved destroys them. NN in Leo pulls it off. They aren't in his league. His mental superiority is far beyond their grasp. After 19 months they haven't figured out that their techniques don't work. They're kind of slow.

They debase themselves because he deflects attacks and they go right back to the perpetrator. He makes them realize that the fault lies with the attack itself, and how it's executed. Mars trine Saturn keeps him nicely controlled, while all those conjunctions end up hurting themselves. It's best not to go up against him as they are discovering.

From his point of view he's already won the damn thing and he's running out the clock. That perturbs them, also.

He played poker in Chicago with them regularly and studied them closely. Learned how to beat them. He's a great poker player anyway.

Obama stays himself. Authentic. Centered. he's doing it now, and the fiasco of the last few days is stinking in the air. And his nose is clean. It's very very amusing.

He's also extremely clever and they can't keep up. The Moon in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo sees the 1000 cuts you mentioned that his Mars executes. They can't catch him, they can't follow him even, and they can't anticipate him. Wily as all get-out. One of the finest politicians on either side of the Great Divide in eons in this country.

He just called P a pig and M a stinking fish carcass and no one can pin it on him. One blow and that did it! they look sooooo bad now. Votes are going down the drain as we speak.

He planned it perfectly and got them to jump like maniacs now that they're in their Dionysian moment, and he's satisfied with the result. Fools.

He also mocks them.
And he also does good things as he goes which throws them off and further debases them.

I thought she should be out of politics forever for the Kennedy remark and she might be. That straw was particularly decisive. I agree.

Now we see the junk pouring from the McCain camp like matter from a lanced boil. (Part of the national healing?)

Yes. It might let up after Pluto gets going. The last episode cut through. A few stomachs in the heartland are recovering as we speak.

His composure and centering really work since they don't know how to do that. And they can't bully him. Not his MO. The king rules.

But, yeah. His cool is too much.

11/9/08 6:24 AM  
Blogger jm said...

And yeah. Our two new and fresh stars. What a country!

11/9/08 6:26 AM  
Blogger jm said...


Gail Collins = funny:

If the Obama brain trust seems relatively serene compared with its seething base, it’s because they live in the Electoral College world, where the presidential race only takes place in a third of the country. They don’t care about national polls — a concept as quaint as measuring one’s wealth by caribou pelts.

11/9/08 6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, Deepak Chopra has written a very interesting article about the American progressive now facing its shadow. I don't have the link. Have you read it?

11/9/08 9:08 AM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

The GOP strategy with Palin is to use her as an attack dog that no one else can question or attack in return. She can be a vicious monster, but anyone who questions her in anyway must be portrayed as attacking women and families in general. Any attack on Palin is to be re-framed as "sexism" and a shameful attack on an all American mom. This is typical GOP playbook. Any attack on the war plans are to be re-framed as "not supporting the troops". It's worked for them so far, I hope Obama finds a way to ruin this cheap style of attack.

11/9/08 12:08 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

there is something about him which causes his rivals to utterly debase themselves.

Great point, jag!

I can't assume that all that has happened is "planned" by O, because he's as human as anybody. But I think he's got an instinct for how to USE what happens, in a cool and even-handed way. And he has studied politics enough to fashion (with Plouffe and Axelrod) a clear articulation of the campaign's purpose, which becomes the core of the campaign's structural engineering -- able to flex, bear, torque and come back to balance.

It's also aikido. Help your attacker to continue without resistance in the direction of their attack ... and they go splat into the wall or the floor.

11/9/08 2:20 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I heard about the Chopra article. Sounds good. Will read shortly. That's his Pluto-Venus transit, so he has to conquer her to move on.

I'm sure he planned the "lipstick" remark so he could bring out the sexist complaints that mpk mentioned. He's too measured not to have done that purposely and they fell for it bigtime. He then was able to prove what he's been saying about their tactics and return to the issues. He does this repeatedly and they're starting to look foolish. I can't believe they were stupid enough to do that dog comparison. Lipstick and all.

The only thing left is war or terror and with her there, I'm not sure they can do that.

It's time for people to stop cowering in anticipation of their attacks. Enough!!! It's amazing how O can fight without doing it their way.

Everytime they do it, Obama points out his major theme about them avoiding the people of the country and their problems.

And he has studied politics enough to fashion (with Plouffe and Axelrod) a clear articulation of the campaign's purpose, which becomes the core of the campaign's structural engineering -- able to flex, bear, torque and come back to balance.

11/9/08 3:04 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The biggest problem is women's infatuation with her and that might even increase. They see her as a way out of their own traps and disappointments, refusing to see how anti-women she is, thus proving Obama's original "bitter" lesson in how people vote against their interests on wedge issues when they're in pain.

Women really are unhappy about their gender and I don't know what they can do about it.

11/9/08 3:10 PM  

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