Friday, October 10, 2008

The Shadow Comes to Light

Today is an interesting one. The sun in Libra is trine the Moon, the North Node, and Neptune in Aquarius. The perfect time for an objective peek as the shadow of Pluto emerges for recognition in a more dramatic way than usual. Pluto, as you know, lords over the underworld of human fears, taboos, and all shades of unacceptable behavior. Mars in Scorpio is triggering the shadow of Sagittarius as Pluto prepares to leave depositing his treasure on the way out. But first the terror of a punishing master hidden deep in the psyche is up for study. No one is exempt. The pure Sagittarian cultivates a good relationship with the god-figure assuming that good behavior brings good returns. There is ultimate justice for the whole and even when the bad dominates, there are beneficent slivers and shards scattered everywhere for the taking. The economic collapse is nothing but an adjustment. The whole group has been somewhat greedy, as I've pointed out. There is no diabolical plot other than what resides in an individual. Pluto can point that out rather effectively. Fear is often connected to one's own wrong-doings and they can be cumulative. The 29th degree is a last minute peek.
As the world gets ready to accept it's first black leader, the ugliness of racism has erupted for release. There are endless levels but by the time it surfaces, the healing is already in motion. The violence on display now is actually a part of all of us and the scapegoats are the players at the Dionysian Republican rallies. People decry the hatred but the most disturbing part is the knowledge that they, themselves, harbor feelings like this too. The fear of a frightening force ready to annihilate is common to everyone especially when Scorpio gets going. The detachment of Aquarius, however, can use logic and reason, most of all when looking at one's own self.
On one hand we have the rallying bigots, but equally disturbing is the return of the belief in the global conspiracy, World Order, Fascist take-over, "shadow" entities in charge, and all of that nonsense. Hating the haters perpetuates the game. It's pretty much the same as hating brown skin, all primitive fears accompanying the desire to evolve and break barriers with Uranus and Aquarius so prominent. All of it can get traced to fears of personal lack of control. It's absolutely astonishing to witness how much confidence is connected with self-mastery, and how the opportunities to cultivate this treasure are handed to us all the time. Pluto at 29 Sagittarius is just such a time.
The final confrontation is here for this go round. It always amuses me how predictable the crowd is when they return to their familiar polarized beliefs, and see the enemy in the other so universally. I realize that most in my lifetime won't see the source of the shadow. There are too many distractions. And just too much terror. The part I think I have to understand is that these factions derive comfort from these beliefs, so as much as I would like to see them thrown into the dumpster, they can't be. My optimism rests in the recognition that they alternate like a current with the reasoned, rational, and accurate. Quite a combo. For now, a little Mars-Pluto excess is OK. It has to be. And now for a peek at my own shadow.


Anonymous lorelei said...

You are an excellent writer, and you certainly have your finger on the pulse as to what is happening astrologically, and how it is affecting the collective. I would say you have Virgo...?

10/10/08 6:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Lorelei, thank you so much. I used to shy away from expressing my perceptions but recent Pluto transits have drawn me out of my shell. People used to say they didn't undertsand what I was talking about, but I haven't heard that lately. Something is changing.

What I have is Mars, the ruler of my ascendant conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 6th house ruled by Virgo, so I have natural analytic skills. The conjunction squares my packed Gemini 3rd house, including a Mars-Mercury square, adding to that skill. But the closest square is Uranus in Gemini square Mars and that's where the insight really gets going, It opposes Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th, so the broad perspective and application to the human family is written there. And the astrological skill plus mythological perception. The planets are like people to me.

I heard that all my life--that I should be a writer. And the important addition is Venus in Gemini in the 3rd which refers to the flow and poetic quality of my prose, plus the fact that I absolutely love words. So they respond and come to me as easily as anything could. I also understand that editing is extremely important and I do a lot of it. That's more Virgoan precision.

The innate understanding of astrology has always been with me and I learned the details from the best. Again, I love astrology so much that it naturally responds and gives me what it knows, unconditionally. It trusts that I will do right and not manipulate others with it to their harm. I also refused to take money for it and that's helped keep it on the upside.

The most useful thing I find in interpreting astrology is to center the action within the self or entity being analyzed, so all the power rests there and outside circumstance is a reflection of the self rather than the acting force. Rarely do I see this comprehended, so my way stands out as a little unique. You simply can't be a victim and a good metaphysician at the same time.

But all of it circles back to my Aries rising and the urge to be the best that I can be. I'm very self-critical with Mars in the 6th and I consider my potential to be unlimited.

10/10/08 7:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Another thing that colors my views is my innate belief in the justice of existence. The very first comment I got from my astrology teacher when she looked at my chart was, "You believe in the goodness of life". She attributed that to my Moon-Jupiter conjunction. At least it's fair in my opinion. Based on equal and opposite.

So I've had all the horrors that others have had in their personal lives, and more with my south node in Scorpio, but I never, even before I studied, thought it was meant to hurt me gratuitously. I always see the opportunity in experience. Negative and positive matter not. Good experiences are a temporary pleasure and I relish them, but the bad ones are always coming and going too. I'm prepared. I don't resent them. The first thing I do is ask why it's happening and how I can benefit. Once I'm out of the immediate emergency!

So that translates to a collective interpretation that allows for bigotry, hatred, and all that as part of the instructional whole. They have reasons for their hurt that I will never know. I don't think good or evil dominates so I don't see mankind as either good or bad. I have a tendency to believe in positive evolution but I don't stake my claim entirely on that either. The most important part is seeing the hardships as a means to improvement. And most of all, seeing your part in it.

There's always a solution. I think right now we could be collectively on the brink of advancement so I'm especially involved. Otherwise, I think I would have been effectively shut out as I have been previously. It's an interesting story at the moment.

10/10/08 8:19 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Nailed it again, jm. McCain was campaigning hereabouts, in a community just south of Minneapolis and the tone was ugly. But he actually shushed the hecklers and told them to be respectful, only to be booed in his own turn. One man reportedly yelled that he wouldn't allow his unborn child to grow up in a country run by a black man.

I had to scramble to catch my eyeballs because they fell out from me rolling them in complete exasperation.

10/10/08 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Again, I love astrology so much that it naturally responds and gives me what it knows

You still remind me of Lyra Belacqua in The Golden Compass with your uncanny ability to read the totality of a chart. :o)

10/10/08 8:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Well you know about McCain's probs. This is all a catharsis and I think it's possible that he'll end it well considering his Moon and NN in Capricorn and the coming transits. In a backass way he's been brave to defy the establishment as he's done and expose the underbelly of his party. Although granted, it's not pleasant. But we're getting Obama in what looks to be a landslide and the destruction of the Republican Party is a side dish. The walls are tumbling down.

I must look into Lyra Belacqua. There's so much to cover. I just got as far as the theory of evolution in Botany of Desire and I stopped and rejoiced. The one about plants being equally evolved just in a different way. Absolutely wonderful stuff. I need another lifetime! Or at least a break from earth-shattering elections.

10/10/08 9:10 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I heard that all my life--that I should be a writer. And the important addition is Venus in Gemini in the 3rd which refers to the flow and poetic quality of my prose, plus the fact that I absolutely love words.

You are a gifted writer and whether you choose to publish in a traditional format or not you are already a great success.

10/10/08 10:12 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I hope someday I have the time to study many of your writings in more detail JM. I hope your blog archives are backed up as well... I hope this material is always available. I guess that's why I'd encourage you if it interests you to publish in book form someday.

10/10/08 10:19 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

...the destruction of the Republican Party is a side dish.

I'll have more of that, please.

I'm frankly fascinated by the opportunity presenting itself to people who used to vote Republican and know their party has been destroyed.

I wonder what kind of party will emerge from their rebellion and outrage.

10/10/08 10:40 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

BTW, I second the kudos for your writing skills. You're a natural.

10/10/08 10:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mpk, in the surprises life has to offer I just might consider publishing my work.

It's so odd. My concept of success is like yours. It's the achievement itself and not the official approval that validates, so I've never pursued ordinary earthly success. I've always seen it as confinement. But Pluto in Capricorn is changing that already, and considering my 3rd/9th house axis, I really should get published.

Because I waited so long it could be an interesting door into another dimension. I'll have to wear something other than blue jeans though. And the wheel on my old car is going out, so you know... possessions and all. Knowing me, I'll wait until it falls off.

10/10/08 10:54 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yesh! Thanks!

I am entranced by this whole political thing, in case you haven't noticed. The demise of the Party is exactly on time and I think a reasonable one will replace it. After the economic situation straightens itself they'll be relevant again.

In ways, it's actually very exciting and both parties are hyped up now. There are a lot of thinkers, educators, artists, and so on that would love to get their ideas into the governmental transformation that's just ahead. You'll see more and more talk of this soon. There's a lot of energy in the air and after destruction like this, new beginnings are a dream come true for theorists.

Obama is in heaven in ways. The more destruction the better so he can build the government of his dreams from the ashes with the input of the creative class and the help of the people electing the new generation of lawmakers from the field. His Scorpio MC mixed with Biden's Scorpio is a perfect match for the phoenix rising. Lots of people want in. Conservatives included. Some of their ideas make sense for certain conditions. It's going to be fascinating with the big budgeting ahead.

10/10/08 11:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Take health care for example. Very expensive in an unhealthy overpopulated long-living world.

Obama wants to stress wellness and preventative measures. Socialists want universal health care for everyone. Liberals want some kind of institutionalized care. Conservatives want it privatized.

The people are all over the place. Is it a right? Some say we should care for our fellow men. But some say. "Why should I spend money on people who abuse their health and have more and more babies for the system to pay for?" They have a point too. So all this has to be debated with the input of all sides and that of the drawing board specialists. That's Obama's area of expertise. It might take until the second term to really get it started, but creativity is the only path out of this decay and loss.

10/10/08 11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In a backass way he's been brave to defy the establishment as he's done and expose the underbelly of his party."
The generosity of this statement really pleases me.

On another note, I've been drawing B for an assignment. As part of his yoga therapist course he has been exploring the Shadow, which is complementary to my astrological studies.
We were talking about his many injuries and accidents as a child and after asking him a particular question he answered
"I'm not sure what part is the Shadow and which is my Father."

That really made me stop and think,not least because he has Pluto in the 4th (in Virgo, the conjunction has happened already).
How many people are confused about what they carry and what they project onto others?

11/10/08 9:01 AM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...


I'm confused by your post and hope you can clarify:

On another note, I've been drawing B [you mean Barack?] for an assignment. As part of his [whose?] yoga therapist course he has been exploring the Shadow, which is complementary to my astrological studies. [Obama is taking a yoga therapy course?]
We were talking about his
[whose?] many injuries and accidents as a child and after asking him a particular question he [who?] answered
"I'm not sure what part is the Shadow and which is my Father."

Can you clarify this? you're taking a course and Barack is your assignment? He had injuries and accidents as a child?

11/10/08 12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeshe I put that comment in the wrong place, sorry about the confusion.
No, B is not Barack. I can't explain everything, just a comment out of context and Merc Rx confusion!

11/10/08 3:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

How many people are confused about what they carry and what they project onto others?

EVERYONE, of course.

My theory is this. We hook onto external people and events to point us to whatever dilemma in our psyches wants attention at the time. You can track this in your transits and see who comes in and out of your life. You can see how many negative blog entries and comments you hook onto. The negative ones get far far more. It's astonishing how few positives find air.

It's a combination of projection and actual traits of the people out there. So the country needs to face its own prejudice right now and the players are acting it out. The problem is that some admit their hate and others hide behind those that do. The ones that aren't facing their own can run into problems just as much.

It's my receptor theory. Whatever is in the psyche finds its hook. The human body works on that principle. Outside substances find the correct receptors. That's how drugs work. Also how healing works.

I don't think it's just Pluto. I think all the planets have their shadow side. The nodes seem to separate it most lucidly, the south being more on the shadow side usually.

The thing is, people are terrified of owning a negative, but once you recognize it, I find it easier to digest than you would have thought. It's a relief really. Blaming others can be really draining because you have no control over them. Over yourself, you have close to complete control if you access it. So being honest with yourself is actually very energizing.

11/10/08 4:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I notice a hush in the atmosphere today. Last week was highly shocking. All at once - the markets and the emotional rage.

Whose fault is the economic collapse? Honestly. The reason the fear is so potent is because people know deep down that they don't know. Blame usually creates more fear. Lack of control again. That's the one perfect factor in self-honesty. The empowerment.

Hate and fear create a vicious cycle unless they have an actual function, such as immediate self defense. They produce too much cortisol as well as other extremely potent harmful chemicals which tear down immunity and thus make it easier for the externals to trigger more fear. Eventually chronic illness results and we have a lot of that going on now, mental and physical.
It feels like the country got a message last week that stunned and humbled. The problem with facing the fear and smear which has been the MO for so many years is that people feel like suckers or they feel guilty for feeding it. But it's true. It does reflect a weakness on their part. Still, the regret over the past is useless. And the antidote is a powerful rejection of the tactics now which seems to be what's happening. I was hoping for this by the end of the campaign season as Pluto nears Capricorn. But the most important thing to know is that it's not only the Republicans that have to recognize hate levels.

Back to projection. People are free to hate. You can't stop it. And part of democracy is allowing them full voice. It won't stop until the haters lose the desire. So each one has to figure out how to maneuver around these facts of life without nourishing them further.

11/10/08 4:33 PM  
Blogger Fernmountain said...

"So each one has to figure out how to maneuver around these facts of life without nourishing them further."

Trying, Lord I am trying...

Best to go out outside and look at the beauty, the divine....all is perfect and in divine order.

The mountains of North Carolina are alive with color, delightful people and happy animals.

You are an amazing writer JM...publish, I'll buy.


11/10/08 7:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Trying, Lord I am trying...

Well put. And thank you so very much fern.

We can only do our best individually. This is such a great moment in history and it isn't easy. A lot is surfacing at once but after this step I think the way will be clearer.

Some people have never had much of a chance in this world and maybe this will be one tiny step closer to equality. It's worth it no matter how difficult the moment seems. You'll see.

11/10/08 10:31 PM  

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