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Taxes and Tea Parties

On December 16th, 1773, a band of American colonists, the Sons of Liberty, boarded ships and dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. The water ran brown for days afterward. A message had been sent.
The English government was still in debt from the war it had fought against France and felt the colonies should help pay the cost. England raised taxes in America to get the money, but Patriot leaders were against any internal tax they did not consent to. One of the taxes that England raised was on tea imported into the American Colonies. Some were opposed to the tax and issued this as a protest, one of the preliminary events leading up to the Revolutionary War and the coming independence of the United States of America.

A good tax structure is essential to the health of any society. In smaller aggregates, people practice reciprocity, knowing that everyone must give in order for peace and well-being to prevail. In some cases, sharing is rewarded and considered a sign of prestige. The British Empire was notorious for unfair taxation and the colonists revolted. But here we are again - it's staring us in the face as the new appointees to the executive cabinet have an alarming number of tax evaders among them. The populace stays paralyzed watching the face of the dazzling American Idol like star struck pre-pubescents. The US tax structure is in deep decay as the rich find loopholes, tax shelters, or avoid paying them altogether. A fair solution does not seem to be on the horizon at present. More and more is being asked of the average taxpayer with less and less compensation.
The rather hypocritical new president promised a great day dawning in DC with Main Street the beneficiary as the old corrupt participants were shown the way out. In condescending fashion, he tells his subjects that the criminals are now forgiven. That they just made some little mistakes, and he goes on to reward them with plum jobs leading the government, making a mockery of the hard-working, honest, tax-paying citizens of the nation. All of this is part of Pluto's beginnings in Capricorn, and the connections to the Tea Party were striking, so I decided to take a look. Very interesting. Something in the collective psyche is registering the facts, I'm sure.
On December 16th, The Moon and Venus were conjunct at 3 and 10 degrees Aquarius, where Jupiter, the North Node, and the Sun are now. Pluto was at 21 Capricorn. Mercury and Mars were at 4 Capricorn, exactly opposite the midpoint of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer and where Pluto will be shortly.
Saturn and Neptune were conjunct in Virgo, just where Saturn is now on USA Neptune square Mars and exactly where the current Saturn-Uranus opposition is taking place. And most interesting was Jupiter just in Aries at the 0 degree.
The same Capricorn-Aquarius dilemma, with 0 Aries as the trigger, is spelled out as the country struggles against a corrupt unjust government, and even though the garden path is being enjoyed temporarily under the influence of Neptune, the truth of the inequity in our tax structure remains. If the citizens are ever to solve their financial troubles, a complete reform of the system is necessary. How far will it go before the resistance comes? When bailouts to the banks for bonuses and tax havens are extracted from the population, plus when give-aways in the stimulus occur and exclusions for the tax evaders are inherent -- one wonders. One thing is certain. As long as people turn a blind eye, the theft will continue, and possibly the economic ruin. Pluto is being kind by making it so obvious. I wouldn't count on his continued benevolence if his warnings are not heeded.


Blogger Tseka said...

Downright amazing, isn't it? This is a fine piece JM. And how long can we count on Pluto's benevolence? Not very would be my guess. As you point out, if the past is our guide, the other shoe drops a bit later in Capricorn.

I can't stomach black tea. Maybe, like our predecessors, searching around in the native weeds we will find what we need to get us through.

4/2/09 7:39 AM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

I couldn't agree more. I can't believe these guys get away with owing over 100k in taxes and only when taking a Obama cabinet post decide it's time to pay up. I owed $150 once and they were breathing down my neck for it.

The bailouts make me sick. They should have let these ships sink. Especially the Bank of America bailout for me but that's only because I know a bit about them. They probably all have similar practices. A couple years ago they were forcing employees to train their replacements in India. They could either be fired now or work a bit longer to train the new outsourced workers. Its an outrage that these institutions are getting our money. I wouldn't even deal with them voluntarily but now am forced to prop them up.

4/2/09 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it annoying the way you always imply negative qualities to Obama, the man has barely been in office for less than a month, he's trying to get the best talent and experience in his cabinet, the opposition went looking for something to stop Dash-el's appointment and found taxes otherwise it would have been sex or something else. The tax system in america is corrupt and it's been that way before Obama was born! You and your commentors ought to get off your hi horses and take responsibility for your government after all this is a democracy.

4/2/09 11:06 AM  
Blogger jm said...

That's the spirit!

The shoe will definitely drop - you should know - along with boots, clogs, moccasins, skis, you name it.

And we'll definitely find what we need to get through, especially if we keep an eye out now.

Tea is potent, like drugs. Interesting how universally desired it is.

4/2/09 11:31 AM  
Blogger jm said...

That's the spirit anon!!

It's the force factor, mpk, and now with the second Saturn-Uranus opp a few more are getting it. Reform won't come without our opposition.

Please let me remind everyone that like or dislike Obama, it doesn't change the underlying breakdown and what we have ahead with the long Pluto transit. Any president now needs to be opposed. He's stated that himself. My dislike of his behavior has nothing to do with you, and your complaints are not going to affect my feelings, although they do restrict my courage at times. Why are you protesting my protest exactly?

The squelching of dissent is cause for concern and I'm not sure where this will go with Pluto in Cap. Do you think I should cease my criticism of Obama? Tell me the truth. Or is it just anger on your part, those who champion his actions? Isn't dissent one of the main responsibilities of democracy?

Nothing gets accomplished without resistance. It's basic physics. Maybe I can be effective just a tiny bit if people are at least aroused. The complacency is killing us.

He'll probably be popular with the people, so the few that don't like him won't hurt. It's really not about him, and realizing it would be the first big step for the country to take.

4/2/09 11:54 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Taxes are so important that the old saying goes: "There are two inevitable things in life - death and taxes."

Both of those come under the governance of Pluto and that's why the issue is being exposed already. How can evasion of this essential be rewarded? If people don't stand up for themselves, things are going to worsen. People know instinctively that they must give their fair share. They can't be forced by the citizens, but Pluto has been known to be one helluva cop.

These things are happening for good reason. Just as the human pays Charon to cross the River Styx safely and get to Hades and possibly the treasures therein, the people who don't pay their taxes are shortchanging the collective. Hopefully, those individuals that understand the importance of fair share will be rewarded justly anyway. But the evaders are holding up the works, and the hard economic times are proof. Just because it's always been doesn't mean it always should be.

Yes, we need to change human behavior, but maybe we can help the process, not by hating and resenting, but also by not overlooking essentials. The time to act is approaching with Pluto (shared resources) in Capricorn (government). Pluto is also in the 8th house of the inaugural chart and the Moon is at 29 Scorpio. The MC is conjunct US Pluto. There's a lot to work with. Starting now.

Taxes are high high priority.

4/2/09 12:13 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

I have been enjoying your commentary for awhile now and thank you for your insights.
I'm beginning to see the light... Today a very interesting post came to light on 'Open Left' and found its way to Barry Ritholtz's blog 'The Big Picture'. Barry has unleashed scathing attacks against the banks and bailout structure in current form and the form it looks to be taking going forward. The recent blog post is called: "Blacklisting Progressives: The Untold Story Beneath the Daschle Headlines". An excerpt...
"You can go ahead and tell yourself that this is just theory - just a single example. But that’s willful ignorance, as the Hindrey scalping is only one chapter in what has been one long narrative arc whereby economic progressives have been deliberately shut out of top administration jobs. Just step back and think about it for a minute: Amid a stable of eminently qualified and well-respected progressives like James Galbraith, Joseph Stiglitz, Dean Baker, Robert Reich, Paul Krugman and Larry Mishel, Obama has chosen Rubin sycophants like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner to run the economy - the same Larry Summers who pushed the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act, the same Geithner who masterminded the kleptocratic bank bailout, the same duo whose claim to fame is their personal connections to Rubin, a disgraced Citigroup executive at the center of the current meltdown. And the list of Rubin sycophants keeps getting longer, from Peter Orszag to Jason Furman."
Lets just say my revolutionary Uranian urges are buliding...there is no way this goes down without some serious upheaval. It will take some people longer to see the forest for the trees than others but lets be honest, in 2010 its 'game on'. Prometheus will bring fire to light the way.

4/2/09 1:15 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This Uranian opposition is increasing the light and in a rather gentle way right now. Good news, PSW.

Yes. I agree with the choices being bad and we have no alternative really. The fires have to be stoked and this is the only way. It's actually no one's fault, but if in the end we find ourselves with better leadership, won't it all have been worth it? We can't back away from the inevitable struggle of growth. It's not going to get better for awhile. The progressives have been squeezed out almost mercilessly but it has probably prepared them for the inevitable squeeze of the reactionary element with Pluto in Cap. The progressives have been gathering potency. It's always through resistance. Aries-Capricorn is going to be big strength building time. Serious opposition and maturity.

Lets just say my revolutionary Uranian urges are building...there is no way this goes down without some serious upheaval. It will take some people longer to see the forest for the trees than others but lets be honest, in 2010 its 'game on'. Prometheus will bring fire to light the way.

Oh my heart.

4/2/09 1:33 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Progressives support sharing and cooperation which probably makes them less belligerent, so naturally they're easily pushed back. But the time is coming and somehow they'll be getting strength, partly by muscling against this administration. It could be any president, the same would happen.

Uranus in Aries is designed to deliver that strength and Pluto in Capricorn is the perfect resistance to muscle against. In ways, those who support this administration are part of the status quo that needs adjustment. So steel yourselves. That's why the conflict is already developing here on the blogs between the cheerleaders and the dissenters.

4/2/09 1:47 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

Exactly....I believe Obama needs the collective to become enraged in order for him to unleash the leadership and direction of progressive ideals. He does not seem to be a leader to exert pressure but a leader that reacts to pressure which all politicians must have to a certain extent. This was shown by his willingness to cap executive pay by the pressure of McCaskill and her constituency. Whether or not he is the one to see all of this through is of no consequence although deep down I do believe at heart he is a good man and could be a great president. Without the leadership of the collective towards a different shore he will retain the status the end it feels safe to have past leaders showing him the way. I hope it is only Black Tea that is needed to stoke his urge to fight for the 'people'.
With my Uranian Opposition I see paths leading in all different directions and it is like the light of a thousand suns toward my destiny so even though the world seems to be getting dark, I see a different shore and it is beautiful.

4/2/09 1:59 PM  
Blogger jm said...

He does not seem to be a leader to exert pressure but a leader that reacts to pressure which all politicians must have to a certain extent.

You are so accurate PSW. Pluto and Uranus in the 7th house makes him exactly that way. Plus Neptune transiting the first, soon to oppose his asc ruler, makes him a follower at this point. I think his weakness is his greatest asset now. You'll see more of it. Just right.

But the real thing is to let go of the dependency on all these figures. It's not about this man or up to him to do anything for us, thus his acquiescence and lack of strength. Now is the time for all of us to recognize our own significance. We'll have to be weaned from this guy, as attractive as he is. There's little point in trying to figure out what he will or won't do. He's good and bad like all humans. By the time everyone figures out whether or not he's a good man deep down, he'll be gone.

I don't think he's necessarily going to be a great prez, and ridding one's self of that notion is a liberation unto itself. I do believe his major accomplishment has already happened. Breaking the barrier to get elected.

You said exactly what I said earlier. He's following us. It's not the time for great leadership with the SN in Leo. It's Capricorn-Aquarius time. The whole system is the point and that includes everyone. The thing has to almost reorganize itself. There's destruction to accomplish first.

You have time to adjust to the realities.

4/2/09 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The similarities are amazing! Great insights. One of today's Sabian Symbols is a watch dog keeping guard. Power to the people on guard to reject unethical behavior by Government. I got into an argument over the weekend in Canada when I made the point that the role of the Opposition is to oppose, not agree. Keep on writing the great stuff.

4/2/09 3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Anonymous, not to be confused by Anonymous who wrote:

'You and your commentors ought to get off your hi horses and take responsibility for your government after all this is a democracy.'

jm there are more than one Anonymous. (LOL)


4/2/09 3:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Anons arise!!!

I've got saddle sores!
The anons are amazingly interesting. Released from labeling by name is a new thing as so many are showing up now. Why is that I wonder, when horse riding gets rough??

I can't quite explain the sensation but I perk up every time I see an anonymous. I never know what's coming! And I find myself paying attention to all kinds of subtleties. People are fascinating.

Anyhoo, I'm bracing myself, tightening the reins, since I started this opposition thing and I'm stuck with it. Someone's gotta do it! Home of the Brave here.

Thanks "Anon", not to be confused with anon. Love the Sabian symbol addition.

Onward we go!

4/2/09 3:44 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I keep thinking that Jupiter on the North Node in Aquarius should be good for something....some optimism for the "onward" if nothing else.

4/2/09 8:38 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

The Saturn/Uranus passage is beginning to heat up this evening...with the news that Obama is keeping an implicit threat begun by the Bush administration to withhold intelligence regarding torture from the UK.
"The US has threatened to withhold intelligence from the UK if evidence of the alleged torture of a British resident held at Guantánamo Bay is made public."
Blogs at DailyKos are lighting up tonight as progressives see the stimulus bill as a very telling letdown of the hope once purchased. Many realize the opportunity of a generation has just slipped through our hands with a stimulus bill that is essentially a spending bill with earmarks and pork instead of a visionary ideal set forward to change the direction of this country. To top it off Steve Pearlstein over at the Wapo shines the bright light into the dark corners of the disaster of D.C.

I can feel the collective angst tonight in my chest.
Keep shining the light JM

4/2/09 9:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Jupiter on the North is great. I already feel optimistic. That doesn't mean I don't see reality though. In fact, I think it's making me more optimistic. I've even been agreeable out there! Well, I am usually.

4/2/09 9:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thank you so much for the heads up, PSW. I'm so glad you stopped by. I will check out the blogs tonight as I've been waiting for this. Reality is coming in and I find it a huge relief. It will come and go for awhile with Neptune doing his thing and Uranus in Pisces, but it will work out.

Today Venus went into Aries so we're better able to face it with fortitude. Even invite the challenges. It's actually all happening sooner than I expected.

progressives see the stimulus bill as a very telling letdown of the hope once purchased.

"Purchased" is the key word. A sales event like no other. Millions of dollars worth of hope and change on paper signs. That's so much a part of the problem in our political system. It was the perfect setup for a letdown. A big one. Lots of disappointment ahead but out of that will come a different hope and joy. With more substance. I guarantee it.

Yes. The stimulus is no good. I think it has to fail because of the lessons we have ahead with Pluto in Capricorn. There is no instant fix. We're not ready yet.

I am so very very glad the folks are coming around. I was worried about DKos for a second. Tseka mentioned the Jupiter -NN conjunction and it will be better with reality acknowledged.

Many realize the opportunity of a generation has just slipped through our hands with a stimulus bill that is essentially a spending bill with earmarks and pork instead of a visionary ideal set forward to change the direction of this country.

That will come later. Lessons first.

I can feel the collective angst tonight in my chest.

That's the start of goodness and repair. I've felt the collective angst all my life, never knowing what to do. For the first time I see possibilities.

I feel especially good about things tonight. This opposition has taken us past a gate. We're on our way.

Wow. What a relief. Things will get better in some ways now.

4/2/09 9:51 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

I agree....the awakening is beginning. I still see the process taking time but the rotting core is being exposed piece by bloody piece. Changing the perspective of an all powerful America and federal government to one that is collapsing to her knees is not going to come easy to many. The rot from the last administration, the military industrial complex, and the flood of money in D.C. is beyond comprehension and will take years to cleanse. With my Uranian opposition I have had a dismantling and an awakening of Prometheun proportions. As I said the light of a thousand suns and I see a brighter shore. It is almost as if I wake and wonder what path Prometheus will guide me down, and I follow with joy as the key to completely connected universe is unfolded within my mind. As we pass through the gate I feel like looking back at the collective still wandering in the dark and calling to them. The light is coming through...

4/2/09 10:22 PM  
Blogger jm said...

the rotting core is being exposed piece by bloody piece.

Exactly. Pluto in Cap. No shortcut allowed. Years to cleanse is right, but the longer the process, the deeper the healing. What Uranian opp do you have? So interesting. I love your Prometheus references. He's one of my favorites. Way up on top.

As we pass through the gate I feel like looking back at the collective still wandering in the dark and calling to them.

I know exactly what you mean, PSW.

We really do have serious problems in this country and we have to come to that full realization one way or another.

The weak stimulus plan was obvious from the start and the economic team he picked (was actually forced to pick) made it as clear as could be - no change. It will come at the right time, but not by Obama and this administration. Moon at 29 Scorpio is an ending. Letting go. It could easily fall apart with Uranus finishing in Pisces and that would probably be the best thing so we could get a fresh start in Aries. The astrology of this is something to behold.

Our system is badly diseased and no bandage is going to help. Both parties are failing. I have no idea what it will take but we will know.

Failures are always part of Pisces. One has to know that experience, and the disappointment was inevitable after high hopes of being redeemed as soon as Bush was gone. Isn't that kind of ludicrous? Expecting that? There will be heights, though, and hopes will rise and fall. Things are getting exciting and Uranus isn't even in Aries yet. We'll just give up and surrender at 29 Pisces and then be ready to forge ahead, despair soon forgotten.

The weak leadership is our greatest asset now. No one is going to save the day. It's actually better in the end when people save themselves, and we all can do it.

4/2/09 10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rotting core is being exposed piece by bloody piece.

Here is what
Robert Reich had to say about that.

Typical Americans are hurting very badly right now. They resent people who appear to be living high off a system dominated by insiders with the right connections. They've become increasingly suspicious of the conflicts of interest, cozy relationships, and payoffs that seem to pervade not only official Washington but our biggest banks and corporations. In short, many Americans who have worked hard, saved as much as they can, bought a home, obeyed the law, and paid every cent of taxes that were due are beginning to feel like chumps. Their jobs are disappearing, their savings are disappearing, their homes are worth far less than they thought they were, their tax bills are as high as ever if not higher -- but people at the top seem to be living far different lives in a different universe. They're the executives and traders on Wall Street have lived like kings for years off a bubble of their own making while ripping off small investors, the financial louts who are now taking hundreds of billions of taxpayer bailout money while awarding themselves huge bonuses and throwing lavish parties, the corporate CEOs who are earning seven figures while laying off thousands of workers, the billionaire hedge-fund and private-equity managers who are paying a marginal tax rate of 15 percent on what they say are capital gains while people who earn a fraction of that are paying a higher rate, and, not the least, the Washington insiders who have served on the Hill or in an administration and then gone on to pocket millions as lobbyists for the same companies they once regulated or subsidized. To the American who's outside the power centers -- the places of entitlement and I'll-scratch-your-back-while-you-scratch-mine deal making -- the entire system seems rotten.

5/2/09 1:36 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thank you, anon. Reich is one of the handful I listen to. And he's been left out of the current party. He really says it clearly, and it looks like we have further to go. That's why I was so incensed by the rationalization of the tax evasion plus the people's obedience. It's simple. Tax evasion is wrong. It's not a "little mistake."

Part of the problem is the compliance and blindness of the people that have let it get this far, along with the desire for immediate gratification. They expected an instant fix by one man, so I think the hard reality is necessary, and there will be more along these lines. The lobbyists are at it again and the stimulus is getting to be another corporate payoff. I think it always was. All part of the bigger picture.

Pluto is in the 12th house segment of the entire cycle, the last reckoning with breakdown and failure. Dissolution comes setting the entity adrift. So Aquarius is actually the Aries part and that's when we can expect the changes to come into effect, I think, with the Uranus aspects coming up in preparation.

Both the rulers and commoners are at fault, but one of the important things to keep in mind is that those at the top won't suddenly start to be good on their own, nor will Pluto magically knock them down in one swoop. They have to do what they do so we can see and figure out the solution without the extreme intimidation and anger against the rich that paralyzes. As long as people aspire to that lifestyle, and most do, they are icons no matter how much the people say they resent them. It's a complicated web.

The ideal answer is becoming content with being a have-not. Or a have. As long as survival needs are met. Sharing cannot be counted on as of yet. So Pluto would like to pare down the consumption to essentials, and maybe after the things that Reich mentioned are threatened, people will come to appreciate them more. Having the homes we do is a huge luxury on this planet. Appreciation could come to mean what it really means. All part of the coming Pluto opposition to Venus-Jupiter.

It's interesting, the repeat of the rotten theme. Because of that, I would think the structure could give way somewhat easily, and maybe this next year as Uranus finishes, the revelation will be enough. But failure is necessary. The failure is already there it just needs to be universally recognized.

Thus the savior is a little bit late. Timing is everything, and now the rebuilding from the core, where the rot has reached, is the only way.

When you come in from the winter cold, the warm house is immensely pleasurable, so maybe some denial will bring back that appreciation. Even if we had to go back to living with one toilet per capita. Poverty.

5/2/09 3:21 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

Yes, Prometheus is essential. Reading 'Prometheus the Awakener' by Richard Tarnas and also 'Cosmos and Psyche' awoke me to the Titan. I am just an amateur at astrology so watching you unfold the details is a pleasure. I want to understand so much more.

It could easily fall apart with Uranus finishing in Pisces and that would probably be the best thing so we could get a fresh start in Aries. The astrology of this is something to behold.

I get a sense of the entire force but I would love to look at this through your eyes to see all the interconnected angles and the dimension of it. It must be incredible.

5/2/09 5:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha! Another Tarnas fan! I still have to read him, since he sounds like he's right up my street.

I've always thoroughly enjoyed and found great comfort in living the metaphysical life, but I must admit to forgetting some of this rich knowledge when immersed in the emotional daily goings-on lately. I'm gradually getting back to myself and finding my illusive balance.

The angles are right, and I was particularly fond of geometry when young, so astrology is a natural. Yes, it is incredible and probably the most satisfying thing I've pursued in my life. You probably do see the same angles but don't label them as an astrologer does. There's some freedom sacrificed in any system, so there are plusses and minuses to not reading astrological mechanics. People get caught in their own pre-ordained thought patterns. That's the advantage to other people's neurological input ideally. Or neurotic as the case may be! Saturn-Uranus seems to be breaking up some of these patterns in pursuit of some rearrangement of collective consciousness. Maybe even some improvement. Uranus-Neptune mutual reception part of it too.

I normally keep it to myself so the connection to the collective is an unusual turn of events. One reason could be that the larger forces around the Uranus in Aries square Pluto are in complete synch with my own Aries rising destiny, Mars square Uranus, and Capricorn MC.

I am you.

Am I relating my people's success to my own? Am I being foolish? Or am I increasing the sensation? My MC is exactly opposite USA Sun and Pluto will have some things to say about the spotlight halfway through the transit. Better straighten up. Capricorn, you know.

5/2/09 5:55 PM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

This is bizarre given the economy, but the company I work for announced record earnings for 2008, including for the 4th quarter. The best results in the company's 25 year history (it's a software company, not an oil biz). I was a bit worried about my job, but now not so much in the short term.

5/2/09 7:21 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

You must read Tarnas! He is definitely on your street. In truth Cosmos and Psyche so thoroughly blew open the doors of my soul I am indebted to that book for a great awakening. It seems your doors were blown open long ago.
With astrology I find the system can help you see the greater pattern so I envy your sight. I see the angles but I sometimes don't see the complete picture and therefore I used to rationlize decisions based on minimal data. This is changing but I have a long way to travel.
Tonight is an ending for me and a new beginning is coming. I leave California tomorrow to move to NYC. Im moving close to the epicenter so to speak. It is sort of a homecomeing but I believe there will be more changes as this new journey continues to unfold. I am taking the opportunity to move toward greater risk so that someday I may find peace. Isn't this how all great mythology begins?

5/2/09 7:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Good news, mpk.

I didn't have any doors!

I see the angles but I sometimes don't see the complete picture and therefore I used to rationalize decisions based on minimal data.

You know, PSW, even with all the data, astrologers rationalize and bend it to fit their perceptions. I think decisions often can be made with minimal data, and I often see astrolgy useless in helping people make them. Very often. It's helped me though. I base all my decisions on the North Node. Rationalization is rampant and universal, so I think it serves a purpose. We can always change our minds. That's one good thing about human thought.

Congratulations on the move! What an event. No wonder you're so full of high spirits!

I don't know about peace, and I think we take a risk with every breath! I do have to say that earlier on I lived a more high wire life and now I have more peace than I used to. I think it's all in the contrasts. Some people don't particularly want peace. Risk is also hard to determine. Sometimes little action is more risky than bold moves. Some inner guide knows, though, and I trust that.

NYC watch out!!!! He's coming in!

5/2/09 10:13 PM  
Blogger PSW said...

Ah yes...the North Node. Mine is in Taurus in the 11th. It is so true about risk, we do take a chance with every breath. But really with the knowledge of all that is out there the truth to me is that risk comes only from perception. I still drift toward the South and chaos and intensity and so this is why I seek peace inwardly within my own soul. It is my purpose to find my own self worth.
I'll be drifting in and out on this journey but I'll be back JM.

5/2/09 11:01 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yeeeeaaayyy!!!! The Taurus NN. I have it, too, and peace is indeed the aim.

I still drift toward the South and chaos and intensity and so this is why I seek peace inwardly within my own soul. It is my purpose to find my own self worth.

And you say you're not an astrologer? I wish the pros understood this simple truth about the Taurus NN when reading for people.

"Peace" to you, too, PSW, and I am more than delighted that you popped in. Good energy. Have a great journey, and considering the NN, give yourself plenty of time to get adjusted and settled into your new life. Always take it easy, I tell myself, with that node. Stop by when you can, and say hello to all my childhood memories still in new York, along with my sister!

I'll be drifting in and out on this journey

Heheh. I hear ya.

5/2/09 11:28 PM  

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