Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Saturn, Neptune, Dissolution, and New Visions

Neptune is the otherworld of visions and Saturn is concrete reality. When these two collide, the illusory dreamworld is affected and many things can happen. For some people, despair and a feeling of loss can occur, for others, relief and a sense of awakening. Fantasies and hopes can be dashed by Saturn or they can become manifest through crystallization of form. Often a combination is the result. Some clarity of vision is always part of the effect.
Saturn is opposite Neptune now and will be exact at the end of February. In the lead-up, it is likely that illusions will dissolve that will never manifest and are inhibiting a person's progress. Saturn is like a chiropractic adjustment in the life enabling new or transformed visions to emerge more in alignment with the individual's destiny.
This opposition is enhanced now by the coming Full Moon in Leo approaching Saturn. The Sun will be shining on Neptune in Aquarius. There is opportunity in this configuration for everyone. Aquarius is the natural ruler of our wishes so it is especially relevant as we adjust, reroute, and think about our paths ahead.
The oppostion will take place in the astrological charts in two opposing houses. These are some of the possibilities as they apply to our personal lives.
1st House: Saturn in the 1st means an adjustment in identity is required and Neptune in the 7th usually brings events in relationships. The request is that the person be true to herself. Sometimes endings are the way, sometimes a distancing. Illusions about others will probably surface and dissolve, and decisions can be made with more clarity. Self control and understanding of cause and effect are the goals. Of course, there is always the possibility that the dream partner will arrive.... An improvement is likely if the identity is firm and recognized.
2nd House: The 2nd house governs values, possessions, and personal finances. Saturn here can bring some material restriction and the Neptune in the 8th affects shared resources. Deals with others can fall through, divorce settlements perhaps coming to the fore, deceits exposed, and things such as this. On the other hand, solid slow gains can be made with Saturn in the second and dream deals merging resources, with Neptune in the 8th. Proper management of finances is the aim and understanding one's own value.
3rd House: Here we have the thought processes being solidified with Saturn, and Neptune in the 9th can bring an end to following idealized views of others. The guru comes crashing down and the devotee is left to think for himself. The dream trip to Shangri-La might fall through and the person made to stay put for the time being. Since siblings are ruled by the third, there can be responsibilties there, and schooling is another area that can be affected. And the car. Then there is the chance that the student will discover the Great Teacher and will be recognized by this paragon of wisdom as the best student in the flock. Or the real philosophical answer will arrive after careful consideration and logical thinking. Respect for one's own ideas is the aim.
4th House: In this case, Saturn is requiring an adjustment at home and in the inner emotional body, as Neptune in the 10th is often clouding career goals. Disillusionment with the ladder climb can occur and a realization that it will take longer than expected. There are things still to be attended to at home. A feeling of an undertow can be present, but the energy is directing the individual to solidify his root base of operations. Bosses can turn out to be not what one thought, jobs can become disappointing or might disappear. On the other hand, the dream job can evolve reflecting emotional strength and maturity, and ability to balance home and the world.
5th House: In this sector we have confidence, self-love, and personal significance opposing love of, and acceptance by the group. The person can become immersed in the social "disorder" and even follow movements that turn out to be less idealistic than thought, straying far from the desired path. It would be advisable to be reminded of his own central battery and receive the love from others only after he has recognized his love for himself. Then comes the possibility of a group of friends with genuine shared interests and goals, and common respect and affection.
6th House: This house governs work, health, daily routines, and maintenance & repair. The urge now is to lay down the foundation of healthy functioning, so there can be a myriad of anxieties and problems in all these areas compounded by the lure of escape into the 12th, where Neptune is working his magic. Neptune loves to not worry. Bypass the breakdowns entirely. As Saturn in the 6th scrambles to piece it together and glue it down. Extra effort is required as the possibility of miracle cures and the grace of angels does really exist, even if evasive. Just clean it up and get it together and see.
7th House: Here we have the person who would love nothing more than to head off into her Neptunian dreamworld, but obligations in relationships are requiring extra effort. Demands are probably heightened, but if properly managed, they can keep her from drifting off into never never land only to crash on a bed of Saturnine rocks. Negotiations must be addressed, without abandoning the vision quest so strongly desired now. The aim is to find ballast in relationship while inspiring others to lighten their own steps as they join you partway in the spiritual realm you can't avoid.
8th House: The 8th is the house of crisis and merging in every way. Shared resources, death, and deep psychological revelation are 8th house matters. With Neptune in the 2nd, the person probably would like to relax and take it easy. Fritter away his money and enjoy simple pleasures. Not to be with Saturn in the 8th, where long held pains are surfacing for healing, and the way life is shared with others is up for correction. Crisis management is often required. Of course, magic, healing, and fortunate turns of destiny can occur with Neptune's influence across from this Plutonian house, if self mastery is gained with the help of Saturn's self discipline.
9th House: Saturn in the 9th is the test of faith in the effort to develop workable philosophies and religious guidelines. Often the whole world view is up for adjustment, and again, the 3rd house can involve siblings and others in the immediate environment who offer the testing ground. Mental confusion is possible with Neptune and there can be disappointments with the immediate environment as the person comes to a broader understanding of her world and a trust that things will unfold in the right way. Sifting through and rejection of belief systems is likely, always watching for unrealistic thinking, even gullibility, before arriving at the Neptunian ideal, based on solid faith.
10th House: The world, the career, and the goals of one's life fall in the 10th. Recognition, reputation , and respect for what one achieves all reside here. With Saturn a person can feel like he's spinning his wheels, and possibly longing to go home and escape. But the sanctuary eludes as obligations mount and require extra attention. On the other hand, advancement could be there in the world, but problems at home can draw him unwillingly back down. Some deep emotional issues causing confusion, and possibly unsolvable, are asking to be sorted out so solid moves ahead in the world can proceed unhampered with added responsibility, in keeping with long range plans.
11th House: In the 11th, our larger circle of friends is affected and the way we show love in a non-romantic and non-passionate way. With Neptune in the 5th there is a great chance of disappointing personal melodramas, with all the soap opera trimmings. The aim is love among your fellows, perhaps without the heightened drama of romance. Of course, once this level is attained, whose to say that some rapturous embraces couldn't be included? Or highly intelligent discussion over fine food and wine, dressed to the 9s, with another socially responsible genius driving the limo. Making sure the homeless are fed on the way.
12th House: This one's kind of a mess. There's no telling what Saturn will do in someone's 12th house. I've seen amazing things, widely divergent. It's a vast and nebulous place. Neptune in the 6th can easily encourage everything to fall apart. To give up, let go, and really seek the otherworld of visions would be wise. This is the place where Saturn is specifically hired to bring dreams into manifestation. Fairly paranoid delusions can crop up, but that's what Saturn is doing there. Getting a grip. People might not feel like working, and sometimes they don't have to. Sometimes inspired poetry, song, dance, photos, paintings, quilts, pots, rugs, gloves, novels, and other such expressions emerge. If anyone can deal with the Saturn/Neptune opposition, this one is it.
Many many other possibilities abound, but the aim: to follow the directives of Saturn, tweaking whatever knobs required, so the miracles of Neptune can be ours.
Illustration by Chris Van Allsburg.


Blogger Diane L said...

'Clap', 'Clap', 'Clap'!!! This is WONDERFUL, jm! I just love it when you get down and write serious Astrology . . . it reminds me all over how gifted you are and how much you have to share with all of us out here! That NN in Taurus in the 1st is the indicator of a truly fine teacher - as Joe commented you have such a knack for explaining things in a clear way! Thank you very, very much for the time you put in to bless us with this post . . . :-)

31/1/07 8:17 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh neith. Thank you for the incredible enthusiasm and support. It's all worth it.
I never thought of the NN in Taurus as a teacher. Thanks for the insight. Neptune in the 11th is encouraging the sharing and it's been a trip!
I'm so glad our paths have merged.

31/1/07 2:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

This is interesting neith.
My sister has the opposition in the 3rd /9th (Saturn) too.
She used to e-mail me sporadically and talk on the phone, usually about the latest crisis. Just this past week she started e-mailing, back and forth, about other issues, such as her miraculous healing. The tone of her communication with me has changed. Neptune in Aquarius. And she's reading my blog for the first time.

Always interesting how these third house creatures figure into our lives. These people we share our DNA with.

31/1/07 2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's remarkable! I've already saved it for future reference. :o) Thank you! Since Saturn has been with me from the beginning (first house), I figure I'd best learn as much as I can about him.

31/1/07 3:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, the Saturn in the 1st and 3rd in the above article can apply to your natal Saturn.

I've had an in depth discussion of Saturn in the works and that's forthcoming. I consider that placement to be one of the most important. We're always working on it.

31/1/07 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand why Saturn in the first applies to me, but why the third as well? I have no planets there. Can you elaborate?

31/1/07 3:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

In terms of this opposition for me, this is the latest. I told you about Uranus (Aquarius ruler) entering my watery 12th. Neptune (12th) transiting my 11th (Aquarius) now. Repeated pattern. The water in the bedroom.

The water was so deep that for two days the industrial fans have been going nonstop and it's still there. Day three of the drying wind (Aquarius: air) is tomorrow. Added to that are my next door neighbors who just discovered the same situation. (Aquarius: collective). The fans are now whirling there too.

This is fascinating, and they've all been kind as can be...Neptune/Uranus.

The aim is to dry up the excess sorrow and get ready to participate with joy in the collective (Saturn in Leo 5th). The transit was exact when the discovery came. Saturn at 22 on my natal Saturn.

I love astrology.
Many people when these things happen get angry or feel victimized. That's impossible knowing astrology and seeing this miraculous orchestration.

31/1/07 3:41 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Can you elaborate?

Are you kidding????

The third house is the natural house of Gemini, and you have Saturn in Gemini. Same basic thing. Third house Saturns have the same difficulty being listened too and often similar speech problems.

The sign is broader and maybe slightly more vague in manifestation. The house describes the actual events more.

Sort of like an actor. The planet expresses his character through the sign and the staging, plot, etc. are expressed in the house. All the specifics. But sign or house, the experiences will be similar.

31/1/07 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate?

Are you kidding????

LOL, I had to ask! :oD No, that makes sense now. I didn't realize the resonance between planets and signs extends to the houses as well. Wow. I need to start making flashcards or something.

31/1/07 3:50 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's really simple. You can always just take it down to the planet.

All the houses and signs are ruled buy a planet. The 3rd house is Mercury, so anything happening there will involve the thinking and communication. If you think of the planet it is easier to see, I find.

For example, Pluto in the 3rd. You can just think pluto/Mercury and see it.

Pluto in the 3rd opposite Moon in the 9th...Pluto/Mercury/Moon/ Jupiter. Quite a thinker, philosopher here.

31/1/07 3:58 PM  
Blogger Diane L said...

Always interesting how these third house creatures figure into our lives. These people we share our DNA with.

Just after reading this, I checked my email & found a message from my sister which included a message she had sent to our brother! With Neptune being involved, it just dawned on me I have seen & talked to my siblings more in the past four months than in the previous four years. And that's about the time the Saturn/Neptune opposition started putting real pressure on my chart! Yup, astrology is the best!

Wow. I need to start making flashcards or something.

LOL!! Don't feel alone there . . I swear I have learned more about astrology & application since finding my way to the astroblogging universe than ever before!! And I'm saving this post of jm's too. She's got to let us know when the book is coming out. . . . :-)

31/1/07 4:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Amazing neith! I'm interested in everyone's experiences with this transit. It will help my ongoing studies!

Books would be great! I'm going to have to live a loooooooooong life. With Jupiter in the 8th that's a definite possibility. Sun in the 4th, too...the end of life.

31/1/07 4:14 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The most important thing for me with these transits is to recognize the growth potential. It's easy to slip into dire prediction and focus on everyone else and what's going wrong, but that's shortchanging experience. Every moment is advantageous in some way.

This opposition is remarkable and coupled with the Jupiter/Uranus square, a leap in consciousness is easy.

31/1/07 4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What could you title your forthcoming book, jm? :o)

31/1/07 5:18 PM  
Blogger jm said...

OMG! I hate decisions!

I love titles. They're the poetic part. Actually you're good at this. Any ideas would be most welcomed...:-)

First I have to decide what the heck I'm going to focus on.

It just dawned on me. This kind of stuff is easy to undertand and would have popular appeal. Maybe those bills graced with our great presidents would finally come raining down on me.

31/1/07 5:30 PM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Well, if your titles were part of The Raging Universe Series, they'd know to approach each title with caution and respect. ;-) This will not be your grandma's New Age coffee table book.

31/1/07 6:13 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

This could very well be the coffee table book of the Grandmothers of the new age

31/1/07 8:41 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Just catching up here and wish i could hang out make comments, so much wonderful to think about, tomorrow,if it is not too late. By then we may be on to Saturn.

31/1/07 8:44 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL! The New-age Grandmother. You two are like a musical duo.

There's a minute to catch up. A breather before Saturn. Nodes first, I think.

31/1/07 9:30 PM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

"This could very well be the coffee table book of the Grandmothers of the new age"

Good distinction! And as the general population gets older and wields its political and social clout, the New Age will really be the new aged.

1/2/07 8:43 AM  
Blogger Diane L said...

Good distinction! And as the general population gets older and wields its political and social clout, the New Age will really be the new aged.

LOL!! Very well put, and I plan on being in there swinging . . . :-)

1/2/07 11:06 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Heheh....It'll be great. I can just picture a lifestyle magazine cover story, "The New Aged". Better than ever.

1/2/07 6:49 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I love it!!!!

The New Aged. This one is genius and a lot of truth is coming. A post just came to mind. Uh-oh. How can I keep up with all this inspiration?

1/2/07 9:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL!! Very well put, and I plan on being in there swinging . . . :-)

Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?

1/2/07 9:40 PM  

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