Thursday, October 04, 2007

North Node in Cancer or the Fourth House

The NN in Cancer is leaving the cruel world and coming home to warmth, security, and protection. The memory of fear, coldness, and brutality makes the discovery of refuge all that much more remarkable in a world they thought lacked emotional comfort. While others are learning how to survive and defend themselves against great odds, NN Cancers are ready to withdraw knowing they've contributed their share. Home is real. The primordial mother and father are waiting to enfold them, keeping them safe indefinitely.
Sanctuary. NN Cancers have been exposed to the elements and learned the ways of the world to completion and now can find shelter at home free of the gnawing anxiety that they haven't accomplished enough, released from the need to prove themselves in endless hostile and unfamiliar environments to brittle unforgiving authority figures. Even if they forge brilliant careers, it's from a different base of operations. Once they find the home within, they carry it with them into the outer realms, changing the environments and dynamics they were accustomed to. The appreciation of home is profound because of the accurate knowledge of just how cruel the workplace can be. Illusions are gone, the private inner dimension now holds the promise.
Protection and security. While some fear invasion of privacy and find it difficult to relax into walled inner domains, the NN Cancers can fully avail themselves of this fortress without threat of destruction. It's theirs for the taking assuming they don't invite the cruelty home. The key is waiting to be turned securely in the lock, protecting them while their feelings get free rein.
Intimacy and vulnerability. As they unwind from the hard, stiff, tense defensive mode they were in for so long, these nodal natives derive great pleasure from allowing their feelings to be revealed without hesitation, as the barriers that separate them dissolve and the natural merging with experience gets full expression. The perfect suit of armor can be sent to the thrift store in exchange for pajamas, aged socks, and the soft couch full of plump pillows waiting to embrace their weary bodies.

Immaturity, irresponsibility, and nonsense. Cancer NNs are allowed be children once again. Far more than they ever were in actual childhood. They are ready to do things for the pure fun of it, being as silly as they want to be, proving nothing to anyone, and even maybe having someone else help clean up their creative messes. Well, maybe not in the kitchen while they're learning how to cook. But the disorder of Cancer, some would say the exceptional sloppiness, is theirs to enjoy to the fullest. The premier goof-offs of the zodiac.
Inner nourishment. With so much time spent in denial of feelings, and stoic acceptance of hardship, following strict behavioral rules, pleasing authorities, and forgoing personal fulfillment, the time has arrived to completely immerse themselves in the joys of inner satisfaction, doing things solely for personal gratification without fear of consequences. The strictures of time they once were constantly aware of have disappeared as endless hours appear before them to fill with whatever whims pop up, whatever fancies tickle their imaginations.

Family connection, ancestry, and roots. Having built upper structures so well in the past, the Cancer NNs are going back to the foundations, finding support within the family or a tribal type community, with people always there to lean on and be trusted. The real sense of participating with others, knowing one another, and feeling familiarity is a newborn enthusiasm. Occasionally they find a sense of place, a new nostalgia, treasuring some of the memories of their childhood homes in retrospect. The continuity of the family line sometimes takes on new significance, even to the point of favoring family traditions and keeping them alive. Pride in their heritage replaces achievement in strangers' eyes as they discover how little they have to prove to the world. Where they came from is just as good.

Emotional expression, softness, and sensitivity. The tremendous gift of human understanding belongs to the NN in Cancer. The closeness of shared experience is finally blossoming as these natives find the freedom to be their natural and honest selves. Sadness, so common to Cancers, now replaces the stiff upper lip that never shows how it truly feels. Weakness is revealed as equal to the show of strength, touch is a newfound sensation and wants to be given and taken without fear of obligation and professional distance lost. Cold and calculated unconcern about human frailty can be abandoned. They are free to fall apart with joy.
Imagination. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Cancer NNs is their go ahead to live in a fantasy world, shedding tears easily over beautiful poetry, believing in fairy princesses, reading science fiction day and night, living with unreal expectations, and making the real expand into worlds they never thought existed. No one to accuse them of being dreamers as if it were a misdemeanor of great proportion. They are full fledged dreamers now and proud of it. The development of artistic talents often is a byproduct. The songs and rhythms of life are their special properties.
Nurturing growth. Remembering well how people controlled people and diminished them with humiliation, making them conform to rigid laws, the Cancer NNs are willing to encourage others and nourish their growth. There are no more supportive people to be found in the universe. They've proven themselves already, and now can help others achieve their goals. The long way up is their area of expertise and they are prepared to guide their intimates to fulfillment, finding their own fulfillment in the process. Mentors, wise counselors, instructors in the ways of the world, teachers of patience, timing, respect, and dignity, they lead others to maturity, while the joyous children in them are free to frolic, love life for its own sake, safe in the moment, and at home with themselves.
House: Don Wood. Family: Diane Palmisciano. Crystal Ball: Ed Young


Blogger m.p.k. said...

Beautiful work jm, thank you.

4/10/07 3:58 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mpk, thank you too.

4/10/07 5:34 PM  
Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

What a wonderful, informative and most timely post, jm. At least for me, as I swear that I can already feel Pluto bearing down on that upcoming square to my Nodes.

5/10/07 1:07 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Pluto does have a wide force field, neo, so it seems. That very same Pluto is so close to my 0 Libra Mars, I've perked up dramatically. I prepare years ahead since it's such a good opportunity, having all that focused energy at one's disposal.

5/10/07 1:40 PM  
Anonymous The_Ninth_Immortal said...

My thanks also for the beautiful post, JM. My Sagittarius NN is in the 4H and I long to find that safe place to call home. I'm still reeling from the effects of the recent Aries full moon, not to mention the new moon in Virgo.

Btw, what happens when Pluto crosses over one's NN? Does one's higher calling get transformed or what?

5/10/07 2:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ninth i. So good to hear from you. Yours is a fascinating situation with the 29 Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer. You have a very interesting chart.

Sagittarius NN is in the 4H and I long to find that safe place to call home.

This indicates that it could be away from the place of birth.
But the "home" is already there with he NN in the 4th, waiting to be revealed. It's an emotional spot. No more pefect time than with Pluto crossing. The comfort level with one's self, just as one is, flawed and human, is the joy of this node. Freedom from brutality and self punishment is the gift.

Pluto transits bring to the surface things that couldn't be revealed until then. In Sagittarius, it's about faith. Pluto rules your 4th, too, so this is especially emotionally honest, somewhere inside of you, even if not expressed. As painful as the past is, the family, the struggles with comfort, etc., they're ultimately beneficial with the NN in the 4th.

The Capricorn Moon is the toughie. It's kind of a last minute, what I call 11th hour, predicament in which the release from the world and its obligatory oppressions is coming to you, but not until you are completely through with it all and ready. Just accepting the burdens, not feeling punished by them, is a start. You want them for your evolution. Pluto is the planet of evolution, so these years are the time to recognize this, especially as Pluto goes into your 5th house for your creative unfoldment in the biggest way yet. That's coming right up. You need the pain for your creative work ahead. And you're fully equipped to handle it, even let go of it when the time is right.

5/10/07 3:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

One thing to keep in mind is how self absorbed Cancer is. The NN is the one who gets to do this to the fullest. The Mars in Cancer transit is a good time to go inward knowing what you're seeking is there.

5/10/07 3:15 PM  
Anonymous The_Ninth_Immortal said...

Thank you so much for those wise and helpful words, JM. Particularly the bit about accepting burdens and not feeling punished by them. That's very helpful, and I think I'm already trying to do that. I guess it'll just take time to completely get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, it's a beautiful October Saturday on the island of Cyprus.

Light and joy to all.

6/10/07 2:13 AM  
Anonymous Elena said...

loved your post jm.
I was a surprise present when i check out your latest feed. Always have read your nodes writing even when I had no idea what they meant. hih.
I have an NN in Cancer in the 1st house of all things. And the one thing I always did was run away from my home and go out and want make it in the world all on my own. Guess i had it upside down.
weird huh...

7/10/07 9:13 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Not at all, elena. The 1st house node adds an entirely new dimension. It's finding home within the self and not relying on partners.

And the one thing I always did was run away from my home and go out and want make it in the world all on my own.

NN 1st here. I'm curious to know if you have great ambitions or simply would like to make it alone and live independently and comfortably.

I was contemplating going into how the nodes combine by sign and house, but that's extensive. It's all individualistic, but no matter how it's arrived at, the NN in Cancer is looking for a home in the world. You comment above about being cared for by the government health wise is all about this. Safety and security.

7/10/07 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Elena said...

I am painfully unambitious. It has always puzzled me. Rulership, ascent, control, worldly success has very little appeal. My "I ching" reading concering my personal development is always the same "The Traveler/Stranger"...forgot the number of it though. funny right?
You inspired me to cross-check I Ching and Astrology and they are always saying the same thing!!!
CRAZY!As far as the health...yeah, I admire the Scandinavian countries very much as to the way they handle tax distribution and taking care of its citizens-comunism in action(but thinly veiled as Democracy) ;-)

7/10/07 3:57 PM  

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