Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Water Bearer

When I lived in Nepal, I carried my water in a clay jug. The smell of that wet earthenware is still with me and often brings back the unique memories of that journey.
I spent my days with foreign travelers who came from all over the world, regular people with a grand curiosity and the motivation to travel far far from familiar territory on limited means. They were a most interesting and varied aggregate of homo sapiens.

In Katmandu there was a young fellow who was in a trance, almost immobile, although ambulatory. He sat day after day staring blankly, never uttering a word, not moving, and never showing any response. In the people's accepting way, they didn't question it or try to get him help. Many human aberrations were considered normal with this odd assortment of travelers.
I was given a house to stay in while the local Peace Corps volunteer was off on a Himalayan trek and the group stayed with me in the little cottage nestled in the rice paddies. Late one night, when everyone was asleep after a cauliflower dinner, I was washing up and across the room a commotion started. It was the inert gentleman suddenly come to life with exuberance. All the others were asleep and he frolicked and leapt about, although still not speaking. I thought, "I need a spoon", and suddenly there he was, handing me a spoon. Beaming.
The next day he was back to "normal", his face expressionless, his responses nil, never to come back again as long as he was there. The human creature with its unimaginable mind is more than I can comprehend.

One thing I recall is the group's relative ease with the situation and the overall communal attitude of the crowd I traveled with. We shared all our money and lived together in whatever rooms we occupied in these strange lands. It reminds me of this full moon eclipse at 24 Aquarius near the US moon. I've mentioned before the connection between the nurturing qualities of the moon and the Aquarian ideal of caring for the human family. Plus the comfort level with deviations from the norm. The water bearer pours his liquid on everyone and the commonality is felt, however subtle. You see that especially with a South Node in Aquarius, as Obama has at 27, and with the United States, who has one at 6.
Until the native is ready to embrace the ego fully, a SN in Aquarius foregoes personal glory for the good of the group, and this is the case with Obama's ascendant and node. This is also the case with the United States of America and her South Node, contrary to what's mostly expressed as fact about her relationship with the world. He is of course eclipsing himself at the Democratic convention, letting the light shine on others who need it as well. Political requirements motivate the decisions in conjunction with the Aquarian node and the supremacy of collective needs. There is a teeny tiny itty-bitty infinitesimal little sliver of a chance, though, that he'll get one teensy tinsy fragile moment of recognition for what he's achieved when he accepts the nomination under a Leo moon hitting the eclipse points. You never know.
Another unusual development during this eclipse was a shocking move by his opponent in the presidential contest suggesting that the 1922 water rights' agreement in Colorado be revised. Water is divinity in the American west. Precious stuff. Big reaction. This summer has been dry as an aged desert bone until yesterday. It's been raining for two days straight and somehow the connection to the future of humanity seems to be emerging with the water bearer and the eclipsing moon. Water claims are the wave of the future. Neptune will be transiting the US moon and all the watery Cancer planets will be meeting up with Pluto, so you can just imagine. Hot wars, cold wars, useless wars, endless wars, water wars, or no wars. That's one of the questions in debate. What to do with everyone?
The Moon and Aquarius bring up the delicate relationship between the emotional-intimate and the non-personal. Sometimes personal needs are overlooked in the quest for group cohesion, but still feeling enough in its togetherness to satisfy the moon. How much to dwell? How big the jug? A quandary, for sure.


Anonymous Joe said...

Definitely a quandary when I notice that at the DNC, Hillary Clinton will be on the ballot. Symbolic, yes, but it's putting people in a difficult position.

And isn't she a Scorpio?

17/8/08 1:10 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yes, a Scorpio. Can't let go and move on and she attracts those like that. Leo problems .. always eclipsed by strong luminous people, so revenge is there with the Scorpio. Anger is her route to center stage. Not a way to win hearts for real. The convention is being given to the Clintons but it might be all right. It's Obama's destiny to get no glory so it would happen anyway. The question is whether or not it will work to help the people support Obama to get him elected as it becomes more and more obvious what a right wing extremist and corrupt man McCain is. Still her followers can't seem to get going. But this will be an opportunity for her to get attention without rage. That's a plus.

It will likely be her last and biggest moment, and I also think it will all be worked out with Obama as far as the voting goes. They'll let her have the first round to give the thrill to her supporters then onward. I don't know. It's sad, really. She's always divided people and her aim is to get attention for herself. Saturn in Leo says no. They all bask in Obama's light and ability to stir the crowd and he lets them have it. Then again, he's the big uniter and he's having trouble accomplishing that so who knows?

Her husband is also a problem. They are used to being the stars of he Party and won't give it up but it seems to be part of the larger Saturn-Uranus opposition. Getting out of the current vise grip.

Pluto is going direct right after the conventions so that could do it. The public is allowing the vaudeville show to continue now (McCain last night at Saddleback) and fail to recognize the seriousness of our problems. The transiting SN in Leo is allowing it but something is wrong here, Mr. Jones. Obama is the obvious adult and leader but the people are afraid of giving up the fun and cheap thrills. They have to be ready, though, and when they are, O will be there calmly talking like a grown-up inviting people to start to get to work. Really talking about issues even though the world insists he isn't. Are they listening?

As Pluto approaches Capricorn there is a longing to mature and get serious but the transition isn't easy. Hopefully the Clinton melodrama will play itself out and from O's standpoint, the spectacle will get attention and hopefully boost his chances for victory. He simply wants to win the election without being a low-life jackass like the rest of them. Most of all he wants to govern well but a world full of lost children squirming and in pain makes it rather difficult. I don't expect Hillary's squirm to end but we have to move on. She's got to work it out for herself. That's the only way her Leo stellium will be satisfied. She'll eventually have to do it without Obama and even without her husband. Then her crowd will truly love her, but that's a little further down the road. At this point they don't so she's overdoing it since she's fears the loss of attention and fears not getting another chance. If they cared for her they would have sent her money to help her with her massive debt and they haven't. She's aching for respect but pity is the usual road. She'll have to run a good campaign or something like that to get genuine praise and recognition. Saturn in Leo is funny that way. No divine right here. And her puppets are hooking their disappointments on her failure (she always fails), not really loving her in the authentic way she wants. That way they remain lazy and don't solve their own life dilemmas. A lot to learn.

It's a great study in Leo difficulties and I might go into it a bit since I share those struggles. It's been fascinating to watch this classic problem play itself out on the public stage. They know not and can't help themselves. And we're stuck in the collective angst depending on who knows what to guide us properly. So far so good, though. So maybe a few votes for Hillary will help us all.:-)

Jeeze. Staying back with the crippled takes it out of you. At least they might not be trying to lead us. I get bored since the scenarios are stale to me by now. I've seen the same acts many times at my age and I wasn't impressed to begin with. I'd sure like a healthy one and something a tiny bit different. Make Saturn in Virgo happy.

17/8/08 2:16 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

Hi, jm --

"When I lived in Nepal ..." ooooh, you know how to make me jell-usssss! :-)

Even tho I lived in the West (PacNW) I missed this dust-up over McC's voiced wish to overturn a 1922 water-rights law. Can you give a brief on what that law did, what would happen if it were repealed, and why McC thinks this is a good idea?

Also, I have no intention of following the Saddleback forum any further than Al Giordano's remarks, but I though you would enjoy this from the Comment Thread at :

Submitted August 17, 2008 - 12:42 pm by Kat (not verified) I am a Christian and I live in TN. The fact that Obama showed up and had a discussion with one of the more famous leaders in the evangelical movement is a WIN.

Its not about trying to turn huge swaths of evangelicals over to Obama. What it did is push back against the "Obama is a Muslim" idea. What it did was give Obama the chance to peel off some of those voters. I cannot believe how freaked out some on the left get about Obama trying to engage with these voters. Of course they gave McCain applause, and a lot of them will vote for him. But I love the fact that Obama isn't letting McCain rest easy with this part of his base. Not to mention the fact that this forum got McCain to go loudly on record on issues like abortion.

17/8/08 4:16 PM  
Blogger yeshe_choden said...

I also hope HRC can get back to the Senate and point her phasers at the "contraception is abortion" meme.

Her core loyalists are just the right age to have fought like hell for -- and benefited from -- the Pill as well as Roe vs. Wade.

17/8/08 4:27 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Well the water rights thingy shocked the state and now they're predicting he will lose Colorado and probably the election. It's the most important issue here.

The original agreement was made with Arizona, Nevada, California, and I think a couple of other states but I'm not sure of the details. It has to do with routing the water from the rivers and the economy depends on it. The agreement allowed for the predicted growth in Colorado and has served the state's interests well. Drought seems to be on its way, though, so who knows what's ahead? Water rights are primary to survival out here.

No one can figure out his motivation. A change (not repeal) could benefit California and Arizona. California still won't go for him but Arizona is up in the air so some think he's trying to get those votes. He doesn't have much of a chance, if any, to win if things stay the way they are now. Colorado was going back to him so the thing is really weird.

All the pols in Colorado jumped on it including the Republicans and I expect O to have a few things to say about it.:-)

I read Al's wonderful entry on Saddleback and I agree with him. I have one thing to say about it and I will post.

Because of her South Node in Scorpio I think Hillary should get out of politics but she has a Scorpio stellium so it would be the hardest thing for her to do. But that's her only chance at fulfillment. The criminal world of politics is no good for that node. Peaceful Taurus wants an easy life full of simple pleasures. She would do well maybe writing and going on the lecture circuit where her acting-audience desires could find the mark. She never wanted the presidency deep down. She's not a leader. She lives in a fantasy world and if she loved herself she'd give that free rein. Then the gals would truly adore her. But competing with the boys won't get her there. She's not really a feminist. She's not much of anything and if she'd free herself from specific identity she'd have a chance. She's been in the shadow of men all her life but fighting them won't cut it. Walking away into her own dreamspace could. Meanwhile, we have things to do.

17/8/08 8:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The tragedy here is the African American community. They are in a rage about the Clintons, the wound cuts so deep around this amazing moment in history. They're heartbroken that they are being given the spotlight after what happened. They feel shafted.

They feel betrayed of course but it's partly their fault for trusting them in the first place. The culmination of the racial hatred they stoked was Hillary's proclamation that white people are better than black, which she stated in Appalachia in clear bold terms. But South Carolina was the first big body blow. That's why O's speech caught my soul. I felt the whole thing that night.

It was further exacerbated by the suggestion of his assassination and then the theft of his nomination night. So they are deeply unhappy right now. You can hear them on their local radio stations. It's quite phenomenal. After all that if the right thing was done they wouldn't be speaking at all at the convention, but politics must go on. At least they've exposed the hypocrisy of the Democratic party.

If it's any consolation, the AAs should realize that people like the Bushes, Clintons, and McCains are the REAL sick and needy ones. You have to feel sorry for them in the end. It's our own fault that we elevate them.

Hopefully there will be some redemption in the speeches. I wish I could see the day when people like these aren't our leaders. We actually have a start right now. I hope the night of MLK's and Obama's speech goes well at least. And that people can forget and even forgive. And that we can turn the page and go on.

17/8/08 8:36 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I'm so sick of the entire spectacle that I'm probably going to expatriate within a few years. I just want to live in a country that isn't trying to conquer the world, that isn't so wrapped up in it's own ego. I feel that this country is very sick. My wife and I are looking at Canadian citizenship. We have good friends there and could still maintain our property here.

17/8/08 9:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

More on water rights.

17/8/08 9:14 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The problem is, we take ouselves with us when we go and life stays pretty much the same. If we don't like it here and now we won't like it there and then. Western Canada sounds good, though.

17/8/08 9:22 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Countries are like bodies. They have sick parts and healthy parts as long as they're alive. It's hard to determine when you're living inside the system. It's amazing to witness the process. As decay progresses, healing does too. I think we spend our lives looking for the fit that suits our individual chemistries, be it Nepal, Canada, or Maple Street next to the wheat fields. There's got to be a right place, no?

The political system is merely an exaggeration of normal wrongs that exist everywhere.

Maybe Switzerland?

17/8/08 9:29 PM  
Blogger m.p.k said...

I like it here, but I can't stomach what the government is doing with the tens of thousands of dollars my wife and I are giving it every year. I don't want to feed this machine. McCain and his ilk will are going to blow it big time if he wins, Bush has already blown it. A trillion dollars in the hole. I'm not interested in paying for their debacle, but that is what will end up happening if we stay here. Many of my best friends are already out and doing very well in other countries. These are some of the best people I've known, and they are out of here already.

17/8/08 9:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It reminds me of the Odyssey my dad and I went on before he died. We went to Montreal which is one of the worst places on earth and I made him take me away after two days. We were supposed to stay for a week. Then we went to NYC and the same thing happened. After two days, I screamed in agony and made him take me out. We then traveled down the New Jersey turnpike and I almost died of agony. Finally we got to my brother's place in DC on a quiet street and I lasted for several days without incident. But the really weird thing was returning to my little hometown in upstate NY. I ended up staying for two months rather comfortably. Watching the deer nibble on the neighbor's front yard tree late at night. It was quiet. Not much going on. Dinner at the Little Venice occasionally, a 60 year old restaurant with the menu unchanged.

17/8/08 9:39 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mpk. Don't even entertain the thought. Erase it form your mind. Here. Use my eraser. No McCain. The gods aren't always cruel. Most of all, don't let them scare you. And last of all, you are free with no children to go where you want and do what you want to do. That's a great comfort I find. You can go anytime no matter what the government does. I agree with you about the tax money. Take a boat and you won't even have to be x-rayed.

17/8/08 9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love all your articles, and esp. the art work. Puts me in a soothing mood.

18/8/08 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Hillary's problem is her Mars/Saturn/ Pluto conjunct in Leo.
Tenacious-can play deadly-of course very srtong Ego. Then combined with all those Scorpio planets. Not one to mess with.

18/8/08 7:58 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I agree anon. The Leo stellium is a doozy. Very very tense. The square to the Scorpio stellium makes for mostly fixed energy so change comes hard. You can see that tenaciousness in her hands. The grip is ferocious. Problem is, what are they gripping? I don't think she knows.

Her hands look bloated as if they aren't releasing. The natural grasp and release are mucked up by that Mars-Saturn-Pluto square Scorpio. Scorpio is ultimately forced to release if she doesn't do so willingly.

Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo can be a bottomless pit seeking love and attention. Almost impossible to satisfy. Neptune is opposite now so the dream of center stage is active. Maybe her night will be it. She should do well at the same time keeping in mind the fact that others are important too. I'm hoping for a good blend. And perhaps the nominee will be acknowledged too.

Interesting in his aloof Aquarian way how he's set apart in his own venue. Yet with his Leo planets, the whole world watches. And it comes so easily. He's got the North Node there. His Ace. It's on my Saturn, if I could just get a tiny nibble.

Would that all the Leo seekers could have their moment with Neptune in Aquarius. The Sun is pretty generous. I'm crossing my fingers.

19/8/08 4:24 AM  

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