Thursday, December 20, 2007

Recognition, Honors, and Prestige

Jupiter in Capricorn, soon to be joined by Pluto

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker was not only among the first women to graduate from medical school in America, she was the only woman ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military award in the country.
Born in 1832, Walker grew up in a family of abolitionists. Her parents believed that girls should be well-educated, and in June, 1855, Walker graduated from medical school. When Civil War broke out in 1861, she headed for Washington and tried to join the Army as a surgeon. The military, however, wasn't ready for a women doctor. Rather than return home, she volunteered her services in hospitals and on battlefields. Her skills earned her recognition, and in 1863 she was finally hired as the first female surgeon in the Army. When the war ended, President Andrew Johnson awarded Walker the Medal of Honor.
Born Nov. 26, 1832. Moon and Venus in Capricorn.
Jupiter expands and Capricorn achieves, so the next year presents an impressive opportunity for earthly accomplishment. You can see how this configuration works by looking at natal charts.
Say you have Jupiter in Cap in the 3rd. Perhaps your sister is principal of the town's high school. Or take Jupiter in the 9th in Capricorn. You could have written a book on comparative religion that is now a standard textbook in universities all across the country. Or in the 11th. You could be a master chess player and coordinator of the competitions, tours, and awards' ceremonies. Wherever Jupiter and Saturn meet, achievement is desired with acknowledgement following.
The Pluto ingress has a trine to Saturn along with the conjunction to Jupiter. But this is where it gets interesting. The start of the transit has Jupiter with Pluto and in 12 years when Jupiter returns to Capricorn, meeting Pluto again, Saturn joins them, too. Quite a set-up. This says that achievements now could see great results when the planets confer. The entire time is excellent for productivity. Not only the satisfaction of advancement is scheduled, but the added joy of substantial recognition and reward. And I might add that Uranus will be in Taurus at the culmination.
Anyone can look at the individual chart and see where the action is. Particularly what Saturn's doing.


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